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*Gets ticked off and says nothing as he floats around*
  Sam / MLthevampireking / 197d 21h 50m 19s
When people try and get a restraining order then steal all your old accounts
Fucking retards
  Kiba / GravelyMistaken / 197d 21h 51m 45s
well that Must suck... So how are you doing today?
  MLthevampireking / 200d 6h 42m 18s
The realtime chat isnt working for me right now cause pos phone
I'm Seth. I Love this stuff. The creativity, and the people.
  MLthevampireking / 218d 12h 22m 41s
This shit needs a mobile app. For real. I hate mobile web browsers.
  Star / DuckFylan / 224d 4h 40m 25s
i dont have a character yet... :(((( unfortunately
  2essie / 225d 4h 47m 27s
oh man, Ifreat and C Loveless. That's a throwback if I've ever seen one.

Cybering still not allowed here tho.
  /// / K / 238d 22h 36m 46s
Sleeps and thunder is coming out of my cheeks because I’m pikachu
  Pikachuthepokemon / 240d 14h 28m 6s
Test test yesterday yesterday test test test test.
  Hatter / KatHatter / 243d 14h 47m 16s
I'm a returning ES rper, one from back on the OLD ES. From a time when "IFreat" was a threat to the site. From a time when erotica was allowed, then no longer allowed and had been moved to what was then C_Loveless.
I'm not sure how many of you even know what that all means, but if you do.. Hey! Long time no see?

Anyway.. I'm a semi-lit roleplayer that tends to stick mostly to original story lines, but I sometimes dive into premade settings, though almost always with original characters.

I tend to use anime/drawn pictures more than real life ones, but really I'll just use whatever.

Feel free to message me! I'll do basically anything:
Trans* characters


Slice of life
School life
  BakedPotato / 270d 2h 29m 37s
[center [size10 "Fuck, it's you who I hate the most."]]
[right [size10 -Ghost by Mystery skulls
  ᵘ ˢ ᵉ ˡ ᵉ ˢ ˢ / Depression / 330d 10h 45m 51s
[b Alright, let's see if it'll work here. Hopefully it does but then that would lead to more questions for me
  Isabella "Isa" Abandonato / Kikido / 1y 29d 10h 12m 42s
Heyo! I am back! I was active on this site like 4-5 years ago and recently got back into roleplay. I am so excited to get back into it now that I've got a better handle on my writing skills.

I'm looking for new partners for all kinds of roleplays! Hit me up and let's see if we can brainstorm.
  Leaguegirl97 / 1y 60d 3h 12m 38s
Nyoom [+white how to entirely miss the point of a post and focus on only part of it]
  ooc / Believe / 1y 78d 6h 22m 48s

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