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Back, I was washing the dishes and getting another cup of coffee
Damn long time no talk. I'm barely on here anymore.
  Imagination / HEAD ES PROGRAMMER / Voss_The_Boss / 10d 5h 24m 15s
despite what anyone else might believe of themselves i am legitimately the first and only Neon
  ⁱᶠᶠʸ / Sik-K / 10d 5h 26m 55s
It's always been Neon haha, I know its them cause of the K-pop pics
Wait Neon is that you? Neon Knitemare?

If it is wazzup
  Imagination / HEAD ES PROGRAMMER / Voss_The_Boss / 10d 5h 28m 21s
i better not be hitting the crash or i will literally throw myself out the window i still need to vacuum and do other stuff like eat and keep listening to my music
  ⁱᶠᶠʸ / Sik-K / 10d 5h 30m 1s
Theres these girls on YouTube/instagram who claim to have all these medical problems.

Theres one who claims to constantly have anaphylactic reactions but I only takes one epi pen to stop the reaction
Well that was a sad fail.

Tried making an account called WoIfprincenick and it shows my damn main account in the related one now
  Imagination / HEAD ES PROGRAMMER / Voss_The_Boss / 10d 5h 53m 38s
When I see a heathen I think 'that's it thrown em in the trash'
tbh i can handle most kids, it's when you get the ones that wanna be hellions in public and shit that i'm like "your child must vacate the premises until it learns how to behave but you are welcome to stay"
  ⁱᶠᶠʸ / Sik-K / 10d 6h 23m 54s
I heard the term on Reddit and I can't handle all.
crotch goblins is a nice way to refer to children. 10/10
i call laundry detergent laundry sauce it's a fun time.
  ⁱᶠᶠʸ / Sik-K / 10d 6h 27m 35s
When some old ass lady ar the store yells at you cause you said ass to your brother and her crotch goblins heard it
Maine has medicinal legal but like everyone I know pretty much smokes it recreation Ally but also it's other things that I can't say cause they hella illegal my friend.
  ⁱᶠᶠʸ / Sik-K / 10d 15h 16m 39s
Is it weed? I miss weed. It helped my depression but I quit because it got expensive and I was afraid of getting arrested
  Imagination / HEAD ES PROGRAMMER / Voss_The_Boss / 10d 15h 24m 44s

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