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A male who was wearing South Park pajama pants, red non slip socks and a Guns N Roses shirt walked toward Amy, his hair dyed red, Amy putting up her arm to signal where she was, the make also having a portable oxygen concentrator"over there",she says in a slightly raspy voice and a thick Irish accent as he walked over.

Charlie smiled from underneath his Pikachu face mask as he walked over to his twin sister and hugged her, his red lunch card snd id card also in his hand. On his right wrist was the same wristbands as Amy.
Corbin placed his black face mask on his face and continued walking towards the cafeteria. He passed by a small girl who looked about eight or nine with blonde hair and blue eyes. It took him a moment to realize she was shivering, teeth chattering and all. He had always loved the cold. When it snowed he would wear shorts and sandals. It was as if he was immune to the cold.

He adjusted his white hospital band that was around his left wrist, putting it in a more comfortable position. His dark eyes scanned the food from where he was, although he couldnt see anything from where he was standing. He couldn't help but notice someone with blue hair in the crowd before quickly looking away.
  Demon-Rose / 1d 14h 36s
The elevator dinged as Amy and a nurse stepped out as she waved bye to them then walked to the cafeteria, holding her purple lunch card in her hand, along with her patient ID card then closed out of her phone, putting it in the pocket of her portable oxygen concentrator.

She grabbed her Tokidoki face mask and put it on her face as she put her hands in her pajama pants pockets, wishing she had brought her blanket from her room 'always so cold in here, maybe to kill the germs...or preserve all the sick people',she thought to herself.
Corbin watched as people, mostly doctors, rushed past him as if he were invisible. He stared at the stairs before quickly deciding to go down to the cafeteria for something quick.

Elevators weren't an option for him, or at least he never considered them an option. Ever since he had gotten stuck in the elevator at the hotel his family had been staying in when he was eight, being stuck in the elevator for three hours before they had finally gotten his family out.

He let out a deep cough, not even bothering to search for the pairs of eyes that were lying on him. His messy black hair springing out everywhere as he started going down the stairs towards the cafeteria, realizing he had forgotten his phone, causing him to go all the way back up the stairs, grabbing his phone and going back down the stairs to the cafeteria.
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Amy was currently wandering around the hospital wearing some Gudetama pajama pants, a black ACDC baggy shirt and yellow no slip socks, a red allergy and white hospital wristband on her left wrist. Her hair was boy short and dyed light blue, standing 6'4" and she had a nasal cannula on her face, her portable oxygen concentrator on her side as she walked to the elevator, waving to the nurse at the nurses' station.

She pressed the button for where the cafeteria was and sighed as she leaned on the back wall as the elevator doors closed, feeling it start to move. She closed her eyes then opened them, pulling out her phone and opened up Pokemon go.

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