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I'm watching random stuff on there haha
  amyumino / 10d 11h 26m 16s
Just a let’s play. Nothing too major. Drifting in and out of sleep~
  Liberatas / 10d 11h 56m 48s
. minecraft tre45esdrtuygih78t6r75645tyuy7t6r756e45tfuygiuy7t6r5e4rdtfuykg6r75e64rdtfuygt6ri75udrytfkut78o6ri5uytfuk6t
  bellpepper / 10d 11h 57m 59s
Whatchu watching on the YouTube??

Im watching fail videos
  amyumino / 10d 12h 4m 28s
Each to their own, I suppose~
I’m actually watching YouTube now, still bored out of my brain and feeling sick as~
  Liberatas / 10d 12h 7m 53s
That's what I call YouTube, I'm hella weird haha
  amyumino / 10d 12h 20m 20s
Come again? Did you mean to say Boobtube? Whaduhek.
  Liberatas / 10d 12h 22m 50s
I just woke up and now drinking my coffee and watching boobtube
  amyumino / 10d 12h 26m 39s
This place hasn’t changed a bit.
Also.. bored out of my mind, holy shite. Pneumonia and not sleeping well is just so~ boring.
  Liberatas / 10d 13h 59m 31s
thats gross.

5 minute crafts? they usally do that.,... i found that aloe vera taste gross
  bellpepper / 11d 2h 39m 27s
Ewww this bitch on YouTube really eating aloe vera
  amyumino / 11d 2h 40m 46s
lol im just making a story. its horible

i dont know really why im doing it
  bellpepper / 11d 2h 45m 50s
I'm watching YouTube videos cause that's my life
  amyumino / 11d 2h 49m 33s
oofie. im bored. were i live its on;y 8:40

idk what to do
  bellpepper / 11d 3h 5m 14s
I'm sure everyone knows what ADHD is dude

Tired af
  amyumino / 11d 3h 6m 14s

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