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[google-font] [handlee [#081901 [center [size16 [b It's not even medication, I took them for teh lulz because I didn't wanna drink tonight
  |)esu / Pixel / 1y 197d 4h 12m 42s
That's like the gazillion time you have said you were going to cry. Pixel Pls..
  ᶜᶣᵃᵗ ᶰᵒᵎᵣ ᵜ / Lilbluejay / 1y 197d 4h 13m 15s
Do you have like eye drops or something? I use those sometimes and they seem to work. O: or perhaps just rest your eyes and let the medication do its job?
  -Birb♡ / -MelodicBubblesX / 1y 197d 4h 14m 9s
[google-font] [handlee [#081901 [center [size16 [b Oh my gosh my typing is just absolutely horrendous and I'm just gonna cry at how many mistakes I keep making.
  |)esu / Pixel / 1y 197d 4h 16m 35s
I re read that and was like, "ohhhh yeah I see what I did there." [i Shrugs]

O h okay.
  -Birb♡ / -MelodicBubblesX / 1y 197d 4h 21m 28s
[google-font] [handlee [#081901 [center [size16 [b Oh waitz you mean that one bitch up there.
  |)esu / Pixel / 1y 197d 4h 23m 24s
[google-font] [handlee [#081901 [center [size16 [b Aww, I'm sorry, doll face, but alright, have a good night!!
  |)esu / Pixel / 1y 197d 4h 23m 47s
I put Ni instead of Nii. Fml. I ain't happy no more B (

Goodnight !
  -☆ / -MelodicBubblesX / 1y 197d 4h 27m 1s
[google-font] [handlee [#081901 [center [size16 [b Wow, bastard chat cut off all but one of my 'I's
  |)esu / Pixel / 1y 197d 4h 29m 27s
[google-font] [handlee [#081901 [center [size16 [b Ni
  |)esu / Pixel / 1y 197d 4h 30m 3s
Niiccoooo Niccccooooo Ni♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡
  -☆ / -MelodicBubblesX / 1y 197d 4h 34m 8s
Awee dangg! I know that feeling tho tbh . I'm sorryy .
  -☆ / -MelodicBubblesX / 1y 197d 4h 35m 17s
[google-font] [handlee [#081901 [center [size16 [b No no, it's not that, I'm on pain pills and I'm at the stage where they make my eyes say nah, we taking a break, peace
  |)esu / Pixel / 1y 197d 4h 36m 42s
If you're that tired,just go to sleep xD I'll do fine on my own :3c
  -☆ / -MelodicBubblesX / 1y 197d 4h 38m 40s
[google-font] [handlee [#081901 [center [size16 [b Heh, I'm sorry, I'll humour you for a bit while I can still kinda see
  |)esu / Pixel / 1y 197d 4h 40m 11s

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