The Suspense is Killing Me

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[center So, recently I had a scarily vivid dream that I thought might make for an interesting writing idea. It's of a suspense/horror type of setting with a sadistic serial killer kidnapping victims to an estate. There they essentially have to fight their way out, a real sink or swim kind of situation. In order to be successful the kidnap victim has to kill their captor, however this is no easy feat since many have tried and failed before being buried in a cemetery that is on the estate grounds.]

[center That is the general idea that I had, but I am super flexible when it comes to ideas, dynamics, et cetera. All I ask for is patience, a 1,500 character minimum per post, and that you be over the age of 18.]

[center If you happen to be interested definitely drop me a line in the PMs and hopefully we can work something out together!]


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[center Take a gander at the description and PM me if you happen to be interested!]
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