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Jade had always gone to an all-girls school for all of her life. She didn't know what to expect in college since she had to be with both boys and girls if she wanted to go to Stanford for volleyball. She hadn't ever seen many guys in her life, but she sure didn't get a great introduction to them either.

Jade didn't know what to expect exactly, but she sure wasn't expecting to become best friends with a vampire. And definitely wasn't expecting to get partnered up with a different vampire for a project.


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Jade opened the door to her dorm and smiled as she carried a box into the room and set it down on the floor, the box landing with a thud. She smiled at the empty room as she observed the small space from the ceiling to the ground.

She had finally gotten into the university of her dreams. Okay, sure, she hadn't expected her dorm to be as small as it was, but it hadn't bothered her.

After setting down her box, Jade searched for her roommate, quickly coming to the conclusion that they hadn't gotten to the room yet. She left her room and went towards her car, repeating the same process of grabbing boxes out of her car and bringing them to her dorm, and going back to her car to drag more boxes back to her room. Luckily she hadn't had as many as some of the people she saw in the parking lot, so after about three trips, she had been finished.

The last thing she wanted to do was unpack. She had always been a procrastinator, especially with packing and unpacking. Jade quickly decided to wait until later and decided to explore around the university a bit.
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