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NO!! Don't think that way. You're gonna be perfectly fine. I BELIEVE!
I'm kinda scared one day I might have a damn heart attack at only 26
This is just a big fat pickle! A pickle I say. An unsolvable mystery! If you will...
They use the same shit every time and the same amount
Maybe they gave you to much? To be honest, I have NO IDEA.
They think it's from the local anesthesia they use but why would it only be my bottom teeth and not my top teeth?
And you're absolutely positive it's solely because of the teeth?
Neither have I and it's happened to me....twice already
Hm... I've never heard of anything like that before.
It's just trembling and a racing heart beat but my heart rate is already high
You should tell a doctor or a specialist. If all else fails, wait it out.
Idk, it didnt happen to me on the top teeth only the bottom so idk what tf is wrong with me
What are you gonna do about it? Is it something to be concerned about?
It ONLY happens with my bottom teeth, I get full on body tremors and my dentist knows it's not from nervousness either
I hate it when dat happens... It really sucks for me... It feels weird.

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