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That's probably for the best. I see that Jimmy hasn't logged on in forever either. I feel like alien in a place that's home, since at one point ES was my second home away from home. It's an interesting thing. I'm sorry for my babbling, I'm excited. Are there any common roleplay themes?
  DarkWolfMaster / darkwolfmaster / 57d 22h 46m 25s
Most of the people on here are doing their own thing or another
From the way you write that, I get the impression it might just be worse! Well, not necessarily but whatever. From the outlook ES looks almost dead, but it's good it may just not be. Crazy, eh... Sounds like good ol' younger me's ES. Memories... Thank you for answering, I was really curious actually but I don't know anyone anymore. They all left as far as I'm aware.
  DarkWolfMaster / darkwolfmaster / 57d 22h 58m 59s
Hell no, this place is as crazy as it had always been
So, if I may ask... You've been active here for a good long while, right? Has this place calmed down since a few years back?
  DarkWolfMaster / darkwolfmaster / 57d 23h 9m 45s
Yes I hate when people complain about petty problems
Dang... That's really not fair. Now that person who was such an inconsiderate arse really should understand that [b they're an arse]. Personally myself though.
  DarkWolfMaster / darkwolfmaster / 57d 23h 16m 3s
Well, I also have asthma And cystic fibrosis which sucks
Dang. I'll be completely honest, I'm not sure what to say other than "I'm sorry and I hope it gets better." Sometimes I wish I was better at this conversation thing haha.
  DarkWolfMaster / darkwolfmaster / 57d 23h 23m 5s
Yup, thats why I have oxygen tanks and 3 concentrators
Ahhh. For me, it messes with my asthma and burns. Woop woop. In any case, I'm sorry that happened.
  DarkWolfMaster / darkwolfmaster / 57d 23h 27m 32s
I cant handle any strong odor due to a multiple chemical sensitivity so it makes I t hard to breathe
Welcome back to ES. It's good to see someone come back.

May I ask how you can eve tolerate that perfume for a moment? Personally, it makes my nose burn.
  DarkWolfMaster / darkwolfmaster / 57d 23h 30m 39s
Welcome back to ES.

I swear if this bitch comes to my House with strong ass perfume one more time
Hi! I am not new but I am back after a rather long hiatus. I hope my stay will be longer this time. :D
  Frothy_Chai / 64d 1h 7m 23s

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