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I’m a nice person I promise. I just get too many pms about checking other people’s writing only to get a link to a blank page
  Park Sungjin / AkiraInu / 8d 19h 32m 34s
Oh okay.

Well I do write novels but I have a wattpad for that
  Imagination / HEAD ES PROGRAMMER / Voss_The_Boss / 8d 19h 32m 44s
No no. Didn’t mean to sound like a dick there but xD.

Usually if someone pms me out of the blue it’s to check out something they wrote only to lead to a blank page. I usually just ignore them now
  Park Sungjin / AkiraInu / 8d 19h 33m 53s
I apologize. Just wanted to say hi.

Didn't mean to bother you
  Imagination / HEAD ES PROGRAMMER / Voss_The_Boss / 8d 19h 36m 4s
I don’t think anyone cares about age here. Just don’t be a dick and you’re good in most chats

Also randomly getting pmed out of no where seems [i great] don’t ya think?
  Park Sungjin / AkiraInu / 8d 19h 38m 53s
I can stay, everyone just kinda blends together on here
I see... I will look elsewhere then, thank you though
  LenaAesSedai / 9d 8h 11m 46s
We really dont have 'cliques' or what the hell they're called on here
Hello, I am new here? Are there any groups I should join that may have people closer to my age group?
  LenaAesSedai / 9d 8h 13m 22s
That is true I guess

I got bumps behind my ear for some reason
in my laptop's defense i do need to upgrade cause it won't hold a charge anymore
  ⁱᶠᶠʸ / Sik-K / 10d 3h 52m 33s

My phone used to do the same thing but I got a new phone and it's 4:54 here
my laptop is confusing tf out of me cause it says it's 9:30 am but it is most definitely not. it's 4:40 pm i just checked my watch
  ⁱᶠᶠʸ / Sik-K / 10d 4h 9m 58s
Oops, sorry I feel like a complete dumbass now

I still feel hella cold
i'm usually about here and there through out the day tbh
like right now i'm on and off cause i'm working on cleaning my apartment a little bit while my roommate is gone cause i'm still high and wired af so i thought i would just clean up some shit the now old roommates left as a mess.

amy i am offended by you cause sik-k isn't kpop he's he's a korean rapper.
  ⁱᶠᶠʸ / Sik-K / 10d 5h 28m 39s

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