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Watching Storage wars and listening to music on my phone
Some chick at the store yelled st me for wearing a short with a leprechaun on it and said I was appropriating Irish culture
I just lurk. Amy is the trooper we all need, lol..
  fii / tw-ache / 43d 1h 55m 30s
Trying to keep the room alive is all

This documentary is actually cool
who are you talking to, amy? unless it's someone that has me blocked lmfao
  Yusei Fudou / _YuseiFudou / 43d 2h 20m 18s
Im now watching something on memes and Paris Hilton is on it
Watching a documentary about the scary ass ocean, spoopy
I wear face masks cause I have many medical issues
Over the top with exaggerating stuff, or in this case symptoms
what's an ott?

  [ʙ] / Romeo- / 45d 3h 14m 11s
When you get called OTT because of wearing a surgical mask so you don't get sick but the person calling you OTT was CONSTANTLY posting on Facebook how sooper sick they were when they were really hungover
Its Tramadol, I know what happens cause I'm prescribed it
Take them and see what happens. Might see some shit...
  fii / tw-ache / 45d 11h 27m 51s
We found somebody's prescription drugs in the storage unit
Blah. I’m rarely in here to care about the chat anyway
  Park Sungjin / AkiraInu / 46d 2h 41m 25s

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