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school sucks

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  VincentGirl / 7h 32m 56s
Morning, afternoon or whatever time it is where your at
i did to i love thighs moves so much, i like the books too,
  VincentGirl / 22h 38m 35s
I cried like a fucking baby during Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
When I see black cats I still think of my baby boi.
I hope he's doing well with the lil clan.
  sʜᴀʀᴋ / Deiri / 23h 40m 27s
I just read a really sad comic about black cats and cried for ten minutes.

All I could imagine was something happening to Binx.
  Yusei Fudou / _YuseiFudou / 1d 28m 39s

I just ate a mango habanero meat stick from Country Meats
uytrdfghuytrdgcfvb ihate typing uytfdcgvhbjiuytfg
  VincentGirl / 1d 1h 4m 21s
They close the one here down

I have too many buns in my room tbh
haven't seen it in a long time tbh
  VincentGirl / 1d 1h 9m 55s
I used to go all the time with my friends, brother and sister
I think i've seen that

mjhgfdbgncfhseghnftegnx b
  VincentGirl / 1d 1h 27m 42s
Holy fuck, I was watching stuff on the 90s/2000s and they had something about rollair roller rink
Sound tough

  VincentGirl / 1d 3h 14m 52s
I live where even if theres no school I still got work unless like say I can't get a ride in.
So snow ain't a blessing for me.
  Deiri / 1d 3h 39m 7s

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