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Well Amy is like the only familiar face I see here these days.
  Sion / EbonWings / 2y 19d 1h 22m 57s
*uh.... undyne, why are you so mad? i just got here.....
  Sans the Skeleton / Omnifox / 2y 15d 14h 26m 50s
*SHUT UPTHERE AND LET ME SLEEP! [she said to everyone]
  Undyne The Undying / _FNAF_TALE_ / 2y 44d 1h 11m 20s
[she was sitting down on the floor in UNDYING form]
  Undyne The Undying / _FNAF_TALE_ / 2y 44d 11h 18m 13s
[i lays around face down on the floor]
oi oi oi...only me is all that's simple.
  ɴᴏᴠᴀ ᴛᴇʀʀᴀ / otoha / 2y 46d 3h 16m 43s
I'm always cold tho. [b Covers up then coughs slightly.]
I'm really cold too tho.[i Hands the blanket back] o:
  -Birb♡ / -MelodicBubblesX / 2y 49d 14h 29m 3s
Can you please give me my blanket back? I'm freezing.
[google-font] [handlee [#081901 [center [size16 [b Ohai again but I'm just leaving too so bai
  |)esu / Pixel / 2y 49d 14h 37m 31s
I'm alright ; However I'm not new here aha ^^ [i Steals the blanket]
  -Birb♡ / -MelodicBubblesX / 2y 49d 14h 39m 16s
Hey new person, how are you doing? [b Covers up with blanket.]
G'morning - v - How is everyone doing this lovely day today?
  -Birb♡ / -MelodicBubblesX / 2y 49d 14h 45m 39s
[google-font] [handlee [#081901 [center [size16 [b See you later, Melody, hit me up any time you like~ ^^
  |)esu / Pixel / 2y 50d 1h 56m 29s
I'm a go for the night. Talk to you two later ^^*
  -Birb♡ / -MelodicBubblesX / 2y 50d 1h 58m 41s
Just be careful from now on.

Well,things have escalated rather quickly.

My phone is lagging a lot with ES. I'ma go for the night.'
  -Birb♡ / -MelodicBubblesX / 2y 50d 1h 59m 8s

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