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So you're the asshole that can't manage to properly wipe or clean yourself efficiently and uses way too much tp so theres none left for others. Here's a hint. If it's that bad take a fuckin shower.

Also Amy, I wouldn't explain anything to them they're just gunna make it weird and I'm fairly certain their either a troll or just genuinely fucked in the head and just this disgusting.
  ᴍᴜɴ / Mun / 3d 2h 4m 22s
My cousin was whining about having to wear a mask for 20-30 minutes at the grocery store
  amyumino / 3d 2h 5m 7s
oh believe me this ass of mine will need more than one pack of baby wipes. to meet its needs i will unintentionally wipe out the entire world's supply of baby wipes LOL this beast of mine is capable of more than you could ever imagine. takes me nearly three TP rolls to clean this bad boy after a long visit to the toilet Hhahahaha!!! medical reasons? are you ok friend?
  darkpains / 3d 2h 7m 34s
Well damn, tell em like it is haha

I have baby wipes too but for medical reasons
  amyumino / 3d 2h 10m 21s
Also fuck mothers and their babies, I buy big packages of baby wipes just to clean up my rat's enclosure cause it's better for them than any kind of soap or cleaner. And my rats are far more important than babies.
  ᴍᴜɴ / Mun / 3d 2h 11m 36s
One package of baby wipes won't cripple the mom population. Just don't fucking hoard them, my dude.

Oh, that guy. Gotcha.
  Kirindave / _BlueXephos / 3d 2h 15m 14s
And if I breathe the wrong way, I could die, your point? I'm sure just getting one damn thing of baby wipes isnt gonna hurt
  amyumino / 3d 2h 16m 44s
Remember that weird ass post the other day someone randomly popped in and posted about someone taking a dump? That was this person. Im just making sure they know this isn't the community for that stuff
  ᴍᴜɴ / Mun / 3d 2h 18m 59s
I obviously missed something here. What's going on, Mun Mun?
  Kirindave / _BlueXephos / 3d 2h 21m 30s
I guarantee you that this site is not where you're going to find like minded people on that front nor does anyone in this thread want to hear about your nasty interests. And I absolutely guarantee that I am not your friend.
  ᴍᴜɴ / Mun / 3d 2h 27m 14s
oh dear.. i did not mean to offend friend. I believe we are all in this together, poop fetish or not.. we have to stick together through it all pals! i was just trying to share my creativity and express myself.
  darkpains / 3d 2h 29m 59s
I enjoy a clean rump. But you are right, we humans are so strange ahahahahaha!!!! And no I would never dream of taking the baby wipes!! those are for the babies and they are already in short supply! we have to take care of the youngsters and be considerate of those sweet, precious souls, for they truly are the future!! if their butts get too crusty they can become very ill and we cannot let that happen! if they get sick and die, where will our future go?! nowhere that's where!!
  darkpains / 3d 2h 32m 32s
Well fuck. Nevermind, I just realized you're that weirdo with a shit fetish that posted that disgusting paragraph in here the other day. Not about to start a casual conversation with you. I take back what I said.
  ᴍᴜɴ / Mun / 3d 2h 32m 20s
Just get baby wipes and I have worse things to worry about than tp
  amyumino / 3d 2h 50m 46s
Well shoot they need to step it up a notch if you ask me! For the citizens of the world! We are all in need at this difficult time. In need of toilet paper especially. My butt's been crusty for a whole week! LOL! Because I had to turn to rough paper towels, and believe me.. they just don't do the trick!
  darkpains / 3d 3h 25m 30s

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