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It's fine, it is what it is.

Waaatching cringe compilations,
Aw that really sucks :/ i dont usually have too much physical pain. Mine is usually depression and anxiety and P.T.S.D, so mine isnt as bad as yours, but depending on how it wants to react, it can get pretty bad.
  Shepard (fem) / ShepyShepard / 1y 234d 12h 56m 0s
I was born with CF and my CLD varies in the day or weather
Oh im sorry :/ ive heard those are pretty bad. -cuddles- here ill make you feel better.
  Shepard (fem) / ShepyShepard / 1y 234d 12h 59m 25s
Mine is mostly cystic fibrosis, CLD, among others.
I do too sadly :/ I have tendonitis in my shoulder, and i sprained my knee a while ago...
  Shepard (fem) / ShepyShepard / 1y 234d 13h 4m 0s
And thank you about the getting better thing, i have alot of problems
ok :3 -hugs- i wont make that mistake again. -bows-
  Shepard (fem) / ShepyShepard / 1y 234d 13h 7m 41s
It's fine, everybody new on here thinks I'm a dude.
ok :) and i am also a chick, im sorry -looks down- i didnt mean to offend.
  Shepard (fem) / ShepyShepard / 1y 234d 13h 9m 50s
Well I can't help you there but put up a thread and advertise it and you might find someone interested.
  Psyc and Spider / TwistedStraight / 1y 234d 13h 10m 34s
I'm a chick dude, I only use this pic cause I like it, plus of...reasons.
welcome back sir! hope you feel better soon! -smiles-
  Shepard (fem) / ShepyShepard / 1y 234d 13h 12m 7s
Im just looking for a garrus -sigh- I would totally love to do action/romance with him XD hes my favorite character besides shep.
  Shepard (fem) / ShepyShepard / 1y 234d 13h 12m 31s
Back, had to go to my room to get some painkillers.

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