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[left [pic]] [tab] [size13 [carme [size24 [b [great+vibes L]]]ucille takes a lock of brown hair between her fingers and flicks it over her shoulder, swallowing down the pitiful sigh that nearly escapes her. She looks down at the miniature glass slipper that rests delicately on her chest and touches a finger to it. Cinderella’s curse, is what she is now plagued by, as explained to her earlier by the witches Fleur and Flora.

  It didn’t take Flora very long to find the former noble in the middle of the streets, still reeling from her encounter with her father. After ushering her into the inn, Flora explained to her with an attitude far too nonchalant that she was the one who cursed Lucille in the first place, laying out the conditions and details of her curse as if it were as simple as completing an assignment for her tutor. She would even go as far as to say that the witch seemed almost mildly amused by her predicament. Fleur seemed to be the more gentle of the two, chiding Flora’s merciless teasing of her earlier whilst expressing sympathy for her situation. But what good would any sympathy do? And considering she was aware of Flora’s plans in the first place Lucille didn’t trust that so-called benevolent disposition, it was likely a ruse to coax her into complying with them both.

  As her finger idly traces the small glass pendant, a part of her wishing she could simply tear it off her neck and be done with everything, she recalls Flora’s reasoning for casting the curse:

[center [i [b “…Anyway, Lucille, do you see that necklace around your neck? Take a good, long look – surely you’ve seen them in a story book somewhere?”]

 [#92abc3 “Glass slippers? As in, Cinderella’s glass slippers-?”]

  [b “Yes. As you know, Cinderella is a storybook princess who was well-known for her kindness and compassion - things that you, quite frankly, sorely lack. The only way to break this curse is to complete three acts of kindness before your 21st birthday. By that point, there should be a matching slipper around your neck to match the one you currently have."] The witch grins with mirth in her eyes, [b "Not too bad, right?”]]]

  The glass feels cool as she clenches her palm over it. [i [#92abc3 Not. Too. Bad?]] Earlier Flora made a point of distancing herself and Fleur from witches driven by ill-intent, in response to Lucille's hostility at the fact that the two were witches, but no matter how [i 'good'] she claimed to be she still uprooted Lucille from the familiarity of her life into whatever [i this] is supposed to be. What, was she hoping to teach her a lesson in morality by doing so? Just like in the Fairytales? From what little she has experienced, her short time under the curse's effects have only cemented the long-held belief that her aristocratic status was crucial, and that the outside world is unwelcoming had it not been for her previous authority.

  Despite her vehement thoughts, a quiet voice speaks up somewhere inside her. [i [#92abc3 Lacking in kindness and compassion. It's not... I'm not that terrible. Right?]] But just as quickly as it came, her reluctance was stamped out by heated ire. [i [#92abc3 As if she had any right to determine what is kind and what is not anyway, subjecting me to a curse like this.]]

  And as if summoned by her thoughts, the dark-haired witch in question appears before her with a tray of food, water, and a glass of luminous blue liquid in her hands that the former noble assumed was a type of potion. Lucille catches the ghost of a smirk on her lips. [b "Remember what I told you, Cinderella. No hissy fits in front of the guest."]

  The brunette simply narrows her eyes and takes the tray from the other woman stiffly, [#92abc3 "Remind me again why I'm playing the role of a servant when you have workers fit for this job."]

  [b "Why Lucille, weren't you demanding that I break your curse not too long ago? I would think you'd be thankful that I'm nudging you in the right direction."] At the icy silence, Flora sighs, [b "Consider this your first attempt at an act of kindness. And I was being serious earlier, I hear our current guest was a bit of a handful. He could be unpredictable. Of course, he'd be foolish if he tried anything in the presence of a witch."]

  She was filled in about how the Marchen acted as a sort of refuge for cursed individuals like her, and now she was expected to perform chores as compensation for her free lodging. The thought made her nose wrinkle, as if she smelled something foul. She knew it made logical sense but her earlier irritation was still fresh, which left her bitter at this knowledge. Though she was given the chance to rest she had barely settled in either, still in the same rags she found herself in when she woke up this morning - which made the current task all the more humiliating.

[tab] Flora knocks on the door, announces their entry, then promptly sweeps into the room. Lucille trails after her languidly and notes that the room looks identical to hers. From where she stood next to the witch, she studies the stranger resting on the bed with a detached sense of intrigue, expression outwardly indifferent but mildly curious to his plight.

[tab] [b "Welcome to the Marchen, stranger. Let me preface this by apologizing for the wait. I had another task that needed some tending to."] She pointedly looks at the brunette briefly, [b "Anyway, a young woman found you unconscious on the forest floor with that nasty bump on your head - do you remember that?"] As if to accentuate her point, Flora taps a finger to her forehead, [b "Care to tell us how you got into that scuffle in the first place?"]

[tab] Lucille wonders if she treats everyone in this establishment with that kind of nonchalance, but unbeknownst to her, the witch already had her suspicions about the identity of this man and wanted confirm for herself if the rumors were true. It was obvious to her that this man was cursed however. Then Flora directs her attention back to the other woman, [b "Well don't just stand there Lucille, at least [i try] to make our guest feel welcomed."]

[tab] That immediately sparks the brunette's annoyance, which expresses itself through her bluntness, [#92abc3 "What do you want me to say? Pitying him would just be insulting."]

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[right [pic]] [tab] [size13 [carme [size24 [b [great+vibes A]]][tab]bell chimes from above, signaling a door opening as Sebastien steps out to leave the establishment. A sign just below the wooden awning says [i Gloria's Herbal Shop] in elegant, cursive lettering. He shifts the paper bag to his other arm, the flowers and herbs arranged neatly inside emitting a pleasantly soft smell. [#d0a65d “Thanks again."] he says simply, promptly taking the route back to the inn.

[tab] [b “Ah wait, Sebastian!”] An aproned lady steps out the shop just behind the masked man, gathering her skirt as she steps onto the streets, [b “Are you sure that’s everything? Don’t they usually use the featherflowers as well…?”]

[tab] Without even checking the contents of the paper bag, he waves off her question with his free hand, [#d0a65d “It’s fine, it’s fine.”] The curt response discouraged the shopkeeper from asking him further and Sebastien seemed visibly impatient to finish his task – he barely spared the woman a second glance.

[tab] [b “Well, alright.”] She relents reluctantly as he walks away, cupping a hand over mouth to say, [b “See you, then!”]

[tab] On the walk back to the inn, he slips out the list from his pocket just to double-check if he missed anything. He was certain he didn't, the action more of a habitual thing. He skims through the items scribbled on the paper: Snow salt, sugared water, root of rejuvenation, featherflowers... [#d0a65d [i Oh. They] did [i need those.]] Inwardly sighing at his carelessness, Sebastien looks back from where he came reluctantly - it wasn't as if the journey back was a terribly long one but he hadn't his breakfast yet and was childishly feeling and acting impatient. He then looks to the town gates just up ahead, not too far from from the Marchen. Featherflowers commonly grow like clumps of weed at the foot of the gate, and everywhere else for that matter. He knew this mostly because Fleur occasionally liked to pick the plants there, but she never made a common practice of it, citing magic and botany he doesn’t quite remember nor understand.

[tab] He didn’t want to turn back, so he supposed he'd just collect whatever he could find and then head back in. Granted, he had never foraged for the ingredients they needed so he couldn't discern their properties and quality, but if the witches had a problem with it it wasn't as if they could send him back out again for such a minor thing anyway. Mind made up, he makes his way to the town gates.

[tab] It was common to see travelers pass through their town on their way to the capital, but he wasn't expecting to see one alone. His first instinct was to greet her but he was instead distracted by the fact that the woman who approached him didn't seem equipped for travelling at all.

[tab] He blinks, momentarily puzzled by her presence, and peers behind her as if expecting someone or something else – the sight of a lone woman on the outskirts of town wasn’t exactly normal, much less one with grains of sand in her hair and a lack of preparedness that was expected of a traveler. His first instinct was to guess that she was lost but that was strange in and of itself, given even lost travelers would still look like [i actual] travelers, and he’d already ruled that out earlier. Sebastien cocks his head slightly in questioning, but a mischievous glint lights his eyes from behind the mask. [#d0a65d “I can’t tell if you’re naïve, reckless, or both, for speaking to the first masked stranger you see. On the outskirts of town. Alone, no less. I could be a thief, or a dangerous outlaw.”] He teases, then shrugs a shoulder, [#d0a65d “Granted, I doubt there’s an outlaw out there as well dressed as I am.”] Despite the strangeness of the situation he couldn’t resist slipping in a quick comment or two.

[tab] Then the smile fades from his eyes when he considers the woman again and he settles back into seriousness. She didn’t seem to be in any immediate danger, but it was hard to discern the circumstances surrounding her at present. He supposed that’s where he came in. [#d0a65d “But to answer your question stranger, you’re about to enter the town of Grimmwell – and I hope you won’t mind entertaining me on a few of my own questions, because I take it that you’re not supposed to be out here?”] He jerks his chin towards the woman’s current attire, [#d0a65d “You don’t look like a traveller.”] If that were the case then it’s dangerous for her to be out on her own like this, but Sebastien wasn’t about to make heated assumptions right off the bat – if this woman truly was in danger of something or someone, then he was determined to keep a level head about it, there was no sense in acting impulsively when hot-headed righteousness could derail him from his reasoning.

[tab] The gentle, sweet scent of flowers and herbs briefly reminded him of his current task, but he dismissed it in favor of his newfound intrigue.]
[font "times new roman" Everything happened right before her eyes. She had met and fallen in love with a human male, and things had been going wonderfully well. They had gotten married, and the night of their wedding night was when things started to change for the woman. All she could remember was the day of the wedding. How she had taken the time to really get ready, and she felt like she was in a dream. The wedding itself seemed to just fly by. Pretty soon she was marrying her prince, and he had slipped the ring on her finger, and she had done the same for him.]

[font "times new roman" They had spent the whole night dancing away, and looking deep into each other's eyes, and before Dove knew it, they were going back to their bed chambers, and her new husband was looking at her like she was the only thing he had ever laid eyes on. He wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her into his arms. [b "I'm so glad you and I finally tied the knot. Now let's retire for the night, for the morning brings a new adventure for the both of us"] he said and kissed her lightly on the lips. Dove's heart fluttered inside of her chest and she couldn't help but smile.]

[font "times new roman" When he pulled away she reached up and touched her lower lip lightly. [#B9899E "How did I get so lucky?"] she breathed out. The male just shook his head, and slipped in between the sheets. He then lifted them, and she slipped in beside her husband. The two curled up together, Dove's head on his chest. She was so happy, that nothing could tear her apart. As she fell into a deep sleep was when she felt the air changing around her. She was all of a sudden jerked awake, and she looked around herself. What the hell happened? She wasn't in her bed, she was laying in sand?]

[font "times new roman" She shook her head lightly as she looked towards the water. Her heart was hammering inside of her chest. She pushed herself to her feet, and slowly started walking away from where she was. Where was her husband? What happened? Did she end up sleep walking, and coming out here to the beach? She's never done that before. She shook her head lightly as she reached up and ran her hands through her hair. As she did sand fell out of her hair, and she leaned over and shook her hair out. That's when she saw a pair of feet stop in front of her.]

[font "times new roman" [b "It's kind of strange to find a woman sleeping in the sand, don't you think?"] came the sound of a man's voice. She looked up and her heart skipped a beat. It was her husband! She threw her arms around his neck, and buried her face into his chest. [#B9899E "I'm so glad you found me love. I don't know what happened.. I know we had been in bed together, and then I wake up out here, and I don't know what happened"] she said all in one go. The man gently put his hands on her shoulders and pushed her back a bit with a confused look on his face.]

[font "times new roman" [b "I'm sorry, but I don't know who you are, and I'm not in the mood to have my girlfriend get on me about another woman"] he said with a small sheepish smile. Dove was confused. What was going on here? Girlfriend? She was his wife! She then looked down at her left hand and saw that her wedding ring was missing. She shook her head lightly as she looked up towards him. [#B9899E "I'm so sorry.."] she breathed out. She didn't dare say anything more, as she turned and ran from the male. Her heart was shattering into tiny pieces, as she realized that she wasn't at her home at all.]

[font "times new roman" Desmond didn't even know who she was. What the hell was going on here? As she was running, she spotted a man with a mask coming out of the gates of a town. She then hurried to catch up with him. [#B9899E "I'm sorry to bother you, but what's beyond those gates?"] she asked. She was a curious person all around, and this wasn't going to be any different. She then wrapped her arms around herself wondering what to do, and where she was supposed to go.]

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[font "times new roman" [#D1B419 "My darling Red, why don't you come with me, and I'll show you where your grandmother is?"] came the sound of the male's voice. The woman in the red cloak shook her head and slowly backed up. [#ff00ff "I don't know who you are, and I'm not going anywhere with you"] she said her voice cracking a bit. The male knew she was scared, and that's what pleased him the most. He reached up and tapped his chin lightly as if he was deep in thought about something. Would he try and take her with him anyway? Or would he just let her go? Then again her grandmother was already dead.]

[font "times new roman" He shook his head as he lunged for the woman. Right when he did he was hit in the shoulder with a bullet. He rolled over in the air, and landed hard on the ground. He looked up as he saw Red running into the woods. The man that had shot him was coming out from behind the trees. Knoxley rolled onto his side and tried to get up. When he did, he felt like he was about to pass out. Right when he was about to crawl into the trees, the so called hunter reached him and bent down clicking his tongue.]

[font "times new roman" [b "This is the way to die you bastard. I hope you are happy with yourself"] he said, and brought his gun down onto his head, knocking the male out... A groan passed through the man's lips as he rolled onto his back. The small movement brought shooting pain through his head, and then it slowly dulled away. He slowly opened his eyes and saw that he was laying on a bed. He was slightly confused about where he was, but that wouldn't last long. A woman came in just then and smiled towards him. [#ff00ff "You are finally awake!"] she cooed.]

[font "times new roman" The male growled and reached up to his head. [#D1B419 "Must you be so bloody loud?"] he snapped. The woman rolled her eyes as she sat down and took his hand in her's. [#ff00ff "It's good to see you awake. You took quite the blow to the head while fighting three people at a time. I'm surprised you didn't take more damage than you did"] she said as she went about fussing over him. He didn't like that. He was a man after all, but it was kind of nice to have someone worrying over him. That's when he realized who she looked like. It was Red Riding Hood, and yet she was so comfortable around him.]

[font "times new roman" [#D1B419 "Why aren't you running for help? Don't you know who I am?"] he asked. The blonde looked towards him and shook her head lightly. [#ff00ff "Why would I? You needed help, and I'm not going to leave someone alone"] she said. That was really strange. The male made to sit up and the woman shook her head and gently pushed him back down. [#ff00ff "Not a good idea there Scout. You are still really weak, and you need your rest. Flora should be in soon to tend to you"] she said. What the fuck was Flora? Where the hell was he? What was going on?]

[font "times new roman" There were so many questions running around his mind, that he didn't know what he was going to do. He rolled his eyes and laid back against the pillows. They were pretty comfortable after all, and the comfort did kind of help with the throbbing of his head. That's when the blonde left, and he was alone finally. He opened his eyes and looked around. He was in a small room, and he could hear people outside talking, and the sound of hooves hitting pavement. Something was off, and he would soon find out what was going on.]
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[left [pic]] [tab] [size13 [carme [size24 [b [great+vibes S]]]he remembers drifting off to sleep against plush mattresses and silky duvets, the warmth of her room cocooning her from the cold of the night, yet all the sudden she wakes to the unwelcoming feeling of solid stone cobble that left her aching, and what would have been pleasantly cool air with the right garments felt biting against unprotected skin, veiled only an uncomfortable, itchy fabric. The next thing that registered was her position on the ground, curled up against her side. Lucille’s movements were still sluggish when she attempts to unfurl her limbs to sit up, bleary eyes adjusting to the beginnings of morning light, blinking once, twice, until her sleep-addled vision grew accustomed to her surroundings at last.

[tab] This is not her room, not her nightgown, and this is certainly not the manor, where she distinctly remembers roaming around in just yesterday. The sounds of shops opening and people waking startles her, the last of her sleepiness chased away by a steadily growing panic – belatedly, she realizes she’s right in the middle of a shopping district – [#92abc3 [i Why-? How?]] A bell chimes somewhere behind her, wood creaks with the strain of an opening door, followed by a decidedly angry female voice. Lucille scrambles to her feet – which, woefully, were bare.

[tab] [b “You have some nerve sleeping in front of my shop! Be off with you, before you scare off my customers!”]

[tab] Lucille does a double-take, glancing up at the shop’s sign – plainly labelled ‘Bakery’ – before looking at the elderly woman with an expression crossed between [i utterly dumb-struck] and [i utterly offended], but in her shock could form no words as her lips part and close around silent vowels.

[tab] [b “Don’t just stand there gawking like an idiot!”]

[tab] [#92abc3 “Idiot?!”] That sparks irritation instantaneously, [#92abc3 “You [i dare] speak to your superior in such a manner?”]

[tab] There was a beat of heavy silence before the woman barks out a laugh, the sound grating to her ears, [b “You! Fancy yourself a noblewoman, do you? Just my rotten luck that a peasant girl wakes in front of my shop, and a delusional one at that…”]

[tab] What threadbare patience that was left quickly snapped, mortified that the old hag would dare address a woman of her status as if she was a mere peasant. How much of a hermit must she be, that the Rosier name and face eludes her? Her cheeks warmed against the cool air, reddened by mortification as curious onlookers paused to observe the small commotion. [#92abc3 “I am [i not] delusional! My father will hear about this at once!”]

[tab] [b “Just be gone with you, filthy girl, I’ve no time for this nonsense.”] A wave of her wrinkled hand signaled the woman’s dismissal, the gesture further grinding at her impatience as much as it whittled away a sense of normalcy – certainly this was just a nightmare, a fictitious manifestation of some deep-rooted fear, but the pitying gazes, coarse fabric against her skin, cold stone underneath her feet … They all felt too real to be hazy dreams. Everywhere she looked she was met with pity, [i infuriating] pity, those distant gazes pinned her with a heaviness that did not mesh well with her growing panic and increasing confusion. [#92abc3 [i My father… I need to get back to the manor…]]

[tab] Just as the thought surfaced, the sound of hooves on pavement caught her and the crowd's attention, their faint murmuring turning eager at the sight of a horse-drawn carriage traveling down the street - likely a visitation from a noble family. The carriage was familiar, so familiar to her, in fact, that she recognized it as the one her family used. From where she stood she saw her father seated inside, and impulsively threw herself in front of the carriage's path. The coachman yanks abruptly on the horses' reigns, shouting profanities at this seemingly peasant girl in the middle of the street.

[tab] Lucille simply ignores him, meeting her father's face at the window of the carriage as her hope starts to climb. [#92abc3 "Father! Father, it is an outrage! I've been taken from my chambers in the manor to--"]

[tab] [b "You're confused, young lady."] Her father's expression mirrored only confusion. It felt as if she delved head-first into ice-cold water. Her own [i father]. [b "Do you have any immediate family with you?"]

[tab] She was silent for a few moments, she couldn't decide if it was worse that her father didn't recognize his own daughter, or the fact that he looked at her with more pity when she stands before him as a peasant, than he ever has when she stood before him as his child. He had never looked at her with such pity. [#92abc3 "...What?"]

[tab] Pulling away from the window briefly as if to take something, he then reaches out to her with a small pouch, the sound of coins audible. Lucille numbly takes it from him. [b “That should be enough to buy you some food for today. Remember that the kingdom provides jobs for those who seek it.”]

[tab] She recoils, watches as her father turns and addresses the coachman and they resume their journey. A small number of people from the crowd chases after the carriage, presumably for a share of the coin her father had openly given her. She silently ponders the pity on his face and his failure to recognize her. Though their relationship was strained at best she was still his flesh-and-blood, and despite the strain she found herself much more hurt than she thought she would be at the prospect of being forgotten by her own father.

[tab] In her distraction, she failed to notice the silver necklace that adorned her neck, a single, miniature glass pendant in the shape of Cinderella's slipper hangs from the delicate chain.

[center [pic]]

[right [pic]] [tab] [size13 [carme [size24 [b [great+vibes H]]]e remembers powdered faces, the smell of perfume so strong it stung his nostrils, laces and frills and skirts and jewels. The faces of dozens – hundreds? – of eager young women that cornered him with no end to their eagerness, apparently enamored by the beauty of his face. Vain as he was, even [i he] had to draw the line where admiration morphed into obsession. Wherever he ran they chased, no corner of that luminous, empty manor eluded them until, in the hazy recollection of vague memories , he remembers that the manor wasn’t empty that night because his family had hosted a ball, and that manors weren’t quite so luminous no matter how many golden chandeliers they decided to hang on the ceiling. And then his eyes opened.

[tab] The morning air was beginning to warm as the sun continues its ascent, light streams through the open window, gentle against Sebastien's face and soothing him from the abrupt awakening. He rubs the sleep from his eyes, muttering under his breath about [#d0a65d "Nightmares and their tendency to resurface unwanted memories..."]

[tab] A polite knock on the door caught his attention, followed by an equally polite female voice, [b "Good morning Bastien! Miss Fleur requested that you pick up her materials today, there are a few on the list that are from Miss Eveline."] He inwardly groaned - he only [i just] woke up.

[tab] Voice still groggy with sleep, he called out to the girl from behind the closed door as he attempts to rub away rheum at the corners of his eyes. [#d0a65d "Did she prepare the list for me?"]

[tab] [b "Yes! I have it right here."]

[tab] A sigh escapes him before he replies, [#d0a65d "Then I'll be downstairs in a few minutes."] he says, the soft padding of feet on wood as indication that Annice had left. With his work cut out for him he begins his morning ritual by washing up, then changing out of his nightwear and into a silk shirt and vest, white with gold embroidery and clearly tailored specifically for him. It had been pointed out to him multiple times that it wasn't subtle, but he wasn't necessarily going for subtlety, and as it is there was nothing subtle about the way he paraded about the streets with a mask concealing his face - so that was a moot point. Speaking of, he reaches for the aforementioned mask resting on the bedside table, fitting it snugly against his face before tying the black strings together behind his head.

[tab] It was simple, black and featureless, stark against his pale skin – It very loosely resembled the shape of a knight’s visor, if a visor only concealed the front of the face. Two narrow holes barely revealed silvery grey eyes, the shadows of the mask cloaking their typically light sheen, but errant strands of red hair curled over the edge, refusing to stay in place where Sebastien had attempted to comb them back with his fingers.

[tab] So accustomed was he to this habit that to reveal the face underneath would feel almost like a breach of privacy, but the urgency of that feeling stems mostly from the fact that he has no choice but to conceal it, such was the result of his curse - derived from the tale of Beauty and the Beast. Burdened to embody both aspects of Beauty [i and] the Beast, all the young women who gazed upon his face would instantly be ensnared by it's beauty, to the point of blind admiration and devotion. He was reluctant to call such a thing 'love', even if the witch who cursed him worded it as such, but to avoid such attention the mask became a mandatory aspect of his life.

[tab] With the mask fully secured and his appearance cleaned up, he makes his way downstairs to the Marchen, which was only beginning to open it's doors to early customers. The inn was established by witches Fleur and Flora, with the intention of being a safe haven for all who fell victim to the infamous Fairytale curse. It had the innocent guise of a well-established inn, but if one paid attention to it's customers they'd notice a certain pattern, particularly with the inn's so-called 'regulars' - more often than not they came with some sort of oddity, be it in appearance, character, or circumstance.

[tab] Sebastien himself was given free lodging as long as he performed various tasks for the witches, to the point where he had garnered a reputation for being their confidant, of sorts. It's true that they trusted him with more information than most, but confidant was certainly excessive, he was more of a glorified delivery boy. Not that he was complaining, coupled with his general appearance this reputation led customers and workers alike to see him as much of an authority figure as the two witches. He held no actual authority over the goings-on of the inn of course, but he liked the attention.

[tab] The few customers that had arrived so early in the morning were already being attended to by Annice, from whom he collects the aforementioned list, skimming over it as he steps outside the doors of the Marchen. Looking up briefly from the paper in his hand, Sebastien catches sight of a young couple just across the street from him, hand in hand they walk together. He could see, even from where he was, that they certainly looked very much in love.

[tab] The idea of a pure, 'true' love was certainly a topic of fascination amongst fairytales, to the point where the curses that derived from it managed to find a way to twist love into it somehow - in his case, at least. 'Love' was involved, if he wanted to break the curse according to the terms the witch had laid out, but at the same time it was also love that would bring him closer to the Beast that laid dormant...

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