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Remus pulled at his white strand humming wondering how they were going to hide it then got an idea as he took a hat out. "There! Each week you have a favorite item this week can be a hat and that way it is all good!" He said to him with a smile on his face. "Now we just need to fool our dad's Virgil isn't going to care but our dads will need to be convinced," Remus said as he finished his sentences when Roman went back to the comment on the teacher he shrugged, "I'm used to it I will get over it."

Virgil shrugged at Logan "I am just open about it because it has caused miscommunication about my education." He said to him as he nodded. "Remus will like you, fair warning he is really big into aliens right now he thinks that constellations are a computer code used to contact the higher beings to come and probe him."
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Roman nodded, feeling more confident and at ease with the fact that he wouldn't get in trouble with Remus's dad. [+red "Okay, so as soon as we get outside to go to the cars, we need to open the paint when the teacher isn't looking and put it on my hair. Oh! Should we get brown for your hair? I might be able to get it this time."] Roman looked down and tried to spell the best he could but some of the letters were a little tricky. Why did words have to be hard. People could speak to each other just fine. Why did they have to write stuff down? [+red "I guess. I just think she should be nice to you too. You are really fun and you shouldn't get in trouble."]

Logan stammered. [+blue "I-I yes. That is true. But, I would think that you wouldn't have been so open to telling people about it. I mean, I understand why you have told me."] That reminded Logan of the time Patton told him that he had developed traumatic Schizoid after he had left his parents. It had been about a year ago and he hadn't known how to feel about it. Others could easily notice it too. Here was a kid who never expressed emotion or who never understood jokes. So he could relate to Virgil in the sense of having something not considered normal about you. [+blue "Your brother sounds more interesting the more you talk about him. I am glad he has friends. I will have to introduce myself to him when we pick him up."]
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Remus shrugged "Yeah I did. And don't worry my dad isn't going to do anything about it he will be upset that I got caught but he won't scold you or anything." He said to him as he showed him the paint with a huge grin on his face. "I don't know my dad says I should be forced to be nice to people who are rude to me without reasons." He said as he began to write the sentences guessing at the spelling.

"It's not bold it is a needed thing if you are going be hanging out with me and I have a panic attack," Virgil said to him as he sighed weakly. "Remus is smarter than most adults think he is he plays dumb so that he can get away with being more of a wild child. But he is great and I don't think he wants to be separated from this kid who hasn't run away from him yet."
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Roman nodded sadly. The teacher obviously wasn't budging. But at least Remus wouldn't get in trouble with Patton [+red "Yes, ma'am. I will get Remus then and go back to our desks so we can start writing the sentences. Maybe if we do them slowly, our hands won't have fallen off by the time we have to leave!"] Roman went over to Remus's corner before the teacher could say anything else. [+red "I am sorry. I tried really hard to get the teacher not to send a letter home for you. But we should go write so that we don't get into more trouble."] Roman grabbed Remus's hand and pulled him over to their desks. [+red "Psst. Did you get the paint? And how do you spell nice? I forget."]

Logan shrugged. [+blue "I don't mind riding with you. I would love to meet your brother as well. I am sure that he... has an active imagination based on the drawings that he created."] Logan listened to Virgil rant about his disorder for the next couple of minutes. [+blue "I see. That was bold of you to tell me when we hardly know each other. But thank you for telling me none the less. I can definitely help you with more efficiency now that I know more about your situation. Maybe I can even talk with the teachers about strategies to better your education."] Logan was already trying to think back to his psychology classes he had taken the year before. He was sure that he could look into some health sources as well and find some helpful tips. [+blue "Don't worry. As your tutor, I will make sure that you get a grasp on your studies and that you continue to improve"]

Logan looked at the last bit of the notes and he continued thinking. That was all he was. One of the smart kids. He hadn't felt barely any emotion for such a long time. He had looked up what might have caused it and all he could find was that his past had been traumatizing or there was something stopping the emotions from his brain. But he didn't think of his past with his parents like that. Patton never talked about his parents and he never asked why. But now wasn't the time to think on the past when he needed to focus on Virgil.
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The teacher sighed weakly “Roman that isn’t how this works plus you know the rules of the classroom and Remus has broken them a lot this week. Don’t worry Remus Dad won’t hurt Remus he does need to be aware of his behavior.” She said not noticing are Remus pocketed the white paint gave Roman the thumbs up. The Teacher sighed since Roman was such a good kid most of the time she should let him off easy and she hated seeing the boy so distraught a part of her wish Remus could show the same remorse.

Virgil nodded “You might as well, less work and you wouldn’t have to take the bus I do have to pick up the little terror that is my younger brother from the elementary school.” He pointed out so that Logan could bail if he wanted to as he watched the President of Book Club go through his things and comment about how he could get lost in things. “Oh they didn’t tell you? I have an Anxiety Disorder half our teachers think I’m too young for it thus don’t pay attention to the ‘Don’t put Virgil on the spot or he will literally choke on his words.’ Which is why the tutoring thing is a mote point. You can’t fix my anxiety and you can’t make the teachers not be dicks so they are wasting your time.”
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Roman looked down at his feet and fidgeted with the end of his shirt. [+red "C-Can Remus not have a letter? Pwease? I don't want him to get in trouble with his dad..."] Roman didn't want to go to Remus's house with the letter. From what Remus has said, he sounded strict. Roman looked over at Remus. This was his chance to grab the white paint while Roman was talking to the teacher. Why wasn't he moving? [+red "A-And can I show you the pictures me and Remus made? We worked really hard on them. Remus even tried to draw neatly."]

Logan nodded. [+blue "Do you want me to ride home with you then? That would probably be easier. Or if you give me your address I can walk or drive later tonight."] Logan looked down at his watch as Virgil sent him a message. He looked at the cat sticker and gave Virgil a confused look. It certainly matched the emo's aesthetic. [+blue "Yeah. That all sounds good. But I will warn you, I tend to get... "lost" when it comes to libraries. Of course, I can find what I need but I get overly fascinated by literature."] Logan looked down at Virgil's papers and started going through the notes. Double-checking everything with a face that gave away no emotion. [+blue "So tell me more about yourself, Virgil. You seem a little nervous."]
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The teacher took pity on Roman as she knelt down to clean his face off. "I won't send a note home with you Roman if you promise to do your sentences and sit here until I tell you to get up." She said to him, "Roman you are going to need to learn that sometimes it is not a good idea to follow someone's lead." She said to him as Remus glared.

"Well, it also isn't nice to encourage kids to treat others like outcasts when you can't handle them." Remus glared at her he had been hearing this statement a lot and it made him made every time he made a friend the teachers would take them away and when the friend came back they said they weren't going to be friends anymore. Remus didn't want to let go of Roman this time.

Virgil nodded "You could come over today being stared at while at school is such a pain plus my dad won't care." He said to him as he took the phone number and sent Logan a sticker with a Vampire Cat saying 'Fear me'. Virgil shrugged weakly "It might actually be better with my dad having more research books for the projects we have coming up."
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Roman gasped and whimpered as they got sent to the time out corners. He had only been in the corner once before but he knew he would be in trouble as soon as his dad found out. [+red "N-No! Please don't send a letter!! I-I don't want to get into trouble!"] Roman started to cry as his white shirt with a crown on it started to get wet. [+red "M-Me and Remus were just having f-fun. P-Please don't write to our fathers..."] Roman started whimpering more to add to the dramatics. [+red "W-We will take the sentences! We will even do..."] He tried to think of the highest number he knew. [+red "20 of them!! By then, our hands will have fallen off!!"]

Logan started following Virgil's sheet directions and organizing all the notes. He found comfort in knowing he was getting stuff done and making it neat. [+blue "Do you maybe think you could get one of the papers for me? I don't want to take his manuscript, however. Maybe tomorrow I could come over so that we don't lose the document and I can get a look at your father's collection."] Logan didn't want to invite himself over but he also didn't want to lose a paper that was very important. Not that he would, but the possibility was still there. Logan looked up from organizing the notes to see Virgil typing something down on his phone. [+blue "Hey, emo. Want my number so you can contact me if you ever need study help?"] Logan had given his number to a couple of students he had tutored in the past but they would always delete it as soon as they didn't need his help anymore. At least he was offering to help people like his father always insisted he do.
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"BOYS!" The Teacher finally yelled, "Sit down or I will be calling your fathers!" she said as she grabbed Remus and Roman and dragged them to the time out corners and sitting them there sighing weakly. "I expect this kind of behavior from you Remus but don't you start leading Roman down this path. A good friend doesn't let others get in trouble for his idea." The Teacher said, "I will be sending a note home with your fathers that you were both out of line and you will both write 'I will be nice' for homework tonight." The Teacher said and Remus did the sign that he had seen Virgil do to the Karen's in the store.

Virgil pulled out the paper explaining the system Virgil had going as he thought about Logan's question. "I think he does I know he has a record of all the books in the storage unit and all the books in the study at the house I don't know if they are the same list though," Virgil said as he pulled out his phone and added it to his list of things to remember.
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Roman laughed loudly with Remus as they watch Betty get surrounded by the "bugs." He tried to forget his past. He didn't want to remember his parents. He had a new dad now that actually cared about him. He didn't want to remember the cold nights or the lack of food sometimes because his mom just didn't care. So Roman shook his head and started to throw glitter onto Betty's frilly dress. [+red "Betty! Betty! Look at your dress! Look at all the bugs!!"]

So... The kid really did organize neatly. And with a color coded system, no less. [+blue "Here, if you tell me the colors, I can organize them for you and we can get started."] Logan mumbled something too quiet to hear as he looked down at the ground then looked up again. [+blue "I-I will have to think of some ideas. I-I don't want to be a bother to him, of course. Do you think your father has a document of all the books left in his possession? I would love to maybe read through that sometime."] Logan didn't want to seem like so much of a nerd that he would rather read about the books someone owned that their actual books. He didn't even know if Virgil's father would own a document like that. If he had a big enough library, maybe. And it certainly seemed like he owned more books than he could handle so it was entirely possible.
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Remus and Roman cackled and their teacher was silently taking a sip out of their 'coffee' cups. The teacher took pity on whoever was stuck with these boys as they went through their educational goals in life. Remus bounced back fast he already talked to Em about the bad people before his Dad he figured that no one else needed to know.

Virgil sighed "Easier said than done as you can see, normally I use a different type of pen depending on the topic but when your brother is a mad scientist then that usually goes out the window." He said with a fondness that he was just teasing. "You know if you have any request I can ask Dad to put more of those books aside for you?" He asked, "I mean you aren't getting paid to watch me struggle to do homework so you might as well get something out of this."
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Roman watched Remus get sad for a second. [+red "H-Hey. Cheer up. I am adopted too. So I know how it feels... But your white streak. It looks good, kinda like a cool pirate! So there is nothing to worry about. Now. Let's go tease Betty some more."] Roman handed Remus some glitter and watched as he threw it and Betty screamed. [+red "Hahahhaa!! That was so funny!! Do it again!!"] Roman started giggling his head off as Betty screamed at the glitter.

Logan shook his head. [+blue "N-No! It doesn't give us a hard time at all! We actually enjoy seeing the variety of books that are shipped in. I will admit that there have been one or two times where I had to stop unpacking books just so I could flip through a couple of them."] Logan smiled shyly again as if what he had done was a crime. He moved closer to Virgil to get a good look at his work. [+blue "Well, first let's organize these papers so we can see everything."] Logan reached around Virgil's hands to try and spread the papers out.
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Remus nodded sadly "Yeah one time this person, before Dad and Virgil got me, he shaved it and it grew back just the same." He said as he saw and smirked as he took some glitter and threw it at Betty who started screaming. Remus began to cackle as she screamed bug but it was just glitter and Remus was laughing at how stupid she was.

Virgil nodded "Yeah he spring cleans alot and tries to donate 30 or 40 boxes each year sorry if it gives you are hard time. " Virgil said as he rubbed his neck and looked at his notes and nodded weakly. "If you don't mind then we won't be stuck here after school."
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Roman gasped. [+red "I wish I had hair like that!! You are like a superhero!!"] Roman looked around and motioned to Remus when he saw some white paint on the teacher's shelf that looked like it had never been opened. [+red "Look! We can use that for my hair! We gotta try to get it tho without her noticing... Hey! You can create a distraction!"] Roman looked around for something they could use. [+red "But your streak of white is really cool, Ree. So does it always grow back white?"]

Logan's mouth almost fell open. He had heard of a generous book doner and had just thought it was some senior citizens who were just doing something nice for the school. [+blue "R-Really!? T-That is very generous of him!!"] Logan couldn't believe what he had heard. So much was happening. [+blue "Oh? You work? That is productive. Maybe sometime I will have to actually go into Hot Topic. Check out that Harry Potter, you know."] Logan looked back at his kart. [+blue "Hey, do you need any help? I have to put away books but if you need it, I can take a break and help you out."]
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Remus pouted at the teacher as he flopped back into his seat and looked at Roman confused about his white hair as he touched as if he forgot it was there. "Nope, it's natural. I got hurt there when I was a baby so my hair grows white there instead of brown. Virgil helps me die it at Halloween with his store discount. Last year Virgil made it green and then put glow in the dark spray on it." Remus said with a smile on his face.

Virgil shook his head "He donates books to the school all the time and they were roommates in College my dad helped him pass his classes." He said to Logan as he brought up Hottopic again "Yeah but I work there part-time in the summer so they let me keep my employee discount in case they need to drag me in for the holiday rush. It is pretty good then." He said to him "Harry Potter is great but I can't say I know my house thankfully Remus said there wasn't enough Latin in it for him to enjoy so it was not a big thing in our house."
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