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[google-font] [handlee [#081901 [center [size16 [b Oh waitz you mean that one bitch up there.
  |)esu / Pixel / 2y 112d 19h 1m 2s
[google-font] [handlee [#081901 [center [size16 [b Aww, I'm sorry, doll face, but alright, have a good night!!
  |)esu / Pixel / 2y 112d 19h 1m 25s
I put Ni instead of Nii. Fml. I ain't happy no more B (

Goodnight !
  -☆ / -MelodicBubblesX / 2y 112d 19h 4m 39s
[google-font] [handlee [#081901 [center [size16 [b Wow, bastard chat cut off all but one of my 'I's
  |)esu / Pixel / 2y 112d 19h 7m 5s
[google-font] [handlee [#081901 [center [size16 [b Ni
  |)esu / Pixel / 2y 112d 19h 7m 41s
Niiccoooo Niccccooooo Ni♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡
  -☆ / -MelodicBubblesX / 2y 112d 19h 11m 46s
Awee dangg! I know that feeling tho tbh . I'm sorryy .
  -☆ / -MelodicBubblesX / 2y 112d 19h 12m 55s
[google-font] [handlee [#081901 [center [size16 [b No no, it's not that, I'm on pain pills and I'm at the stage where they make my eyes say nah, we taking a break, peace
  |)esu / Pixel / 2y 112d 19h 14m 20s
If you're that tired,just go to sleep xD I'll do fine on my own :3c
  -☆ / -MelodicBubblesX / 2y 112d 19h 16m 18s
[google-font] [handlee [#081901 [center [size16 [b Heh, I'm sorry, I'll humour you for a bit while I can still kinda see
  |)esu / Pixel / 2y 112d 19h 17m 49s
I meant realtime frick. Agh. This stupid character limit is going to kill me.
  -☆ / -MelodicBubblesX / 2y 112d 19h 19m 3s
[google-font] [handlee [#081901 [center [size16 [b Gurl pls
  |)esu / Pixel / 2y 112d 19h 23m 53s
My phone doesn't work with relative chat ,so yo everyone.
  -☆ / -MelodicBubblesX / 2y 112d 19h 26m 37s
-walks in- Hello, is anyone here? -walks around in search of people-
  knight6676 / 2y 117d 11h 11m 43s
Most people don't talk down here, we all are in the realtime chat.

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