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Humanity went through a rough spot after WW3 and was forced to create a single world government in an attempt to sustain the human race. With the world largely ravaged by war and an unsustainable populace, humanity was forced to look towards the stars for answers.

Using an old technology in an age that no longer had the same qualms against using nuclear weapons, a great number of vessels were constructed to take mankind beyond earth. The Orion Drive, a thruster propulsion of nuclear reactions, sent hundreds of tons of steel into space where old era shuttles could barely transport 2tons safely into space.

In order to prosper humanity colonized the solar system terraforming mars and the moon as well as some of the more suitable moons of jupiter. The earth government built large space stations capable of mining the asteroids in the system allowing mankind to further build greater structures. Spreading out, however, did not solve mankind's problems as the population only increased. To solve this issue an out of the box solution was needed.

The Purge was introduced, a flu like virus was introduced into the general populace that would release human inhibitions for the duration of their sickly state. It would also overwhelm and kill those with weak immune systems and certain pre-existing diseases. The origin of the virus was buried and falsified. It would effect over sixty percent of the world population directly and the rest indirectly. The virilty of the virus allowed it to spread rapidly. This virus created a hardier human society with healthier genetics while at the same time culling the physically weaker and less intelligent of the race.

The virus was introduced perpetually once every 30 years for 240 years until nanotechnological advances made malignant bacteria and viruses obsolete. It was also around this time that First Contact with an alien race was made. They were called Froa'jir and for the next two decades they were in a perpetual state of war.

Mankind took heavy losses in the beggining as they had no way to truly defend themselves against the alien fleet that attacked them. Over the years creative methods were employed to defeat their enemy, until the Froa'jir could no longer enter the Sol System and expect any of their vessels to survive. In turn mankind reverse engineered the technology from captured vessels, part of the technology gained included a hyper drive system.

This FTL engine allowed mankind to traverse the vast distance between stars allowing mankind to expand beyond its home system. A new era of colonization and exploration had begun.

Humanity continued its war with the Froa'jir until its people were conquered and assimilated into the growing human empire. Since then humanity has come across a few other species, some more violent and some more peaceful.

The Human Empire, the official name of the united solar governments of humanity, is composed of System Lords. These System Lords have full autonomous control over their star systems, however they all answer to the central governing body known as the President of Humanity. The role of the president is to make official and executive decisions limited only by the Constitution of Humanity. Included in the Constitution is the self autonomy clause that prevents the president from signing or presenting laws that effect the autonomy of any system lord, with the exception of its military and taxes.

Any none conforming System Lord is looked upon as a threat to the whole and must be eradicated and its system annexed by the next closest and smallest Star Lord, a system created to prevent rebellion and greed at the same time.

Here is where we come in:

We are a collection of houses that have joined our significant wealths into a joint effort. We funded the construction of a unique ship capable of warp speed, instead of faster than light travel, the warp engine would translocate the ship from one spot in the universe to another.

These collective houses bring together a number of people and ships, individually each house has a fabricator vessel and a mining vessel. We also have an escort fleet composed of one heavy cruiser, three light cruisers, 5 frigates, and 100 fighters.

Other vessels included are two terraformers, a fuel tanker/fuel extractor, a carrier, and a massive platform station for the repair of vessels and acts as the main population hub.

The reason for constructing this fleet is to create our own solar empire and thus we have decided to head out towards the fringes of the human empire to find a place to build our own colonies. The risk of being destroyed is outweighed by our desire to create more space for and expand humanity.

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