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New user? Already been here forever?

Who cares, introduce yourself anyway.

  • Describe yourself and what you're looking for from the site.
  • How did you find the site?
  • If you have an old eliteskills username what is it?
  • Have any questions?

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I still own a polaroid camera though, I still need to find my instax camera
You don't need it may you know you want to give it to me
  / Crow-Sama / 10h 59m 23s
I found all my Polaroid 600 film and instax film for my cameras
Depression is fun when you have bi polar and can't sleep during depression manic episodes
  / Crow-Sama / 20h 28m 34s
Twin, the chat is broken as fuck and we cant fix it
Im just sitting at home, waiting for my mom so I can go back to the CF center.
I'm okay.

It's cold.

I'm waiting on the mail to run and for my food to finish cooking.
  Himiko / LiterallyPluto / 2d 9h 23m 23s
Hey pluto

How is everybody doing today?

Its hella cold outside
Hello, weeb. How are you today? I am rather well...for the most part.
  wolfchibilink / 2d 10h 42m 27s
Hi, your local weeb is back. How is everyone doing today?
  Himiko / LiterallyPluto / 2d 10h 51m 26s
I just got out of math 100...and it absolutely, positively sucked.
  wolfchibilink / 2d 10h 54m 25s
I just woke up and now I got to give my brain time to wake up
Hello, Xephy. I am Chibi. Or Wolf. Whichever you decide to call me.
  wolfchibilink / 2d 11h 35m 0s
i am xephy: deliverer of breakfast

[#fefefe fufufu]
  Yusei Fudou / _YuseiFudou / 2d 12h 39m 9s
hewwo you guyz wassup witchall? I'm bored as fudge
  wolfchibilink / 2d 12h 45m 23s

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