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Hello Jackson, Im Amy, I been on this site for about 6 years now.
Hello! I'm Jackson! I've been off the site for over three years and decided to come back!
I can't remember my old username or password so I just made a new account ^^
I like to do all different types of Role Plays, I'm excited to be back here. My rp partner of three years decided to leave, so yep.
  Jackson Hale / JackHale / 1y 192d 22h 38m 59s
This place needs some activity, to damn dead for my liking
[b I don't think they're listenin to what I was sayin. Oh well, their fault
  Melodine / Kikido / 1y 198d 22h 28m 27s
I think I remember you but I did take a2 year Hiatus from here
my old username was nekosofteharts. I changed all my usernames to birb_Jay though.
  Oliver / birb_jay / 1y 198d 22h 41m 32s
Yea I agree with Kiki cause nobody ever uses this for talking
[b Might be easier to post in the part above so more people will actually see it
  Melodine / Kikido / 1y 198d 23h 4m 24s
What was your old name? I cant keep up with people cause of constant name changes
Heyyy. How are you all doing? Its been 3 years since I have been here... hah... I'm sure non of you know me... I don't recognize anyone here... *cups my hand together and rests them gently against my stomach, smiling*
  Oliver / birb_jay / 1y 198d 23h 10m 27s
Everybody mostly speaks in the realtime chat, barely anybody is down here
I'm fine, of course, it's the rest of the world that's the problem.
This chat doesn't get much love anymore, huh?
  Jeaic / TheIrishDayDreamer / 1y 199d 8h 13m 3s
Hey how are you [b Sits down reading a rue morgue magazine.]
Hello all you happy people. How's life been treating you today?
  TheIrishDayDreamer / 1y 203d 3h 49m 48s
  Big Boss / Twin_Lance / 1y 217d 6h 52m 23s

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