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I love trying different flavours of tea! My new favourite is tropical.
  KittyCutGirl / 10h 26m 24s
Black coffee is too bitter for me but we like our coffee hella strong
  amyumino / 10h 31m 23s
Black coffee will forever be my sould mate. ^0^ *sips me coffee*
  KittyCutGirl / 10h 31m 53s
I have to have cream and sugar in it, I cant drink it black
  amyumino / 11h 38m 9s
I wish I had coffee
Coffee is so good
Do you drink it black or do you put sugar or creamer in it
  Raiders / 11h 42m 6s
I mostly have corn snakes

I'm awake and have my coffee
  amyumino / 11h 48m 0s
It think ima go binge watch all the Yu Gi Oh's again.
  KittyCutGirl / 12h 16m 50s
You have a lot of animals, Amy.

How many snakes do you got?
  Raiders / 15h 8m 48s
Whoops I took my meds late and now I'm still awake at like 3 am. Oh well. Not much I can do about it.
  sʜᴀʀᴋ / Deiri / 20h 16m 3s
Well, the terrariums for the snakes, frogs, fish and spiders are in my room and they're pretty huge tanks too
  amyumino / 1d 7h 51m 37s
We used to have a rabbit, 8 goldfish, another cat and two more dogs.
  KittyCutGirl / 1d 7h 53m 23s
I got dogs, fish, snakes, poison dart frogs and tarantulas
  amyumino / 1d 8h 18m 34s
I have two dogs and two cats. Jmjmjmjmjmjmjmjmjmlmjmjmjmjmjmkmjmjmj
  KittyCutGirl / 1d 8h 24m 22s
Zoey is a miniature pinscher
Jager is a weimaraner
And Sahara is a toy poodle
  amyumino / 1d 8h 26m 31s
Weimaraners are adorable.
What breeds and names are your other dogs?
  Raiders / 1d 8h 32m 37s

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