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is set in a fantasy world simular to avalon were there are many races they live in peace with each other and live life to the fullest but there is a dark time arriving a ancient summoner has called apon a ancient race of monsters called the ING this though is not were the story begins this is the story of two friends that have faith in each other that will never faultier there names are Vakama & victor and this is our story
half dragon
Royal guard
blood mage
rune knight
axe master
angelic warrior
death knight
void walker
spirit summoner
green mage
axe master
green mage

half dragon:
dragon knight
blade mage
red mage
just make a bio of your person and ill add him/her to the rp

accepted characters

Name: Mikeru Hayaine
Age: 16
race: elf
class: hunter
personality: shes head strong and stubborn. She is also very caring and if she doesn't like you then you probably won't ever be liked by her.
bio: She is the youngest elf hunter of her race, she is also an exepcional one.
She lost her family in a fire and was taken in by the palace.

Name: Ponpa Star
Age: 16
race: Angel
class: Angelic Warrior
personality: hes head strong and stubborn. He also verry funny and Sarcastic at times.
bio: He is a Wondering Angel.He doesnt have his wings yet.But he is an Excellent Healer.His pet Monkey helps his fight by transforming into his weapon for him.Then he can battle.His monkey can also transform into Some gloves for him to put on so he can heal people.

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Ponpa Danced around the Thicket of forest.He loved to dance but mostly He loved to Just have fun.He ran around the forest with his monkey chasing him.He was like a Child.He stopped noticing a small presence around them.He looked around for whatever the cause of this presence was and saw a girl with a bowready stance
  Ponpa / Sondiame / 10y 117d 10h 54m 36s
Lilly sighed as she stalked through the thick undergrowth, her bow already loaded with the arrow pulled back and ready to fire.
  Tai Clearwater / Tai_Clearwater / 10y 117d 16h 56m 34s
umm yea thats the next stop
  rune knight vakama / zerato / 10y 117d 17h 5m 24s

  Tai Clearwater / Tai_Clearwater / 10y 117d 17h 20m 56s
yea u can join wwelcome =)
  rune knight vakama / zerato / 10y 117d 17h 31m 41s
Name: Lilly-Rose
Age: 16
Race: Elf
Class: Huntress
Personaliy: Quiet, shy, but vicious in battle
Bio: She was the best hunter in her village until it was raided by half-dragons, leaving her as the nly survivor. She now travels the world in search of a new home.
  Tai Clearwater / Tai_Clearwater / 10y 117d 17h 39m 29s
vakama dodges and victor calms down after he regains his breath
  rune knight vakama / zerato / 10y 117d 18h 2m 59s
Vakamas and victor weapons clash making sparks in the air but Victor fails to block all the attack and Vakama cuts open Victors shoulder. As the blood drips Victor can feal him self over run with rage. Victor sends a rush of spikes made from the blood strait at vakamas face.
  Victor Runescar of the blood clan / DrDrew / 10y 117d 18h 4m 39s
<<Soory, I have to go. It's late here and I need to get up early to get my braces put on. -Cries- If I don't make it, pitty meh~ Kidding ^^>>
  Mikeru Hayaine / Mikeru / 10y 117d 18h 7m 56s
-vakama lanches a barrage of attacks from his spear and unleashes them on victor-
  rune knight vakama / zerato / 10y 117d 18h 18m 53s
Victor and Vakama get to the sparing area and quick draw there blades sinding dust flying in to the air and a faint hum from the weapons slicing through the wind.
  Victor Runescar of the blood clan / DrDrew / 10y 117d 18h 22m 34s
yea lets spar i can use a warm uphe says and heads to the sparing areas
  rune knight vakama / zerato / 10y 117d 18h 29m 32s
ya i founds these cutlesses there a tad odd looking anyways i though we could go home and get in a sparing match befor diner
  Victor Runescar of the blood clan / DrDrew / 10y 117d 18h 37m 17s
Vakama turns around oh hi victor were you looking for me??
he walks over to him come its getting late and we must return to the castle before my father gets annoyed, oh how was the marketplace find anything good??
  rune knight vakama / zerato / 10y 117d 18h 41m 11s
Victor runs off to find Vakama and after much looking he finds him in the church.
  Victor Runescar of the blood clan / DrDrew / 10y 117d 18h 44m 28s

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