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That's fair. That's pretty cold for Florida. It's been shifting between 10 and 50 here for the past four weeks.
  Xephy / _BlueXephos / 15d 18h 16m 50s
That's true but it did get in the 40s here for a couple weeks
  amyumino / 15d 18h 37m 4s
You live in Florida, you don't need heat. You'll be fine XD
  Xephy / _BlueXephos / 15d 18h 51m 8s
We don't even have fucking heat, our heater is broken
  amyumino / 15d 18h 59m 31s
Everyone in my house is mad bc I don't have the heat on. It's 64 in the house what more do they want.
  Xephy / _BlueXephos / 15d 19h 2m 12s
I feel really hot but the ac is on and I have the fan on
  amyumino / 15d 19h 35m 8s
We just had a new delivery place open up amidst the chaos called Wicked Munchies.

I'm getting hot wings.

Yas b.
  Xephy / _BlueXephos / 15d 19h 44m 29s
Did you know cheetahs are so timid and ner5 they actually get them dogs as support animals??
  amyumino / 16d 18m 19s
  HydreigonMaste / 16d 45m 42s
Theres now a limit of 2 loaves of bread at our DG and they now close at 9pm
  amyumino / 16d 1h 4m 59s
Anytime my body wants to stop feeling pukey would be great
  sᴡᴇᴇᴛ ᴘᴇᴀ / ATINY / 16d 1h 33m 57s
That fucking sucks

[b Eats some ramen noodles and coughs some.]
  amyumino / 16d 21h 32m 31s
They're shutting down lobbies in fast food places near me cause of the virus
  bb / Desire / 16d 21h 34m 29s
The DG by my old house still has tons of TP left, so....yeah
  amyumino / 16d 22h 42m 36s
It shouldn't be too hard to level up my Pokemon
  Catlover33 / 16d 23h 4m 12s

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