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So. This is my second account on here. I lost access to my other one. If anyone wants to start an rp please pm me. I'm open to basically anything and I'm always open for them so yeah. I'm Skylar btw ^-^ Nice meeting you all and pm me if you wanna talk. :)
  SatansBitch666 / 1y 302d 2h 36m 34s
Hello,I am new here,I am known as Hope Uchiha,I am mainly interested in naruto roleplays old and the new generation.

If anyone is interested please shoot me a message I only want Naruto RPS and straight RPS.

thank you for reading my is nice to meet everyone.
  Hope Uchiha / Hope_Uchiha / 1y 312d 8h 9m 56s
Yo guys whats up whats up hope yall doing good right now
  Toxic [Tired] / Toxiczone / 1y 325d 17h 47m 39s
Pretty sure I'm saying Mass Effect isn't real.
Because it's not, it's a video game.
No matter what the future holds it's not ever going to be Mass Effect because it's a, say it with me, a Video game and [u not] reality.
  [❤] / bittersweetChocolate / 1y 326d 12h 1m 35s
Are we or are we not having people experiment on living out in space right now?
  demon warrior / blackwolfstorm / 1y 326d 12h 5m 4s
[b [u MASS EFFECT ISN'T REAL]][+white saying it again be truths]
  [❤] / bittersweetChocolate / 1y 326d 12h 21m 23s
I do not give a damn if people like me or not. I am just saying what I am thinking on the subject on the mass effect thing.
  Person and dragon / blackwolfstorm / 1y 326d 12h 58m 7s
[google-font] [handlee [#242923 [center [size16 [b Hush, kid, no one likes you.
  [Feral] / Pixel / 1y 326d 13h 2m 20s
So what do you think is real then?? There are many possibilities that not are not thought of or have bean but never really considered.
  blackwolfstorm / 1y 326d 13h 8m 30s
but some day it might be. Not many people think about it because they think it is just a game but in some time in the future, I do not know when I do not want to know when, we might find something out there that is not like us what so ever. We will never know in this life.
  blackwolfstorm / 1y 328d 11h 48m 9s
mass effect isn't real [+white also don't be rude and use my name in vain thnx]
  admin / bittersweetChocolate / 1y 329d 21h 38m 56s
0o0 Do you know phantom of the opera? if so, you are awesome! if not, your still awesome :)
  Shepard (fem) / Shepyshepard / 1y 330d 2h 50m 7s
people always say that I got into Mark cause he's popular but I randomly found him, much like most of the people I'm subscribed to.
Markiplier played it! im not sure about jack. but i know markimoo played it :)
  Shepard (fem) / Shepyshepard / 1y 330d 4h 10m 18s
I really enjoy Markiplier, JackSepticEye and others cause i'm a nerd

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