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This is a roleplay for my friend BeautifulDesire.

[b [center ○ There is an legend of how once in these lands powerful monsters roamed the area, hunting and killing humans for sport or forcing them to be their unwilling slaves until one day the humans grew tired of their brutal masters and fought back, many humans died that day, however the price they paid was worth it in the end as they pushed the monsters back until all were believed to be destroyed, free from their masters the humans built a city on the battle grounds and placed a memorial in honor of all of those who died for their freedom, years past and stories and legends where handed down until the battle itself was forgotten and the monsters left behind in the past.○ ]]

[b [center ● The city of Angelmere is a beautiful place, from the towering skyscrapers to the surprisingly quiet garden parks, that could take your breath away. Where people are friendly enough and the rest of the world seems thousands of miles away, no one would believe that such a place would have such a dark haunting past buried beneath it's city streets, however things are not as peaceful or ideal as they seem, wild beast are attack tourist in the surrounding forest, some look as if Wolves have slaughtered them, and others as if they were murdered with pinpot marks to their necks, some people disappear completely, and the elder population of the town seem to be growing more and more worried and angry after each case. ●]]

[b [center ○ What could be happening in Angelmere and could old legends actually be true and something ancient and evil is lurking outside the city or perhaps it walks next to them each and every day, waiting and watching until it was forgotten, will someone uncover the truth behind the attacks? Will someone find the truth about the hidden legend buried somewhere within the city and what could the elder population possibly have to be afried of only time and someone curious enough by ever be able to tell. ○ ]]

[b [center ● A Muse: is the daughter of one of the older living families inside of Angelmere and she can not, but help to notice the odd behavior of her older family members once the attacks in the forest start taking place and more than that a few of her decent cousins suddenly disappeared one night to never be heard or seen from again, the family quickly brushed it off as misled youth going astray, but A Muse knows there is something more, because she has always felt different and the way the towns people treat her family is almost like royalty, what secrets can they be hiding and what is out there lurking in the woods?]]


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There was a time when monsters things of myth and legend walked the earth ruling over the human world with an iron fist forcing the humans into slavery making them do unspeakable acts to each other in the hopes of gaining their freedom on to be slain seconds later, after years of abuse and cruelty the humans rebelled against their masters, the great war was wages the humans took great loses as they fell by the thousands, but slowly and steadily the monsters fell one by one until the humans walked away in victory killing and destroying anything in the path to freedom, than they had buried all the dead or burned their bodies destroyed everything that even looked related to the old overlords, and built a new city on top of their triumph they however made one small mistake, slowly one by one they started forgetting what they buried in their ancient past.

There were still a few families that passed down the tales of the war , but even those where looked on as myth and legend by their younger family members, it wasn't until the killing started happening in the forest once again they the elders of the family started to get worried about an old evil that might not be as dead as they hoped it would be, they tried speaking with their new family members and they agreed to send a small party into the woods to search and see if there was anything more to the attacks than animals and sick psychotic killers on the lose in their woods.

The party had been overran in a matter of seconds, as soon as they had stepped into the depths of the forest their wooden stakes and silver swords and bullets in hand ready to do battle with an enemy they no longer believed in, laughter in their eyes quickly changed to fear and panic as one by one they were ripped to shards, on one side huge Wolves with blood dripping months feasted on the bodies before them, on the other side shadows and red glowing eyes , blood dripping from fangs the Vampires drank their fill of those the Wolves had not ripped in half, the two ancient enemies no longer attacking each other, but helping the other in the hunt for fresh blood and meat, high up in a tree Qinton watched on in disgust, he had tried reasoning with the two grows many times, their leaders never wanting to budge in their standing.

The two groups had agreed to form an unholy alliance to try and rebuild their depleted ranks promising power and life to anyone who would join them in their cause the rebirth of the monster kingdom. Qinton slowly shook his head and looked away. They where fools drawing to much attention to themselves it was almost like they where begging to be completely wiped of the face of the earth, Qinton could not stand them himself, he was not a werewolves nor was he a vampire, he was one of the Fallen having lived life on earth for hundreds of thousands of years watching the raise and fall of kingoms monsters and humans alike and nothing had ever changed. Many times he had thought about killing them all cleaning the earth of them for the rest of eternity, but every time he reached into his powers, angels and demons a like raced for him, he was the only fallen one to be dispelled from Heaven for not following Satan's grand plan instead he had been banisned for his love of a human stripped of his rank, but not his powers, he was chased by both sides one to join their evil ways and the others to do the biding of their Father and wipe him from the face of earth and face his heavenly judgment.

Qinton jumped down from the tree and started leaving the forest heading towards the city of Angelmere a grim look on his face his mind lost in the thoughts of the past repeating itself and the Monsters being wiped off the pages of history once and for all, as he reached the tree line he heard a voice behind him. [b "Must you always walk this path..? You could join us you know..with you on our side, the rebirth would be completed you could help march up into glorious victory..You have given so much to the humans and they have never returned anything to you...You even gave up your name."] Qinton turned and looked at the Vampire leader Derek one of the only remaining surviving monsters from the first war Qinton's eyes hardened as the man spoke. [#123552 [b "I will never join your side Derek..you brought such death and you will bring it again..Qinton is my only name"]]

Derek eyes narrowed and he beared his fangs rushing forward he swing his fist to punch Qinton he was tried of the fallen one never siding with them even in the great war he had not sided with them and once and for all he was going to kill him! [b "Come on Valentine! You are so full of Love Cupid you turn your back on your own kind!"] Qinton's eyes narrowed as he sidestepped the oncoming attack and swining his hand forward a pure white bow appeared im his hand a glowing red arrow appeared on the string and he pinpointed it towards Derek who came to a halt his eyes wide in fear as behind Qintom two large white wings unfold behind him. [#123552 [b "Never say that name again. Now begone. Or I will end you here and now and all of your little unholy army. "]] Derek feld never looking back slowly the bow disappeared and the winds as well as Qinton looked skyward a large golden light appeared from the heavens and he sighed.

They where coming, he had used his powers and they now knew where he was Qinton turned and ran as fast as he could towards the city before long he would be lost in the crowds of humans the masses of them would cover him from the eyes that looked for him, but now they knew where he was and it would not be long til they found him. Still running he reached the city streets and headed for mainstreet that should be filled with hundreds of humans at this time looking skyward once again he could see lights falling towards the city and forest behind him, he only had a little time he looked back forward and rounded the corner onto mainstreet his heart pounding as he looked around for somewhere to hide his appearance.
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