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Nah! I like a lot of stuff, too. Such things from gentle Christian music to songs like Centuries...
I like a mix of everything

I'm a weird person haha
Yeah? I like relatively old songs, but not like punk rock or anything.
I only like as few of his songs

I'm more of a classic rock girl
Ugh... No! I HATE Justin Timberlake. Just my opinion...
Did any of you listen to any of Justin Timberlake's new songs?
I made it to Boston with out a nap and with out breaking my phone.
Also I have a power cube again bless.
  ooc / ATINY / 31d 16h 56m 12s
i just bought a microwave after forever and didn't have to use pans to cook lunch i'm so happy
  Xephos / _BlueXephos / 31d 17h 35m 54s
Haha I will

I like mine with butter, honey and jam
make sure to drink water with those or you'll die haha
  Xephos / _BlueXephos / 31d 17h 38m 2s
I have been living off of popeyes biscuits in all honesty Haha
try something soft, like potatoes, that you can shove through a small gap
  Xephos / _BlueXephos / 31d 17h 42m 39s
I can eat normal food but I can't open my mouth wide
oh wow. is there an alternative you can use so you can eat/
  Xephos / _BlueXephos / 31d 17h 46m 14s
You have to wait 4 days before using a straw cause you have to let the open holes heal and prevent a dry socket

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