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[font david [#89add2 Hello, I suppose this would be the best place to introduce myself. You can call me Marie or Dandelion either works just fine.]]
  ∂εмυяε / DandelionPrincess / 107d 19h 50m 19s
I'm watching Stuff N Sam for the millionth time haha
I like mix of everything, I cant just listen to just one genre
Oh music is always fun to listen too to be honest.
  Katherine Pierce / BloodMoonVampire / 114d 19h 49m 21s
That sucks

I'm just listening to music from the movie The Devil's Carnival
Having to do some stupid adult stuff which I hate.
  Katherine Pierce / BloodMoonVampire / 114d 21h 11m 15s

I live in the woods but town is a few minutes away though

So..whatcha doing?
Maybe it is due to living in LA we all have iced only over here
  Katherine Pierce / BloodMoonVampire / 114d 21h 21m 56s
I have to have mine hot unless it's a frappuccino, ice waters it down
I love coffee...muffins are great too. but only iced coffee hot is for old people.
  Katherine Pierce / BloodMoonVampire / 114d 21h 43m 24s

How has everybody been doing?

My ass just woke up and I'm drinking coffee and eating a muffin
Hello to anyone on as of right now. Just on kinda late.
  Katherine Pierce / BloodMoonVampire / 115d 7h 55m 29s
Holy shit Finn. It has been awhile since you have been on, how have you been?
You know, this isn't the first time this site has been this empty. It's not even the first site that's been dead. I think people just got bored with just talking and decided to move on with their lives. It's just a natural process that people move from one place to another. No one should be sad about growing up. Perhaps a lot of the writers decided to do something outside this chat website.

it's been about 14 years since I've been on Elite Skills and there are members who still have a few more years over me that still check in time to time. Honestly, this site's been on the decline for years, but that doesn't mean that it hasn't been enjoyable.

Jimmy needs to come on.
  HEAD ES DOODLE PETSUCHOS / Finnigan / 118d 11h 21m 35s
This site is so dead. It should be thrown" Into the void"
  Mikoto Suoh / TheMissing / 118d 12h 35m 12s

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