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[center [b Homestead]]

[center [i Bright was the day, dark was the night and the night never stopped.]]

[center [i Post Apocalyptic Fantasy. A group of survivors by the name of ‘Homestead’ have been living for almost a year, salvaging what they can and creating a community within a word bathed in blood and dirt. Time wears on and winter is soon threatening on the horizon and resources are scarce. The community decides to be ready to move, siphoning fuel and scraping together resources. A small scouting party is sent ahead to try and find new mines of resources or a new home that will give more shelter in the winter. Calling their journey they experience bandits, outlaw groups, cults and of course, the undead that travel in hordes. Along their way they discover something incredibly powerful.... information.]]

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[center [font lobster We thought the world would go out like a bang, or with a whimper but it went out slowly, so slowly that I am still able to write this. We dwindle on the edge of existence, we play cards and gamble and indulge ourselves when we can because tomorrow, we could be dead. Wiped out in some attack, killed by the living or the dead.]]

[center [font lobster Homestead is nearing its one year mark, it’s been quiet and secluded in this sweet little motel we made into a living and breathing community. It’s had its problems, everywhere has but it’s safe and we look out for one another.]]

[center [font lobster Winter is coming on fast, ready to wipe out what little remains on the surface and we may need to move on if we can’t find more resources. The city is overrun with undead, too dangerous to loot in any large groups and the bandit groups and outlaws run that place. We need more supplies, medicines and food. They’re sending some of us out to scout the land. I’d sooner stay with my patients but the others have it covered for now. We need a solution and there’s been strange rumblings of rumours that a cure is being made in a safe haven to the south, that the military have regrouped and are going to nuke the cities of the undead.]]

[center [font lobster I don’t believe any of it, but I do believe that we need help and we need to find some way to survive winter. Cults have cropped up, their minds raped by some obscene God or Goddess and outlaws and bandits will shoot you as soon as look at you. There are others out there, like us no doubt. Trust is a terrible thing to grasp.]]

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