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I keep smelling this chemical smell but only I smell it
  amyumino / 8d 4h 57m 39s
One of the minors I work with who likes to just stand around half the time and you gotta remind to go do stuff.
  / Carat / 8d 4h 59m 42s
Your cat or an actual child??

My dog is scared of my electric toothbrush
  amyumino / 8d 5h 33s
I hope the kid enjoys having to actually bag for herself for 30 minutes cause I'm sick of having to tell her to just stop standing around :D
  / Carat / 8d 5h 3m 33s
I forgot I had a bunch of color therapy glasses cause I'm a total dumbass
  amyumino / 8d 8h 36m 32s
I wanna do split yellow and pink next.
[s yellow totally isnt my favorite color or anything nope]
  / Carat / 8d 8h 40m 40s
Mine is a very faded rainbow

Survicor has more season than the Simpsons
  amyumino / 8d 10h 57m 21s
I love the hair, Neon.
My hair is currently pastel pink and black.
  spookynymph / 8d 18h 21m 53s
The real time is broke, been broke and will prolly stay broke
  amyumino / 9d 8h 20m 44s
Its so damn cold in my house

I might order more buffs from Survivor
  amyumino / 9d 8h 44m 51s
I want like a month off to play catch up but yeet can't afford that.
  / Carat / 9d 8h 49m 29s
I woke up to take my dog out to pee but that's it..
  amyumino / 9d 16h 38m 29s
Time for some melatonin after I've ate enough food for like 5 people
  / Carat / 9d 21h 34m 14s
Mine is too but for me burns are the worst

I still have scars from my easy bake and creepy crawlers
  amyumino / 10d 3h 57m 24s
I'm used to getting burned at least once while doing fries lol. My pain tolerance too high for it to bother me lol
  / Carat / 10d 3h 59m 17s

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