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I'm high af that's how I am tbvh. Bout to get higher cause lol I have amazing influences in my life.
  ⁱᶠᶠʸ / Sik-K / 10d 15h 28m 3s

So how are you today? I'm bored out of my mind.
  Imagination / HEAD ES PROGRAMMER / Voss_The_Boss / 10d 16h 11m 5s
Someone gonna die tonight I'mma be witness to a murder
  Sik-K / 10d 16h 12m 59s
If ir dies. There better a be a grand funeral. XD

Jimmy better come on here and give a damn good eulogy.

And there better be cake.
  Imagination / HEAD ES PROGRAMMER / Voss_The_Boss / 10d 16h 34m 38s
Leave es alone heretic. No new site is needed. Let it die as it sees fit.
  Sik-K / 10d 16h 38m 1s
The end of ES is near.

The current ES has been here for about 10 years now. Maybe it's time for a new ES? ES 3.0?
  Imagination / HEAD ES PROGRAMMER / Voss_The_Boss / 10d 18h 14m 23s
When you look like you were put through a blender and garbage dis6
When you cough up blood and some bitch yells at you...big yikes
Booty booty booty

Idk I'm bored and trying to keep the chat alive
Everything thing feels like it was hit with a fuckin hammer
Everything hurts and my NG tube is being an asshole
Back from my grandma's house on my mom's side of the family
Horses are unpredictable

Back, had to go somewhere, plus was fixing my oxygen concentrator
I'm sorry, it haunts me as well. Horses are frightening.
  Octaves / 33d 6h 46m 55s
Um, that's a little weird and random

I gotta pee, all this coffee.

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