Avalon Divided

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[Calligraffitti [size16 Avalon was a beautiful island and home to the Fae for years. Normally, it was ruled and protected by Oberon, the Faery king who sheltered all that sought safety on his shores. Occasionally, he would be visited by Titania, his lover and the Queen of the Fae, but her interest in the blooming human world often kept her away. Then one day, she simply stopped coming to Avalon entirely.

For years, Oberon fretted over the loss of his love and Queen, and the growth of humanity seemed to quicken. To the king, it was akin to a disease, robbing him of his lover, and now slowly infecting the Faery lands outside of Oberon.
Oberon's views were solidified when the Faery lands still connected to the human worlds seemed to disappear, one at a time, surrounded by the filth and noise of the human world. These lands vanished until only Avalon remained, and Oberon was set to seal it off entirely for the safety of his people.

Titania returned before he could put this magic in place, however, and pleaded with him to reconsider. The isolate of the Fae and disconnect from humanity were the doing of the lost lands, she claimed. They vanished not because of humanity's encroaching growth, but because for years the Fae had hidden themselves away, refusing to join this new world, and smothering their own existence in the process.
Titania refused to submit to Oberon's orders, and she was not alone. The remaining Feary creatures on Avalon fractured, and war broke out among their kind.

For years now, in the shadows of the human world, the war between Titania and Oberon has continued, never showing a dominant hand. No end appeared to be in sight... Until now...]]]


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[left [pic https://i.imgur.com/1ZfHX6q.jpg?1]][size10 [i Avalon. The island of the Fae-folk and creatures of myth and magic. Once, it was harmonious and a welcome respite from the mundane world. Peace never lasts, however, and soon a battle broke out among the few who survived the onslaught of human interference, forced isolation, and violence of the battle itself. The island was split in two when Titania chose to go against Oberon, maintaining an escape back to the human world should the worst come to pass.

And by Titania's side was a little creature made of petals and thorns, her demeanor unreadable in the floral features of her face. Petal was born from Titania's own crown of foliage, the pets falling into a pool of magic as the Queen of Faeries worked to bring a few of their kind back to life. It was difficult work, seeing as magic was strained thanks to Oberon's ongoing battle, but the queen had managed the little Fae that pranced around her side and advised her on the next best step.

On this morning, dew forming on her body as she nervously danced down to the graveyard of those who made it back to die, she felt herself ache. So many of their kind, dead each day. On both sides too, seeing as Oberon was just as aggressive in his approach as Titania had become. If this war continued to wage, then the body count would outweigh the prize of wining, and for a creature born of Titania's magic, that was too painful for her to burden. She was connected with the beings that now fed the soil. One day, they would be reborn, but they had died in battle to begin with, and it didn't seem fair.

How could she persuade the queen away from battle, though? No matter how often she tried to gently coax the queen toward peace, something would happen, and the fight would continue. Either Oberon said something insulting, or someone in the court would object strongly enough, or a zealot of Oberon's might take a swing at the Queen. Was it the fate of their kind to die in such a traumatic fashion? Petal certainly hoped not...
[right [pic https://i.imgur.com/2evWUXa.jpg?1]] Anyone who asked Aivery about Oberon might receive words like "composed" and "confident". It was not his place to question the king, after all, but these days, the King himself seemed far more detached. It was as if he were going out of his way to forget about his connection to his people. It was frustrating, to say the least.

Not many have survived since the start of this war, but Aivery was one of the few. He was there when Titania declared war on their King, on Avalon, just to prove a petty point! Her connection to humanity would endanger them all, which was why Aivery had stood by his king. Oberon would see them safe, sealed away from the human world that would corrupt and end them.

And yet... Oberon had hardly spoken to him for weeks now. He seemed to be locked away in his mind, thinking over things that he refused to share with his Court, namely with the ones who fought to protect him. What was the point of all of this secrecy?
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