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Do I gotta slap a bitch for this site to stay open??
Dat's right!!! Webmaster, I'ma learn ta hack if you shut dis down!
  mordortenebris / 38d 8h 8m 6s
Hellz nawz this place is never gonna die as long as we are here
it'll never die until I die here. IDC if I'm freaking talking to myself, but no one's gonna kill it. Unless, of course, they delete the thread...

But we ain't gonna let that happen, right Amy?
  mordortenebris / 38d 8h 11m 44s

I'm surprised honestly thst it hasn't died yet
Shit. This site is still a thing? Whelp. That's neato.
  ::Soulless:: / xRabbitorHabitx / 38d 12h 9m 42s
I just think of ideas and ak around until I find somebody who will xD
LOL. That's how you work? I kinda just scroll through threads until I find one I like.....
  mordortenebris / 39d 9h 22m 3s
That is true

Poor Sal has so many phobias, it's not even funny I wanna do a Impractical Jokers RP
Tis' true. That's just because they are the most vulnerable.
  mordortenebris / 39d 9h 26m 12s
Joe just rolls with the punches haha

Poor Murr and Sal gets the worst of the punishments
LOL. I'm sure it was, too. I bet he was screaming his head off, like he always does. His wit combined with Murray and Q's wouldn't come close to Joe's... XD
  mordortenebris / 39d 9h 31m 36s
I cant even remember that far back but I'm sure it was bad
LUL I feel you, Bruh! What's the worst punishment you've given Sal?
  mordortenebris / 39d 9h 38m 7s
But I like to make it super dramatic cause in an angsty whore xD

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