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Press log out?

I forgot about that damn show until today
How do I log out. Like, log out of DraconicFox186.
  DraconicFox186 / 48d 7h 33m 38s
kinda???? though tbh i dont really think i remember it much idek
  the insomniac scientist / wxllbiirxiin / 48d 7h 35m 35s
Do you remember a show b as cl in the 2000s called Magical DoReMe?
i just use it to post my art and rp on there tbh but uhhhh
  the insomniac scientist / wxllbiirxiin / 48d 7h 39m 38s
Well damn

I never liked Tumblr that much anyways
yo so apparently tumblr is dying
anyway i'll be on amino or discord a lot so ahah
  the insomniac scientist / wxllbiirxiin / 48d 10h 57m 3s
It's a little warm here but I'm still not going swimming
I’m in Tennessee and it’s freezing outside rn.....
  DraconicFox186 / 49d 6h 49m 1s
I'm in Florida but that water is hella cold right bow, hell it's cold in the dead of summer
Hah! Well, I figured maybe you were in a very warm area.
  fii / tw-ache / 49d 7h 13m 28s
I meant on Youtube cause it's not beach weather here either
At the beach, eh? A bit cold here for that luxury..
  fii / tw-ache / 49d 7h 16m 33s
That's because I have no life haha

I'm watching people get taken out by big ass waves
Hahaha, well you’re keeping it lively, Amy.
Everytime I pop back in after days of being away, you’re here.
  fii / tw-ache / 49d 7h 21m 26s

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