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[size10 [i A hero did right by the world, something as natural to Regis as breathing. It was almost compulsive, as if he didn't have the mental capacity to stop himself. Thankfully, he was a man of many talents, some of them being the strange physical attributes that made him what Rosetta City would often deem as the "hero".

At the moment, another one of those things that often tacked him as a "hero" was his desire to care for and protect the weaker. Well, at the moment, the only weaker person was the wounded person left in an alley after Regis had interceded in a brutal heist that had been meant to retrieve... something. He wasn't certain what, but Regis wasn't a detective. He was just a good guy. Hopefully. At the moment, the good guy was seeing the injured stranger to the hospital.

It was a few hours before the other person came to, carefully monitored by a nurse who was checking fluids and seeing to their care. The nurse hurried out of the room as soon as the stranger woke, though, leaving Regis with them for a few moments.
[b "Don't move fast,"] he warned them. [b "It looks like you fell a high distance. Were you running from the robber that broke into the place?"]]]
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