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[center [font times [b X] is a young socialite who’s engaged to the CEO of her father’s company. Her whole life has been planned and public appearance is all her family has seemed to care about. [b Y] is a gang member, who boxes in an illegal underground ring. With ties to the mafia, he isn’t the kind of guy you’d suggest bringing to a dinner party. But after [b X] is convinced by her friends to take a walk on the wild side, their paths cross. A one night stand could crumbl her perfect world, but somehow that thought takes a backseat as the two continue this wild ride of an affair. When things get tough though [b X] will have to make a choice and [b Y] will have to decide between loyalty and [b [I love]]]
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[size13 [font times [I [b • [#a94063 Okay so]]], this is kind of like a good girl x bad guy plot. I do want it to touch on dangerous topics but I’m interested to see other dynamics that will be brought in such as classism, family dynamics, etc. he’s not that great of a guy so this wont be all happy and lovey so I would want a female character that can perfectly embody dealing with a rocky road relationship. ending is up to us!
[I [b • [#a94063 Real pictures]]], make sure they match the theme of the roleplay.
[I [b • [#a94063 400 words minimum]]], and [b PLEASE PUSH THE STORY FORWARD]. Your post shouldn't be 2/3 responding to dialogue. I want to know who your character is, be creative.
[I [b • [#a94063 Must be 21+]]], this is honestly more so for my comfort, it has nothing to do with maturity. There will be gore, violence, intimacy, cursing, etc. I am willing to accept 18+ if you're absolutely interested.
[I [b • [#a94063 [u Active in plot discussion]]]], Just because it's my idea, doesn't mean everything is on my shoulders. I want someone who is excited and offers ideas that will make the rp exciting.
[I [b • [#a94063 Post no later than 7 days]]], I understand this is a crazy time, people have work and families. I myself work 40 hour wks, but I also have no life so I'm able to juggle the kajillion rps I have no problem. All I ask is that you don't join if you've already got a lot on your plate. I have a good amount of stagnant and slow moving rps and I hate to see an idea die. But if anything, always let me know - I have bad memory so sometimes I won't respond, but rest assured I've seen it.
[I [b • [#a94063 Finally]]], I will be playing multiple characters, that doesn't mean you have to. Please do not do so if you cannot handle the load.
[I [b • [#a94063 Hopefully]]]: I have still held your interest, if so send me a message!]

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“My victory and no boyfriends,” he teased as he raised his own glass and took the shot. He was just a bit surprised that Eris so easily took the shot. He knew there were girls who spent much of their early years partying where liquor practically tasted like juice and then there were the other girls who had to hold their nose just to take a drink. She was wild and that excited him. There was a confidence about her that was unlike any other girl; not snobby or bratty, but it seemed like she was a girl who knew what she wanted. That matched Dominic’s personality as well, as he had never not been one to just [I go] of r something. He was determined to make a better way for himself. As much as he loved the streets, he knew that there were two paths you would end up if you stayed too long: jail or the cemetery and he didn’t like either of those ideas. This being why he was dedicated to going pro as a boxer.

Here were a lot of things about Eris that Dominic found distracting and even if the music had been a bit lower, he was sure he would’ve missed her question as his mind seemed to be elsewhere. He watched as the skin of her leg became more exposed, his hand burning to touch it. He knew how soft it would be beneath his palm,, warm as well. What sound would she make he wondered if he tested the boundaries of the short dress, his hand only going further north.

Though he kept his hands to himself. She was teasing him, but Dominic still couldn’t exactly place whether or not she was serious. He decided to test her himself, leaning in a bit closer. The bartender soon returned with the drink she chose.
“Mixing liquors?” he said with a chuckle. “Though admittedly a whiskey girl is a girl I like.”

Dominic wasn’t exactly sure what he could tell Eris that wouldn’t have her running from him. He of course kept most of his illicit behavior to himself.
“I enjoy a lot of things, in my downtime getting out of the city as much as possible. I’m no stranger to adventure.” Dominic then heard the familiar voice of Gabriella and Vance had sent him another tex. Dominic knew he had to take the chance and if it didn’t go well, he was not ashamed to keep trying. He leaned closer then, his hand on Eris’ thigh then. He whispered against her ear. “Why don’t we dip and you can find out for yourself?” He asked her.
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[size14[font "Yu Gothic Light" Eris smiled once he'd revealed his name. It suited him and his character from what she was seeing so far, it actually surprised her a little as to how well they were actually getting along but Eris remained careful not to reveal too much about herself. As the drinks were ordered Eris watched the bartender pour them, she couldn't help but smile, looks nice Dominic had good taste with his liquor.]]

[size14[font "Yu Gothic Light" At his next comment the smile almost disappeared from her lips but Eris kept her cool, luckily she'd removed her ring prior to leaving and told her parents she didn't wanna risk losing it on the boat which they thought was a wise decision. After all the ring wasn't cheap... Being brought to her sense Eris' smile returned as she shook her head.]] [size14[#008B8B[font "Yu Gothic Light" "No you're safe from any boyfriends appearing to 'claim' his woman. The only person you have to worry about is my friend over there, but she seems pretty invested in conversation at the minute.]]] [size14[font "Yu Gothic Light" Eris gave Dominic a playful wink followed by a small laugh. This was her night to let her hair down and if she'd even mentioned a fiancee whether it was arranged or not he would have ran a mile. It was most likely after tonight they would never see each other again anyway.]]

[size14[font "Yu Gothic Light" Trying not to ruin the mood for herself she gently wrapped the fingers around the glass and picked it up turning her attention to Dominic.]] [size14[#008B8B[font "Yu Gothic Light" "Here's to your victory."]]] [size14[font "Yu Gothic Light" Eris gave a playful wink as she waited for Dominic to make his toast and clink their glasses together. Eris leaned her head back exposing her neck as she drank it in one go and placed the glass back on the bar.]]

[size14[font "Yu Gothic Light" Of the things Eris could say she was good at was holding her liquor, she'd been to that many parties in her life with her parents that she started pretty early, she would always sneak off with a friend her parents were never interested in and have champagne to begin with and then move onto the heavier drinks the older she got. It was the closest thing she could get to rebelling and Eris flew at the opportunity.]]

[size14[font "Yu Gothic Light" As she watched Dominic finish his drink she smiled]] [size14[#008B8B[font "Yu Gothic Light" "so Dominic tell me a little bit about yourself, I mean we know you're a good fighter but that can't be the only thing you enjoy?"]]] [size14[font "Yu Gothic Light" Eris teasingly bit her lip and smiled, she was teasing him to test him, she wanted to see what kind of reactions he would give her. As she waited for him to answer her question the bartender came over and it was her round. She smiled leaning forward]] [size14[#008B8B[font "Yu Gothic Light" "a double Royal Salute whiskey please"]] [size14[font "Yu Gothic Light" Eris grinned as she turned her attention back to Dominic now crossing her legs revealing some of her leg.]]
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She definitely was very cheeky which he liked. Most of the girls could sometimes come off a bit snooty, not that he didn’t like someone who challenged him, but overall Dominic came from the slums. In his eyes respect garnered respect. Something told him that he didn’t have to expect otherwise from the young woman. She seemed like she was fun and though she had a few jokes, he knew she was a sweet girl. he wasn’t shy though in knowing that he would love to find out if she had that bratty side of her and maybe, it would be something that attracted him.

“Eris,” he repeated. “I like that. Well the champion’s name is Dominic” he said. Truthfully he was not really a champion, he just won this fight. Though if all went well, Dominic expected to start actually boxing in legit fights. To be declared a champion then and gain more winnings than he could imagine was his dream. Right now he got a cut of the money, but most of it went to the boss who was the head of the gang. That was funding their drug business and keeping this place running. He wondered how Eris would feel about what he considered his [I job] outside of training and fighting.

“Next round on you, I like the sound of that.” Dominic winked bac. He had turned to face the bartender then. “Two double shots of Patron.” He knew the drinks were on the house, Dominic never had to pay and at certain places in the city he was treated the same. Those were places that had often been associated with their laundering.

“So beautiful girl, who obviously liked to have a good time – don’t tell me ill have to fight off a boyfriend any time soon?” The drinks were then placed before them. Dominic’s knuckles which were bruised and cut gently pushing over her shot class. He grabbed his and lifted it up. “Cheers.” He figured if she was feeling him well enough they could head back to his place, especially as he checked his phone to see a message from Vance.
[I Code G]. He didn’t want to deal with the drama and he did want to get to know Eris just a bit more.
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[size14[b[font "Yu Gothic Light" OOC:]]] [size14[font "Yu Gothic Light" Yeah sorry should have been clearer >.<]]

[size14[font "Yu Gothic Light" Eris laughed as he equally flirted back with her feeling relieved that he enjoyed her 'comedic' side, something that was rarely able to make an appearance. Her parents called it immature and that she needed to 'grow up' if she was going to be a CEO of their company and married with her future business partner. Eris rolled her eyes at the thought of being stuck with some snooty loves himself guy who cheats on her behind her back whilst she has to sit, look pretty and deal with it.]]

[size14[font "Yu Gothic Light" Feeling his fingers slide in between hers instantly took away those bad thoughts, she was here to enjoy this night who knows how long it would be before she could do it all again. His next comment excited her, for all she knew he had no idea who she was, he was attracted to her for her looks and not just her wealth. She lightly leaned her on his for a few seconds smiling,]] [size14[#008B8B[font "Yu Gothic Light" "well it's the first thing I know we both have in common... we both like a challenge".]]]

[size14[font "Yu Gothic Light" Eris gave a playful wink as she followed his lead to the bar. She gracefully sat down on the high stool and watched as he joined her almost licking her lips as she glanced his muscles, adjusting her dress a little she looked at him as he asked for her name, she laughed a little and opened her mouth to speak.]

[size14[#008B8B[font "Yu Gothic Light" My name is Eris, it's nice to finally meet the champion if he decides to tell me his name. As for a drink surprise me, I like most alcohol so do your worst. But I still need to buy you your victory drink so the next round is on me".]]] [size14[font "Yu Gothic Light" She gave him one last playful wink followed by another lip bite. Eris was enjoying herself already, she did occasionally glance at her phone incase she was needed but luckily for tonight she was being left alone. Which meant she could fully sit back and enjoy herself with the hunk next to her.]]
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[I [b OOC:]] You didn’t mention a ring so I’m going to assume Eris only wears it when in the company of her father and her fiancé >.> lol
Dominic eyed the woman. She was surely confident which he suspected came with her beauty and she was naturally charming. He didn’t see a ring and she certainly didn’t come with anyone as he suspected that if she had a guy here, they would’ve made themselves known right away. Of course, considering what he did in the ring, Dominic figured the man would have to have a death wish.
“Well, I take it you liked it considering you stayed until my win was announced.” She had a wild spirit about her and while Dominic couldn’t be sure she was serious about her flirtations, she at least was doing great in getting him further interested in her. Some girls just liked to tease, their intentions clear once they got their free round of drinks. Though there were those that Dominic knew clearly had every intent to go back home with him, to which he had no complaints about.

Domini’s eyes fell on her lips, plump and gently being bitten down on. She was playing a game and he wasn’t afraid to play right along. He’d already claimed a winning title that night, and was now sure he could secure another win under his belt.
“I think we both know I can handle myself. I can handle anything or anyone,” Dominic said as he reached for her hand. He waited for her to come to a stand and moved close to her. Dominic’s hand rested gently at the small of her back. He used the crowd as an excuse to stick close to her. When they finally reached the bar, he motioned for her to take the last empty sea, opting to lean across the bar. It of course was also an opportunity for her to get a closer look at him, how his muscles flexed as he propped himself up.

“So, I guess I should be asking for your name before I ask what you’d like to drink?” He suggested. Dominic gave her a smile. This night seemed to be going well which was great, considering that these events could end up in a brawl on occasion. Though how long would the peace last considering that Vance had seen Gabriella and her two best friends Mya and Diamond entering the club. His duty as Dominic’s boy of course was to keep the girls distracted.
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[size14[font "Yu Gothic Light" It didn't take too long for the fight to begin and surprisingly Eris found herself more invested than she thought she would be. Not being able to take her eyes away from the two she bit her lip in anticipation, having no idea who would win as they were both taking a lot of punishment, but eventually the fun had to come to an end. There was a victor. The hot guy who almost made her melt from the glance previously, Eris hoped he would win but there was no way she was going to let him know that.]]

[size14[font "Yu Gothic Light" The mischievous side in her escaped as she sat back calmly clapping while the rest of the crowd burst out into screams and chants for the new champion. Women were screaming his name and other obscene comments which almost made Eris burst into a fit of laughter. Alice turned her attention to Eris leaning into her ear]] [size14[#B22222[font "Yu Gothic Light" "well that was exciting wasn't it?! Come on now the parties just getting started".]]] [size14[font "Yu Gothic Light" Alice now stood up adjusting her dress as she turned to Eris wondering why she hadn't stood up after her, but she continued to sit there puzzled until Alice rolled her eyes and smiled pulling her friend up.]] [size14[#B22222[font "Yu Gothic Light" "Honestly what have your parents done to you girl. Okay so now the fight is over there's an even more remote party upstairs which we're also going to, the fighters will be there and also their managers and so on. Oh I also noticed the little exchange between the two of you so come on let's go have some fun with handsome".]]]

[size14[font "Yu Gothic Light" If it wasn't for Eris having much time to think she would have hit her friend for embarrassing her. But her charm got to her once again and she burst out laughing. Holding tightly onto her friends hand they weaved in and out of people until they were walking up another set of stairs. At this point now most of the fans had left and only a select amount of people were following behind Eris and Alice. Hearing the bass from the music beating in time with her own heart Eris began to get a funny feeling in her stomach, if Alice was correct then that means there would be a chance she could run into the hot guy who also turned out to be the champion from earlier. Shaking the thoughts out of her head Eris carried on up the steps stopping for a few seconds whilst security checked their invite and then allowed them in. Even if she did run into him tonight it was highly doubtful they would have much to talk about and Eris needed to keep a low profile, it may have been invites only but it doesn't mean she's safe from her family.]]

[size14[font "Yu Gothic Light" As they walked into the club Eris' eyes lit up, the people surrounding were drinking and dancing and Eris wanted some of that, it had been so long since she'd gone to a club with people she didn't know. Grabbing her purse she quickly walked to the bar a huge grin on her face. By now there was quite a few people at the bar so it meant Eris would have to wait. With Alice closely behind her they noticed some of the girlfriends who she told her parents she was renting a boat for the weekend with. Alice and Eris gave a slight wave, at least now they would have somewhere to sit and have a group to talk to. Eris was starting to feel that buzz, she wanted to get on the dancefloor. Finally she arrived at the bar and in record time the two of them were served their drinks. They made their way over to the other group of girls and hugged as they spoke as best as they could about the fight and how on earth Eris managed to get out without her parents finding out. Which Alice took full credit for of course.]]

[size14[font "Yu Gothic Light" Shaking her hips and singing along to the music Eris forgot herself, so much so she didn't notice Mr. Handsome making his way over to her, well until it was too late anyway. Placing her glass on the table she turned to see him in front of her. Eris almost choked on her own oxygen. Why was he here? Of all the people in this room why her?]]

[size14[font "Yu Gothic Light" She needed to calm down and keep things cool. Swallowing a big gulp she tucked her hair behind her ear and smiled.]] [size14[#008B8B[font "Yu Gothic Light" "Looks like you guessed right, first time here and first time watching a fight actually. So for the 100th time tonight, congratulations".]]] [size14[font "Yu Gothic Light" Now 100% calm she decided to tease a little with a joke and a seductive lip bite, whilst trying to hold back a laugh the entire time,]] [size14[#008B8B[font "Yu Gothic Light" "however I feel like I should be the one buying you a drink for your win? But I won't say no to a drink with the champion. You better hold on tight though, crowds pretty rough at the bar".]]]

[size14[font "Yu Gothic Light" Eris winked playfully as she held her hand up waiting for Mr. Handsomes move, she wanted to see if he was the fun type that would play along with her little game.]]
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In this world you were always surprised by those involved in it; usually it was the wealthiest people who would come and watch these wild and vicious spectacles. Of course there were criminals and thugs that too would watch and also participate. Though, undeniably the best part were the girls. They varied in race and personality, no one alike, but Dominic was completely aware these women usually led boring lives that they wished so desperately to escape from. That meant a better chance for him to talk his way into bed. Dominic was the thrill they would seek for in the night, and a lasting memory come his disappearing in the morning. That said, when his eyes landed on the blonde bombshell that had walked in with who he suspected to be her friend, he was caught off guard for a while. He offered a dimpled smile back and a wink as she soon made her way through the crowd and the fight was beginning.

Little Chino definitely didn’t live up to his name; the man was much taller than Dominic. Though, weight wise they both were pretty similar. They’d fought twice before, to which Dominic had lost the last time. So, he certainly had something to prove tonight, especially considering the money that was on both of their heads. The scene was by far nothing that pretty to watch, but just like a car wreck, it was something that was hard to look away from. Dominic took quite a few hits, but he was quick and that saved him from less blows to the face. He’d have some sore ass sides the next day, but the pain wouldn’t come close to the joy that he’d be filled with when he won.

The whole time the two were talking shit to one another, though Dominic would have the final word when he delivered an uppercut that sent Chino down. The referee entered the ring then, counting down before finally waving his hands signaling that the fight was over and Dominic had been the winner. The crowd cheered on as Dominic threw his fists in the air, ignoring the blood that dripped from the cut on his cheek. He was soon making his way back to the locker rooms where he would change. There was another fight, but the warehouse also served as a great place to socialize. Upstairs was a lounge area with a bar and a small dancefloor. It really was like their own little club.

“So, how’s it feel to get your ass kicked?” Dominic asked Chino with a chuckle. Their competitive rivalry was all in good fun of course, but it felt good to have bragging rights.
“Give me a while to bounce back,” he said as he flicked Dominic off. They both were having their injuries tended to after a post-fight shower. Dominic pulled on the black long sleeve, a bit slow with fresh bruised ribs, but he’d survive. He soon headed upstairs with Vance.
“Who are you looking for?” Vance called over the loud music as they were engulfed by the dancing crowd. Dominic smirked at his friend. Vance of course had to have noticed Dominic’s eyes swimming through he crowd. He pulled Vance close and pointed across the room. Colorful lights flashed throughout the dimly lit space before falling perfectly on the female from earlier.
“[I Her],” he said with a smirk.
“Dominic [I her]? That girl is way out of your league. Besides, if Gabby sees you, you’re getting your ass kicked.”
“So make sure she doesn’t see me.” Dominic joked, playfully hitting him on the chest before moving through the crowd. He talked to a few people as he made his way through, congratulating him. He didn’t look that good, his wounds still a bit fresh, but it certainly hadn’t taken away from his attractiveness.

He’d finally made his way toward the female who looked just as stunning close up. His eyes traveled from head to toe before he met her eyes.
“Hey, I haven’t seen you here before.” He said as he leaned in and against the black railing that was separating a VIP area. “How about I buy you a drink?”
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[size14[font "Yu Gothic Light" From since she could remember Eris lived and breathed wealth. Anything she wanted as a child she got, she was spoilt with presents but those presents came at a cost. Thinking she had the perfect life with the perfect family all came crashing into realisation. Once she was old enough to understand how well known and wealthy her family was she realised her life has already been written for her. She would eventually marry someone who her family could work with and she would have to deal with it, regardless of whether she loved him or not.]]

[size14[font "Yu Gothic Light" Over time she began to see her family less, unless it was a for a press release or public appearance, it's like they stopped seeing Eris as their only daughter and more of an asset. Of course she wanted to rebel but she was never allowed to go anywhere without some kind of security. Growing up through school the friends came and went, most of them only wanted to be friends with her because of her families reputation, once they realised that wasn't going to happen they dropped Eris and moved onto the next sucker.]]

[size14[font "Yu Gothic Light" There was however one friend she could actually call a friend. Her name was Alice, she had a kind heart and showed no interest in Eris' reputation or her families wealth. Her family had money but they owned a small business but even though Eris had more money than she knew what to do with she always envied Alice. Her family cared about her and she was free to be with whoever she chose.]]

[size14[font "Yu Gothic Light" And because Alice's family were no threat to Eris' they were allowed to hang out and sleepover at each other's houses. Although a rarity whenever Eris did sleepover, there was no security, no one watching them. They could just be themselves, go shopping as long as Eris covered up, they could snack and talk about boys. This was Eris' only escape from her life and she loved every second of it, she could finally be a normal teenager even if it was just for a couple of days.

[center[pic http://i.imgur.com/3rT2FkD.png]

[size14[font "Yu Gothic Light" That was just a distant memory now, Eris was now a fully grown woman and the matching for her husband had already began, many 'bachelors' had come forward but none of them were to their parents desire, honestly you'd think they were getting married not her. Part of her wished it was so she could go on to live her own life, she wanted to travel the world. Instead she was stuck in her parent's manor with a strict schedule she had to follow. Every morning she awoke at 6:30am, for once she'd have liked to be able to lie in until afternoon.]]

[size14[font "Yu Gothic Light" Her thoughts were interrupted to a phone call from Alice, since Eris used to have her messages checked the two agreed to stick to phone calls and nothing has changed years later even though Eris was finally given some privacy."]] [size14[#B22222[font "Yu Gothic Light" "Hey pretty lady how's it going?"]]] [size14[font "Yu Gothic Light" Eris couldn't help but laugh at the comment, there was always some kind of compliment at the beginning of every phone call.]] [size14[#008B8B[font "Yu Gothic Light" "Things are okay, usual prison here, what's up? What are the plans for tonight?"]] [size14[font "Yu Gothic Light" There was a slight pause and then she heard her friends familiar voice]] [size14[#B22222[font "Yu Gothic Light" "Okay so don't freak out but there's a couple of us going out tonight someplace new. It's a little on the riskay side but we've got front row seats. Do you fancy seeing some shirtless men fighting for the alpha position tonight? And answering your question before you even ask it, it's not exactly the legal kind of fights so you'd have to lie to your parents..."]]]

[size14[font "Yu Gothic Light" Eris' heart sank, there was no way she could go to something like this, if the police came bursting in, well lets just say her parents would lose their shit if they found out, Alice would never be trusted again and she was Eris' only means of escape from this hell she was in.]] [size14[#008B8B[font "Yu Gothic Light" "You've got to be kidding me right Alice? You expect me to just show up to an illegal fight and not expect any consequences? Come on now Alice you know that's bullshit with my parents, they have eyes all over the fucking city."]]

[size14[font "Yu Gothic Light" Hearing Alice's laugh at the other end of the line didn't make Eris feel any better, in fact it kinda pissed her off a little.]] [size14[#B22222[font "Yu Gothic Light" "Eris do you think i'm stupid? We've been best friends since we were 13 years old, I know EXACTLY what your parents are like, if I knew you were at risk there's no way I would have mentioned it. This event that's happening it's like a private party for the 'wealthy' and 'well known', you need an invite and without it you'll be turned away, even the location is hidden, come on Eris you're always saying you want some excitement in your life, this is it! Put something sexy on and meet me in 2 hours".]]]

[size14[font "Yu Gothic Light" Eris thought about it and Alice was right, this was the perfect opportunity to do something rebellious without there being any repercussions or at least she thought so. With a huge smile on her face she accepted Alice's invited followed by a short laugh hearing the excited squeak leave her friends mouth. She came up with the perfect excuse to tell her parents, her and some girlfriends were renting a boat and they were going to spend the weekend away out at sea, they would be away from prying eyes and luckily Eris had no public appearances this weekend. It was perfect. With her parents blessing she hurried to get ready and meet her friends. It was a short drive to Alice's house and they were picked up from someone associated with the event.]]

[size14[font "Yu Gothic Light" It wasn't long before they were at the venue, there were a lot of people there, some of them with invites and some without, people were angrily turned away whilst Eris and her friends walked straight and to the front of the boxing ring. With every footstep she took Eris' heart was pounding. Soon after taking her seat the lights dimmed and a spotlight appeared. Screaming fans could be heard as the spotlight followed an extremely attractive man who stepped into the ring. The confidence emanated from him almost took her breath. She was that lost in him that she didn't even realise the other fighter had now appeared in the ring.]]

[size14[font "Yu Gothic Light" Eris noticed their eyes locked even if it was only for a split second, a mischievous smile appeared on her face as the announcer for the match stepped into the ring and the audience fell to silence.]]
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Don’t be afraid to take what you want.
Since Dominic was a child, he had learned that life was not an even playing field for everyone. There were those who could live with that, but he learned early on that he would never allow himself to be the one at the bottom of the pyramid. That wasn’t to say that things came easily to him. Dominic spent the first three years of his life in foster care while his mother went to rehab. From then on, even though she had been given custody back, dysfunction made a permanent residence in his life. His mother would have times when she was clean and doted on him and then there were months when she wouldn’t even cook dinner. Dominic learned early on that he had to be the adult in his life, the one to guide him. Though, it didn’t take long for him to find that [I guidance] that he needed.

That’s when he met Vance.
Dominic frequented a local pizzeria in Brooklyn, the best place to get a slice in his opinion. He’d been outside and at this time was a low profile drug dealer. Never the stuff that hooked you as he could always see the look of lack of soul in his mother’s eyes and wished that on no one. Still, a man has to eat. Unfortunately, Dominic just so happened to resemble a certain dealer that Vance was on the looks for. Getting sucker punched at midnight was not exactly something he had planned. He’d seen Vance around at school, whenever he showed up that was. After they both exchanged a few words, Vance was man enough to own up to his mistake. That was saying a lot, considering with him being six foot three and nearly three hundred pounds, he didn’t seem like the type of guy to say sorry.

“You got hands man,” Vance said as he pressed a napkin to his bleeding lip. They were sitting inside of the pizzeria now, underneath the warm brown lights that seemed to make the color scheme of the insides both inviting and off putting. Dominic chuckled, finishing the last of his new slice. “Who you be with?”
Dominic shrugged. For the most part it was just him and his mom. It was best to keep people out of his business as he had no hopes of being sent back into foster care; being sixteen, there was no chance of him getting adopted he was sure.
“Just me.” Dominic said finally before taking a sip of the Coke.
“Nah, that’s irresponsible. You stick with me, I make sure that shit outside never happen to you again.”

[center [size25 [b _]]]

Nine years later and Vance has been by Dominic’s side since. Vance had connections and he had a plan that was bigger than selling dime bags on the corners in in the halls of Dominic’s highschool. He really believed that Dominic could make something out of himself by putting all his frustrations and troubles into one thing: fighting. Becoming a part of the gang wasn’t something Dominic had sought out to do, but it was something he fell into. When he met Cypher, he noticed the fancy car and the luxurious apartment. Cypher made it clear, if he stood with them, Dominic and his mother would be straight.
The fights weren’t all the way illegal, just what was going on when the fights weren’t happening and most of the time, someone the cops were looking for could be found there. That said, Dominic enjoyed the money and he also enjoyed the thrill. Not to mention, he was damn good. Life was good, even his mother seemed to be back on track the last few years. Though, Dominic had made it a habit to check on her, now that he was living in his own apartment.

He’d just reached the warehouse, not surprised by the amount of cars in the parking lot or the people lining up at the door. This was a big fight, one to which there was the chance a legit boxing contract could be a possibility. Dominic headed through the back entrance.
“Your late!” Vance said, a playful smile on his face. Dominic rolled his eyes, usually a warm brown, but now a dark shade of amber under the cool lighting of the locker room.
“I had a visitor.” Dominic said with a dimpled smile, winking in Vance’s direction.
“You keep that up and Gabriella is going to kill you.”
“Hey man, I already told you Gabby and me are done.” He dumped his bag on the wooden bench, rifling through before finding his bandages to wrap his hands. Dominic could hold his own, much better now after years of training. At sixteen he was tall, but still lanky – he’d filled out nice though now.
“What was it this time? Because of her slashing your tires or was it her catching you necked up with someone else?” Dominic proudly waved a middle finger toward Vance.
“Shut up and wrap me up man.” Dominic outstretched his hands, watching as the veins in his arms twitched and flexed in anticipation. He was always this way before a fight, so full of adrenaline. Though whenever he discussed Gabriella it also shot him up. His relationship with his highschool sweetheart had always been tumultuous. Though by now it was getting pretty exhausting. Once he was all bandaged and had changed into his shorts, Dominic headed out of the locker room and into the main hall. He could hear the loud voices, the cheers and when he stepped up and into the rings, Dominic really felt like [I that] guy.
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