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Yeah it's good, I enjoyed it besides the lack of replayabilty
  Psyc and Spider / TwistedStraight / 1y 234d 13h 13m 5s
Youve played the third though? I havent played the third yet, but i heard its good. Only played the second :)
  Shepard (fem) / ShepyShepard / 1y 234d 13h 13m 59s
You're going to have to ask around.

I need to go take some painkillers.
Mass Effect is an okay series, I have yet to play the first two games.
  Psyc and Spider / TwistedStraight / 1y 234d 13h 14m 45s
Aw alright thats fine :) if you happen to know of anyone who does though, could you send em my way ;)
  Shepard (fem) / ShepyShepard / 1y 234d 13h 15m 52s
I don't think I've ever played the game before, haven't been playing much video games.
Do you know mass effect? ive been craving a new rp...
  Shepard (fem) / ShepyShepard / 1y 234d 13h 18m 11s
Hello semi new person.

And for Kite and Xo: Beep boop bop beep.
hello, My name is ShepyShepard. I just joined, although i have been on this site before
  Shepard (fem) / ShepyShepard / 1y 234d 13h 21m 1s
[center [ Help PETA make ES great again and SIGN THE PETITION AGAINST LOW GRADE AI]]
  HEAD ES FORMATTING QUEEN / KITE / 1y 241d 9h 29m 28s
Not that I can think of on the top of my head

I need a draank
That honestly does not surprise me in the least bit, anything specific?
  Rayne / Moridoria / 1y 252d 11h 14m 50s
Oooooh guurl, so mush shit had happened, not even funny.
Hah, this brings back memories, so, does anyone wanna catch me up on what has happened on here in the past year and a half?
  Rayne / Moridoria / 1y 252d 11h 27m 35s
  Snack Master / Twin_Lance / 1y 261d 17h 42m 32s

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