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Hey yo

My lazy ass had just woken up and now I need coffee
Have you ever felt sad or lonely? Have you ever felt two feet tall? Have you ever thought, "Man, if i was Anybody else at all!" They like to kick you when times get rough and you give your all, but it's now enough. And sticks ans stones may break your bones but words can break your Heart. But if you don't know where to go I'll show you where to start. Kill yourself, It'll only take a minute, and you'll be happy that you did it. Just go over to your oven and shove your head in it! Kill yourself! Really, you should do it. There's ah, really nothing to it. Just, ah, grab a mug an chug a cup of lighter fluid!

Okay, now... I think you pulled back. think it's probably on the account that I'm telling you to kill yourself over and over again... I'm just trying to make a simple point. That these- that life's... Toughest problems don't have simple answers. You shouldn't just be brave, you shouldn't just roar. You shouldn't... Kill yourself. But I understand that it's a sensitive subject and you're probably just hearing me say that... I... Deal with s-I don't wanna be insen- LOOK

I sound unempathetic, I sound mean and rude. Suicide is an epidemic, and I don't wanna be misconstrued! Signs of deeeeepresion go overlooked, so if you're depressed, then you need to book a therapy session, talk about your depression, and let a professional hear it! But if you search for moral wisdom in Katy Perry's lyrics, then Kill yourself! It won't be painful if you are able to give a little kiss to an oncoming train, you'll Kill yourself! It's over, mull it. There's a trigger, Pull it!!! Get it through your head, "it" being a bullet. Stick your tongue in a plug, suck a pipe of exhaust, make some toast n the tub, nail yourself to a cross! Hold your breath 'till it's gone, drink a gallon of mace, be gay in Iran, let Oprah sit on your Face! Jump of a bridge, skinny dip in a flood, skydive attached to a bridge, drink a Haitian guy's blood! Break into the zoo, give the tiger a shove, eat a Philip's head screw. Marry Courtney love.

That went out to me, myself and I. xD
  Hinata Sora / MordorTenebris / 45d 8h 31m 5s
I dont have a discord

J dont even have a fucking facebook
I've made a discord server for those who are wanting to reconnect! ^~^
Just let me know who you are when you join.
  Voodoo / Gwinndolynn / 45d 22h 56m 55s
Not when you also have to deal with coughing up a lung and hospital stays out the ass
[david font [#89add2 Most people would kill to burn calories quickly. I remain very fit although my diet is not a very healthy one.]]
  ∂εмυяε / DandelionPrincess / 51d 20h 46m 3s
I'm always eating but I need the calorie intake cause I burn it too fast for my liking
[font david [#89add2 My picture is a little too big for my liking.. I'll need to change it when I feel like it. Ah, Amy I also enjoy horror though I've watched less than I'd care to admit. Food is always really good.]]
  ∂εмυяε / DandelionPrincess / 51d 20h 55m 55s

I'm Amy and I like food, horror movies and talking to my friends on here
[font david [#89add2 Hello, I suppose this would be the best place to introduce myself. You can call me Marie or Dandelion either works just fine.]]
  ∂εмυяε / DandelionPrincess / 51d 21h 4m 34s
I'm watching Stuff N Sam for the millionth time haha
I like mix of everything, I cant just listen to just one genre
Oh music is always fun to listen too to be honest.
  Katherine Pierce / BloodMoonVampire / 58d 21h 3m 36s
That sucks

I'm just listening to music from the movie The Devil's Carnival
Having to do some stupid adult stuff which I hate.
  Katherine Pierce / BloodMoonVampire / 58d 22h 25m 30s

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