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  Mika / whitewing / 10y 97d 17h 52m 9s
" You dont know..." he sighed his eyes still closed as he allowed the feeling of Jasons soft kiss to linger. " I can wait if you would like...i will wait" he corrected himself his hand lightly rubbing the back of the boys neck trying to soothe him sencing that somthing wasnt setteling well with jasons mind. " What wrong?" he asked as he rested his cheek lightly atop of the boys head. ()
  Mika / whitewing / 10y 118d 18h 35m 39s
Jason chewed on the corner of his lip in thought. Skipping ment more time with Mika but he knew is parents wouldn't be happy if they found out. Not that they were super strict, they just didn't want him getting into the idea that he could all the time. "I dunno," he muttered, "I don't really want to get in trouble." But he didn't want to leave Mika at that moment either. It seemed too good to be true. Too good to last even. He smiled when the other boy pulled him close and burried his head on Mika's chest. He seemed to hold a warmth that made him feel as if nothing could ever go wrong. Raising his head he reached up and pressed his lips to Mika's in a shy but sweet kiss. "I dunno," he muttered again and burried his head again.
  Jason Cain / CharlieTrance / 10y 145d 14h 46m 0s
" Hey, if you want we could cut... or hold on what class do you have ?" he asked knowing that he was in labrary next hour and could mostlikley get out. It would be fun to perhaps find some little reason to see jason again, or to simmply stay with him. It was strang how this one awkward boy made him melt, " I mean if its alright with you im sure i could get out and ..." mika smiled wrapping his arm around jason lightly pulling him back against him before lighlty kissing his forehead to afraid to meet his lips ...
  Mika / whitewing / 10y 148d 6h 7m 3s
Jason breathed in and relaxed compleatly on Mika as he exhaled feeling compleatly at ease with him. "That's fine," he said and opened his eyes to glance up at Mika. "I'd love to go to your house again," he said glad it wouldn't be as awkward as it had been last time, hopefully. He couldn't see it getting awkward though. "You can play for me then," he nudged him and sat up straight yawning slightly. "Class will be starting soon," he muttered glancing up at the clock on the wall. He didn't really want to go back to class, he wanted to stay with Mika. But he wasn't too keen on skipping, he'd get in trouble.
  Jason Cain / CharlieTrance / 10y 150d 14h 56m 25s
Mika smiled softly his free hand moving to lighlty toy with a bit of jasons hair. " I dont care when, whenever you ask it of me." he whisperd. Mikas heart began to race, Jason liked him and mika gladly fell deeper into that rush given ." Id... I would like to take you home again if its alraight..." he said with a palyfull smile not wanting this to be over for them, he wanted to keep him ther like this.
  Mika / whitewing / 10y 151d 2h 8m 3s
Jason smiled he'd expected to be asked to sing. Not that he minded. Just as long as it was for Mika and only Mika. Closing his eyes he lent his head on Mika's shoulder. "Of course I will," he said softly. "When do you want to?" he asked not really bothered by when it happened just as long as it did happen.
  Jason Cain / CharlieTrance / 10y 151d 2h 40m 48s
Mika smiled , he was beautiful. Soft almond eyes , set with a pair of sweet heart lips that just looked as if made to be kissed. Jason was beautiful, soft spoken, and yet now he seemed to glow perhaps. The smile upon Jasons lips causing a warm feeling to wash over mika, it was.. perfection. " you didnt come of as rude, just scared." he mummbled obeying jason as he fallowed him over to the desks taking the seet nearest to the boy not wishing to release him from his grip. Mika sighed happily and then looked down to there hands jasons small fingers twined with his own. The compliment was bold and it made him blush. " I would play for you any time you ask me to..." he promiced smileing softly to the boy " But would you sing to my tune?"
  Mika / whitewing / 10y 162d 21h 40m 9s
Jason blushed as Mika took his hand in his own and gave a small smile. "No, it just went all so fast for me," he admitted sheepishly. Although if it hadn't happened all at once he probably would have freeked out and avoided Mika like the plage. "Sorry if I came off as rude before," he apologised lightly feeling himself relax. Mika made him feel so at ease, it was as if the world didn't exist, it was just the two of them alone. After Mika's kiss his smile widened into a soft true smile, not shy like he'd been giving, but a natural one he hadn't shown Mika. He reached up and shifted the hair cover Mika's face and studied him for a short minute. He was georgeous now that he had a proper look. "Come sit," he said and turned, he took a firmer hold of Mika's hand and gently dragged him over to some desks. He took a seat on one and patted another one indicating for Mika to sit next to him. "I was wondering if you would want to play a song for me on the piano with you magic fingers latter," he asked swinging his feet back and forth in the process.
  Jason Cain / CharlieTrance / 10y 163d 11h 44m 59s
Mika could feel his cheeks turn , and a small smile settled there across his lips. Jason had just kissed him, no strings attached no ... Mika
  Mika / whitewing / 10y 163d 12h 3m 41s
Jason smiled a little at the responce, of course he'd give it a chance. What was the point of this whole drama if he didn't give it a chance. It would have been a waste of time really. He looked up at Mika through his hair and took a shy step forward to place a small kiss on Mika's lips. "Why wouldn't I give us a chance?" he asked softly. He didn't quite know if he was gay or bi or whatever at the moment but niether really seemed to fit. Knowing that wasn't really the most important thing in the world at the moment though, there was always latter. "Ummm. . . " he started but stopped to think for a second woundering if it would be rude to ask him or not. Maybe. Or maybe not. . .
  Jason Cain / CharlieTrance / 10y 163d 15h 19m 42s
Mika felt his cheeks start to burn, no there wasn
  Mika / whitewing / 10y 164d 6h 17m 13s
Jason felt his frown soften unvolentarily and sighed in releafe. he winced at the comment, was it so much that he just needed time to sort his feelings out and work out how exactly he felt about Mika. "I needed time to think okay!" he threw back over his shoulder not trusting himself to turn and face Mika. Letting his arms fall to his sides Jason looked down at his shoes. "Sorry," he apologised, he had been jumping to conclusions, not the best of things to do. "But how did you think i'd react to you suddenly kissing me. All of a sudden love you back? It's not really that simple," he paused, hesitating, was he really about to say it? Yes he was. Turning around slowly he bit his lip and looked at Mika. "I do like you though," he said quitely, not having enough courage to say it very loud. He felt his fce burn red and looked down at his feet again fidjeting nervously.
  Jason Cain / CharlieTrance / 10y 164d 14h 27m 58s
" What,hold on... Addy is a friend she knows i dont like her in that way. Becides you... Jason i kissed you and you turn away from me, you dont say more than two word to me, and in the end en up wanting to go home. What was i suppose to think?" he asked taking a panicked step forward. He was hurt, did Jason really think so little of him? " I would much rather have my arm wrapped around..." mika caught himself and he quickly looked down to his feet. " Do you really think i would do somthing like that? I kissed you jason, i wouldnt turn around the next day a fall for someone else" he admitted softly bitting his lip then as he awaited Jasons answer.
  Mika / whitewing / 10y 165d 6h 51m 12s
Jason turned around when he heared the door open and shut, to see Mika. He bit his lip an shrunk away a little not wanting to be made fun of anymore. What had he ever done to deserve it in the first place? Wait, he wanted to know if he was okay? What on earth was he doing? "Okay?" Jason repeated, "Am I okay?" he asked. "What do you think, first you catch me singing and then you kiss me and next thing I know it's like it never even happened and your;ve got your arm around some girl," he snarled and turned away trying his best not to cry.
  Train Casen / CharlieTrance / 10y 165d 14h 44m 41s

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