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I made a vague post on Facebook about buying a 55 gallon tank and told people to have fun guessing what I was getting and one of my coworkers guesses a lizard. Like nope my landlord wouldn't allow that.
  ᴅɪɴσ / fkuropinion / 2d 17h 42m 42s
You get a lobster since I can't get one. And I'll get a Red tailed hawk. If I study more and pass an exam for the license anyway. I still want a dwarf lobster tho ;-;
  ᴍᴜɴ / Mun / 2d 18h 21m 32s
Lol the chat broke just cause Jimmy moved servers
So r.i.p
  ᴅɪɴσ / fkuropinion / 2d 20h 15m 15s
RatMurderer is a terrible troll, just ignore her/him. Idk.

This website is broke lmao.
  Kirindave / _BlueXephos / 2d 20h 23m 30s
To distract myself from wanting koisii here asap imma play some greymoor and make me another kitty cat
  ᴅɪɴσ / fkuropinion / 2d 20h 26m 57s
looks like a lot of things broke
thanks for the answer

did Jimmy say
when he will be back?

who're you, RatMurderer?
  HEAD ES FORMATTING QUEEN / KITE / 2d 20h 28m 55s
Hey friends (: Missed you guys. How you been, what's new? lolz!!
  RatMurderer / 2d 20h 39m 54s
Yup, chat been broke but it is what it is tbh

Omg, I hate that Freelee bitch on YouTube
  amyumino / 2d 20h 50m 43s
Chat broke, Kite. Chat broke a long time ago, and Jimmy took it down the last time he was online.
  Kirindave / _BlueXephos / 2d 21h 54s
Mama bought Koisii's tank and is now completely broke
Fucking worth it

I don't even know what my hair looks like half the time
  ᴅɪɴσ / fkuropinion / 2d 21h 18m 28s
Task is an amazing troll, that person is just a piece of human garbage
  amyumino / 2d 21h 19m 22s
where in the world did the chat go
[tab] [tab]
  HEAD ES FORMATTING QUEEN / KITE / 2d 21h 19m 28s
Boy that picture is three years old.

This one is new. I still got it! <3

  Kirindave / _BlueXephos / 2d 21h 36m 39s
Koisii here I come
Mama gonna by your tank right tf now
Also imma have to find me a filter to buy
And like some stuff for him to climb on and hide in
I wanna find some aquatic plants for him too and hope he doesnt completely destroy them

Also tbh i miss your streak you had
  ᴅɪɴσ / fkuropinion / 2d 21h 40m 48s
I mean


Why wouldn't you invest in a blue lobster boi?

NEON I miss this haircut. Plus I love this photo of meee

  Kirindave / _BlueXephos / 2d 21h 44m 27s

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