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New user? Already been here forever?

Who cares, introduce yourself anyway.

  • Describe yourself and what you're looking for from the site.
  • How did you find the site?
  • If you have an old eliteskills username what is it?
  • Have any questions?

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Test test test can I post here on my new iPod? Just testing
  Park Sungjin / AkiraInu / 17d 1h 26m 23s
Hello Everyone,

I'm new here. I hope you'll all be good to me. I've been writing for years in other sites, both stories and roleplays, so I'm not new to the roleplaying circuit, but it might take awhile for me to get used to the interface of this site. Hopefully, I'll pick it up soon, as it looks easier than many of the forums I've written on. I write a lot of different genres, so I'm pretty much open to anything.

So yeah, let's have fun writing together and improving our writing skills.

Thank you,

You may call me ChocolateLover. And I'm a guy.
  ChocolateLover / 20d 1h 37m 18s
sup im jay idk i am on here every once in a while, i do a lot of stuff, manly roleplay and write/ read storys/ fanfics
  jay / miabloodstone / 25d 22h 21m 13s
[#9400D3 "THINESELF!" What a way to start this off I guess. ]

[#9400D3 So... sup. I'm Jay or Scorpius, which ever is fine for you guys and whatnot. ]

[#9400D3 Making Memes, roleplaying, and making rock music is some shit I'm good at, like SUPER GOOD at. ]

[#9400D3 Whew, I'm fucking done. ]

[#9400D3 And if you want to roleplay about something, slide me a PM and more than likely, I'll respond. ]
  Scorpius / 26d 21h 19m 0s
Hello. I’m a newbie. Found the site from google and I hope to have fun here!
  Adam The Chespin / adamthechespin / 28d 1h 41m 30s
Hello, I'm quite new here. 'Quite' because I might have been here before, but hello. Nice to meet you all, is there anyone around anyways?
  jsoo / aipiggie / 50d 4h 2m 30s
Heh. New people every time I show up here. Then again, I pop on every, what, 7 months or so?

Yo! I'm Lyrina.
  LyrinaX / LyrinaX / 90d 10h 4m 38s
Working on a Elder Scrolls inspired character.
Been a while since I've been in the roleplaying scene , want to get back into it purely for the pursuits of my own creativity.
Nice to meet you all.
  Golby / The_Goblin / 108d 1h 16m 6s
Call me Ishmael.
I would say I have many faces so describing myself would be ...
difficult to say the least.
I've stumbled across this site purely by accident in my prime.
And now I've returned.
In the past, I've lived three different lives.
  hexestrega / 109d 12h 58m 28s
Most people dont talk down here but in the realtime chat
Hello everyone!! I would just like to re-introduce myself. The reason why I say 're-introduce' is due to the fact that I have not been on ES in close to eight-ten years. I did in fact love this site because it helped me so much with my writing skills, and I feel like I would love to progress on, furthering my English, and also how well I can type.

I use to be known as so many names, although I forgot which ones that I have actually used. I just wanted to introduce myself and make myself known to ES once again. I am feeling quite fond of the fact that I can finally be on ES again.

Also! If any one is interested at all, I am looking for partners, and really amazing plots to go along with everything else. Like I said, I am just trying to ease myself back in, although I would consider myself semi-literate to literate. Thank you everyone!
  Meluineth / 113d 19h 17m 17s
Jeez I feel so old when I look back on this site. When I first started it only took a second before you were jumping into a roleplay with someone else. This website was my early teenage years, and I'm quite sad to see it in the state that its in. I'm also guilty of leaving, I cannot lie. For old times sake, I'm going to try roleplaying again.
But in case it doesn't workout...I love you elite skills, you gave me so much.
  MynameisI / 122d 18h 37m 56s
Hello there new website.

My name is Businessman Chris, I go by many names. But you can call me that.

I am here to get away from bad communities and help good ones by providing always active accounts with multi-genre characters from multiple genres. And if there's a one account limit I'll just make multiple characters

I am glad to have found this site and will do my best to entertain and befriend everybody. This is my main account, an update one, so please add this one. A list of characters will be added soon to how many I can make today. Thank you all and if you have any questions do look at my blog for info. Wikia, Tournament Page/Group And Account Lists Coming Soon.

For more info message me on this account only, and this is NOT a roleplay account, this account is for updates and messages. I want to help this community grow and developing, so my policy on not breaking rules is clear. I'm polite and do any kind of roleplay, looking for people to roleplay with. Will be making my characters and wikia involving this site for my character's profile info soon. Thanks for listening and I hope we can all be friends and I can help you guys out.

Again, any questions on who I am and why I'm here PM me.
  MultiRPerChris / 126d 13h 21m 50s
I want to welcome the new-comers and new-profile-ers.
The site is slowly loosing it's luster but do not fear, the ones that linger are the [i interesting] ones.
  fii / tw-ache / 152d 16h 53m 57s
Hey person I prolly dont know nor remember, how are you?

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