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Guess who likes menthols like a dumb ass now
But also stress you don't understand can make you do some weird things tbh
  / Crow-Sama / 4h 23m 5s
He lived a good life, made many great comics

It's cold as shit right now

[#fefefe RIP Stan Lee, you will be missed by many.]
  Yusei Fudo / _YuseiFudo / 4h 26m 55s
Run, run, run
Red Cold river
I cant feel anything at all :3
  Sven / BadMoonRising / 4h 30m 36s
I thought he was in his 70s but I looked it up and he was 95
  Xïa Raamtol / MasterEragon / 11h 7m 1s
That absolutely sucks

I got a new dream catcher for my room
nothing works D:

[#fefefe it's a lasting effect of my black mold poisoning... chronic headaches.]
  Yusei Fudo / _YuseiFudo / 1d 7h 37m 13s
Did you take something? If you havent, you should cause headaches suck
i need this headache to go away

[#fefefe or to die. either works.]
  Yusei Fudo / _YuseiFudo / 1d 7h 49m 13s
Most of my calories is coming from a tube in my nose
I've been eating everything cause I have hella munchies
  / Crow-Sama / 2d 7h 3m 37s
I'm awake, ate a tiny bit of breakfast and drinking my coffee
I live
And am not in horrible pain
Also Kenny is lame and fell asleep on the couch
  / Crow-Sama / 2d 13h 39m 22s

I'm just gonna be on here and watching YouTube

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