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[size20 [center [b Hello and Welcome to my Roleplay. ]]]

[size20 [center [b Well, this is something I told myself I wouldn't do, but I am making a roleplay, my time is very limited I work a full time job and I am married I do not always post in a timely manner, sometimes weeks or even months can go by. So if you aren't okay with that, please don't ask to join this. You have been warned.]]]

[size25 [b [center ■ Once long ago there was a small boy who lived inside a tiny town, he was an odd little boy who never seemed to talk or be near anyone, he could always be seen watching from the shadows, however every time he appeared something odd would happen and someone from the town would die. The towns people gather together and decided that the small boy was an ill omen that when he came death came with him and in the small little minds they decided to take care of the small boy once and for all, than late one night during the summer a mob was formed under the leadership of the pastor of the local church, they went after the boy chasing him through the town, tried as he might no one would open their doors to him or heed his cries. Soon the towns people had chased him out of the town into the surrounding forest where it is said the caught him and tore his body to pieces where the demon he was could never fully be reborn. ■ ]]]

[size25 [b [center □ A character was the only small girl in the whole town that ever even spoke to the boy in passing, trying to play with him once or twice before her parents chased him away and telling her never to speak to him again, however whenever she could see would go to see him and he would only smile at her and run away always staying away from her, when the rumor started that the boy had been murdered by the towns people the Girl went into a deep depression and her parents decided they needed to move and leave the past in the past, now years have past and the boy is nothing, but a mere memory in her past when her parents return to their old home and she decides to help them move in on their arrival minutes to her entering the town the old church pastor is seen laying in the front yard dead, and she sees something hovering in the shadows of the church. □ ]]]

[size25 [b [center ■ Once she starts looking into it however there is nothing there, but she sees a young man roughly her same age not far away walking with his head down and hands in his pockets and she feels as if she remembers him, but she doesn't know why? ■]]]

The plot can be changed around it is just something I put together it needs a lot of work.

For more information about the Boy character we can talk about later on if you are interested in joining! Please let me know.
This roleplay will only be up for maybe 4 to 5 days, if no one is interested i am taking it down.


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Death, darkness, and evil. Those were the things that she had been told to fear all her life. The things that her parents had tried to keep her from. Or that was what Brianna had been told as a child. She couldn't really remember much of her past. All of it seemed like a distant dream, or maybe like one of those horror movies that her parents often tried to keep her away from. But either way, she was sure that things weren't always as they happened to be. That there was so much more than what met the eye. Something more mysterious and dare she think it, almost enchanting than the world that she knew and had grown up in.

When she had been a little girl, Bri had grown up in a small town. The town was one she could not even remember the name of now. But she remembered the people. They had been nice enough for the most part. Or were as long as you fit into their neat little boxes and followed the belief system that had been set up and even enforced by the town's pastor. Her parents, or as she had found out, her adoptive parents had been devout followers and listened to EVERYTHING the man said and soaked it in like sponges. Something that she had not been able to do herself. Just something about the man had always seemed off and just...he claimed to be a holy man, a man of God...but she had always seen a darkness around him. One that laced his very essence. And it had chilled her to the bone. So unlike most in the town, Brianna had tried to stray. She had been so "innocent" then and only saw the good in others and when she had come across a boy who was her own age she wanted nothing more than to get to know him. She wanted to play and she wanted to talk. Though, every time she rolled a ball his way or even got close, there would be this shadow that would appear and even inch closer. That and her father would come running and shouting at her to stay away from the "Spawn of Satan." And she would have no choice but to turn and run back to her parents before they could act on their fears. They always called the boy that name...or called him "Death incarnate" because according to the towns' people bad things happened when the boy was around.

Then one night, Brianna could remember hearing shouting coming from the neighbours and her bedroom door being locked from the outside.[b "Bri, stay here. There is something your mother and I have to do. But we will be back. Promise."] Came her father's muffled voice from his lips being pressed against the wooden door. [#2d8ae6 "B-but daddy!"] Yelped the little girl of six as she happened to try to twist and pull on the golden knob but to no avail. And when she called out again, a door slammed and even more flickers of light could be seen from beyond the glass of her window. She wanted to sneak out because she had a VERY bad feeling, but being her parents' little angel , little Brianna could not find it in her heart to disobey her parents and so crawled back into her bed and covered her head with the blanket, crying at the fact that she was left all alone and that there was something bad going to happen and she couldn't do anything to help change it.

In the morning, it had seemed the night was just a nightmare. Her door was unlocked and both her momma and daddy were in the kitchen. Her mother was making breakfast and pouring a cup of coffee for her father who was reading the morning paper. Bri was wondering if she had been dreaming because EVERYTHING was as normal as it had ever been. [#cb1310 "Good morning, sweetheart. How did you sleep?"] Her mother asked when Brianna had hopped up into her chair, kicking her feet that dangled above the floor. Perks to being a six year old and as tiny as she was. Grey-blue gaze went to the woman and she was studying her before she looked to her plate and began to play with her food. [#cb1310 "Brianna, aren't you going to answer me? And stop playing with your food."] [#2d8ae6 "I couldn't sleep...I...I had a bad dream."] The little girl whined as she looked up to her parents, her eyes sparkling with tears. She still felt really uneasy and even had a sinking in her very core. A feeling she could not understand.

Not long after "mob night" or as her parents told her "bad dream night", they packed everything up and moved to the city. They seemed to want to leave their home behind them and the past in the past. They also wanted to give Brianna a chance at a "normal" life. Or that was what she was told for the reason of their moving. And it was after they moved, maybe when she was thirteen did weird things start to happen. Brianna learned she had powers and abilities that neither of her parents did. She could see things that they couldn't...talk to animals...and other things that she still had NO idea of. It was when she froze something from falling in the kitchen did her mother and father sit her down and tell her the truth. They told her that they had found her abandoned on their doorstep when she was just a baby and since then they adopted her and she was their little angel. They always knew that she was special and a blessing to them. She had shown signs of her abilities but given the pastor and the people that they trained her not to use them. They also explained that because she was so pure that they wanted to keep her from the evils they used to live around.

Fifteen years had come and had gone. Brianna was twenty-one and had just graduated from college. And what was fun was her parents wanted to move back to the town that they had left all those years ago. Apparently, it was built up and a better place than it used to be. They also needed a music teacher, which had been what Bri had studied and so it would be the perfect place for her to get her start. Her mother and father all but begged her to move back with them and to help them move in. Still MOSTLY being their little angel and little girl, she did as they asked and decided to come "home" with them.

[b "Brianna, we're almost there."] Came the soft words of her father, shaking her from her trance like state. A small smile came to her lips and she nodded. [#2d8ae6 "Alright...I can't wait to see how things had changed...[i "And if MAYBE my memories will come back.."]] Her last words had been whispered. But before more could be said, her mother let out a scream and pointed to w yard where a man was lying facedown. Her father had the car screeching to a stop and both her parents were out of the car and all but running to the man, the pastor that they had once so devoutly followed.

Brianna was slower to get out of the car. She was about to make her way over, but she sensed something. Something that had once been so familiar to her. And slowly, the strawberry blonde turned and looked to the shadows, seeing a young man about her own age there. Just for a second, blue gaze caught the eyes looking back her way. She wanted to go towards him, but just like that he was gone. With a sigh, Bri turned and ran over to try and help her parents, though she made a silent promise that she would be trying to find the man. Just something was tugging him towards him. And she needed to know what or it would drive her crazy.

[#cb1310 "Brianna, help him. Use your powers.."] Her mother pleaded with her the moment she got to the three. The pastor looked to JUST be alive. And Brianna shook her head. [#2d8ae6 "I'm sorry, momma...but...but I can't. He's as good as dead. And being called to wherever his soul is meant to rest...I can't interfere with that.."] She whispered and like that, the pastor took his last breath, though his hand was pointed in the direction of the man Bri had seen.

Since there was nothing they could do, they called for an ambulance to have the old pastor taken and then they were on their way to the house. All the while, Brianna could not shake the feeling that there was a huge mystery about to unfold.
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Death is a strange thing, it reminds you that we are not immortal, that all life comes to an end at one point. The boy new this better than anyone else because Death seemed to always follow him no matter where he would go someone would always die. It had all started the day he saw Death, yes he had actually seen Death, his skin had been almost snow white and his clothes black as midnight, seems to pass through shadows standing there one minute and gone before he could speak or say anything to the dreaded apparition, but one day the boy had enough nerve to actually say something, it was a mid-summer day and his parents had told him to go and play outside and he decided it was time to explore and play in woods next to his home as he entered the woods there was Death sitting in a clearing the shadows of the trees seeming to be stretching out towards him covering him it was as of he swallowed up all light that even came near to him.

It has been so innocent, just a small boy wanting to say something to his shadow friend that no one else could see, so he had walked forward until his shoes touched the beginning of the shadows near Death and he spoke. [#123552 "Hello...Uhm..My names Lucas, what's yours?"] Death had jumped to us feet startled that someone had spoken out only to see the small boy standing before him looking up into his eyes, this had never happened before no one had ever seen him unless it was there time,but this was a small child who still have some time left on this earth, Death did not answer he only looked at the child in wild surprise before slowly the shadows seem to consume him and he had completely disappeared from view. Lucas a little rated by the fact that he had seen a man completely vanish in front of him turned and ran out of the woods trying to get back home before the woods decided to swallow him whole as well, he never noticed though as he ran his own shadow stretched out behind him and the grass and trees seemed to wither and age as he passed.

That was when it had started as soon as Lucas made it home he tried telling his story to his parents, whom were extremely strict and frowned on the open wondering minds of small children, his father decided enough was enough amd had reached for a belt that was always to close by for Lucas liking because it seemed to him his mind wondered too often, he tried to turn and brace himself for the blow he knew would soon come, but the belt never landed he turned to look at his father to see him clutching his chest and falling to the floor his Mother had screamed and rushed forward to catch his father and that's when Lucas saw it, the man from the doors appeared from the depths of his shadow reaching out it lightly touched his Mother's shoulder and she too stopped on the spot and fell to her knees her eyes wide with shock her eyes turning to him pleading almost as Death took her, Death had taken them both, he stood there now looking down at them before he turned to Lucas and smiled a horrible thing to see. [b "Now, you will only have Death, mo one else to care for you, only Me."] With that he sank back into Lucas shadow.

It was not long after this that everywhere he went Death went with him, if he stopped and spoke to anyone he could see the shadows stretching out and touching them and minutes later they would lay dead or dying behind him as he ran into the woods, the only thing that gave him hope was the girl, he had only seen her a few times. She would always speak to him in passing before her parents would start yelling and chasing after him calling him Satan's spawn, but as long as he never spoke to them Death seemed happy to leave them alone. His only wish was that he could get to know her better to actually be able to sit down and play with her to be a child, but he knew his childish days would never come because he had spoken to Death and now Death ruled his life, but the few times he was able to be near the girl and she would play close by trying her best to start a conversation with him, was the most normal he had ever felt in his life, but as soon as he seen the shadows start to edge her way he would remember that he had a very jealous first friend who only played for keeps.

Then one night while he was sleeping in his old home, which was rundown from the lack of care no one had wanted to buy or take care of the home once his parents had passed away he was woken by a loud yelling coming from outside rushing to the window he looked out to see a mob of people with flashlights and burning touches marching towards his home, Lucas was confused at first not sure why they where marching towards his home or why they seemed to be so angry especially the Pastor of the local church who he had seen in passing only a few times, Lacus eyes strained as he watched them in the night, but his heart almost stopped beating when he saw Death slowly walking behind them all his eyes seemed to be glowing and his evil cold smile was across his face and Lucas could see the shadows of the night all stretching out and racing towards his home towards him and he knew right than Death was coming, he fled from the house running as fast as his sma little feet would carry him into the trees and down a trail as fast as he could go the angry voices slowly fading into the night. [b "Foolish child..You cannot outrun me, I always catch my prey..there is no were to go besides into my embrace,"] The voice stopped the blood flowing from his veins as he looked to see Death standing over him a sad smile on his face.

The mobs voices suddenly grew louder where they had almost been completely gone and Lucas looked into the eyes of Death and knew there would be no more running, because in the end no one could escape Death. He turned as a light beam hit him from behind he looked up at the Pastor who looked down on him shaking his head he reached out and grabbed Lucas by the hand. "No more running Satan..we will end your regin of fear over our town tonight." Lucas didn't reply instead his eyes moved away from the pastor and closed and he pictured the girl who always tried to play with him and he thought to himself [#123552 "I wish I had spoken to her once.."] Than the pain ripped through his body as the mob surrounded him each one kicking, punching or in the Pastor's case stabbing him over and over again, but Lucas never cried, he never called out in pain or fear he just kept his eyes closed and waited for Death to end this all and claim the life he had already taken over.

Death stood next to him, it's hand resting on his shoulder as they looked on watching the mob of people slowly rip apart and destroy everything that they could of a small child. [b "Come boy, there is much to show you in this new life of yours . Because now you are a part of me for all of eternity."] Lucas did not reply he just followed after Death the two of them merging into the shadows before Lucas turned and looked behind him one last time at the supposedly Holy Pastor that was curving another piece out of his body and Lucas felt the rage build up inside of him. ,[#123552 "This is a promise..once I am back and free from Death...I am coming for you. I am coming for you all."] Than he disappeared into the surrounding shadows where Death had been waiting to show him what his new life would be for the rest of his eternal life. Fifteen years had come and gone the town bad buried the dirty little secret never speaking of it again leaving as they thought their past behind them, the girl's parents had taken her and moved away , but that didn't matter to Lucas anymore he only lived for one thing and that was to make good on his promise to himself. Fifteen years was a long time to hold a gurge, but Lucas could still feel his pure joy of the thought that his vengeance would finally start today.

He glided out of the shadows onto a well trimmed grass yard no one looked up no one saw him of course he was one with Death a reaper to bring in souls, and this soul was long overdue. There was the Pastor standing on his front yard seeming to be inspecting his grass and flowerbeds, nut none of this mattered to Lucas he was only looking forward to one thing. As he reached the Pastor all the shadows seemed to stretch out towards him and a cloud alled across the face of the Sun, Lucas reached out and grabbed the Pastor hand who jumped and twisted to look into the eyes of Lucas who only smiled. "Y-You..! It can't be! I...I stopped you!" Lucas only smiled as he leaned forward and whispered into the Pastor's ear. [#123552 "There is someone your going to meet his been waiting a long time for his Son to come home..When you get there tell Satan Lucas says Hi."] Lucas took his hand and tapped the chest of the Pastor who eyes were slowly widening as he realized what Lucas meant he tried to speak, but the pain in his eyes was so clear his hand grabbed his chest and dropped to the ground Lucas turned and vanished into the shadows nearby popping back out down the road walking towards his old home.

He smiled as he thought about what the Pastor would be dealing with for the rest of eternity because no amount of begging or pleading would ever free him from where he had just been sent too, behind him he heard tires stretching to a halt someone had already found the body Lucas stopped and turned around to watch as an older couple jumped out of the vechiel and ran towards the Pastor they looked vaguely familiar, but then another movement caught his eyes and turned to look there and his eyes meet another pair of eyes looking straight at him, a very pretty young woman looking his way and he felt deep within himself that he knew her somehow. [b "Don't forget Lucas..you belong to me, if it wasn't for me, you would have no vengeance. "] Death's voice echoed out of the depths of the shadows near him. Lucas did not turn he did not look for the voice he wasn't surprised that He was here watching over him , Lucas looked at the woman a little longer before turning and walking away he would have to watch himself , he could not get caught doing that again or drawing close to anyone because Death comes for everyone and he wouldn't want to lose something else in his eternal doom bound life.
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