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New user? Already been here forever?

Who cares, introduce yourself anyway.

  • Describe yourself and what you're looking for from the site.
  • How did you find the site?
  • If you have an old eliteskills username what is it?
  • Have any questions?

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This woman was SKINNY like a skeleton and was running around like a majiax... she was a raging bitch too
  amyumino / 6d 16h 29m 14s
Vidya games time when i get home yeet
This week almost up and I dont close all next week so again yeet
  ᴅᴏɴɢʜᴜɴ / Cactus / 7d 2h 40m 2s
Some tweaker bitch at the store

Dude, literally the WORST part for me of the dentist is the dental dam they use for the fillings
  amyumino / 7d 5h 18m 25s
Who said that?

Ima fuck a bitch up for talking bad to my girl Amy.
  Judgeful Dog / HEAD ES PROGRAMMER / Vossler / 7d 5h 21m 43s
She did look like a tweaker and yes, my teeth are messed up but years of taking multiple medications and a calcium deficiency does to you
  amyumino / 7d 6h 7m 11s
Sounds a lot like what a damn meth head would say to someone else.
  Rocco / Grandum / 7d 6h 8m 31s
So, me, my bro and my mom were at the convenience store and some bitch called me a meth head
  amyumino / 7d 6h 14m 14s
Really doesnt seem too lively anymore because..everyone seems to have left
  Rocco / Grandum / 7d 6h 16m 17s
I know hut it is what it is

I been tired as f but I had a couple early days
  amyumino / 7d 8h 26m 1s

This place seems not so lively anymore. D,:
  / IAmSkai / 7d 8h 39m 2s
Josh, the real time chat is broken

Had to get all the tangles out of my hair
  amyumino / 10d 4h 15m 39s
The friangles go with the corcles.

Haha, hey everybody
  amyumino / 15d 15h 4m 47s
I keep smelling a chemical but I'm the only one who smells it
  amyumino / 23d 8h 34m 11s
Hey has Jace ever been on in a while?

I miss him tbh.
  James Richardson / HEAD ES PROGRAMMER / Vossler / 23d 9h 14m 4s
Today was a day
Oh boy let me tell you
Murder was tempting
Also apparently I need God to save me
  ᴅᴏɴɢʜᴜɴ / Cactus / 23d 10h 5m 59s

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