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I just watched It Chapter two

I enjoyed the movie
  amyumino / 5d 5h 4m 59s
This show makes me angry
So angry wtf
This poor girl didnt deserve this jfc
  / Carat / 5d 13h 12m 4s

I need to go back to sleep but this fuckin dog is being a dick
  amyumino / 6d 7h 31m 18s
Healing my 3rd eye on a full moon wasn't quite what I was going for during my little trance but uh, I guess I'll take it oops.
  / Carat / 6d 13h 29m 31s
Netflix is hella dumb sometimes

I remember in the dream I was climbing into a truck and these dudes were asking me what was in my bag then pulled out a pretty small handgun then I fucking opened the center console and showed them a big ass pistol. As they walked away I said "yeah, hollow points too" xD
  amyumino / 6d 15h 58m 51s
Why tf Netflix not got scream 2 but got all the others? Fucking rude
  Carat / 6d 17h 3m 58s
That was so funny

Omg I had a weird but pretty funny dream last night
  amyumino / 7d 3h 8m 15s
That and the part where he's just like casually dying and Billy hands him the phone and he's like "hello?" And then later Billy throws the phone at him and he gets upset cause he got hit with it.
  / Carat / 7d 12h 51m 3s
My favorite thing is when Matthew Lillard says his parents are going to be so mad when he killed like 6 fucking people.

Toddy Smith from Vlog Squad was on a reality TV show
  amyumino / 7d 14h 19m 27s
I should be asleep but naknaknak

Also wound up watching scream last night just cause I could and skeet ulrich and Matthew lillard are both gorgeous men holy fuck
  / Carat / 7d 14h 22m 6s
Honestly tho, I only seen the movies cause I'm a loser
  amyumino / 9d 13h 4m 45s
There's a new season of scream and it's got a new story and rebooted and got the original ghostface I'm aroused unf
  / Carat / 9d 15h 5m 42s
That's not good

[b Burps and says Ralph at the same time.]
  amyumino / 12d 13h 36m 49s
I went almost 24 hours with out eating, which is normal for me but my body is really unhappy with me right now.

I dont entirely have a smokers cough but I got this weird gagging thing I do that I think ties into my poor diet but who knows lol
  / Carat / 12d 13h 40m 49s
Oh damn

I have the smokers cough without the smoking
  amyumino / 12d 13h 47m 7s

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