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Nah you're a pretty good friend.

I'm gonna go to sleep now.
  Adrian Fairfield / HEAD ES PROGRAMMER / Vossler / 7d 20h 44m 53s
Horrible choice and horrible opinion of me but go off I guess. Yeet.
  / Carat / 7d 20h 53m 1s
Ayy Neon.

I luv u.

I luv u alot.

U a good person
  Adrian Fairfield / HEAD ES PROGRAMMER / Vossler / 7d 21h 31m 12s
Yea but it being fully broken just fucking sucks bruh
  amyumino / 7d 23h 23m 22s
It's already in pain Amy and doesnt wanna work right half the time anyways
  / Carat / 7d 23h 24m 10s
Broken hips are no bueno, its up there with broken ribs and nose
  amyumino / 7d 23h 50m 56s
I'm almost free until tomorrow yeet
Ready to break my hip
  / Carat / 7d 23h 53m 19s
Eh, its normal

I miss the four horsemen of cancer on YouTube
  amyumino / 8d 37m 9s
everybody poofed too ;/
I'm sorry your body is being dickish.
  spookynymph / 8d 42m 58s
For fucking ever

My body is being a dick right now
  amyumino / 8d 44m 42s
how long has the realtime chat been broken? </3333
  spookynymph / 8d 51m 59s
That is hella rood

Watching Deadly Twister by Maxmoefoe
  amyumino / 8d 1h 21m 46s
Usually I have like weakness and lightheadedness with it

Also we had someone come thru at 9 and order ten 4 for $4s and broke our system lol
  / Carat / 8d 1h 25m 35s
I think it's a migraine aura cause my seizure auras feel like my whole body is vibrating and staticky
  amyumino / 8d 5h 1m 16s
When I get auras I smell bleach. Still not sure if migraine aura or seizure aura tho.
  / Carat / 8d 5h 4m 6s

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