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well shit

[#fefefe I wonder if this bit of coding will work. Doubt it.]
  Yusei Fudo / _YuseiFudo / 3d 8h 30m 9s
god i need to find a good ooc pic of me fucc because Boethius isn't working as my ooc
I didnt have to take it due to my CF, POTS and anhidrosis
wait... i skipped personal fitness yeesss... that's my gym but i signed up for it to get some tone and loose weight

I hated school man but the only good thing is I didn't have to do P.E
they sent me home though... it was fifth period and it happened right after lunch.

i was alone in the fine arts corridor, going to my favorite class, musical composition class when this dude from art class began to fucking get up on me... there's like six cameras in the hallway though...
Oh damn

Well then, I honestly don't know what to tell you
i honestly dont know. it was so fast, i dont remember anything except for screaming and me running.
You didnt kill him...did you?

Cause that would not be good
but i dont really know who was the victim... he was getting [b really ] close to just getting on me right then and there...

the cameras got it for sure though...

i dont know what to even think at this point... i think i just defended myself... so i think ill be fine...
It's fine, I understand that you panicked and all that
sorry... i think im good now.

I just... i was panicking the whole time, he was getting all up on me and i didnt like it and i grabbed my pocket knife from my back pocket and...

i went stabby stabby...

Well.....I got nothing, I mean, I used to fight alot but never pulled a knife
i got intoafightwithsomebodyandialmostkilledthemwithaknifeandicantfuckingbreathe

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