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It gets quiet around maybe around 7pm-9am depending on the day
Glad to see this place is still up and running, I've missed it here
  [O.C] / Katsumi / 1y 50d 18h 20m 46s
Yea but theres alot of new people who join all the time as well
Hi Amy!! Oh wow six years is a long time. I think that is around the time that I started. I was so happy to see that this site is still here. However, it does seem like there is a lot less people on in.
  Jackson Hale / JackHale / 1y 66d 17h 10m 48s
Hello Jackson, Im Amy, I been on this site for about 6 years now.
Hello! I'm Jackson! I've been off the site for over three years and decided to come back!
I can't remember my old username or password so I just made a new account ^^
I like to do all different types of Role Plays, I'm excited to be back here. My rp partner of three years decided to leave, so yep.
  Jackson Hale / JackHale / 1y 66d 17h 15m 50s
This place needs some activity, to damn dead for my liking
[b I don't think they're listenin to what I was sayin. Oh well, their fault
  Melodine / Kikido / 1y 72d 17h 5m 18s
I think I remember you but I did take a2 year Hiatus from here
my old username was nekosofteharts. I changed all my usernames to birb_Jay though.
  Oliver / birb_jay / 1y 72d 17h 18m 23s
Yea I agree with Kiki cause nobody ever uses this for talking
[b Might be easier to post in the part above so more people will actually see it
  Melodine / Kikido / 1y 72d 17h 41m 15s
What was your old name? I cant keep up with people cause of constant name changes
Heyyy. How are you all doing? Its been 3 years since I have been here... hah... I'm sure non of you know me... I don't recognize anyone here... *cups my hand together and rests them gently against my stomach, smiling*
  Oliver / birb_jay / 1y 72d 17h 47m 18s
Everybody mostly speaks in the realtime chat, barely anybody is down here

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