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Roleplay: ѕpellѕ and poтιonѕ

ѕpellѕ and poтιonѕ

/ By Hana_Panda13 [+Watch]

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[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/RGLqS9l.jpg][#FFFFFF •••][pic https://i.imgur.com/FK3x6od.jpg]]

[center [font "times new roman" [size20 ╔══════════════════════════════════╗

[center [size12 [font "times new roman" At the age of twenty, young witches come into their powers. Many don't know they are a witch unless born into a magic wielding family. Once they come into their gifts, they are sent to a school of their choice to learn how to control their magic and to see what more they can do. Some witches are known to revoke their gifts while many embrace them.]]]

[center [size12 [font "times new roman" Arcane Academy is one of the many school in the United states that is a magic school, only this one is made up of only girls. That is until the all boy school, their rival, mysteriously burned down. It had killed many and even reached some of the mortal houses that weren't even aware of the school's presence, due to a veil placed on the school to keep it hidden.]]]

[center [size12 [font "times new roman" Arcane has now taken in it's male counter parts and the transition has not been easy. Nor has the search to find the cause of the fire. Now not only do the students have to survive their classes and dealing with their enemies of the opposite sex, they must survive the killer that is on the loose.]]]

[center [size12 [font "times new roman" Sounds easy enough, right?]]]

[center [font "times new roman" [size20 ╔══════════════════════════════════╗
[b [#6d757e STUDENTS]]

[size12 [#FFFFFF •••••] Hana_Panda13][center [pic https://i.imgur.com/chT1MqH.png][#FFFFFF •••][pic https://i.imgur.com/foNhPKH.jpg]][right [size12 Sabina De Armas][#FFFFFF ••••.]]

[#FFFFFF •••••]»[size10 June 4th]
[#FFFFFF •••••]»[size10 Female]
[#FFFFFF •••••]»[size10 Witch]
[#FFFFFF •••••]»[size10 Siphoning; Can absorb powers from others through touch]
[#FFFFFF •••••]»[size10 Single]

[#FFFFFF •••••]»[size10 [#6d757e Intelligent] | Rude | [#6d757e Flirtatious] | Sarcastic | [#6d757e Blunt] | Sassy]

[size12 [#FFFFFF •••••] Muta][center [pic https://i.imgur.com/dsIm8Fp.png][#FFFFFF •••][pic https://i.imgur.com/wvcU0tT.jpg]][right [size12 Warren Sanders][#FFFFFF ••••.]]

[#FFFFFF •••••]»[size10 November 17th]
[#FFFFFF •••••]»[size10 Male]
[#FFFFFF •••••]»[size10 Warlock]
[#FFFFFF •••••]»[size10 Ignition; Fire manipulation, combustion, explosives]
[#FFFFFF •••••]»[size10 Single]

[#FFFFFF •••••]»[size10 [#6d757e Loyal] | Impulsive | [#6d757e Brave] | Trusting | [#6d757e Compassionate] | Sensitive]

[size12 [#FFFFFF •••••] Muta][center [pic https://i.imgur.com/4Nkvi7l.png][#FFFFFF •••][pic https://i.imgur.com/41y35Jm.png]][right [size12 Declan Graves][#FFFFFF ••••.]]

[#FFFFFF •••••]»[size10 October 31st]
[#FFFFFF •••••]»[size10 Male]
[#FFFFFF •••••]»[size10 Warlock]
[#FFFFFF •••••]»[size10 Erebokinesis; shadow manipulation]
[#FFFFFF •••••]»[size10 Single]

[#FFFFFF •••••]»[size10 [#6d757e Clever] | Blunt | [#6d757e Playful] | Wry | [#6d757e Cunning] | Reckless]

[size12 [#FFFFFF •••••] ButterflyRose][center [pic http://i.imgur.com/1ldWkTL.jpg][#FFFFFF •••][pic http://i.imgur.com/kis8shB.jpg]][right [size12 Sarai Duncan][#FFFFFF ••••.]]

[#FFFFFF •••••]»[size10 October 13th]
[#FFFFFF •••••]»[size10 Female]
[#FFFFFF •••••]»[size10 Witch]
[#FFFFFF •••••]»[size10 Ice Manipulation; The user can create, shape and manipulate ice, water frozen into a solid state]
[#FFFFFF •••••]»[size10 Single]

[#FFFFFF •••••]»[size10 [#6d757e Loyal] | Closed Off | [#6d757e Loving] | Distant | [#6d757e Blunt] | Stubborn]

[size12 [#FFFFFF •••••] ButterflyRose][center [pic https://i.imgur.com/Ac1FuPP.jpg][#FFFFFF •••][pic https://i.imgur.com/q1qU7OZ.jpg]][right [size12 Theodore Wilkes][#FFFFFF ••••.]]

[#FFFFFF •••••]»[size10 July 4th]
[#FFFFFF •••••]»[size10 Male]
[#FFFFFF •••••]»[size10 Warlock]
[#FFFFFF •••••]»[size10 Telekinesis user can influence/manipulate/move objects/matter with their mind.]
[#FFFFFF •••••]»[size10 Single]

[#FFFFFF •••••]»[size10 [#6d757e Helpful] | Flirt | [#6d757e Romantic] | Asshole | [#6d757e Protective] | Damaged]

[size12 [#FFFFFF •••••] nyfeli][center [pic https://64.media.tumblr.com/61d7a5cc7b3b37310f69a9c580007f08/tumblr_pr81uq176G1x5406co8_250.gif][#FFFFFF •••][pic https://i.imgur.com/xyvat7r_d.webp?maxwidth=640&shape=thumb&fidelity=medium]][right [size12 Charles "Charlie" Dupré][#FFFFFF ••••.]]

[#FFFFFF •••••]»[size10 March 4th]
[#FFFFFF •••••]»[size10 Male]
[#FFFFFF •••••]»[size10 Warlock]
[#FFFFFF •••••]»[size10 Compulsion; the power to influence/manipulate others actions & thoughts]
[#FFFFFF •••••]»[size10 Complicated]

[#FFFFFF •••••]»[size10 [#6d757e Poetic] | Friendly | [#6d757e Mysterious] | Sinister | [#6d757e Alluring] | Persuasive]


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[center [pic https://64.media.tumblr.com/1887698a9eca46b570088c25d791e815/7ac529dd2159237c-26/s400x600/1c74103a5f4fb60d8e9d97077bcb04b8131481d1.png]]

[font "times new roman" [size10 [i [b [#7FB3D5 Five Months Ago]]]]] [#faffff .] [size12 [#7FB3D5 ✱]] [#faffff .] [font "times new roman" [i [size10 Charlie adjusted the collar of his button down pale blue dress shirt, straightening it out as he walked down the main hall back to his duties in the library. Thankfully that night Charlie was working alone and it was almost evening time so his absence could easily go un-noticed... but the lack of work done wouldn't if he didn't kick into gear and get it all done before it was time to lock up the library.

He looked down at his wristwatch, 7:03pm... He had just under an hour to finish putting away the returned books and shuffle any straggling students. Perfect, he would have plenty of time.

Usually on a Sunday there would be more last-second students trying to raise their grades but tonight was a graduation ceremony for Seniors which made things pretty relaxed and easy. Charlie lugged around the library at a cozy pace, outting away books that had been in the return box along with some books that had been left out on the reading tables.

Charlie had just checked his watch to see it was around 7:40pm when he noticed he could smell something burning. Funny, there shouldn't have been anyone in the science and alchemy labs... Where could that be coming from? As Charlie moved towards the emergency exit he could tell the scent was only getting stronger. The young warlock shoved the exit open to be greeted by angry flames and embers.

[b [#7FB3D5 "Fuck"]] he exclaimed, smoke immediately assaulting his lungs and causing for him to cough violently. Charlie backed away from the door and sprinted to the nearest fire alarm, yelling for anyone to hear that there was a fire. Everyone must've been at the ceremony... His only choice was to trip the fire alarm.

The alarm rang loudly through the halls and tiny sprinkles of water fell from the ceiling as Charlie slipped out of the school to the safety of the front lawn... Hopefully no one would get hurt.]]]

[size12 [#7FB3D5 ✱ ✱ ✱]] [#faffff .] [font "times new roman" [i [size10 Hours later Charlie found himself sitting across from a detective... And not the mortal kind either. His father and the Dupré family advisor were now with him, obviously he was going to be questioned just like the rest of the students but their "good name" was at now at risk.

[b "I officially have to ask that you do not try to use your powers while in this room, we have binding spells that will punish you if you do so."] He sounded bored, as if having said this line a million times over. Charlie nodded to showed he understood. The detective let out a heavy sigh and slide open the file that sat on the table in front of him. [b "You help out in the library? How often?"]

[b [#7FB3D5 "Yes I became a library TA my sophomore year."]] Charlie's eyes glanced over to his father for a moment before he fixed them back on the detective. [b [#7FB3D5 "I help out Saturday through Tuesday."]]

[b "And why were you by yourself?"]

[b [#7FB3D5 "Sunday nights the librarian gets the day off and we are open for the second half of the day and close early at 8pm."]]

It went on like that for awhile, being asked mundane questions and Charlie giving lots of easy answers he didn't even really have to think about. He was beginning to daze off when the detective asked an unexpected question. [b "And why did you leave the library at 6:42pm?"]

Charlie froze, how did he know that? Again his eyes flicked over to his father, but this time there was a look of urgency in them. The legal advisor seemed to nod to Charlie's father before he spoke up. [b [#438D80 "My son will answer no further questions at this time."]]

[b "Let him answer the--"]

[b [#438D80 "Unless you are going to charge my son with a crime, detective, we [u are] leaving."]]

Silence fell, and the detective signed with defeat before pulling out a small business card and shoved it into Charlie's hands. [b "If you remember anything, call."] He then got up and let the three out of the small room. When Charlie got into the car he looked down at the business card and studied it carefully.]]]

[font "times new roman" [size10 [i [b [#7FB3D5 Present Day]]]]] [#faffff .] [size12 [#7FB3D5 ✱]] [#faffff .] [font "times new roman" [i [size10 Charles sat in the back of the rental vehicle with his younger sister, Scarlette, who had just turned 20... Resulting in the two of them going to Arcane Academy together. Charlie would have preferred to spent his Junior and Senior years at the institute where he was comfortable but he'd managed to land himself the same Library Assistant here at Arcane so he at least had something to look forward to.

It'd been months since the fire that took place at Durmose Institute ruined their school beyond repair He was no longer considered a suspect but that specific detective, who is still working on the case, didn't really seem to believe Charlie was telling the whole truth and kept his eye on him. Hopefully getting back to school would ease Charlie of this stress.

[b [#9a92b9 "Charlie?"]] the sound of his sister's voice broke him from these thoughts. [b [#9a92b9 "Are you alright?"]]

[b [#7FB3D5 "Yeah, I was just thinking."]] Charlie adjusted himself to sit up straight in his seat and offered her a half-assed smile.

[b [#9a92b9 "So you're gonna help me study right?"]]

[b [#7FB3D5 "Yeah, but don't go showing up to my dorm unannounced okay? I can just meet you at your dorms if you need anything and we can study in the library."]]

[b [#9a92b9 "What if I just miss my older brother?"]] Scarlette teased, nudging him with her shoulder.

[b [#7FB3D5 "Trust me, I'll make time Scar."]] he assured as the vehicle pulled up to the front of Arcane Academy. The Dupré siblings got out of each of their sides of the car simultaneously and the driver popped the trunk. Charlie only had two bags with him since alot of his things had been lost in the fire and needed repurchasing. [b [#7FB3D5 "I'll help you carry your stuff to your room since I don't have to carry much."]] He told her as he grabbed a couple of Scarlette's bags, she grabbed the remaining and the two of them headed towards the school building.

Charlie stayed close behind his sister as the two of them wandered around the halls, they were both just as new to the place and neither of them had a sense of direction worth shit. After a couple of almost-turns and treading they had found their way to the correct building that his sister would be living in. The last names were displayed outside the dorms so finding hers wasn't difficult.

He ended up standing out in the hallway outside his sister's dorm while she gushed over being the first one there and immediately started unpacking-- forgetting about poor Charlie still standing there holding his stuff.

In the distance, the tone of bitchiness could be heard and echoed down the hall. Charlie leaned back and peeked in that direction curiously, boy was he glad to not be living so close to that racket.
  ᶜʰᵃʳˡⁱᵉ / nyfeli / 8d 23h 46m 55s
[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Abel]
[left [pic https://i.imgur.com/sUppe11.jpg]]
[center [abel [size15 [i [b [#626262 “Again,”]] his mother instructed.

Warren inhaled through his nose and out through his mouth. Focusing on the energy circulating through his body, he counted a beat before snapping his fingers. Ten candles ignited in unison, their flames roaring before dulling into a tame flicker.

[b [#626262 “Good,”]] purred the woman, adjusting the glasses on the bridge of her nose. Circling the candles, she studied the flames silently. With a wave of her hand, she snubbed the flames, the smell of hot wick filled the room.

Crossing his hands behind his back, Warren hovered by his mother trying to see what she was seeing. The two had been practicing since his twentieth birthday. Warren had proven not to anyone’s surprised, to be a natural. No less was expected from the tenth generation Warlock in the Sonders family. The Sonders were an old bloodline native to Northern Vermont. They had produced generation after generation of powerful witches and wizards. Warren would prove no different.
His mother surveyed her son with cold eyes. Her gaze lingered on his face for a moment before she cracked a small smile. “You make me so proud, Warren,” she cooed, placing a hand on his cheek.

Leaning into her touch, Warren closed his eyes. Her cool fingers felt nice against his hot face. [b [#b30000 “Thanks mom,"]] he murmured, [b [#b30000 I am going to miss you.”]]

[b [#626262 “I am going to miss you too honey,”]] she replied, her voice wavered. For a moment, Warren thought she would cry. But she swallowed and pulled away from him. Striding to the door, her movement closer to a waltz than a walk, she paused in the doorway, [b [#626262 “I am going to help your father with dinner. Make sure you’re packed for school.”]]]

[b [u A week later.]]

The car ride had been silent. Warren sat in the back seat squished between the window and his familiar Amaury. It was days like this he wondered what it would be like to have a [i smaller] familiar.
Warren's father was quiet as he stared at the road ahead of him.

It wasn’t that Warren had a bad relationship with his parents. They were more traditional than most. Warren spoke when spoken to. He studied hard and practiced harder. The standard wasn’t impossible for a Sonders. This definitely created a rift between Warren and his parents but he knew they meant well. They wanted a strong future for their son and it showed.

Warren rested his forehead on the window, his eyes following the trees passing in a blur. He knew academically what to expect from Arcane, but not socially. For a moment, he worried about his roommate. What if they didn’t get along? Shaking his head, he pushed the anxiety from mind. A large, furry head rested in Warren’s lap. Tangling his fingers in the lion’s mane, Warren was thankful for his familiar during the long car rides.

His father cleared his throat, pulling Warren’s attention from his thoughts. Sitting up, he caught the man’s eye in the mirror. [b [#333399 “We are here.”]] He said, the academy coming into view. It looked the same as it did during the summers he spent there as a boy.

Once parked, the two men unloaded the car. Warren slung one bag over his shoulder and took his suitcase in one hand. With his free hand, he patted Amaury on the head. The lion nuzzled into his palm almost knocking the boy over.
[b [#333399 “Alright you two, I will see you in class on Monday. Text me when you’re settled in.”]] His father smiled, resting a hand on Warren’s shoulder. Giving it a squeeze, he bid farewell before disappearing into the main office.

Warren met the gaze of his lion. His amber eyes stared intently back at his master. Nodding, he whispered to himself. [b [#b30000 “It’s now or never.”]]
Toting his things across campus, he made a B-line for the newly built boys’ dormitory. As he walked, he admired the cool weather. Campus was always beautiful around this time of year.

Padding down the hall, Warren read the names on the doors until he found his. [b Graves, Sonders.] He unlocked the door and he slowly opened it. He was the first to arrive. Letting out a sigh of relief, Warren discarded his things and threw himself onto an empty bed. Amaury sauntered after, lunging onto the bed. The big cat melted around his master. Warren closed his eyes and wrapped his arms around his familiar. [b [#b30000 “A nap sounds nice, Amaury.”]] He whispered.
  |spells| / muta / 14d 4h 38m 32s
[center [i [font "times new roman" [b [u Three Weeks Ago.]]]]]

[font "times new roman" The black haired female looked towards the trees in front of her. Her father was standing behind her, his arms crossed over his chest. [b "Focus Sarai, you got this"] he said lightly. The woman let out a slow breath, reached her hand out and some of the trees had ice creeping up their trunks. She let out a small yelp of surprise and jumped back. The moment her eyes were away from the trees was when the ice melted away. Her heart was hammering inside of her chest. [#D7ACAC "Did that really just happen?"] she breathed out. The older male closed the distance between them, and swept her up off her feet. [b "You did it baby! I knew you could do it!"] the older male yelled.]

[font "times new roman" A laugh escaped the young woman as her father twirled her around, and then she was placed back onto her feet. [b "I knew you could do it. I knew that Arcane was going to be getting an amazing young, talented witch like yourself. Let's work on it a little bit more, and then we can call it a day"] he promised her. Sarai on the other hand wanted nothing more than to just go home and tell her mother about it all. She knew her mother would be really proud of her as well. Right when she was about to do it again, was when Malachi came bursting though the trees out of breath. [b "Malachi? What's going on?"] the male asked.]

[font "times new roman" [b [i "It's your wife sir.. She's slipping away a lot faster than we thought.. Rosa sent me out here to fetch the two of you"]] he said. That's all it took for the father and daughter duo. They gathered up their things and hurried back to their cabin. The male was the first one to burst through the door. [b "Miranda? Honey, are you okay?"] he asked as he knelt by his wife's bed. Sarai stopped in the doorway and looked towards her mother in the bed. Her heart was breaking inside of her chest. Seeing her mother laying there broke her even more. The older woman looked towards her daughter and held her other hand out. Sarai made her way into the room and sat on the edge of her bed, and took her hand in her own.]

[font "times new roman" [#ff00ff "I don't have much longer. I can feel myself slipping away even more. The poison worked it's way through my body a lot faster. Sarai I want you to stay strong baby. You have been accepted into an amazing school, and I don't want you missing out on it at all. You are going to be an amazing young witch"] she said lightly. Sarai lifted her mother's hand to her cheek and nodded lightly. [#D7ACAC "I promise you I will not fail you momma..."] she said softly, her voice cracking. Miranda then turned her eyes to her husband. [#ff00ff "August, I want you to know how much I love you. Please don't waste your life away after I'm gone"]]

[font "times new roman" [#ff00ff "I want you to find another wife, and I want you to get married again. Take care of our daughter, and make sure she follows her dreams"] she breathed out. The male nodded and leaned over pressing his lips to her forehead. [b "I promise you baby I won't waste away. I'll wait as long as I need too, and I will make sure our baby chases her dreams. I love you so much"] he said, his own voice cracking. The little family fell silent, and as the minutes ticked by Miranda's eyes slowly drifted closed, and then she was gone. Her father was the first to exit the room, tears streaming down his face. Sarai shifted and curled up next to her dead mother. [#D7ACAC "I love you momma..."] she whispered.]

[font "times new roman" She laid there for the longest time letting the tears fall, listening to her father's painful cries in the next room. She closed her eyes, wrapped her arms around herself as the pain washed over her.]

[center [i [font "times new roman" [b [u Present Day.]]]]]

[font "times new roman" It's been three weeks since her mother died and she was still going to be attending Arcane. Since then she hasn't really practiced using her powers, and her father has been shut off from her too. A small sigh passed through her lips as she finished packing up her things. When she was done Malachi walked into the room. [b [i "Are you ready to go?"]] he asked her. The young woman looked up and nodded lightly. [#D7ACAC "Just finished"] she said lightly. The male nodded and helped her take her things to the car. She stopped long enough to knock on her father's door, and he answered right away.]

[font "times new roman" The woman looked up towards him and smiled sadly. [#D7ACAC "I just wanted to let you know I was leaving"] she said softly. The male opened his arms and she stepped into them. She hugged her father tightly, and he wrapped his arms around her in return. [b "I'm sorry Bug that I haven't been around.. I'm so proud of you though. As soon as you get there, let me know"] he whispered into her ear. When he finally let her go, she promised she would call him as soon as she got there. They said their final goodbyes, and then she was slipping out of the cabin, and into the car with Malachi. She took one last look at her home, and felt her heart breaking.]

[font "times new roman" She was glad to be going to Arcane, and she felt like she would finally be able to learn to control her powers better. She knew she had something else crawling around under her skin, but she didn't know what it was. The drive there didn't take long at all. At least that's how it felt. When Malachi pulled up in front of the school and helped her out with her bags, she thanked the male and then made her way inside. There were other students around, and she felt her heart skipping a beat. She felt like she could be apart of something. She slowly made her way to her dorm room. She was the first one there, and she claimed one of the two beds inside.]

[font "times new roman" As she was making herself comfortable, she heard the door open and then a woman speaking. She looked up and was about to say hello when she saw that she was on the phone, and pretty much talking about her. She narrowed her eyes a bit as she watched her. The woman was a total bitch, complaining about not having her own dorm room. What was she? A spoiled princess or something? When the bitch called her a vampire, and pretty much said she needed a cheese burger or something, that really pissed her off. What the fuck did she think she was? She watched as the bitch stormed out of the room.]

[font "times new roman" She sighed lightly as she sat on the edge of her bed, crossed her arms and watched the bitch throwing her fit. This was going to be an interesting school year that's for sure. Something she hoped would soon change, but she wasn't going to hold her breath for long about it.]
  ѕpellѕ / ButterflyRose / 17d 8h 25m 59s
[left [pic https://i.imgur.com/L0QI3W8.jpg]][center [size12 [i "It's been a month. A month and she's shown no signs of having a gift." The lady of De Armas house paced back and forth in front of her husband as he leaned against his desk. "She shows promise in potions and such." He said as his wife continued to pace. "Sebastian, potions are a simple task. If a witch does not possess a gift than they might as well not be a witch at all. The goddess Hecate blesses her children with the gift. Simple potions and spells and Sabina might as well be just another mortal." The woman sighed as she collapsed on the chaise.]]]

[center [size12 [i "We will be the laughing stalk of the council. I can not take the humiliation." The council being the name of the coven that the De Armas family have been a part of for many years. They hoped that one of their children would finally be head of the council but now they had a daughter with no gift, the idea seemed fleeting. "Silas," the wife breathed a whisper. Her husband looked at her quizzable. "We can have Silas use his gift on her, make her forget all about this family, about this life. Tell the council she ran off with townie. They will show us sympathy and we can groom Silas to be the head. No reason for them to battle at the end of the school year."]]]

[center [size12 [i Sebastian was silent for a moment, fully considering it. A slight hesitation before nodding. "When Silas comes for dinner next week, we'll have him do it. We'llneed to make the preparations, i will not throw her out on the street." Sabina clenched her fist as pushed herself off the wall outside of her father's office. She heard every word that was said. If they planned to erase her memory, than she would make sure she left with them forever remembering her.]]]

[center [size12 [i [b [u One Week Later]]]]]

[center [size12 [i The days had moved like molasses, but when the night came for the family dinner, Sabina was ready. She learned that if they truly went through with this plan to have her out of the family than they should put her in theatre because she was an amazing actress. She was able to pretend for an entire weak that she had no idea what they had planned and continued to be "excited" about going to Arcane in a few days. Which was the original reason that Silas was here, to take her to the school. But now because of no signs of her having a gift, she was not going.]]]

[center [size12 [i The De Armas family sat at the table, discussing council matters and Sabina's first year. Frauds, all of them. Pretending as though they were still going to send her. Sabina barely ate what was on her plate, she pushed the food around more than she actually ate it. Her entire body was on edge, ready for the moment that Silas would strike. The hand that was not clutching her fork, lingered over the butcher knife she took from the kitchen this morning and set in her chair for when it was dinner time. The minutes ticked by slowly almost standing still at moments.]]]

[center [size12 [i She noticed the glances between her brother and her parents. She could tell that Silas was much more hesitant than her parents. With a slight sigh, he turned to her, "Sabina." This was it. This was the moment. In seconds, she dropped her fork and grabbed ahold of her brother's, but before she could lift the other hand with the butcher knife, she was struck with this feeling. It filled her power. Ran through every nerve in her body.]]]

[center [size12 [i From the pale look on her brother's face, she didn't have to guess what was happening. She had his gift, she was a siphoner. A slow smile appeared on her face as she stared her brother straight in the eyes. [#e192f6 "Well look at that, looks like I have a gift after all."] She looked to her mom and dad, both were confused on what was going on. [#e192f6 "I want all three of you to listen very carefully. You're going to forget that you ever wanted to erase any of my memories. You're going to forget this conversation as soon as I leave the room."] She was about to let go off Silas' arm before pausing. [#e192f6 "Mother dearest, father dearest,"] she turned to her parents. [#e192f6 "You remember making the decision that I will be the next head of the council."]]]]

[center [size12 [i She released Silas' arm and stood up. Adjusting her skirt, she realized she still had the butcher knife in her hand. Shrugging her shoulders, she slammed the knife down in the table and gave her family a bright smile. [#e192f6 "Okay, I'm going to go finish packing. Enjoy the rest of your dinner."] Giggling, she practically skipped out of the room.]]]

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/SPLZ8HP.jpg]]

[center [size12 [font "times new roman" It was finally here, she was finally at Arcane. She was finally at the school that would help her advance at her skills and become a powerful witch. She could barely reign in her excitement as she walked up down the halls of the boarding buildings. Since the decision of adding boys to their student body, it seemed the built another boarding building for the males. She didn't care, as long as she still was getting her dorm all to herself, like she was promised by her brother, at the beginning of summer break.]]]

[center [size12 [font "times new roman" She finally made it to her dorm room to see that the door was cracked. Probably from when they brought her luggage in, they forgot to close the door all of the way. She would be sure to complain to someone about it later. She pushed the door open all of the way and was met with a terrible scene! Another girl was in the room and there was [u two] beds! [#e192f6 "What the fuck!?"] She didn't waste any time when she pulled out her phone and dialed her brother's number.]]]

[center [size12 [font "times new roman" Before Silas could even get out a greeting, she went into a rant. [#e192f6 "What the fuck is going on, Silas? You agreed I would have my own room and obviously that isn't the case. There's two beds in here, Silas!"] She looked the other girl up and down and scrunched her nose. [#e192f6 "They are dorming me with a generic ass looking vampire, Sil. She's all pale and looks like she needs a burger."] She didn't care if the girl could hear her, she didnt plan to be in this dorm room for long. She walked out into the hallway to finish her conversation, shoulder bumping another girl that was going by. [#e192f6 "Watch it,"] she snapped before continuing down the hall.]]]
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