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Angels and Demons, they've always been in a constant war with each other. Now though, they are looking to make peace by marriage of the demon prince and the angel princess. Of course, lots of people object to it but they are determined to keep it going anyways.

Love begins to bloom between the two and the demons of the kingdom try to stop it whether by murdering the princess or keeping them apart, spreading rumors anything they can possibly think of. The date of the marriage is still undecided, so they try to make it not happen at all as the princess stays at the demon castle with her soon to be husband.


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  Prince Amaymon / darien / 10y 45d 23h 38m 39s
~{It's okay =D }~
  Alimae / lslyn / 10y 53d 15h 39m 1s
Alimae blinked a few times, it was a little dizzying, but not too bad. Her eyes scanned around the place, smiling when she saw where he'd taken her. She turned and looked up at him, smiling a little "It's fine, I'm okay... So, this is going to be our official getaway then?" She asked calmly and happily as the dizziness went away, allowing her to think clearly.

"Did something bad happen?" She asked, wondering why he seemed so... different from before. She didn't quite understand, but how could she? It's not like she'd been there to hear what had happened at this meeting of his, so she had to just go off of the fact he seemed different, even if she couldn't find out exactly how.
  Alimae / lslyn / 10y 61d 13h 42m 54s
Ama took her hand and led her out of the room and pulled her close. He teleported through the castle back to the green house garden he had given her and stepped back holding onto her. Since angles couldn't trace, he wanted to make sure he didn't make her dizzy. "Are you ok?" He asked. "I just didn't want to be in the palace anymore..." he muttered
  Prince Amaymon / darien / 10y 61d 13h 48m 32s
Alimae looked up at him and nodded a little before getting up and quietly thanking the Governess. She of course was shy around new people but she felt the need to thank the woman anyways. With a deep breath she walking over to Ama and nodded "Of course" She said simply.

Her mind was wondering just what was going on, he was a demon and she was an angel. Thing was... She liked him, he seemed a lot kinder than she'd thought he would have been. She thought that being here would have been the worst thing that could ever happen to her, but she supposed she'd been wrong on that. She didn't mind it so far, and she knew people here didn't particularly like having her around but she didn't mind, it was understandable and she knew she'd just have to get used to it eventually.
  Alimae / lslyn / 10y 62d 11h 21m 57s
The meetings with the house of demons and deomarchies was soon over and Ama was free to leave. He advised a few members of the war yet they still were not fond of his peaceful views. "The son of Satan should be much crueler that you are." They would sneer. Ama would simply shrug his shoulders and walked away.

He found his feet were carrying him rather quickly as he walked in with a sour expression. His eyes seemed deadly and he was terrifying. The Governess shot up in her chain and bowed to him. "My Liege...I was not expecting you so soon." She said. Ama didn't look at her his eyes were on alimae. "Come..." he said to her and held out his hand. "I request your company." he told her.
  Prince Amaymon / darien / 10y 62d 18h 53m 30s
Alimae listened to the woman carefully, she seemed... Alright, kinder then she would have expected. Still, she felt uneasy away from Ama and she found herself wishing he'd come to get her soon. Still, what she said made her curious. Everything about him basically coming to life when with his fated lover made her wonder. It would be a strange coincidence if it was her, so she doubted that it was, still it made her wonder... If she wasn't then would he eventually get upset about not being able to find the real one?

After a moment she sighed a little as she thought about it, kind of beginning to feel bad about the whole thing. She was basically taking him from whoever he was fated to be with and she didn't particularly like that idea. She figured she could question him about it later, when he returned to take her away from this place.
  Alimae / lslyn / 10y 66d 8h 56m 6s
The meetings were a drag and a total bore, he couldn't help be feel like he should be with Alimae. Was she safe with her governess? Of course she was. Ama trusted the demoness, she would never disobey him. It was obvious how much his father hated the idea of the angel having free roam in the palace, but Amaymon had to continuously remind him that this was his peace treaty and she was his and that no one was to touch her. Demons would snarl and turn their noses away from him telling him he reeked of purity.

Ama did not let any of this get to him because once everything was over he knew Alimae would be back with him.


The governess had sat down with Alimae and had explained Demonic etiquette to her, how when a demon was blooded his heart would beat, his blood would rush and in a sense his deadened body would come to life when he met his fated lover. The Governess was actually rather nice if curt and short words were considered such, not to mention her rude comments from time to time. But the Governess never went out of her way to be cruel.
  Prince Amaymon / darien / 10y 69d 14h 1m 58s
~{ Well if you want you could time skip to when you come to get her =P Leave the council stuff a secret to maybe use later on if you think of anything good. }~
  Alimae / Islyn / 10y 71d 12h 38m 11s
Alimae hesitated for a moment before sitting in the chair he'd pulled out for her. She was a little confused about what she was doing still, but she knew it was important anyways, so she simply figured she'd go with it and see what happened.

Her eyes scanned up to the woman, wondering just what she would be teaching her. Still, she wanted to hurry up and see Amaymon again, though she didn't really know why she felt like that. She simply didn't feel... Safe being here without him alongside her, almost like she'd be attacked any time soon.
  Alimae / Islyn / 10y 76d 8h 18m 28s

  Prince Amaymon / darien / 10y 77d 18h 24m 42s
Oh, you may need to edit xP You never ended up showing me to the demoness
  Alimae / Islyn / 10y 78d 19h 4m 41s
Grinning against the second kiss he chuckled behind it as he nibbled her bottom lip slightly. Pulling away he kissed her hand once last time and then led her back into the castle. Finally stopped by her boudoir he opened the door and there at a table sat an elder demoness. "Is she ready?" She asked. Ama nodded and pulled the chair out for her. "I will return shortly." He told them and then vanished from her in the blink of an eye.

Ama appeared again in a meeting with Leaders of the Demonarchies. The topic of the upcoming wedding and the ending war was one of the main topics.
  Prince Amaymon / darien / 10y 79d 6h 7m 32s
Alimae glanced up at him and bit her lip a little, she had wanted to kiss him longer earlier. She hesitated before nodding and leaning over, tilting up slightly and kissing him softly. She wasn't totally sure what to do, she still hadn't really done this much. but she just went with what felt right.
  Alimae / Islyn / 10y 79d 6h 26m 46s
Reluctantly he stood up. "The Governess is simply here to tell you how things work down here, how things are done, and about Demonology." He smiled at her as he offered her his hand. "You are more then welcome to come here whenever you wish." He said. "You have free range of the palace." He said. "But please don't leave these castle walls without me." he begged brushing his hand over her cheek. He grinned. "Would it be bothersome for me to ask for another kiss before we leave this place?" He asked looking down at her.
  Prince Amaymon / darien / 10y 79d 10h 37s

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