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  bellpepper / 8d 4h 22m 43s
Dun dun duuuun [b Makes an explosion sound and falls.]
  amyumino / 8d 4h 26m 29s
im watching cured Minecraft seeds, like when there (ENTITIES) and stuff XDDDD
  bellpepper / 8d 4h 42m 32s
I'm watching the spooky videos on the Youtube cause I like em
  amyumino / 8d 4h 44m 42s

mmm nummy im so jelouse
  bellpepper / 8d 4h 52m 41s
I've been watching YouTube, waiting on pizza and wings because fuck calories
  amyumino / 8d 4h 53m 37s
ive been on minecraft the whole time XD

  bellpepper / 8d 4h 56m 28s

Sorry, had to take my dog out to go potty
  amyumino / 8d 6h 17m 9s
kmonjihuyguhijokpijuhyg7tgyuhijouhygt num,my imma bout to play Minecraft in 1 minute. >:3
  bellpepper / 8d 6h 24m 45s
I'm drinking my jolly rancher flavored water

Deliciousness in a bottle
  amyumino / 8d 6h 28m 18s
*im eating raw ramen noodles... im JASON REYNOLDS

  bellpepper / 8d 6h 36m 59s
Wtf dude

(Burps then takes a sip of her drink as she laid down.]
  amyumino / 8d 6h 38m 45s

  bellpepper / 8d 6h 53m 59s

[b Runs away and falls flat on her face.] Ow
  amyumino / 8d 6h 56m 43s

idbabavb ibubbbdbbbubdbubudbbdubddududbdubdubdubduudbubddudbdubdududubdudbuddbubdubdudbd
  bellpepper / 8d 7h 18m 28s

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