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but some day it might be. Not many people think about it because they think it is just a game but in some time in the future, I do not know when I do not want to know when, we might find something out there that is not like us what so ever. We will never know in this life.
  blackwolfstorm / 1y 232d 19h 58m 0s
mass effect isn't real [+white also don't be rude and use my name in vain thnx]
  admin / bittersweetChocolate / 1y 234d 5h 48m 47s
0o0 Do you know phantom of the opera? if so, you are awesome! if not, your still awesome :)
  Shepard (fem) / Shepyshepard / 1y 234d 10h 59m 58s
people always say that I got into Mark cause he's popular but I randomly found him, much like most of the people I'm subscribed to.
Markiplier played it! im not sure about jack. but i know markimoo played it :)
  Shepard (fem) / Shepyshepard / 1y 234d 12h 20m 9s
I really enjoy Markiplier, JackSepticEye and others cause i'm a nerd
Yeah. Thats understandable. If you like gameplays, you should watch the life is strange gameplays. I dont think he does them, but others do.
  Shepard (fem) / Shepyshepard / 1y 234d 12h 23m 47s
I watch usually reactors, gamers or scary channels.
He does :) its hard to find a youtuber that does that now a days.
  Shepard (fem) / Shepyshepard / 1y 234d 12h 30m 58s
I like him cause he's not afraid of speaking the truth.
Yes its him! lol hes hilarious XD i only usually watch his scary video reactions though.
  Shepard (fem) / Shepyshepard / 1y 234d 12h 33m 0s
Is it BlastphamousHD TV? He's the bald one, cause I watch him all the time.
HA! ive been watching this black guy react to things. He reacts to scary videos and hes always like, "N*gga, when you hear a damn noise, YOU RUN DA OTHER WAY. You dont follow da noise!"
  Shepard (fem) / Shepyshepard / 1y 234d 12h 39m 34s
XD Lokey Games said 'all this video is is this stupid bald bitch'
those are always fun lol. Its a lot better than just sitting there doing nothing XD
  Shepard (fem) / Shepyshepard / 1y 234d 12h 42m 48s

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