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I went through New York to get to Michigan and like in comparison while i was there it was hot like i was offended lol

Honestly like I have red in my hair naturally so it's the easiest and cheapest colors to dye my hair lol.
  ❤️ / Dawon / 68d 20h 24m 35s
Lol I live in New York and the weather here has been so bipolar as of late. It's like, do you wanna be cold or hot- just pick alreadddyyy :( geez.
I just know Michigan feels like a refrigerator since one of my friends from there. Don't know much about Maine though.

If you slip in front of a store, you ACT like your hurt and get that compensation money >:(
[Size10 jk I give bad advice don't ever listen to me]

Wow Orange red is a pretty hot color.
A little bit of a bitch to get out if you wanna dye it something else later.
  ωι¢кє∂ / Clairvoyant / 68d 20h 28m 51s
I mean this winter Michigan has been colder than Maine so like I was kind of prepped for the weather here but also not cause bitch it snow too much like i went outside earlier for a cigarette and like it'd been 50 out lately from what if been told which is a heat wave cause actually it was warm and I hated it but uh it's trying to snow even tho it's too warm for that and the ice and snow on the ground is still melting.

Tho I like seeing snow right now cause I'd rather walk on snow than ice. It's supposed to be in the 30s this weekend so that'll be nice even tho I only work saturday.

[s also this bitch gonna have an orange and red mullet soon yeet]
  ❤️ / Dawon / 68d 20h 57m 8s
Aw shid
isn't Michigan one of the colder states? How even is the weather up there omg.
Meeting people online is always fun :) that's super cool actually.
  ωι¢кє∂ / Clairvoyant / 68d 21h 15m 17s
Okay es you know what we gonna fucking fight right meow
  ❤️ / Dawon / 68d 21h 22m 59s
Not much is up besides me on my day off and also I have moved states twice in the period of a year. I am now in the grand state of Michigan up like the northern part of the the mitten. [s I work with someone from es now too and she's beautiful and amazing and I'd prolly be dead in Maine if it weren't for her]
  Dawon / 68d 21h 27m 48s
It's me.
Finally crawling out of my hole after a bajillion years, what up.
  ωι¢кє∂ / Clairvoyant / 68d 21h 32m 38s
Oh shit it's a sherry
Also I forgot there was a text count thing in here oops
  Dawon / 68d 21h 34m 1s
My wrist hurts, yo.
I didn't even know keyboard cramps were a thing until just now.
  ωι¢кє∂ / Clairvoyant / 68d 21h 41m 24s
I'm good, got sone monsters and candy cause I like food
How ia everybody doing today?

I finished a new chapter on my story The Day Will Come and will post it soon
  Imagination / HEAD ES PROGRAMMER / Vossler / 73d 19h 29m 33s
The thing is that they dont make me hyper or whatever
I love the sour heads one or whatever It's called.
  Imagination / HEAD ES PROGRAMMER / Vossler / 80d 13h 50m 18s
I'm drinking the rainbow unicorn

To me, it tastes like melted fun dip

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