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Yes I hate when people complain about petty problems
Dang... That's really not fair. Now that person who was such an inconsiderate arse really should understand that [b they're an arse]. Personally myself though.
  DarkWolfMaster / darkwolfmaster / 180d 5h 35m 57s
Well, I also have asthma And cystic fibrosis which sucks
Dang. I'll be completely honest, I'm not sure what to say other than "I'm sorry and I hope it gets better." Sometimes I wish I was better at this conversation thing haha.
  DarkWolfMaster / darkwolfmaster / 180d 5h 42m 59s
Yup, thats why I have oxygen tanks and 3 concentrators
Ahhh. For me, it messes with my asthma and burns. Woop woop. In any case, I'm sorry that happened.
  DarkWolfMaster / darkwolfmaster / 180d 5h 47m 26s
I cant handle any strong odor due to a multiple chemical sensitivity so it makes I t hard to breathe
Welcome back to ES. It's good to see someone come back.

May I ask how you can eve tolerate that perfume for a moment? Personally, it makes my nose burn.
  DarkWolfMaster / darkwolfmaster / 180d 5h 50m 33s
Welcome back to ES.

I swear if this bitch comes to my House with strong ass perfume one more time
Hi! I am not new but I am back after a rather long hiatus. I hope my stay will be longer this time. :D
  Frothy_Chai / 186d 7h 27m 17s
True though
I expected it from you
More or so not from their asses
  UWot / GravelyMistaken / 197d 1h 4m 11s
oh shit
it's like i've never shown to be a passive aggressive asshole ever in the history of my life
strange who would have thought [i I] would partake in this kind of behavior.
  ooc / Arsenal / 197d 3h 50m 39s
Yes they are mate
By the way dipshit I was fine staying away until you idiots started this shit so you're being a passive aggressive asshole.
I didn't bother showing up until that Tallyu thing
Since you obviously missed me so much
  UWot / GravelyMistaken / 197d 4h 3m 9s
[left [pic]]
Some people seriously are fucking hilarious tho aren't they
  Tallyu / 197d 13h 18m 32s
[+white absolutely hilarious that's what life is]
  ooc / Arsenal / 197d 19h 40m 22s

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