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[b Smiles as she threw more Konpeitō to the soot sprites.]
  amyumino / 4d 6h 8m 23s
*spawns in a monarch butterfly and hands it to her gently*
  EliLovesYou2 / 4d 6h 9m 49s
I'm Amy, I'm just awkward and usually quiet or looking for bugs
  amyumino / 4d 6h 10m 45s
*skips back over* "well hiya! My name is Eli, I'm gay and socially awkward!"
  EliLovesYou2 / 4d 6h 12m 0s
No, it's fine, you just startled me is all [b Throws the Konpeitō on the ground as black balls of soot emerge from the shadows.]
  amyumino / 4d 6h 13m 59s
Sorry if I'm being a bother. I can go! *starts walking off*
  EliLovesYou2 / 4d 6h 21m 42s

[b Holding two slender baskets of Konpeitō in both arms.]
  amyumino / 4d 6h 31m 9s
Hello all! How are you? *socially awkward gay boy smile*
  EliLovesYou2 / 4d 6h 39m 9s
The chat is broken but we just been talking in here
  amyumino / 4d 7h 1m 39s
I'm so sorry for your loss dude, I hope you are handling it okay
Hello, all. If you've been wondering where I was... Never mind that. I don't want to cause a ton of drama, just know that Lew is no longer with us and I may be off for gigantic leaps at a time. Again, so sorry for the inconvenience, and I hope to return. If not in about a year it's safe to assume I'm not up and kicking. For lack of better words... [b Farewell.]
  Merrick Jean / MordorTenebris / 8d 3h 34m 2s
I just got back from the dentist and now I'm going to go to bed
[s I refused to let any spoilers fly at me and ruin the movie cause I was just excited my boy was in this one]
  ooc / Barton / 10d 11h 58m 50s
Yo, the chat doesnt work anymore, you got to talk Down hete
I don't care about the spoilers, I wad more excited about the new Hellboy

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