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That's good that there were no least I hope not
  amyumino / 21h 13s
Tbh I'm surprised there weren't any fights. I haven't heard anything yet, anyway.
  Kirindave / _BlueXephos / 21h 4m 35s
Hey hey

We only did a few fireworks and my niece and nephew lit most of the fountain fireworks

My nephew is 10 and my niece is 14 btw haha
  amyumino / 21h 14m 53s
I exert nothing but chaotic energy honestly

Also my boi constantly having people attempting to kill him but will trust the stupidest shit. Like a girl bringing him rice cakes or some government agent offering him gum. Like unless I bought it and knew where it came from I would not trust anyone or anything in that situation.
  ᴅɪɴσ / fkuropinion / 1d 5h 17m 0s

Kaity and I exert bad bitch energy.

Kaity has the pink/orange hair. I have the brown/blonde hair.
  Kirindave / _BlueXephos / 1d 5h 24m 28s
"You already spilled the soup and scalded my balls" is not something I thought I would ever read while watching a kdrama but aight i guess
  fkuropinion / 1d 5h 27m 42s
My sister put my mom in a headlock today,

Was pretty neato.
  Kirindave / _BlueXephos / 1d 5h 31m 49s
Yeah, I'll be a teenager next april, thanks (woiefhiwfehwieufvhwvfeiuh)
  Inkling (Yellow) / Character / 1d 5h 59m 58s
Well, I’m sure you’ll be a teenager soon. In that case, welcome to hell!
  Topaz / Sklee / 1d 6h 5m 15s
Dammit, now I'm the only Twelve year old on here that I know
  Inkling (Yellow) / Character / 1d 6h 7m 57s
I’m Thirteen now. I’m not sure how I feel about this. Please help.
  Topaz / Sklee / 1d 6h 10m 50s
I 100% forgot this is Aerith's first time remembering fireworks because she grew up in Bangor and you can't light them in the city.

She hates them.
  Kirindave / _BlueXephos / 1d 11h 27m 13s
Tow to the ne as reat fireworks stand to get more fireworks
  amyumino / 1d 13h 9m 14s
Hello all.
I have finally returned to this place.
  Cerise Le'Morfi / CeriseLemorfi / 1d 19h 1m 38s
Were just having my sister, BIL, niece, nephew and a couple of my parent's friends over
  amyumino / 1d 20h 43m 10s

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