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[center [font "Bold Script Font" Opposites Attract]

[b Roxy ] had always been on the run she had always gotten into trouble with the law and her family. [b Muse A] Had always been on the right track of things they had a good job and is well known by everyone. Everyone loved them. [b Roxy ] happens to run into [b Muse A] and it causes a little bit of trouble. [b Muse A] had been a wonderful relationship until [b Roxy ] had come into the picture.

Can they escape reality together or will they be bitter to each other no matter what?

Looking for this to be either an FxF or MxF
Also for someone playing as muse A.
There is no age limit on this
Character limit is a minimum of 500 characters
No instant romance
I don't have any preference for photos for the characters
[+red WARNING for foul language, drug use, and referencing of it]
Pm me if interested


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Roxy closed her eyes and tried to relax a little bit. It was no use she couldn't fall asleep it was getting to be too much. She sighed as she opened her eyes and crawled out of bed. Roxy shivered slightly and headed downstairs she pulled out a box of cigarettes as she got outside. She knew this would hurt her worse but she shrugged it off.
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As she got outside she leaned up against the apartment building and sighed as she put the box in her pocket. She didn't end up smoking. Roxy just thought it'd be best if she got some fresh air in her. She winced as another wave of sharp pains hit her. She groaned as it hit. She tried to keep herself steady as she stood there. Her breath was super shakey as stood up straight and started to head back into the building.
  Roxy Jones / Sf_Pappy / 7d 17h 35m 12s
Around the same exact time Leon began to wake up from a cold sweat, he gasped and the cold room air mixed with the cold,icy, nighttime air filled his lungs. His heart was beating fast and his head was pounding. Leon stumbled out of his bed before making his way to the bathroom. He fell against the bathroom door, struggling to get it open. After a few minutes of struggling he opened the door and stared at himself in the mirror, he seen that blood had been dripping from his nose and his eyes were slightly red. He rubbed his eyes before feeling his world go dark, suddenly he collapsed onto the bathroom floor making a loud thud sound. His girlfriend had woken up and ran to his side to keep him awake, But he was already unconscious. She grabbed her phone and called the hospital to come get him.
  Leon Townsend / NatakaStargazer / 8d 12h 18m 32s
Around about 4 in the morning, Roxy woke up in excruciating pain. She tried to ignore the pain that was there. [+purple ''Fuck!''] she yelled out as the pain kept getting worse. On top of the pain, she was in right now was her ribs still being broken. She refused to go to the hospital. She hatted them with an absolute passion.
[center -]
Roxy struggled to sit up the more she struggled the more the pain had intensified. She ended up getting herself onto the floor but that still wasn't much help. She got up slowly to try and steady herself. Roxy was still refusing to go to the hospital. She slowly went into her room to go lay down. She stared at the ceiling as she laid down.
  Roxy Jones / Sf_Pappy / 12d 23h 57m 16s
Leon fell asleep while petting his sleeping girlfriend, thinking about his past he had a strange dream. A dream where he was back in time, reliving all of his childhood but with another person...the girl he seen earlier. She was there suffering with him, he was able to find out they much alike had the same type of struggle. His father had abandoned him since his was child, his mother tried to make enough money to feed them both. While keeping the house. At 8 his mother had lost the house and was forced to live in their car because no one would help.

They almost got killed by some gang members. It had been November 24th,2011...Thanksgiving day. They were driving to a friends house because they were invited to have thanksgiving dinner. They had an apartment to live in once she had enough money. After a evening of giving thanks,eating, and leon playing with some friends they had to go home. But on their way home a masked man ran up to the car with a gun in his hand, and yanked his mother out. He had tried to pistol whip her with the gun but she was too furious for him to control. He tried to shoot her in the arm but the bullet missed and hit the car. But he knocked her unconscious. Leon was afraid...afraid that his mother would die so he tried to defend her. He tried bringing the man down from his leg...but all he got was a kick to the stomach and several more to his arms,chest,and legs. But Leon stood strong, he got back onto his feet after minutes of torture from the individual. Something snapped in him that just gave him the sudden strength to punch the man in the stomach, kick him in the nuts,Uppercut to his jaw, and snatch the gun out his hand. No one had been out there to see nor hear what was happening...and that was good because that was the day leon kissed his youth and innocence goodbye....and grew into a man. He gripped the gun in his palms with shaky hands, he was afraid and angry. And with a sudden pull of a trigger he shot the man dead. His breathing intensified...but before he could say anything his mother threw him inside the car, and raced off to their house.

They later gone to the hospital to get checked up on, they found out that his mother just suffered a head injury that would heal in just a couple days. And Leon had suffered a broken wrist from the knockback of the handgun. He was wrapped in a cast...but when his mother asked what he had done with the gun he told her he kept it...as a prize.
  Leon Townsend / NatakaStargazer / 13d 1h 42m 28s
Roxy blinked back tears as she got home. She shook her head trying to calm herself down some. She went to her room and closed the curtains and blinds. She shut the door behind her and got into some comfy clothes. Which consisted of a long baggy hoodie with a pair of spandex on. Roxy walked out of her room and sat on her couch. She curled up and had ended up falling asleep which she didn't intend on. She snored quietly as she slept.
[center -]
Roxy was always tensed no matter what she was doing. It just came along with all of her stress and anxiety that she had piled onto her daily life. It caused mostly by all of the hurt and pain she is storing inside she never tells anyone about it because she is too scared if she opens up too much she'll just scare people away.
  Roxy Jones / Sf_Pappy / 14d 15h 56m 58s
Leon thought about the stranger that he had given money to, they were really suffering. He truly knew how it felt....acting tough to others,hustlin,having nothing. The encounter made him think about the days when mama didn't have enough money to get food...he had to eat ketchup on white bread, syrup of white bread, ice. He was lucky...no blessed with the life he was given. This really had him reflect and shed a few tears...tears that he shed almost everyday while growing up with that hard-hellish life.
  Leon Townsend / NatakaStargazer / 14d 16h 49m 19s
Roxy stood there dumbfounded she looked at him as he gave her money [+purple ''Sir... Im fine. you don't need to give me money.''] She said as she tried to give it back to him as he left.
[center -]
She rubbed the back of her neck and sighed some she watched as he walked away. Roxy slowly began to walk home. She thought a lot about what the stranger had told her. But being tough was the only thing she had it was the only thing that protected her after she left her parent's house for good. Roxy was hiding from her past never wanting to look back at it.
  Roxy Jones / Sf_Pappy / 16d 16h 54m 0s
[+cyan "I mean't people who don't have manners...everyone has a side hustle....don't forget that rando. I had one before I landed on something amazing."] Leon said half annoyed, he walked ahead of her before stopping midstep. [+cyan "Listen sweetheart...playing tough won't get you everywhere. It'll only get you to where you need to go for a short amount of time. It's not long lasting..I can also tell you're struggling so here."] Leon pulled out his wallet before handing her $550.75 which was only a fraction of the amount of money he has saved up. He pushed his wallet down into his pocket, slowly heading back to the apartments. With a grin on his face He said, [+cyan "Try not to piss off anyone else"] while walking towards the entrance before he picked up the pizza then headed back to his apartment. And good thing his girlfriend was asleep....Leon was able to slip out of his bloody clothing, put it into a garbage bag, then dump it under all the other garbage.
  Leon Townsend / NatakaStargazer / 17d 17h 57m 49s
Roxy tensed some as she saw Leon attack the man she was doing business with. [+purple ''Please tell me you won't report me..''] she said quietly. Her guard was completely down for about a millisecond. [+purple ''Nevermind I don't care if you report me..'']
[center -]
She shook her head as she headed back to the apartment complex [+purple ''And it truly sucks that people like me make you sick. It's all I have as a job.''] Roxy had a very cocky attitude to most people. [+purple ''Also, don't even try to get close to me.'']
  Roxy Jones / Sf_Pappy / 17d 23h 22m 46s
Leon snuck up behind the figure and stabbed him from behind, before he could even get the chance to shoot he got his arm broken by Leon's knee. [+cyan "People like you make me sick bastard"] He said before stomping on his face repeatedly. Almost in a steady beat like a hard pounding on some drums. The figure had died and Leon observed his clothing, he had blood on his shirt and pants. He sighed and threw the body in the dumpster before removing his shirt and cutting off the bloody spots on his pants. [+cyan "Finish whatever the hell you were doing and go somewhere."]
  Leon Townsend / NatakaStargazer / 18d 5h 17m 57s
[+purple ''Yes, I do..''] Roxy held up the concealed baggie of goods. [+purple ''Now will you please move that damn gun away from me?''] She got a bit cocky [+purple ''Is that all you want? If so I want you to pay me right now so I can get home.''] she snapped and she meant business when she got like this [+purple ''And besides that point do want us to get caught by the police?''] Roxy knew she was pushing it but it's how she was and there was no changing it whatsoever. [+purple ''And one more thing don't fucking try to rush me.''] She spat.
  Roxy Jones / Sf_Pappy / 18d 12h 52m 1s
Leon walked up to his room and placed the pizza down, he picked up a joint he rolled and walked outside. He noticed the girl was missing as well as a sudden hooded figure pushing past him. He followed the figure quietly before hearing the figure start asking questions.

[+red "Hey baby you got the goods?"] The figure said with a smile under his face. [+red "If so...I want all of it and more got it bitch?!"] The figure pulled out a m1911 pistol then held it right at her head with murderous intent if she wasn't going to do what he demanded.

Leon waited a little while longer before slipping behind a garbage bin and waiting for the right time to strike, the man began to get restless and start kicking over a soaked box. [+red "HURRY UP DAMNIT!"]
  Leon Townsend / NatakaStargazer / 18d 13h 6m 36s
[+Purple ''Im not that dumb and I was outside dumbass. Also if I get kicked out I get kicked out''] Roxy said in a semi-bitter tone. She took another drag of the cigarette. She watched him briefly and muttered [+purple ''Some people are so dumb..'']
[center -]
Roxy started to walk away from the apartments and put out the cigarette. She sighed as she went through an ally way and waited for the person to come and buy the drugs from her. She hoped it wouldn't be an office undercover like a few months ago.
  Roxy Jones / Sf_Pappy / 18d 15h 20m 7s
Leon had been sitting on his bed waiting for a pizza to arrive...when he had seen that it was outside the apartment complex. He looked out his room window then walked towards the front door of his apartment, slowly he walked down the hall and to the elevator. While arriving to the elevator he noticed that it was broken so he cussed under his breath.
[+cyan "You've gotta be fucking kidding me..."] He walked to the staircase and placed his hand over his right pocket, in the pocket was a dagger. He arrived to the front door of the apartment complex and paid the pizza guy, he took the box of pizza and walked past Roxy. [+cyan "Smoking inside isn't allowed..you could get kicked out you know."
  Leon Townsend / NatakaStargazer / 18d 23h 12m 42s
Roxy decided to take a walk that always seemed to take her mind off of certain things. She headed out the door and locked it as she walked out of her apartment. Well walking out she pulled out another cigarette and lit it as she got outside of the building. She coughed some after taking a drag. Which resulted in her coughing up more blood. She winced some but otherwise shrugged it off there wasn't much that could be done anyways,. Roxy grew up pretty much by herself mainly because her parents were always gone that probably is the reason she ended up like this in the first place anyways.
  Roxy Jones / Sf_Pappy / 19d 3h 2m 20s

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