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It's just trembling and a racing heart beat but my heart rate is already high
You should tell a doctor or a specialist. If all else fails, wait it out.
Idk, it didnt happen to me on the top teeth only the bottom so idk what tf is wrong with me
What are you gonna do about it? Is it something to be concerned about?
It ONLY happens with my bottom teeth, I get full on body tremors and my dentist knows it's not from nervousness either
I hate it when dat happens... It really sucks for me... It feels weird.
Oh damn

I did that dumb trembling thing when they took my bottom wisdom teeth out
Yeah... But the worst part was the end of the original music video... MAN"Z GOT KILLED!
Yeah true

I forgot they did a drag queen, Deadpool and Bart Baker parody of Blurred Lines
It's sung by Hozier. I like the music, but the music video kinda bothers me... They killin people, Man!

Only one I heard of was Take Me To Church but I forgot who it was by
Not the slow ones. The one's like: Grenade, Better Now, See you again, Take me to church, And... Hm? There's more, I just gotta think.
Eh, too slow for my liking, I like very few slow songs
Hm... That's interesting. You like the love songs?
I like everything from hard rock to country, but it's mostly the older songs and very few new songs

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