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Hey people

It is cold as fuck outside right now holy shit
I was doing it until my cab came and got me. Now I wait until 5:30 to pick up my ticket and then another 3 and a half hours before my bus gets here. Fml.
  ooc / ATINY / 32d 4h 42m 40s
Then Just do it. It's fun... At least cursive is... calligraphy sucks!
Been practicing my hand writing but what I really need to practice is my cursive cause calligraphy needsssss
  ooc / ATINY / 32d 8h 26m 17s
OoF... Night! GODNNNIIIIIGHTtTTTT Is what I meant.

I just came on hate to check in, i'm going back to sleep
That's to bad, cuz there ain't no way I'm giving up my beautiful gasoline!
  mordortenebris / 35d 6h 27m 52s
Gasoline kills brain cells aaand causes you to have hallucinations
Yeah... and then the fire? HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH! I like the smell of gasoline. I've always like to play with fire!
  mordortenebris / 38d 7h 41m 46s
Haha, or a shit ton of paintballs being fired at a super fast rate
Let's light Em' up, up, up, on FIYA! Or... I guess some led would help, too.
  mordortenebris / 38d 7h 46m 48s

I got a bunch of paintball guns, a bunch of real guns and a some airsoft guns
I can't hack, though... BOHOBOHOBOHOBOHOBOHO! It's so sad...
  mordortenebris / 38d 7h 49m 5s
Hacker+flame thrower=bad for somebody. XD

Don't tread on me.
  mordortenebris / 38d 7h 49m 39s
I sure hope not, cuz I got a flame thrower, remember?
  mordortenebris / 38d 7h 51m 0s

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