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It's still slow as balls but I still come on here cause..idk really
Has the site gotten any was going pretty damn slow for a while.
  fii / tw-ache / 49d 7h 50m 40s
Bruh the chat is broken af right now and wr dont know what happened
That's coolio

I've been been the same old Amy on ES
I became a cosplayer in my time away from here.
  I'm A D&D Token Now / Crow37 / 49d 21h 5m 52s
Nothing much, just watching firework fail videos on YT
So...what's up? Anything new?

Also apparently the realtime chat is broken for me now.
  I'm A D&D Token Now / Crow37 / 49d 21h 12m 55s
Me either

Why do they have to make Disndy movie so fucking sad?
I mean i'm a grown ass man..I still can't watch that part..
  - / -ArmsOfSorrow / 50d 1h 7m 6s
Me either

I cried so much when he died in the animated movie
I see

And I know..I'm not ready to watch mufasa die...Again..
  - / -ArmsOfSorrow / 50d 1h 20m 11s
I act younger cause of reasons

They are making a live action version of Lion King
Didn't even know you were that old..I would've said like..21 ish.
  - / -ArmsOfSorrow / 50d 1h 27m 56s

I'm only 25 but I feel like I'm fucking 70 years old
..The porn..Ames..You make yourself sound so olddd >.>
  - / -ArmsOfSorrow / 50d 1h 30m 7s

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