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It's been a few years now, and Jacob and Renesmee are getting along great. She's already looking around the same age as Jake and is of course going to stay like that. Seth Clearwater is getting a little impatient to find his Imprint, since he gets to put up with seeing everyone else with one and hearing everyone's thoughts.

Serenity comes to the reserve as s surprise to Jake, they are cousins but her mother moved and took her along when they left the reserve. When Seth imprints on her Jake gets a little defensive and doesn't really like the idea. There are other problems though, the Volturi are still after Renesmee and now that Serenity's here, she's about to be pulled into this never ending battle too.


-Be in character, I don't want Rosalie being super kind and prancing around and I don't want Alice all depressed.
-Keep swearing down, every now and thens fine.
-Fighting and romance needed!
-Be semi-literate at least. I want a good decent paragraph that isn't one bug run on sentence at LEAST!
-Just ask for a character and I'll add you in.

Taken Characters

I would like to fill up Renesmee, Jake and Seth as soon as possible please.

Serenity- Taken by Islyn.
Renesmee- Taken by AkiAkiyama
Bella- Taken by Soysaucetragedy
Leah- Taken by BelletheSelkie
Seth- Taken by wolfboy12312
Jacob- Taken by SilentSounds

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Roleplay Responses

Name: Izzie Stevens
Age: 18
Type: Vampire
Personality: Vain, Stuck up, Sometimes Helpful, Kind, Nice
Shrt bio: Izzie was born in Forks, Washinton. She was put in a mental hospital and was dieing. Victoria came, turning Izzie into a vampire in 1859. Izzie is Victoria's little helper, like her daughter. Izzie was treated so well, She swore, when Victoria dies she would take her place. She met many werewolfs along the way who tried to kill her.
  Luna Marie Vaghn / kyarakutsu / 10y 71d 3h 16m 49s
[Um, yes, I agree she was in love with Sam, but this is an alternate ending, so it doesn't necessarily matter^^]
  Jacob Black / SilentSounds / 10y 74d 22h 47m 29s
See it says it Here
And it also says it in the movie eclipse
  Bella Swan / soysaucetragedy / 10y 75d 17h 20m 44s
[I've always thought she liked Jacob]
  Leah Clearwater / BelletheSelkie / 10y 75d 23h 9m 24s
  Bella Swan / soysaucetragedy / 10y 82d 17h 19m 1s
Leah was walking around the outskirts of their property making sure everything was in order. She was about to lay down for a short until she heard Jacob tell them to goto the house. She started running towards the house thinking who he would want them to meet.
Ever since she had heard through the grape vine that he had imprinted on a half vampire half human she had wanted to rip her to shreds. But now she is a bit more calm because she has found a boy she really likes to get Jacob out of her head.
She got to the house and changed into her human form. She took her pile of clothes off the back porch and put them of quickly before walking into the house. A low dose of Vampire sent lead her up into Jacobs room. There she found Jacob and the half vampire sitting on his bed.
  Leah Clearwater / BelletheSelkie / 10y 83d 17h 37m 52s
Bella sat in the house bored. She had a lot of time on her hands now that Renesmee was old enough to take care of herself and that Edward was off prabably hunting or something. The house was empty. She had a feeling that she wanted to go check up on her daughter but knew that she had to give her space, she was after all mature for her age and she could trust Jake. Bella sighed and went off into her car just to take a rive and possibly take a small drive-by look to see what Nessie was up to.
  Bella Swan / Soysaucetragedy / 10y 85d 6h 2m 49s
She made her way to the room, sitting on his bed. After a few minutes, she noticed he was back, and wearing her second favorite outfit. She giggled softly, patting the bed beside her. "Very nice." she whispered slightly, her heart racing as she imagined her first favorite. She blushed heavily, shaking her head as she tried to get the thought out of her thoughts.
  Renesmee / AkiAkiyama / 10y 85d 6h 5m 44s
Jacob beamed, practically extatic that two of his most favorite people were getting along. Releasing her hand, he gently nudged Renesmee into the room. "Leah should be done patrolling soon; I'll go see were Seth is." Darting outside, he phased, quickly locating both members of his "pack". "Seth, Leah. Come over here. I've got somebody for you to meet." He made his way back inside after throwing a pair of denim shorts on, standing behind Renesmee.
  Jacob Black / SilentSounds / 10y 85d 6h 11m 41s
Serenity followed behind with the other bag and smiled a little. When they got to the door, she heaved up and threw the bag onto her bed before turning and looking at Renesmee "Well, you could always show me around the house or tell me a bit about the pack before I meet them all"
  Serenity / Islyn / 10y 85d 6h 29m 20s
She smiled, following him with love filled eyes as he walked down the hall way. She loved him dearly, and his warm soft hand intwined with hers made her heart race with love. "Is there anything I can do?" she whispered, tilting her head as she turned to ask Serenity. "Anything at all?"
  Renesmee / AkiAkiyama / 10y 85d 6h 30m 57s
Jacob nodded, reaching over and unlatching the front door. "Let me help." Reaching over, he picked up the larger of the two bags, and grabbed Renesmee by the hand, walking inside. He turned down the hallway, nudging the spare room door open with his foot.

[Ew. Sorry. Horribly short.]
  Jacob Black / SilentSounds / 10y 85d 6h 33m 36s
Serenity shrugged a little "It's alright, I'm not all too exciting anyways. I'm Serenity" She said simply as she shook the girls hand. Serenity looked to Jake "If you don't mind I'd like to put this in the room Billy gave me" She said, lifting up the large bag of clothes and other things she thought she would need.
  Serenity / Islyn / 10y 85d 6h 46m 33s
She blushed slightly, smiling as she pushed her hand out to shake his cousins. "Yes.. Nessie." she giggled slightly, feeling jacobs warm body press against her. She loved the feel of his warmth, his soft skin.

She looked to Jake, then back to his cousin. "Im sorry I dont know alot about you, but I have herd of you!" she smiled, biting her lip as she felt embarassed that Serenity knew about her, but she didn't know alot about Serenity.
  Renesmee / AkiAkiyama / 10y 85d 6h 52m 18s
Jacob laughed, poking Serenity back. "Hell yeah, look at me. Abs of steel, baby." He poked said abdominals for emphasis. Turning, he smirked slightly. "This is my Nessie," he smiled, wrapping his arms around her, and staying there. "Your reputation proceeds you." He whispered in her ear, laughing slightly.
  Jacob Black / SilentSounds / 10y 85d 6h 56m 34s

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