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[center [pic]]
[abel [size15 [center [i 150 years ago, Ethos was a realm bathed in blood.]]

Ethos' population has always existed on a tilted scale, with humans making up the nonmagical majority at roughly two-thirds of the world's populace. In rare cases, humans of mixed blood may inherit magic- but generally, those creatures of magical lineage held the power, both literally [b and] figuratively.

As is typically the case, oppression is a powerful but foolish weapon to rely upon. Considered lowly and weak, Men as a whole were viewed as little more than servants to those who practiced magic. Pets and slaves to some, guinea pigs and livestock to others, humans suffered horribly for a very, VERY long time. In their vengefulness, humans sought their own source of power, a way to assert themselves and to make a name and a place for themselves in the world-
[center [i and after much searching, they found it].]
It is said that the Archmage Niberius was among the first exiled magi to take advantage of the humans' rebellion to sate his desire for revenge. Borne of rage and ingenuity, blood magic came about like a plague. It was a horrible art, easily accessible to anyone with the stomach for it and all but impossible to counter for anyone unfamiliar with its properties. None but Man and their exiled idols knew its secrets, practicing it in the shadows to hone their skills before unleashing it upon their unsuspecting oppressors.

Needless to say, humans came very close to overtaking Ethos, but were more or less stopped by their own; Children borne of Man and Magic had always been a reality, but were generally overlooked until the war began. A strange, modest band of such halflings emerged, desperate to prove their worth... and they succeeded. Strategically picking off magi and disrupting command chains so as to give magical soldiers a way into the heart of enemy territory, they helped to turn the tide of the war.

[center [pic]]
When all was said and done, representatives met to resolve past wrongs and to end the bloodshed both. [left [pic]]Humans deemed deserving of restitution were awarded the western frontiers of Valinor and offered a permanent seat at future summits as an official nation, whereas those humans known to have used blood magic for slaughter were either executed or exiled to the harsh southern deserts of Sahrani.

Blood magic was universally outlawed, and practitioners found and proven guilty within the borders of any of the five nations have been either killed or banished without question. Thus, peace has long since settled upon Ethos, with every kingdom doing their best to put racial disparities behind them. Almost all have worked tirelessly to spread new ideas amidst this time of peace and togetherness, hoping to foster future unity by doing so.

Sadly, as there is always a calm before a storm, and as all good things must come to an end, a familiar face emerges from Sahrani. A scorned half-blood prince, followed by veritable [i seas] of long-forgotten exiles, seeks an audience with The Four. In the weeks that follow, a serious decision must be made; He demands to have his people recognized as a formal nation as was done for Valinor, and makes clear he won't stay put if he is refused. Worse, murders and disappearances are plaguing three nations, with the exception of Valinor- more and more magical citizens have begun to resent anything even remotely human all over again.

It is up to The Five to decide how to address this new threat, with tensions rising and the threat of a new war looming in the distance.]]

[center [alegreya+sans+sc [size18 [b RULES:]]]]
- ES rules apply.
- Literate; 2+ juicy paragraphs per post.
- Art/illustrations, not really in the mood for cartoons or photographs.
- Godmodding is an automatic out.
- Romance is totally cool but it is [b not permitted] to be the main focus.
- All threads of mine are LBGTQ+ friendly, just a heads-up.

- [b MEDIEVAL/PRE-STEAMPUNK:] Guns are not a thing. Not only because I hate them, but also because they have the tech for things like muskets/rifles... but they're useless, magic is extremely advanced in Ethos and would easily overtake firearms.

[center [alegreya+sans+sc [size18 [b NOTES:]]]]
- I am looking for at least two more writers, each to play a ruler of the nations of:
[b (Western) Valinor] - ruler must be human or half-human

- You are permitted to create villains or second characters who are guards or advisors. Ask if you'd like to make one of these.

[ Here's a horrible diagram for referencing the kingdoms' positions.]

[ These are the descriptions of the [s five] six nations.] You may influence aspects of your kingdom as needed, or discuss changes with me. I don't bite~

[center [alegreya+sans+sc [size18 [b CHARACTERS:]]]]

Illyria: [ Cal Yerenica vis Illyrius]
Valinor: [i Open]
Eido: [b [i Reserved - canadonewithursh-t]]
Liyue: [i Open]
Syunda: [i [b Reserved - Osiris]]
Sahrani: [ King Nerius]

[center [alegreya+sans+sc [size18 [b SHEETS:]]]]
[b Name:]
[b Age:] [i [ Feel free to refer to this if you're not sure, or message me.]]
[b Race:] [i [ Here, same as above.] If they're halflings, specify what kind.]
[b Domain:] [i Which kingdom do they rule or reside in?]
[b Personality:] [i Completely optional, tbh.]
[b Magical Abilities:] [i Feel free to be creative here or discuss with me, but no copying a power that's taken.]
[b Short bio:] [i Few sentences to a paragraph. Can include how they came into power or what they did in the war if they were alive for it etc.
[b Relations:] [i How do they feel about other races, or specifically, humans and their halfblood kin? Of blood magic? What do they think about this talk of Sahrani becoming a nation?]


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