You Can't Break a Broken Heart

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"And then I hope she [+red Cheats.]"


[+maroon Yasmeen Farrow] is a model with a tragic history. Her parents and sister were killed in a mass shooting right after she and her family had an argument that was never resolved. Just as her grievance stage was about to come to a point for her to get her life back together, she caught her fiance cheating on her with her best friend. Her heart had already been shattered, but now she felt it couldn't be put back together anymore.

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[size20 "Like you did on [+red me.]"


Yasmeen had to move away from home because her job required her to move to a small city in New York. She still looked the same on the outside, but her true feelings show on the inside.

She had been walking home when she collided with a [b stranger] who can't take their eyes off of her. She shrugged them off, but they kept coming back, learning a little more each time about why she was the way she was.

FxF or MxF
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Liam chuckled some and nodded [+orange ''That's totally understandable curiosity is always one thing that gets us the most''] he said as he smiled a little bit.
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[+orange ''The state park sound interesting to you at all? If not we have the horse racing going on today.''] Liam told her [+orange ''Oh, we also have the lake as well''] he said
  Liam Reynolds / Sf_Pappy / 6d 10h 5m 15s
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Yasmeen thought for a moment, knowing that she would probably kill for food right about now, but her curiosity was going to kill her before her hunger did. She knew she didn't need food as much as she was wanting it. [+maroon "I think we should probably explore around first, my curiosity is going to kill me before my hunger does."]

[+maroon "I could go to some of the main attractions in the city."] Yasmeen had no idea what to expect from him or the city. She knew she was ready to see some attractions, although nature sounded relaxing, she was in the mood for something more exciting or entertaining.
  Alana Rosen / cookiecookie524 / 8d 10h 34m 58s
[+orange ''Oh no, It's no trouble at all''] Liam as he smiled at her. [+orange ''Should we explore a bit or get some food in us first?''] Liam asked Yasmeen.
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[+orange ''The central park would definitely be one of the best places to go first if you enjoy nature and stuff. Or maybe some of the main attractions. You can pick out of those.''] He said with a smile as he put his hands in his pockets.
  Liam Reynolds / Sf_Pappy / 14d 12h 43m 30s
[center [google-font] [Sniglet [+maroon "You don't have to if its too much trouble for you, but I can't decline the offer."] Yasmeen looked up at him as her smile grew slightly.

[+maroon "Alright then, where would we be off to first then?"] Yasmeen was ready to explore this city finally, she hadn't gotten the chance to since all she's done so far was work. Her smiled turned into a smile of excitement as she looked around them.
  Yasmeen Farrow / cookiecookie524 / 14d 20h 28m 36s
[i Liam smiled as well. He could tell that she still had been distracted by what he had asked her. He shook his head slightly feeling bad about it.] [+orange ''How about I take you to a nice little cafe to make it up to you? I still feel bad about butting into your personal life.''] [i Liam said softly.]
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[+orange ''I don't mind showing you around. I really don't have anything better to do. So id gladly show you around a little bit!''] [I He told her as he still had the smile on his face. It seemed like he might not take a no for an answer.]
  Liam Reynolds / Sf_Pappy / 21d 16h 5m 23s
[center [google-font] [Sniglet [+maroon "It's fine, really, I can be the same way at times."] Yasmeen smiled slightly and looked as if she had just shrugged it off, even though she hadn't. It was all she could think about, the subject change didn't get her mind off of anything.

[+maroon "I have the time, it was just a suggestion though, you really don't have to if you don't want to, or if you don't have the time then it's fine."] She looked at him to make sure that he didn't look pressured into doing what she had asked of him to do. She knew she had a tendency to do things like that to people, and she was trying not the do those type of things here.
  Yasmeen Farrow / cookiecookie524 / 21d 22h 19m 36s
[+orange ''Alright, than''] [i Liam said.]
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[i Liam sighed as he watched her freeze up again.] [+orange ''Sorry if that question was too personal. I have a tendency to do that quite often..''] [I Liam said as he rubbed the back of his neck.]
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[+orange ''Yes, it is''] [i Liam said with a small smile] [+orange ''Again. I apologize for asking that question.''] [i Liam sighed as he put his hands in his pockets.]
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[+orange ''Im not busy at all today. I can show you around when you have the time! I don't mind doing that. It's the least I could do ''] [i Liam told her]
  Liam Reynolds / Sf_Pappy / 33d 18h 7m 22s
[google-font] [Sniglet [center [+maroon "I'm sure, it's not you. Trust me."] She looked at him and gave him a reassuring smile to let him know that he wasn't doing anything wrong. She was fine until he asked his next question.

Yasmeen froze up again, looking as if he had just attacked her, but she quickly looked away, closing her eyes. [+maroon "His name is John."] That was all she was going to say about him. It hurt her to talk about him as is.

[+maroon "So it's a family name, that's neat."] Yasmeen tried to change the subject quickly, or else she knew she would start remembering the night she caught him cheating on her.

[+maroon "Maybe you could show me around here? Not now if you're busy, but I'd like to learn about this place some."]
  Yasmeen Farrow / cookiecookie524 / 34d 17h 55m 55s
[+orange ''Are you sure?''] [i Liam asked with a sincere tone in his voice. He still felt like he had said something wrong to male her freak out like that.]
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[+orange ''Oh, What is this person name?''] [i Liam asked out of curiosity.] [b Curiosity killed the cat.] [i that had been drilled into him as a small child but he truly didn't seem to care at this point.]
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[+orange ''Yeah, there tends to be lots of driving around here also lots of working.''] [i Liam told Yasmeen] [+orange ''Well thank you.''] [i Liam said smiling] [+orange ''My father choose my name. It was my great grandfather's name.'']
  Liam Reynolds / Sf_Pappy / 34d 18h 26m 54s
[google-font] [Sniglet [center Yasmeen snapped back to reality, although it took her a moment to regain her breath. [+maroon "No, no, no! You're a hundred percent fine!"] She stopped for a moment to think to herself. [i [+maroon Think Yasmeen, it's not John, so cut it out!]]

[+maroon "You just remind me of... someone that I knew back where I used to live."] She knew she couldn't be as trusting with people here as she had been in the past, but she couldn't just pretend like nothing ever happened either.

She stepped back after she realized how close together they were, and looked back up at him. [+maroon "To answer your question from earlier, I'm trying to enjoy it here the best I can, but all of my day has been consisted of driving and working. And thanks, you can thank my mom, although your name is astonishing as well."]
  Yasmeen Farrow / cookiecookie524 / 35d 11h 32m 52s
[+orange ''It's all good ma'am''] [i Liam said politely as he smiled. Liam could tell she wasn't being sincere. But he decided to just brush it off as no big deal it didn't bother him any Liam was used to people not being genuinely sincere anymore.]
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[+orange ''You know you have a really pretty name.''] [i Liam said still have a smile on his face it had never once left his face.]
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[+orange ''You enjoying it so far here?''] [i Laim asked but after a while, he noticed her at him staring for some time.] [+orange ''Is something the matter? Did i say something wrong? If i did I'm really sorry i didn't mean anything.] [i His mind began racing with thoughts] [+orange ''If you want ill let you be now. It was really nice meeting you I hope we can talk again.'']
  Liam Reynolds / Sf_Pappy / 35d 12h 18m 57s
[google-font] [Sniglet [center [+maroon "Oh, gosh, I am so sorry,"] Yasmeen had said it with barely any meaning, but it was better than nothing. She knew it wouldn't be smart to make any enemies in a city that was in the state of New York, but that didn't mean she was ready to make friends again either. She took his hand, not sure if he was what she had ran into.

[+maroon "Yasmeen... Yasmeen Farrow."] She felt her head, trying to make sure she hadn't gotten a knot. [+maroon [i Okay, good.]] She knew that it could've costed her with the job she had, although there were still the joys of editing and makeup.

Yasmeen hadn't heard him for a second, she just stood in place, lost in her thoughts. [+maroon "Oh, yeah. I am new here, this is my first day in town."] She took a moment to get a good look at him, but realized she would instantly regret it. Besides the eye color, he looked so similar to her ex-fiance that she lost her breath for a moment, looking up at him with wide eyes.
  Yasmeen Farrow / cookiecookie524 / 36d 11h 59m 31s
[i Liam sighed as he quickly left his home he was going to be late meeting up with his friends.] [+orange ''Dang I'm gonna be late again!''] [i Liam muttered to himself as he began to walk faster. As he passed people in the streets he slowed his pace so he wouldn't run into anyone.]

[center -]

[i As soon as he got into the cafe he sat with his friends as they messed around a bit.] [+orange ''We should probably settle down so we don't get kicked out.''] [i Liam said to his group of friends.] [i Before too long they finally left the cafe.]

[center - ]

[i Liam began to head home but he had seen some fall to the ground so he rushed over to them.] [+orange ''Hello miss..''] [i He had held out his hand to help her off the ground.] [+orange ''My name is Liam, What is yours?''] [i He asked her politely as he helped her up off the ground.] [+orange ''So, are you new to town?''] [i He seemed to be peculiarly interested in her and he just met her. Liam wanted to get to know her better. He intended on doing so.]
  Liam Reynolds / Sf_Pappy / 36d 14h 55m 12s
[google-font] [Sniglet [center Yasmeen looked at the small sign as she passed by it. The sign that was supposed to be a new start for her. That was supposed to give her hope.

But still, she felt nothing for the sign that read "Welcome to Saratoga Springs!"

All she could do was keep driving until she got to her destination. She showed no emotion as she drove past cars filled with strangers. Surely this place wouldn't be any different than her hometown. She could just sense that this place would be the same.

* * *

Hours later, she had walked into the door of her new apartment, which was already furnished for her arrival. She set her suitcase by the door, which only contained a few outfits and two pairs of shoes, and started to walk around the apartment. It actually wasn't a bad apartment. It had an extra room that she wouldn't be needing, but other than that, she liked it. It was certainly better than the crummy apartment she had been stuck inside because of her friend.

Or ex-best friend.

She had the money to buy a new apartment all the time, but she couldn't leave who she thought was her friend at the time. She didn't have it in her.

Yasmeen's phone pinged, reminding her that she had work in a few minutes. [+maroon "Can't be late on my first day,"] she grabbed her phone and sighed as she took hold of the suitcase and wheeled it into her room, picking an outfit that she wouldn't be needing anymore much longer.

* * *

Yasmeen walked out of the building after her photo shoot, walking towards her home. It wasn't a far walk, and it was quite relaxing for her, helped her just notice the little things around her. She looked down at the ground, continuing to walk towards her place until she ran into something, landing on the ground.
  Yasmeen Farrow / cookiecookie524 / 36d 20h 23m 53s

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