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lmao i did that on purpose

i was the one that broke the chat in the first place
  [ʙ] / Romeo- / 46d 2h 32m 16s
HEY person, chat is broken af post here please

Filler filler filler
  Park Sungjin / AkiraInu / 46d 2h 33m 9s
Ya boi found a ipod nano, a Rocky poster and some other stuff
So...we got some of the stuff from the first storage unit
Lance, the chat doesnt wok anymore, its hella broken

I'm gonna wait till my mom gets home so we can go through the boxes
phone won't charge but meh

anyway im gonna make some angst rp thing and have birkin suffer
It's cold af outside again but my mom won 2 storage units by bidding
hhhh i really want to rp some monster angst with will tbhhh
  the insomniac scientist / wxllbiirxiin / 47d 10h 12m 25s
Yea, made back in the 40s

I have it in DVD cause I'm a nerd
Fantasia.. is that the Disney movie with Mickey Mouse as an orchestra director? It has centaurs and mermaids I think and what not.
  →┆☁┆← / Sarkhisi / 48d 6h 45m 47s
Watching Fantasia and bout to watch some Minecraft videos
Hello. What is everyone up to this eve? -crouches low and lies down-
  →┆☁┆← / Sarkhisi / 48d 6h 52m 1s
When you get judged for liking Minecraft but the person judging is a Instagram thot
...Just now noticed it was under “Profile logout” :p
  DraconicFox186 / 48d 7h 10m 11s

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