The Shadows That Run Alongside Our Car

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[Jost [i The road is long.

Two strangers sit side by side as night falls over. The car speeds down the open highway.

Without a soul around them, everything seems to slip away. On a journey to no one knows where, all they have is words and time. And that time is dwindling fast.

The shadows are chasing.]

This is supposed to be a fairly short and quick plotline about two strangers in a car during the zombie apocalypse. They talk, basically. About anything and everything that has to lead them up to this point. Their past, the present, and their future, if there is one.

This isn't an original plotline, in fact, the prompt is the blurb for the game that this is entirely based on. I just thought the story would make for a really sweet short roleplay.

I'm usually more understanding about posting activity, but for this, I'm sort of expecting at least one post every two days. I'm also not really in the mood for super long and in-depth posts. This roleplay will have a 500-word maximum, but I understand that unexpected things can happen and short stories can blossom into entire novels. If that becomes the case then I'd be more than willing to up the word max.

[b Quick warning:] This may contain talk of suicide, killing, violence, and explicit language.

This can contain some romance, I mean, trauma brings people together, right? And, you know, potentially being the only two humans left . I'd rather our characters have flirtatious banter and tender moments rather than in-your-face romantic gestures and a definite relationship. I'd prefer ship teasing over actual relationship stuff for this specific story.

Images can either be illustrated or real. Nothing anime or over the top.

PM me with the title 'Shadows' if you are interested.


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Their conversation seemed to fluctuate; one moment they would be having a great time and then the looming reality of how shitty their life would be for however long they managed to last would come up and it would end the conversation in an awkward fashion. The silence though was somehow becoming more comfortable as their time together went on.
“I always heard about that, but it was certainly before my time.” He said with a shrug. “I’ve been here for at least 3 years.” It seemed like a long time now that Amir thought about it. It was interesting how time truly could just go by so quickly and yet each day felt like it was dragging on and on and on. . . especially as of late. His whole life had seemed tedious the minute he got the job at the store. Though, something was better than nothing and with a roommate it managed to keep a roof over his head. When he left his parents’ home, he had given up any kind of stability that one would typically search for in their parents. He had no one to turn to and that was made true even more so now.

It had been quite difficult learning to forget them, though as they stopped returning his calls and messages and he was slowly isolated from the rest of the family, it was made quite clear that he was the only one that felt that way. Amir gripped the steering wheel a bit tighter, angering the cut he had received after saving the girl. It wasn’t that deep, honestly by now it was more so dried caked blood and a slight twinge of pain every now and then. He figured he should get it cleaned out, though something about worrying about a little infection while there was a whole ass virus turning people into zombies seemed a bit comical to him.

“So are you going to keep pretending your intestines aren’t falling out over there?” he joked. Of course he didn’t know the severity of her wounds, though suspected she was hiding it from him for some reason of her own. Maybe she feared he would ditch her on the side of the road. Though stopping even for that didn’t sound like a good idea.
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[Carme Would TV even still be a thing if all this somehow blew over? The world could barely function after a few small pandemics. It was like Earth's personal panic attack, nothing would be the same after this one. [b "No way, it was my idea."] She said playfully with playful snark all over her face. After that she fell silent, letting herself sink into the short moment of silence, but then the inevitable came.

She shuffled uncomfortably at the question as if it had hit a nerve or two, but she managed to get her words out with a slightly pained expression on her face. [b "Yeah, no... Sort of? My parents lived here, but I- err, never really stuck around, not long enough to be from here at least."] She admitted, idly playing with the joint in hand to distract her mind a bit. It had been a long time ago, at least from now, after the fight that had nearly split her family apart, but she had never quite gotten over it. She was a runaway, hadn't slept in her bed for years, and bought her own apartment as the opportunity came. But then everything suddenly got better and their relationship had been repaired almost by thin air. Her mother had even become her sole best friend. It was as if they all knew that the end of the world was coming, that this would be their only chance to reconcile, but they never knew and they only had these six months to repair years worth of damage. Those memories, that thought, would have made her bawl out in tears if she wasn't sitting with a complete stranger, so she settled for swallowing back her angst instead and pressing her forehead against the window.

[b "What about you did? Did you work at that place, from before? Must've been pretty desperate if you did. My only memory of that place was a giant raccoon that got stuck in the freezers."] Her cheek had returned, though her words were drawn out from the mental exhaustion. She did wonder about him, though. He didn't really look all that local, even if he was, and first impressions told her he was some kind of a drifter. They had all the time in the world to figure each other out, well, as much time as the gas tank would let them have...
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[I "I'd say it's nice to meet you, but, you know." ]
“Right, the world has turned to shit. Is It really nice to know anyone at this time or are we just getting by however we can?” at this point there were no rules or laws. What was stopping Cathy from hitting him over the head and leaving him for dead? He wasn’t sure she was that and of person; how could one really allow themselves the freedom to be themselves in such a dangerous time? Then again, her trying to kill him was a risk in itself that could lead to both of them without a car. He wasn’t that skilled of a fire, his tall height quite possibly being his only advantage. They had no clue about these monsters though, at least Amir didn’t. The first one he had saw was at the grocery store. Though, he thought maybe it was that last bit of acid leaving his system.

“I sure hope so. If not well guess the [I ghouls] got my dealer.” He said with a shrug. It was a sad thought to think of considering his dealer had been his roommate and best friend of eleven years. Amir swallowed thickly then. He tried to focus instead on the smell of the weed that wafted once the box was open. He rolled the windows up, though the pungent smell did well in offsetting the smell of death they rolled by. Amir reached his hand out.
“Don’t tell me you’re going to hog the joint and be a buzzkill?” he said with a chuckle, though she seemed to perk up somewhat. She was relaxing and that was saying a lot considering what they were going through. Joint in hand, he took a hefty pull. A cough erupted from his chest then, a sloppy grin on his face as he handed the rolled paper over. “Fuck,” he said with a chuckle. Getting high had been the best part of Amir’s life as sad as that sounded. All his life he wanted to escape reality and now, he was practically living the life of someone in a tv show he would normally watch.

“Maybe a day,” he said under his breath. How soon before his gas wore out and then what? Who would die first? Cathy seemed to have some faith that they would manage to survive this travesty. Though Amir figured that was some kind of coping mechanism. “I assume we’ll be splitting the earnings from that show?” He wondered if there were humans that could actually survive this. There had to be the few that were prepared for something like this, the conspirators of course. though he figured just as well here had to be some [I humans] still out there. If this was anything like tv shows or movies, there was a chance they could survive if they played it smart.
“So, you knew to the area?” he asked. “I know practically everyone that stops by the shop and I don’t think I’ve ever seen you before.”
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[Carme Catherine could scarcely recall those six months of panic and dread for the future but had remembered her father stocking up their basement with doomsday supplies. At the time, it was absolute nonsense that Catherine and her mother and snorted at, but now, all those cans and matches made sense. He was right, the world was going to shit, and if her family had just listened, maybe she wouldn't be the only one sat in this car right now, maybe she wouldn't be sat in this car at all.

Her stomach ached at the thought of her family, her last memory of them being the blood that had splattered the kitchen floor, the carnage that overtook her house. One bite and that was it, her own father had ripped her mother's throat out. Christ, the realization was beginning to sink in. The further they got away from the town the better at this point.

[b "Better than Kitty."] She replied. Kitty. A nickname her mother had given her that Catherine hated more than anything, but how could one deny the most important woman in your life. [b "I'd say it's nice to meet you, but, you know."] They would have probably never crossed paths if it wasn't for the end of the world.

She jumped a bit at the box dropping on her lap, but popped open the lid anyway without saying anything. And the sight of the joints seemed to have perked her up slightly, a small smile lifting her cheeks a bit. [b "No way, is this real?"] She took one of the joints and lifted it to her nose. The smell alone calmed her down enough for her to stop thinking about yesterday. Maybe this was all a bad dream and just one tug at this thing would drag her back to reality and wake her up, likely story. She patted the back of her jeans for her lighter, and quickly lit her joint, and took a deep drag. She never really partook in vices nor sought after questionable remedies, but a well-deserved joint was always welcome. But as her eyes closed to enjoy the wave of slight fatigue and calmness, the reality of her situation just wouldn't let her relax, and the anxiety that usually came with a bad high slightly turned her off. She lowered her joint with a small, disappointed frown and just sighed at the question.

[b "I’d wager... as soon as we leave this car. I mean, have you seen them? They're everywhere. Fucking relentless too, I..."] Shit, her tongue almost slipped. She couldn't tell him, not yet. Her hand clutched her side, her sweater soaked in her own blood where her hand was. She had ignored the damn wound the entire time until the thought crossed her mind, and now the pain was starting to settle in. She quickly prevented herself from diverging, and the look on her face was soon replaced with a semi-playful smile. [b "If you had a full tank of gas, maybe a day. But you ever see that show? I dunno, something about the dead walking. Isn't this exactly like that? From a fictional TV show to a whole documentary about the future. The people on there seemed to live for a super long time and they weren't exactly Bear Grylls. When all this is over we should totally audition for it.”] She joked with an actual chuckle this time. Maybe it was just the weed, but she could feel herself becoming a bit more comfortable, about as comfortable one could be at least. Hopefully, the feeling would last...
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This hadn’t exactly come out of the blue when you considered the state of their world for the last six months. A virus; that’s what it was though no one knew its origins and certainly didn’t expect how fast it would grow or mutate. Airborne, that’s what had been whispered amongst people the last few weeks when the hospitals were becoming overwhelmed with more and more patients Their government officials were panicking, you could tell by their beady eyes in every press conference when they had an update and yet they assured they were safe and would get through this. A load of shit apparently as Amir looked out the window briefly to see a body on top of another. He drove a bit faster, knowing the speed at which these beasts ran. In some sense it felt like the wild west, driving through lights and not afraid to hit someone if need be. Don’t stop, that’s all he said. Though, what would happen when they ran out of gas?

He expected her to eb on edge. Hell, Amir may have looked cool btu this was certainly not his idea of a vacation no matter how badly he hated his job.
Catherine,” he repeated. “Suppose you don’t mind Cathy?” His left hand had rifled around in the middle compact of his car until he located the Altoid box. “I’m Amir.” He tossed the bin on her lap. “open that for me?” He asked, thinking maybe a joint would relax them both. though he wondered if she was that kind of girl. Despite their conditions she looked well-groomed and put together. He couldn’t really pinpoint her personality though suspected they had more than enough time before they decided whether they liked one another. Did it matter though? Any day one of them could end up dead or both.

“So, any predictions on how long before we fall hand to these uh zombies?” He figured a number game could bring a little light, some fun to their situation. he tried not to think of his parents, though they were the only people he had in his life to worry about. Yet, to them he was dead long before this mess.
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[Carme Death, even in the early days of the apocalypse, had become so becomest that already Catherine's fear had dwindled away somewhat, but with her earlier dance with the grim reaper, before this man had picked her up, death would've meant much more to her if it hadn't already taken the closest person to her. She shuffled uncomfortably in her seat at the thought and stared out at the row of buildings that were soon replaced by a long field of corn. They were approaching the countryside and all she could hope for was that the dead hadn't already taken over the middle but with the narrowing road already littered with human roadkill, that was a serious doubt. It was all changing so fast, the whole world, that even now the crows that lined the powerlines above were no doubt scavenging for corpses instead of corn anymore. It made her sick just to think about, but she couldn't let her thoughts take over, not now. She had to concentrate on something else, like surviving or where the hell they were going, but how could one just simply forget about what was waiting just beyond the car door.

Conversation was the ultimate distraction, at least it was before everyone started eating each other, and with her fingers mentally crossed to hope that at least the simple introduction would take her mind away from this horror, she finally turned her head to look at the man next to her. [b "Catherine. It's Catherine."] She answered, but her voice and the expression of distress on her face made her appeared annoyed, specifically at him. In a way, that was true; even now, name guessing succeeded in pissing her off, the pettiness alone would've made her laugh in any other situation, but Catherine couldn't even muster a simple giggle right now.

[b "I don't suppose you've got a name as well."] She said rather than asked, trying to keep the 'conversation' moving as much as possible, but the apparent hostility in her face was just too present. It was enough to make her notice, and her eyes fell to the floor with slight guilt as she caught onto to her attitude. [b "Sorry, I'm just, you know. Stupid zombies. Or ghouls. Or whatever the fuck those things are."] She said quietly, ending it with a small chuckle that was born purely from anxiety rather than an actual attempt at humor.
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When you think of the world ending you kind of question exactly where you’ll be when it happens. At least for Amir, that was a thought that ran through his mind. The world ending was what he would consider a gift from God; he imagined a lot of people in the General Mills convenience store felt the same way. It was odd how he was willing to accept his fate when he saw the madness that had ensued outside, very minimal at this point. It was nowhere near how destructive the world turned within the last three days. Something odd happened though that day, he actually [I cared]. Maybe it was the panicked screams or the sheer look of terror in his manager’s eyes that flicked a switch in him.

He didn’t want to die.

Would that change though? Looking over at the stranger he had picked up in his 2002 Toyota, Amir considered that a possibility.
“What?” he asked. They’d been quiet for the last hour or so. It was the only option or a stranger and considering his phone had died, music was not an option. Amir’s mind caught up though and eventually his fingers worked the switch. The outside smelled exactly as he expected. They had no plan or destination, hell he didn’t even know her name.
“So is it Ashley? Rachel maybe?” He asked, his hand reaching up to run through tussled dark black wavy hair. He was usually good with women, but had more to go off of. Not to mention with death looming outside the vehicle, the stench of fire and rotting bodies making its way through the open window, he wasn’t sure if circumstances warranted conversation.
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[Carme [i Bleak.] It was the only word that had come to mind when Catherine thought about the world surrounding her at this very moment. A shaky sigh blew through her lips as small beads of sweat rolled past her eyebrows and tickled the peach fuzz on her face, and Catherine just leaned against the beat-up leather seats and stared outside the windscreen that was laden with cracks that stretched across the glass in spiderweb shapes.

She tried to concentrate on the shambling shapes outside, the already rundown buildings that had once been sprawling stores filled with customers, and the setting sun above them that produced an almost foreboding hue of orange-red, but everything just reminded her about the horror of her current situation. There was no escape from this nightmare, and only three days had passed since the nightmare had even begun. Her only escape seemed to be the man that sat beside her behind the wheel, but Catherine didn't even know his name or anything about him for that matter. They had crossed paths the day before at the old convenience store she had previously worked at, and it only made sense at the time they should partner up and try to survive together, but she couldn't help but doubt that choice right now.

[b "Do you mind opening the window a bit?"] She quietly asked without moving her eyes to even look at him slightly. The stuffiness of the car wasn't exactly helping her mood, and Catherine hoped a bit of air, even if the air was plagued with the stench of death and smoke, would help her calm down, but the looming threat of the undead just seemed to overshadow [i everything.]
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