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What happens when a joestar isn't found for another 100 years? Until the year 2111? A Joestar is found....but he didn't find out until he was 16 while studying his family tree. After staying up an entire night searching the web of his previous family members..he had a vision a short one. His great great great great grandfather Johnathan watching him...from a young age. Protecting him from every possible danger then suddenly vanishing. Worried about this vision he doesn't tell anyone....he wishes for it to not have been seen. He went to school like normal the next day until his bullies confronted him. It was a party of 4, their names. Terrance,Billy,Geo,and Sorad. They threw him onto the floor and began doing their daily torture, but this day was different....while they was kicking him into a mud pile he stood up...rather quickly. With Terrance getting interested in this new behavior he started with. "I think we broke the bitch boys!" with victorious laughter. But before he could get the rest of his laugh out the male slammed his fist into his jaw with a menacing smile swept across his face....he jumped onto the boy and pounded his jaw with machine gun blows, each punch sending a shockwave into his arm telling [i urging] him to keep going. The boy yelled out. "ILL BEAT YOU UNTIL YOU FUCKING DIE YOU PIECE OF SHIT! AHAHAHAHHAHA" He was mad...practically insane. That was when...the male was tackled by police and locked up....The male's name is Konoshi...Hayato and this is his Unknown Destiny.

Imma need a party of 5 so lets get 4 more people! I also need a bad guy with henchmen because It's a jojo roleplay why wouldn't there be a bad guy?
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Our Cast!
[ Konoshi Hayato]-The current Joestar.
[ Jotari Kujoh]-Aunt of Konoshi
[ Miles "Despo" Ardole]-Member of the Generation Rockstars
[ Micheal Jackson]-Foe to Friend
[ Hinari Haru]-Foe


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Konoshi's perspective:
I sat in my cell...the cell they kept me in for making someone pay for bullying me,hurting me,NO! For TORTURING ME CONSTANTLY, 365 DAYS FOR THE LAST DAMN 3 YEARS! I slammed my fist down onto the cold iron bed that I sat on...Waiting to be released from this injustice. I've told people in school but they just told me to "Suck it up!" I've told counselors but when they called us to talk about what was happening, he just lied his way out of it! I've told my mom....but she is always too busy to deal with it! Tears of pain and negligence fell from my eyes and a burning pain began to swell up from deep within me, the pain of being ignored and seen as the bad guy. I grinned, my eyes looking insane and unstable soon the noise of my fist pounding against the iron bed plus insane laughter rang out through the jail. A guard walked to my cell, hitting their baton against the jail bars to gain my attention. I was furious, My eyes flashed towards the figure and with a annoyed voice all that was heard was an [+cyan "What?!"] They shook their head and spoke up. [+blue "Keep quiet bastard before I come in their and make you!"] They boomed at me, I was no longer afraid however. With two steps I made my way to the cell bars and smiled at the guard, [+cyan "Fight me and if you lay hands on me first you'll be the one knocked out on this cold iron floor!"] Their eyes focused on my breathing,my clothes,and my figure. They entered the jail cell and tried to swung their baton towards me, but before they could a tall figure was behind them. A voice rang out and what came out was feminine, [+grey "Ahem......If you would like to lose your job....tell me now lieutenant.Jeffery. Otherwise I suggest you back away from the kid now."] The Man stood up straighter than a wooden 2x4 board as the woman walked past him, she was dressed in a black hat,black school uniform attire, large golden chain coming from her left collar. She looked at me and her eyes looked me up and down, she glared at me then grabbed my collar before snatching me up. [+grey "Let's go you little brat."] I struggled to get out her grasp...and for a woman her grasp was crazy strong. I spoke up while struggling to get out of this death grasp. [+cyan "Who the hell are you? And where the hell are you taking me?!"] Those were my last words before she chopped me on the back of my neck, and sent me to the dream world. But before I blacked out completely she spoke. [+grey "The name's Jotari Kujoh, I'm your aunt. And we are meeting someone important."]

Jotari's Perspective:
The little runt was easy carrying....nothing that I'm used to already. But he was too fucking loud and annoying, He is exactly like joseph that annoying old man. I carried him to where I had been heading the man that seen it all from the very beginning. Robert E.O. Speedwagon. Somehow scientists were able to bring back their founder from the grave with this new advanced technology. They were also able to transform him into a subhuman being, basically an android. While at first it was alot for him to take in, he got into the way of things shortly which was better than the beginning. He found out about the joestar family tree so far then began to do research on those of joestar descent. When all was seen lost he found one subject...the last joestar currently, Konoshi Hayashi a completely different breed of joestar. I sighed as I brought him through the foundation and placed him into a chair before standing in the room watching over him. I heard footsteps nearby and looked out the window of the room to see a Rookie....Their name was Miles if I'm right and they had been helping out with the mission so far.
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