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Well, if you decide if you wanna take a nap, have fun

Also that’s great
  Raiders / 3d 7h 6m 34s
American cheese is also a product of the great depression.
  Yusei Fudou / _YuseiFudou / 3d 7h 8m 15s

I am so bored right now, i may take a nap
  amyumino / 3d 7h 11m 13s
Kraft had mac and cheese back then??
  Raiders / 3d 7h 30m 7s
Bruh, fucking Kraft mac and cheese was a great depression meal too
  amyumino / 3d 7h 45m 37s
Okay so that sounds disgusting
I will never eat it
But basically they picked dandelions and ate the stems
  Raiders / 3d 7h 48m 19s
I didnt know that

And they also had something called dandelion salad
  amyumino / 3d 7h 49m 53s

And even lovelier. Egg drop soup is delicious anyways.
  Raiders / 3d 7h 51m 11s
Just random ones

TIL egg drop soup was eaten during the great depression
  amyumino / 3d 7h 52m 8s
What kind of alien videos lmao
That’s also a very good reason.
  Raiders / 3d 7h 55m 2s
I'm hella cold and watching alien videos cause I can
  amyumino / 3d 8h 11m 28s
I swear to fuck if my phone doesn’t stop logging me out I’m gonna flip a table.
  Yusei Fudou / _YuseiFudou / 3d 8h 27m 16s
Fortunately, being open about people’s sensitivities isn’t ignorant lmao.
  _YuseiFudou / 3d 8h 27m 48s
My bus just made me get off at a place that isn’t my stop
  Raiders / 3d 8h 45m 25s
They had it at Walgreens

They also had a bunch of Harry Potter stuff
  amyumino / 3d 8h 54m 4s

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