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I'm not new to this site, but new to this profile. It's been a hot minute since I've been on here and I am hoping to find some new people to roleplay with.

Send me a pm if you have any ideas! I'm open for most things and don't mind going offsite.

I'm a literate roleplayer and can post 1000+ characters but don't mind doing shorter posts if it forwards the plot along.

Thanks for the consideration!

  Mae / KittyBoo / 179d 49m 6s
Been apart**

this phone is annoying the hell outta me
Hey person I've never met before, welcome to the most fucked up site youBen Syosset of
Hi everyone! I'm new here, just got introduced to the site by a friend. The only real roleplay I have experience with is D&D, MMO-RPG's, and like one time in middle school through text with a close friend at the time. I'm hoping to rectify that though by joining some fun RP's :)

As for what I'm looking for, well, a fun time! I hope to meet some awesome people on here too, and to level up my RP skills :3
  NikolasRevellian / 211d 19h 45m 46s
Hello! It's been many years, but I figured I'd poke about a bit and see how things have changed.

Joined ES first in 2006-ish? Had a lot of fun back in the old days, learned to love writing and storytelling here. Used to be a bit of a smutfest with Sakura Academy before they were forced over to CLoveless.

Anyway, hallooo herp derp (。々°)
  Hautt / 227d 16h 48s
True true

I'm not looking forward to tomorrow uugh
No need to apologize. It was simply a suggestion to help this conversation flow a little more smoothly.
  Scorpius / TheRecusant / 242d 19h 53m 40s
Ots fine dude, you haven't been on her in a long ass time
Oh, well I suppose we should move there then. I apologize???
  DarkWolfMaster / darkwolfmaster / 242d 20h 20m 39s
Yea, everybody usually talk on the real time chat for convenience
Just a suggestion if you would like to use the real time chat then please feel more than free to do so
  Scorpius / TheRecusant / 242d 20h 27m 6s
I'm watching the new jumanji movie on the Amazon fire box
The news is on in the background for me. Personally looking up Dragon Age Inquisition .gifs right now. I love the characters personalities and the scenery, plus fantasy world of course. I should start working on fanart like I planned, but I've been either busy or inspirationless.
  DarkWolfMaster / darkwolfmaster / 242d 20h 28m 50s
Its not like I have anything else to do at this moment, im just watching tv or really listening to it
Ahh. So basically same old, same old. Thank you so, so much for putting up with my questions. Honestly, thank you. I'll leave you be, if you'd like. I know playing fifty questions can't be too fun pft.
  DarkWolfMaster / darkwolfmaster / 242d 20h 34m 29s

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