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[font "Open Sans" muse a is living in this NYC apartment complex, and the apartment across the hall from her has always been empty, until one day she finally sees someone moving in. she introduces herself to the guy moving in, muse b, and is immediately attracted to him. Before long, they end up going on a few dates, although muse b is hesitant at first, and at the end of the third date, muse a tries to invite muse b into her apartment for the night, but he declines. she’s confused and initially embarrassed until he tells her that she should come into his apartment because he has something to show her. They walk in and there’s a teenage girl on the couch. muse a is extremely confused now, especially when muse b introduces the girl as the babysitter. it isn’t until a tiny little two-year-old comes toddling around the corner that she realizes that muse b is a single father.]

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[center This will be an mxf roleplay, in which I will play A, who is female. If you are interested, please PM me with the title 'Starting Over', with a small skeleton.

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Name||Age (21+)||Occupation||

Muse A: Taken
Autumn Hardin||25||Dancer||

Muse B: Taken

[center [size20 Rules]]

1. PLEASE BE 21+. The characters are that age and I prefer to write with someone my own age. There are mature themes and it is a comfort thing for me as an educator.
2. Real Photos Please. Something that isn't too big, doesn’t have a watermark, and fits the personality of your character. I am more than happy to assist in finding a photo and I can edit it for you as well if need be.
3. I can write anywhere from 1000 Characters to 1000 Words. I ask that you stick to AT LEAST 1000-1500 Characters a post.
4. Please PM me a skeleton and I will accept before requesting access to the roleplay. Otherwise, I will refuse.
5. Please PM me and let me know if you have any twists or turns you want to add. I love and encourage it!
6. Please post at least once a week. I’ll let you know if it will take me longer than that, and I expect the same on your end. If I don’t hear from you and there is no post in 14 days, I will delete the thread and try again.
8. Let’s have fun!


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[b “I grew up in Tennessee and I went to Culinary School in Kentucky.”] he explained to her. [b “I knew I couldn’t cook the kind of food I wanted to in small town Tennessee. And New York just has so much diversity in it. It was originally only supposed to be for a year or two, just while o gained experience and then I had planned on making my way out west. But once I got here... I fell in love with the city.”] he explained.

[b “I really like meats, especially hamburger and steak. Not so much at work, but I can just do SO much at home, experimenting with meat. But I mean, I can cook just about anything. But I make a mean steak if I say so myself.”] he chuckled when she asked about a random field. [b “For one, I’m not sure where I would ever find a field in the city. But two, I don’t think I could ever imagine leaving someone like you somewhere.”] he said. [b “Were going to Adrienne’s Pizzabar. They have the best New York style pizza and drinks.”] he said. [b “I don’t eat pizza often, but when I do, I want the best.”]

It was nice; getting out and having adult conversation for once. He didn’t really get to speak to adults except when he was at work, as Dax was just learning to speak at this point, though he was damn cute whenever he did.

He wipped his car through the streets of New York, surprised that there was so little traffic. [b “So tell me about dancing. How did you get started with that?”] The pizzeria wasn’t that far from their apartments, actually just like five minutes, but it would turn into fifteen or twenty with New York Traffic.
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Autumn and Matthew walked down to the garage where their cars were parked. She was about to reply she'd be able to walk until he intervened, saying he wouldn't take no for an answer. She smiled toward him, sliding into the passenger seat of his car when he opened the door for her. [+purple "Oh, well, thank you, sir."] she teased, as he shut the door for her.

Autumn tapped her fingers on her leg as they drove to the pizzeria, wondering what to ask him. She assumed she should get to know him, considering they had just met. [+purple "Hey, you said you moved here when you were 21, right? Where were you before that? And why did you decide to move to New York?"] she asked. She assumed it must be hard for anyone not born in New York to get used to its bustling city charm. She was happy to have grown up in such a place where she was able to be creative and gave her so many opportunities for her career as a dancer.

[+purple "You said you are a chef right? What are your favorite things to cook? I don't have the time to cook really, with the auditions and teaching and rehearsals. So it's a lot of take-out and frozen dinners for me."] Autumn laughed, running a hand through her short hair. [+purple "So, where are you taking me? Should I be nervous that you're gonna take me to some abandoned field and just leave me out there?"] she teased, targeting her smile toward the male.
Matthew grinned as she agreed to go out with him tonight. [b “Well I’m rest clad because my other option was one of those frozen TV dinners.”] he said. He nodded as she said she just needed to change. He stepped inside her apartment and couldn’t help but look around. It looked like her. The living room was spaced out, he figured so she would have enough room to dance in.

He took out his phone and texted Nikki, letting her know that he would be a little late picking Dax up. He would tell her that he went out to dinner with his new neighbor once he got there. Ever since Sofia left, she had been urging him to go out and meet people; but with as much as he worked, he just wanted to spend time with his son when he was off, not at bars. It was funny that he just stumbled upon Autumn. [b “Nah. I’m just going to wear this.”] he said. He had on a pair of black joggers with a white tee shirt and his black and white checkered vans.

[b “Are you okay with walking? I have my car. The backseat is full of boxes but I think there is enough room in the front.”] he said [b “I don’t want to make it any harder on you.”] he said. [b “You know what. I’m not even going to give you the option.”] he chuckled as he jogged over and opened his passenger door for her. [b “After you ma’am.”]

[ car]
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Autumn nodded when he asked about if she grew up here. [+purple "Yeah, I grew up in the Big Apple. Just a few miles from Times Square. And I just never wanted to leave, and I've wanted to be signed with the NY Ballet Company since I was a little girl. I can't give up now."] she smiled. She nodded and let him put the last of his boxes away. She kicked at the floor, leaving her alone in the hallway for a moment. She wondered if she should just go back into the apartment, allow him to unpack in peace.

That is until he asked her to dinner. She was so shocked by the offer she didn't say anything at first. He also mentioned they delivered and blushed a bit when he mentioned that she was sore, mentioning a water bottle trick she had heard somewhere before. [+purple "I'd really like that. I think I can manage going out once more. Let me, let me just change, okay?"] she said, leaving the door to her apartment open as she ran inside. [+purple "You can come in if you'd like. Make yourself at home."] she yelled from her room.

Her apartment was large and spacious, with ample floor space to practice her dancing. She even had a moveable ballet bar in her living room area set up. There were pointe and ballet shoes by the dozen next to her ballet bar, and other dance shoes next to those. Autumn specialized in ballet but knew all kinds of dance.

Autumn quickly through on a pair of jeans, keeping her same grey tight-fitting t-shirt on. She pulled on a pair of sneakers, something that would be comfortable to walk in. She took her glasses off, popping in her contacts. She didn't mind wearing her glasses if she wasn't going out but preferred her face without them. She exited her room; phone, keys, and wallet in hand.

[+purple "Do you need to get anything, or are you ready?"] Autumn asked, hoping she wasn't sounding too eager, even if she was.
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[b “Oh I moved to New York when I was twenty one. I’m a chef at Reserve Cut. This place is a lot closer to work and actually cheaper than my old apartment, so I had to jump at it when I seen the listing.”] he told her. Not to mention, he and Dax had grown out of their small apartment. [b “What about you? Did you grow up here?”]

He grinned as he heard her ask if he needed help with any of the boxes. He quickly shook his head. [b “That is really nice of you, but I think I can handle them.”] he told her. [b “I’ve actually got almost all of the boxes inside. Now it’s just unpacking and getting everything set up... Actually just let me throw these inside really quick.”] he said as he quickly placed the boxes inside the door. His mouth began to water as she mentioned food. He was hungry himself. [b “This is going to seem very forward of me.. And I hope I don’t scare you off, but I know of this incredible pizzeria. While my apartment is a complete mess... would let me buy you dinner? We could go out? They have amazing drinks as well. And it takes a lot for me to say something is amazing... I mean, food is my job.”] he told her. [b “But they also deliver. I know you’re... [i sore]”]

[b “Freeze a water bottle and roll it with your feet. Works like a charm.”] he said. Of course he could offer to help her get those kinks out too... but surely that would scare the girl off. She was just so gorgeous.
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Autumn's jaw was close to dropping at how beautiful the man in front of her was. And his voice was smooth like butter. She could tell he wasn't like any other person she had met in New York, and she was happy about that. [+purple "So, what brings you to the city? Or I guess to these apartments. Are you from New York?"] she asked, leaning her body against the door. She didn't want to stop talking to him, but she did hope she wasn't bothering him as well.

Autumn had been so encapsulated by his handsomeness that she didn't even assume if he was taken or not. She really didn't want to know, because knowing he was off the market would really put a damper on her day. But seeing how he looked, it was clear either he was seeing someone or was at least close to it. He only seemed a few years older than her, but clearly seemed to have his life together more than she did.

Autumn had plenty of experience talking to guys, but her flirting experience was low. Most of her dates would start out bad, so she would stop trying the moment she got there. No one had caught her attention like this man, Matthew. Even his name was attractive. Running a hand through her hair, she started to get nervous. She didn't want to come off as awkward or weird, so she ended up lighting biting the inside of her cheek before letting her eyes fall to the floor.

Her eyes darted to his many boxes, and she looked up to meet his icy eyes. [+purple "Oh my goodness, I'm being so rude. Do you need any help moving stuff in? I'm pretty much free for the rest of the night anyway, I was just going to watch movies and probably fall asleep soon after."] she smiled, a small laugh escaping her lips as well. [+purple "I mean, I should probably eat something too. I just got out of rehearsal, I'm a dancer."] she smiled, flexing her foot forward. Her feet began to ache, after being on them all day during rehearsal She started flexing and unflexing her feet, allowing them to stretch. [+purple "Sorry, I'm just sore."] she said, twisting her torso as well. She should have stretched more after rehearsal, which was a mistake on her part.
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Matthew Campbell had always wanted to be a Chef. He loved food, and he loved making things look presentable. He had grown up in Nashville, Tennessee. Went to College at Sullivan University in Louisville, Kentucky, majored in Culinary Arts, and then moved to New York when he was only twenty one. He had been living in the city ever since... He was now twenty eight. He was the head Chef at Reserve Cut, a steakhouse on broad street near the Stock Exchange. He loved his job, he loved interacting with people through edible art. But he loved being a dad more.

Dad Grant had been the biggest surprise he’d received in his life... Though his child’s leaving them both when their son was only two months had been a close second. Sofia had said she wasn’t cut out to be a mother and just took off. He was thankful that Dax was so young... he wouldn’t remember his mother, or lack there of. He worked to give Dax a better life, a life he didn’t have growing up. His son would never ever go with out.. never wonder about his fathers love. His son was his reason for living. He just wished that he had a mother’s love at times. He hadn’t seen Sofia since she took off, that had been almost two months ago. Dax’s second birthday was three months away.

He had found a better apartment, closer to work online and he had jumped at it. Dax was with his best friends, Jason’s wife, Nikki. She was a stay at home Momma and helped our with Dax as much as she could. He had only taken off work for five days, he had to get everything moved in and unpacked before then.

He rounded the corner with a box filled with Dax’s toys as he noticed a [i beautiful] woman standing in the hallway across from his apartment door. [b “Hello.”] he said. He looked her over, she was gorgeous. Her freckles... and those brown eyes. [b “I’m Matthew, Matt. Yeah, I’m just moving in today.”] He couldn’t help himself, but his eyes snaked over her body. She looked toned. She must’ve been an athlete... but those curves told him otherwise.

[ outfit]
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Autumn had been dancing in NYC since she got out of high school. She started dancing at age 2 and knew she wanted to be a dancer at a young age. She went to the Tisch School of Dance and has been professionally dancing ever since. Since she wasn’t able to get a big enough part in anything yet, she started teaching dance at a studio nearby, while taking smaller jobs here and there. Her dream was to be in the New York Ballet Company, but she had yet to get an audition. She knew eventually her dreams would come true.

Because of her teaching, dancing, and auditions; she really hadn’t had the time to seriously date anybody. No one would give her the time she needed to and would constantly try to get her to get a ‘more serious’ job. She had gone on too many bad dates that she had stopped dating altogether, for the time being, she knew when she found someone, she would know.

As Autumn headed home from ballet rehearsal, she carried her duffle over her shoulder to see the hallway filled with boxes bags. Someone must have finally moved in across the hall, that apartment had been empty for months. Autumn loved meeting new people, and was hoping whoever it was, they could at least get along. She didn’t see anybody outside, so they must have been inside moving or outside bringing more things in. She wanted to freshen up before meeting her new neighbor, so she entered her apartment first.

Autumn took probably the fastest shower she had ever taken. She didn’t want to meet her new neighbor sweaty and gross. She got out, and brushed out her short hair, letting it air-dry as well. She pulled on a slim fitting t-shirt and a pair of jean shorts, sliding on a pair of small slippers. She grabbed her glasses, as she had already taken out her contacts already. She also put on a little bit of makeup, just to make a good impression. She left her apartment, making sure she had her key and phone. She stood against her door, trying to look natural as she looked for whoever moved in.

Autumn looked toward the left, seeing a gorgeous man walking toward her, a box in his hand. [i Oh my gosh, he’s gorgeous.] she thought. As he put the box down, she decided to shoot her shot. [+purple “Oh hello. Did you just move in? Nice to meet you, my name’s Autumn. I live right across the hall. What’s your name?”] she asked. She couldn’t believe this was her new neighbor. He had piercing blue eyes, his tattoos poked out from the shirt he was wearing, and he was much taller than she was. She knew that she would try to spend as much time with him as she could if he’d allowed her to.
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