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I'm good, got sone monsters and candy cause I like food
How ia everybody doing today?

I finished a new chapter on my story The Day Will Come and will post it soon
  Imagination / HEAD ES PROGRAMMER / Vossler / 129d 16h 26m 18s
The thing is that they dont make me hyper or whatever
I love the sour heads one or whatever It's called.
  Imagination / HEAD ES PROGRAMMER / Vossler / 136d 10h 47m 3s
I'm drinking the rainbow unicorn

To me, it tastes like melted fun dip
Bang is delicious aa fuck.

Drink one everytime I work out at the gym
  Imagination / HEAD ES PROGRAMMER / Vossler / 136d 10h 52m 4s
I'm so confused about everything

And I got some Bang energy drinks
It's really cold in het but it's too hot outside for me
Oh, I was thinking 'is she having a seizure or something, what can I do??'
No, no, no. LOL I meant the chat was lagging.

You're right, that sounded odd...
  Never used... / MordorTenebris / 143d 6h 26m 20s
Are you okay? Do you need any medical help or anything?
I'm glitching hard! Can't see anything!

  Never used... / MordorTenebris / 143d 7h 17m 49s
Hm... Sharron's scarier! In my opinion... Yeah, that's uh... Yeah that's just my opinion. XD
  Never used... / MordorTenebris / 143d 7h 27m 36s

This is Benjamin

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