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I'm not a new member but the site seems to have... died? In a way?
  Meiko Yandi / Fosse / 1y 189d 10h 56m 52s
i walk in, gazing longingly.
jamie's the name, rp's the game!!
  eeveelover / 1y 228d 4h 43m 32s
Hello to the site again. I'm not really new but I figured it was best to say hi again after a long time being gone. I still see the site is flourishing, I can't say the same for the many rps I once stepped in.
  Paladar Valamor / Alum / 1y 228d 8h 22m 29s
Huh. Well, that's words of wisdom right there from Kyuubi.
  Okamisutta / 1y 244d 6h 52s
Seems as though this site is going further and further downhill :/ Very few rps that are actually worth the time and those that are die way too quickly, and not to mention there's no one really interesting to chat with anymore...
  *Ikeda~ / TsukikoKyuubi / 1y 253d 13h 39m 31s
* smirks and looks over the room, her golden eyes peering over the faces that are closest by. Her ears flick back and hide as her tails seem to vanish leaving her looking rather human other then her golden eyes.*
  LunaNightgale / 1y 254d 2h 40m 14s
[b You would probably have an easier time postin above in the actual chat part of this place
  Kiki's Art / Kikido / 1y 266d 2h 58m 45s
hey everyone I'm new here and I wanted to make friends and possibly roleplay with you guys my name is raven yamada and how is everyone
  marinette / Chatnoir / 1y 267d 14h 15m 24s
Stay away from chats and stick to rps if you want fun tbh
  ᴏᴏᴄ / Baepsae / 1y 316d 11h 55m 47s
I am windzle? I like to write. I am looking for fun from this site. I found it on Google.
  windzle / 1y 317d 15h 26m 55s
Well Amy is like the only familiar face I see here these days.
  Sion / EbonWings / 1y 320d 12h 33m 49s
*uh.... undyne, why are you so mad? i just got here.....
  Sans the Skeleton / Omnifox / 1y 317d 1h 37m 42s
*SHUT UPTHERE AND LET ME SLEEP! [she said to everyone]
  Undyne The Undying / _FNAF_TALE_ / 1y 345d 12h 22m 12s
[she was sitting down on the floor in UNDYING form]
  Undyne The Undying / _FNAF_TALE_ / 1y 345d 22h 29m 5s
[i lays around face down on the floor]
oi oi oi...only me is all that's simple.
  ɴᴏᴠᴀ ᴛᴇʀʀᴀ / otoha / 1y 347d 14h 27m 35s

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