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I'm fine, of course, it's the rest of the world that's the problem.
This chat doesn't get much love anymore, huh?
  Jeaic / TheIrishDayDreamer / 1y 73d 2h 49m 28s
Hey how are you [b Sits down reading a rue morgue magazine.]
Hello all you happy people. How's life been treating you today?
  TheIrishDayDreamer / 1y 76d 22h 26m 13s
  Big Boss / Twin_Lance / 1y 91d 1h 28m 48s
[size11 [i -waves a hand-] if you recognise my username, flick me a pm. looking to reconnect with old friends.]
[size11 but in saying that, new friends are welcome. [i -throws up finger guns-]]
  Ninja / improbusninja / 1y 102d 9h 27m 13s
[b Pretty much. That's why the bottom has a character limit of at least 50 so it won't be full of just emotes or yes or no or stuff like that, but with actual posts
  Kikido / 1y 116d 2h 45m 50s
I thought it was because Jimmy requested that people use the chats instead to help save the website from getting all clogged up with idle chatting in the permanent-ish thread areas, rather than the temporary chat box.
  Jade / SlutTrauma / 1y 116d 3h 5m 19s
The only reason I think no one replies down here is because it's the roleplay area. Not to sound like one of those people that are snobbish or anything....
  IT'S HIGH NOON / Okamisutaa / 1y 116d 3h 13m 55s
Hey, welcome Beck but nobody talks down here Anymore
Hello. I've rped before, but not for some time. I can't really say I'm new, as I was here four years ago, but I no longer know anybody
  ArgentumLupus / 1y 142d 11h 38m 23s
Hey Art ❤️ Been at long time... Miss you...

How've you been all this time?
  MaryJane / lownytowns / Destroyed / 1y 148d 4h 22m 45s
Watch more porn. This is a community advisory by your friendly neighborhood Arty.
  Artanis E. Grimoire / Artanis / 1y 171d 9h 48m 36s

That's all anyone who posts on the roleplay reply says...
  ₜₕₑ ₜᵣᵤₜₕ / Lucatiel / 1y 171d 14h 40m 46s
I forgot my old account info but man it's been nearly two years since I've been on here, it's looking desolate. :c
  MushroomNature / 1y 171d 14h 44m 36s
[size20 [i [font "Channel" Man its been years, the memories made here... ]]]
  MaryJane / lownytowns / Destroyed / 1y 179d 13h 50m 28s

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