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Oh wow.

I've had lots of weird ass dreams.before.
  Adrian Fairfield / HEAD ES PROGRAMMER / Vossler / 4d 3h 13m 29s
I remember that me, my mom, my dad, my sister, my niece and nephew were in a 2 story house that looked like it was built in the 1800s just hanging out when suddenly where was an ear piercing hum noise and a super bright light started to shine through all the windows. I grab my niece and nephew and run to a hidden cupboard under the stairs, put them inside but suddenly the bright light consumes me.....this is when I woke up.
  amyumino / 4d 3h 31m 48s
Go ahead.

Also about to roast some potatoes and fry a steak
  Adrian Fairfield / HEAD ES PROGRAMMER / Vossler / 4d 3h 36m 17s
Can I tell you my freaky alien dream?

Cause I still remember it from 4 years ago
  amyumino / 4d 4h 18m 54s
I wore my new outfit today cause yeet.
I feel cute af in it too.
These shorts some nice ass shorts.
  / Carat / 4d 4h 54m 42s
I just woke up and had to make my coffee cause I'd be an ass without it
  amyumino / 4d 11h 2m 35s
The only form of writing I need to do is natal chart stuff but I work too much to be able to do that in my free time. Plus depression making me wanna sleep 24/7 anymore lol
  / Carat / 4d 20h 39m 19s
Fucking right?!

I have all my stories finished in my head but I'm having trouble.putting them on paper because my ideas are changing a lot.

Fuck writers block. It's my worst enemy.
  Adrian Fairfield / HEAD ES PROGRAMMER / Vossler / 4d 21h 23m 6s
People are having trouble writing. Lol

Meanwhile here’s me who already has the entire story planned out and all I need to do is put it into chapters.

Always fun when the writers block kicks in though
  Park Sungjin / AkiraInu / 4d 22h 16m 32s
Oh noes

I still remember the alien dream I had 4 years ago
  amyumino / 4d 22h 42m 0s
Yeet yeet slept all day instead of going to work oops
  / Carat / 4d 23h 22m 44s
No but I wish it was

It whizzed right past my head and scared tf outta me
  amyumino / 5d 21h 8m 1s
Oh damn I think I remember that one.

Send it. Is it on youtube
  Adrian Fairfield / HEAD ES PROGRAMMER / Vossler / 5d 21h 9m 25s
I found a video where I was by a malfunctioning firework
  amyumino / 5d 21h 10m 18s
Oh nice.

I need to start writing more.

Shit, back when I joined ES in 2009 that was the whole point. I wrote so.much back then.


Maybe a chapter.oncr a fucking year for a.story.

Writers block and self esteem.are.killing me
  Adrian Fairfield / HEAD ES PROGRAMMER / Vossler / 5d 21h 21m 56s

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