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It's warm on this bus compared to when I came up in July from florida.
  ooc / ATINY / 67d 20h 17m 4s
I meant to put its colder in the house than outside

Damn phone....
uh...? Okay? Tbh, I have no idea what that/who that is... Who/what is it?
Is Colbert iin thr most than it is outside right now
Brrrrr!! No, it's hot once you get used to Germany's.
Hey people

It is cold as fuck outside right now holy shit
I was doing it until my cab came and got me. Now I wait until 5:30 to pick up my ticket and then another 3 and a half hours before my bus gets here. Fml.
  ooc / ATINY / 68d 5h 19m 7s
Then Just do it. It's fun... At least cursive is... calligraphy sucks!
Been practicing my hand writing but what I really need to practice is my cursive cause calligraphy needsssss
  ooc / ATINY / 68d 9h 2m 44s
OoF... Night! GODNNNIIIIIGHTtTTTT Is what I meant.

I just came on hate to check in, i'm going back to sleep
That's to bad, cuz there ain't no way I'm giving up my beautiful gasoline!
  mordortenebris / 71d 7h 4m 19s
Gasoline kills brain cells aaand causes you to have hallucinations
Yeah... and then the fire? HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH! I like the smell of gasoline. I've always like to play with fire!
  mordortenebris / 74d 8h 18m 13s
Haha, or a shit ton of paintballs being fired at a super fast rate

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