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Ok true McDonalds is trash tbh BK is good though. Those nuggets are so tasty.
  Daddy Damon / AveeVaporGlitch / 87d 10h 29m 22s
Oh my God, play date [b Wipes crumbs from Benjamin's head.]
But isn't everything better them mcdonalds, tho? XD
I'm always good :) Also I love Taco Bell so much better than McDonalds
  Daddy Damon / AveeVaporGlitch / 87d 10h 33m 0s
Yo, what up Damon? Been doing good?

Hey, Amy, I have one of those creepy dolls, too!!!
[b Waves eating Taco Bell and had a creepy reborn doll in her left arm.]
Not really new but have not been active since 2013 so trying to bet back into it and meet people.
  Daddy Damon / AveeVaporGlitch / 87d 10h 46m 17s
I'm sick and congested like hell right now

[b Has hid 4 creepy baby dolls around the room.]
Wot, how come?
  тσя¡ / AfterNue_Delight / 88d 16h 15m 38s
You won't be possessed, I promise

I feel like dog shit right now
Hey, Amy chill, I don't wanna be possessed. >~>
  тσя¡ / AfterNue_Delight / 88d 19h 2m 22s
Hey hey [b Had hidden 3 creepy baby dolls around the room.]
  тσя¡ / AfterNue_Delight / 89d 16m 36s
Back and I have food but my head is starting to hurt again
Okay, the wine is just absurd! I have no idea where they're going with dat.

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