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Uh oh, what happened? Do I need to shank a hoe?
i think neon and i have a problem.

a big problem,
  Yusei Fudo / _YuseiFudo / 4d 6h 37m 18s
New person, the real time is broken, like my body hah
I do have a NG tube, nasal cannula and gauze where my port is accessed, plus I'm in my PJs
[youtube ]
Like, I know I'm sexeh as hell bit you ain't gotta stare
[youtube ]
This bitch at the ice cream shop keeps staring at me
I hope xephy was able to buy lunch

Also feel like dying today and idk why. Fun times.
  ooc / Jooheon / 4d 12h 58m 9s
Aw I missed music sharing time

Also kind of wanna buy stuff to modify some clothes tomorrow but idk yet. I legit have a whole day I can spend wandering around Wally World and that means I can finally wander into the crafts section that I've been avoiding cause I know what'll happen.
  ooc / Jooheon / 5d 3h 14m 18s
I just wanted to add that one song

I'm eating boneless chicken wings
[youtube ]
not really competing so much as putting songs out there.
  Yusei Fudo / _YuseiFudo / 5d 6h 40m 54s
I have been jamming to this song so much but in secret cause of hospital

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