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[h3 In The Beginning, There Was the Sea]
She is wild and untamed. She is angry, but her touch is gentle. She is fickle, and she only rewards those who revere her.

In her depths, she holds the spoils of a war waged in direct competition with her will. She splinters the wood of ships, captained by men enveloped by their own hubris. Allows her vassals to consume and reclaim it. Allows them to feast on the aging bones of those long dead.

She is alpha and omega. An ouroboros, eternal.

[h3 And Then There Were Sirens]

They sit, and watch, and wait. Eyes wide, with pupils thin and sharp. Grotesque claws attached to thin, scaly legs. Perched on a rock, watching waves lap against the distant shore. Long hair, flowing over their bare breasts, kissing the surface of liquid salt. They make ripples as they move, stalk, hiss, and brush each other when they pass.

These are Sirens. And they are our gods.

[h3 Children of the Sky]

[h3 A Thought Occurs]

The Story of Harren Vondien

[h3 Arouet]

House Chatille

[h3 Madej]

House Stride


[h3 Vasilios]

[b House Vondien]

[b The Story of Harrenhal Vondien]

[b The Story of Royland Vondien]

Royland Vondien was born of a union between King Harrenhal and a local prostitute named Callista Gallows, who is of no known noble blood.

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