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lmao the weird flavored sodas. don't get me started on those.

They made bacon flavored soda.

They also made doughnut flavored wine. and popcorn flavored wine
  Park Sungjin / AkiraInu / 96d 10h 2m 58s
Whst? Misspelling, or what? I'm not quite sure I follow.
I'm whst my brother calls a mutt, but that's okay by me
Oh! That's interesting. I know this sounds ironic since I went to vacation there, but I'm 80% German, and then some Irish and Nordic, I think. IDk if Nordic is in there, but I'm like, almost positive.

I like spicy octopus and kimchi on the side but I have korean family
HAHAHAHHAHA! You'd be quite surprised at what you find good. In fact, I like monkey brain.
I like spice and I like pie and prickly pears but I don't think corn soda would be good
Uh..... No? WHat kind of soda? I like soda. Do you like soda? If I haven't mentioned... I like soda!

Did you know they make prickly pear, key lime pie and corn flavored soda??
Da couch? WOW That's so cool. LOL Why? IDEK! I just like to say random fudge becaus I'm insane!
Yea, I just went to lay down in my room cause I was on the couch
What time exactly? Like... 11:38? that's what it is here.
That's okay

Damn, it's already almost midnight here
Hey, you're fine. I'll pray for you if you'd like.
That's probably what the other girl and volunteer thought

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