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Everybody mostly speaks in the realtime chat, barely anybody is down here
I'm fine, of course, it's the rest of the world that's the problem.
This chat doesn't get much love anymore, huh?
  Jeaic / TheIrishDayDreamer / 283d 17h 27m 47s
Hey how are you [b Sits down reading a rue morgue magazine.]
Hello all you happy people. How's life been treating you today?
  TheIrishDayDreamer / 287d 13h 4m 32s
  Big Boss / Twin_Lance / 301d 16h 7m 7s
[size11 [i -waves a hand-] if you recognise my username, flick me a pm. looking to reconnect with old friends.]
[size11 but in saying that, new friends are welcome. [i -throws up finger guns-]]
  Ninja / improbusninja / 313d 5m 32s
[b Pretty much. That's why the bottom has a character limit of at least 50 so it won't be full of just emotes or yes or no or stuff like that, but with actual posts
  Kikido / 326d 17h 24m 9s
I thought it was because Jimmy requested that people use the chats instead to help save the website from getting all clogged up with idle chatting in the permanent-ish thread areas, rather than the temporary chat box.
  Jade / SlutTrauma / 326d 17h 43m 38s
The only reason I think no one replies down here is because it's the roleplay area. Not to sound like one of those people that are snobbish or anything....
  IT'S HIGH NOON / Okamisutaa / 326d 17h 52m 14s
Hey, welcome Beck but nobody talks down here Anymore
Hello. I've rped before, but not for some time. I can't really say I'm new, as I was here four years ago, but I no longer know anybody
  ArgentumLupus / 353d 2h 16m 42s
Hey Art ❤️ Been at long time... Miss you...

How've you been all this time?
  MaryJane / lownytowns / Destroyed / 358d 19h 1m 4s
Watch more porn. This is a community advisory by your friendly neighborhood Arty.
  Artanis E. Grimoire / Artanis / 1y 17d 26m 55s

That's all anyone who posts on the roleplay reply says...
  ₜₕₑ ₜᵣᵤₜₕ / Lucatiel / 1y 17d 5h 19m 5s
I forgot my old account info but man it's been nearly two years since I've been on here, it's looking desolate. :c
  MushroomNature / 1y 17d 5h 22m 55s

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