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That's good at least but careful cause that oil is hot af
  amyumino / 10d 3h 47m 57s
They took me off drive thru and put me on fries since I was getting overwhelmed. Yeet.
  / Carat / 10d 3h 50m 10s
Yea cause you have assholes who wanna do pranks nd shit then waste your time
  amyumino / 10d 10h 11m 5s
I also woke up an hour ago. I just dont wanna have to deal with people or drive thru tonight. It makes me wanna cry lol. But gotta work cause gonna try and fund my college shit somewhat. Might have to like cut back on some of the things I pay for monthly lol
  / Carat / 10d 10h 11m 48s
I like it, looks like Skittles

My lazy ass just woke up an hour ago
  amyumino / 10d 10h 18m 47s
[ tada here's as good a picture of my hair we gonna get]
Also I dont wanna have to close the store tonight they can't make meeeee
  / Carat / 10d 10h 21m 27s
Who has rad hair? I wanna see it

I have a strange taste in my mouth
  amyumino / 11d 21m 25s
Rad hair?? Let's see it! I'm glad you've been well.
  / spookynymph / 11d 24m 20s
That is rude sf

I couldn't imagine what beef blood tastes like
  amyumino / 11d 1h 59m 29s
[s also working on trying to be able to go to college in the spring]
But the basement hates me so I haven't gotten my confirmation number for fafsa
Fucking rude.
  / Carat / 11d 2h 2m 19s
Oh damn

I'm w as itching Where'sMyChallenge and these dudes be drinking blood
  amyumino / 11d 2h 27m 52s
Sorry 1,000 subscribers idk why I'm like this prolly lack if sleep
  / Carat / 11d 2h 30m 47s
Whelp the YouTube channel I'm apart of broke 1,000 views today. Yeet.
  / Carat / 11d 2h 31m 18s
Phones always be lying

I dont even know how I got in the bathroom tho
  amyumino / 11d 8h 33m 53s
Apparently I got 7 hours of sleep according to my phone and I call bullshit???
  / Carat / 11d 8h 40m 53s

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