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HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHA! Here she is! The one! The only! The Sharron!
  Never used... / MordorTenebris / 21d 8h 10m 50s
What are we talking about?

Meet Sharron! I don't know what happened to John...
This is Benjamin, he likes horror movies and staring at the wall

Yea, McDonald's burgers are gross
The iced coffee and that stuff is actually good but the burgers are gross
  Daddy Damon / AveeVaporGlitch / 21d 8h 15m 43s
Hold up, lemme get 'em. He's a little shy.

Any by that I mean my friends hide him all the time.
I only like the McDonald's nuggets and frappuccinos
Ok true McDonalds is trash tbh BK is good though. Those nuggets are so tasty.
  Daddy Damon / AveeVaporGlitch / 21d 8h 19m 33s
Oh my God, play date [b Wipes crumbs from Benjamin's head.]
But isn't everything better them mcdonalds, tho? XD
I'm always good :) Also I love Taco Bell so much better than McDonalds
  Daddy Damon / AveeVaporGlitch / 21d 8h 23m 11s
Yo, what up Damon? Been doing good?

Hey, Amy, I have one of those creepy dolls, too!!!
[b Waves eating Taco Bell and had a creepy reborn doll in her left arm.]
Not really new but have not been active since 2013 so trying to bet back into it and meet people.
  Daddy Damon / AveeVaporGlitch / 21d 8h 36m 28s
I'm sick and congested like hell right now

[b Has hid 4 creepy baby dolls around the room.]
Wot, how come?
  тσя¡ / AfterNue_Delight / 22d 14h 5m 49s

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