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Gonna have to start rewatching this kdrama from the beginning for a 3rd time soon cause it's all I wanna watch so I mean prolly poorly if all that makes me happy right now is a psychopath from a kdrama.
  / Carat / 5d 22h 50m 22s
Oh okay.

Nice you Flary. :)

Also hey Neon. Besides work how's life?
  Adrian Fairfield / HEAD ES PROGRAMMER / Vossler / 5d 22h 56m 47s
Ams tired and gotta work a whole 9 hour shift again tomorrow yeet
  / Carat / 5d 23h 5m 1s
This girl I havent seen or even talked to since middle school messaged me randomly, we talked about normal stuff...then she had the nerve to call me spoiled cause I went to Disney back in middle school...for my Make A Wish
  amyumino / 6d 5h 53m 55s
Hi Amy and it's okay I don't mind the rants so go ahead :)
  scentist / Luna_Tash / 6d 5h 57m 10s
Hello Flary, ignore my dumbass ranting

Goddamn skeeters are already out
  amyumino / 6d 6h 1m 28s
Carat is the real Neon I'm just his bestie Flary :3
  scentist / Luna_Tash / 6d 6h 2m 34s
Sorry for whining but I havent seen or talked to this chick since middle school
  amyumino / 6d 6h 12m 13s

She told me I 'dont know what she goes through every day' and 'You have no idea how bad I have it'

Bitch, I have a lung function of 48% and takes all kinds of medications but am I whining about it on Facebook? No, cause I dont want asspats
  amyumino / 6d 6h 36m 33s
Okay I am confused as hell.

Which is the real Neon.
  Adrian Fairfield / HEAD ES PROGRAMMER / Vossler / 6d 6h 39m 44s
My friend on Facebook does nothing but say how hard being a mom is and I think she has like 4 fucking kids
  amyumino / 6d 12h 56m 12s
I'm doing a big whopping yeet me into the sun cause I don't wanna have to work the next two days but especially not tomorrow cause pretty much working a 10 hour shift with barely any people to close the store with :D and by that I mean it's just me and the queen of my heart closing from what I remember cause that other guy really dont count. Yeet. [s but my son works until 10:30 tomorrow if I remember correctly so that'll be chaotic af]
  / Carat / 6d 21h 7m 25s
Hi peeps

How y'all doing lol

I did an oops but it is fixed lol
  scentist / Luna_Tash / 6d 21h 19m 15s
When one of the minors told you they were just not gonna come into work tonight and you forgot and then they didnt show up to work tonight and all the other minors were like "okay but who does that???"
  Carat / 6d 21h 55m 42s
I just woke up and my cousin is already texting me whining
  amyumino / 7d 14h 19m 35s

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