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Hi! I am not new but I am back after a rather long hiatus. I hope my stay will be longer this time. :D
  Frothy_Chai / 248d 22h 51m 58s
True though
I expected it from you
More or so not from their asses
  UWot / GravelyMistaken / 259d 16h 28m 52s
oh shit
it's like i've never shown to be a passive aggressive asshole ever in the history of my life
strange who would have thought [i I] would partake in this kind of behavior.
  ooc / Arsenal / 259d 19h 15m 20s
Yes they are mate
By the way dipshit I was fine staying away until you idiots started this shit so you're being a passive aggressive asshole.
I didn't bother showing up until that Tallyu thing
Since you obviously missed me so much
  UWot / GravelyMistaken / 259d 19h 27m 50s
[left [pic]]
Some people seriously are fucking hilarious tho aren't they
  Tallyu / 260d 4h 43m 13s
[+white absolutely hilarious that's what life is]
  ooc / Arsenal / 260d 11h 5m 3s
*Gets ticked off and says nothing as he floats around*
  Sam / MLthevampireking / 260d 13h 13m 33s
When people try and get a restraining order then steal all your old accounts
Fucking retards
  Kiba / GravelyMistaken / 260d 13h 14m 59s
well that Must suck... So how are you doing today?
  MLthevampireking / 262d 22h 5m 32s
The realtime chat isnt working for me right now cause pos phone
I'm Seth. I Love this stuff. The creativity, and the people.
  MLthevampireking / 281d 3h 45m 55s
This shit needs a mobile app. For real. I hate mobile web browsers.
  Star / DuckFylan / 286d 20h 3m 39s
i dont have a character yet... :(((( unfortunately
  2essie / 287d 20h 10m 41s
oh man, Ifreat and C Loveless. That's a throwback if I've ever seen one.

Cybering still not allowed here tho.
  /// / K / 301d 14h 0s
Sleeps and thunder is coming out of my cheeks because I’m pikachu
  Pikachuthepokemon / 303d 5h 51m 20s

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