The Warm Killer

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[google-font] [Noto+Sans+HK [center [b Adam] at the age of 26 was already a top criminal. But when he is asked to pull off a murder for his best friend, things get a little more complicated.

[b She] is his best friend's wife, and has already been cheated on. The reason Artemis wants her dead being to keep her money. Adam decides to take the job but already feels himself regretting it as he starts to talk and get to know her. Adam has to keep reminding himself that he is a heartless criminal. But is he really all that heartless?

Adam is falling for her, and he is falling for her fast, making it even harder to complete his task every time he is around her.

And she is falling for him even as she doesn't know it.

Will he come clean of his crimes and confess everything for his love? Or will Adam be the heartless criminal he has always been?

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