War in the Glade

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[i "Change has come to the Glade again, a dark change full of sadness and death, and its name is [b War]. War has come from bloodied talons, winged shadows threaten the peace found beneath the canopies of the Gravenshire Glade deep within the magnificent forests of Alvagor. Yet the Glade will not fall to avian forces so easily, not with the Glade Guardians standing in their way! Easily the best elite defenders Gravenshire has to offer, proudly led by Lord Darrow, the heroic hare who struck down the tyrant falcon overlord, General Torgane, in the independence revolution of Gravenshire."

"The death of Torgane paved the way for fifteen years of peace in the Glade, but the peace came to an abrupt end when the birds struck at the heart of the Guardians. They murdered Lord Darrow in cold blood! They waited for us to lower our guards after so many years of peace and prosperity; the guardians were ever vigilant of another attack from the birds, but the rest of the people became complacent and in denial that war was coming to the Glade. The death of Lord Darrow hit us all pretty hard, the worst felt by that of his protégé and successor, Sir Linus, who still holds Darrow's traditions close."]

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[i "It was in defense of the Glade that Sir Linus fought with one of the birds of prey single-handedly and won, only losing an eye to crooked talon, proving to the people of the Glade that war was truly upon them. That is why the Glade Guardians are recruiting, and why we [b need] you. Brave fighters of the Glade, take up arms in defense of your homeland, push back against the terror of winged tyranny. If you are able-bodied and can wield a weapon, the Glade needs you, fight alongside the heroes of today and become the heroes of tomorrow!"

[i "The birds have now raised banners of war under the self-proclaimed 'Emperor of Alvagor', an owl who took up Torgane's plan to eradicate the forest folk from Gravenshire Glade. This cannot happen. While there is still one Guardian in the Glade we [b will] fight! Sir Linus leads the armies, accompanied by Galvin the Great and Lady Mirabelle from Mouselton, we must save the Glade, join the Guardians today!"]]

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[b [+blue ~Things to Know~]]

1. This concept is geared towards the Humblewood D&D campaigns as it focuses on animals in place of people. Domesticated animals are prohibited, as mankind has not yet come into the picture.

2. The currency in Alvagor are small flakes of gems called Kala. The gemstone itself glows in the dark, making it easy to mine in vast quantities. The gems are mined, chipped and polished into small ornate flakes like small coins.

3. Birds are the enemy. Please keep character creations to be woodland creatures on the ground, animal size differences matter-so make character decisions wisely.

4. General Torgane was a falcon who saw avians to be above the woodland creatures in Alvagor, a thought of superiority shared with his successor and newly proclaimed Emperor, Hektor.

5. The Gravenshire Glade is a massive city in the heart of the forest, buildings are carved into the trees, hallowed out rocks and mounds of dirt. The Guardians' guild lies in the center, near the city square.

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Username: [http://rp.eliteskills.com/u.php?u=1001 Osiris]
Name: Matthias
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Species: Mouse
Class: Warrior
History: For as long as Matthias could remember he wanted to be a guardian, he dreamed of obtaining glory as one of the coveted elite to the Glade's defenses, hoping to earn his keep as one of their new recruits the small mouse wields his father's sword and chases adventure far from home. It was on one adventure that he met with Gideon, he found the squirrel hunting near his family's farm and ran recklessly to help the squirrel who was on the business end of angry, feral boar tusks. What Matthias lacks in strength and size he makes up for with heart and determination, trying to show the world there is more to field mice than farming fields and tilling the land.
Picture URL: [pic https://imgur.com/6W4fUVv.jpg]

Username: [http://rp.eliteskills.com/u.php?u=1001 Osiris]
Name: Gideon the Red
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Species: Squirrel
Class: Ranger
History: Gideon has been apart of the Guardians for as long as he could remember, being born into it by a long lineage of defenders from the treetops. The squirrel's bright red fur gave him his title, often being mistaken for the common red squirrel, and he has given everything for the Glade. A respectable hunter, his skills as a ranger allowed him to strike at their enemies from long range, and climb large obstacles to get greater vantage points. He is usually found bartering hunted pelts for alchemical oils and salves for his arrows; an amicable individual, Gideon creates a joyful bond with nearly everyone he meets.
Picture URL: [pic https://imgur.com/EfuQR41.jpg]

Username: [http://rp.eliteskills.com/u.php?u=268 Killmonger]
Name: Cherise La Voleuse
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Species: Opossum
Class: Thief/Rogue
History: Cherise grew up idolizing her mother, a sort of 'lone wolf' defender whose renown amongst the common folk was almost overwhelming. Her mother began training her extensively from a very young age, and she worked hard to become her mother's biggest fan, the perfect assistant, and of course her most trusted partner- that is, until the day young Cherise met her first owl. Likely mistaking her for her mother, he chased her relentlessly, frightening her in such a way that she didn't even realize the owl was being followed, too. Her mother ambushed the owl from the trees, and even managed to lop off a few talons along the way, but this of course did not deter the bird from its attack. Cherise regrets being shaken so horribly, as she blames herself for her mother's begging for her to run away; Had she been stronger and of more help, her mother would have come home that day. Cherise does not hail from Gravenshire, as can be surmised from her accent. Joining the Guardians gives her more opportunities to gather information and to train, as she has been for several years now since her mother's disappearance.
Picture URL: [pic https://i.imgur.com/szgAMRP.jpg]
Username: [http://rp.eliteskills.com/u.php?u=268 Killmonger]
Name: Nam Sang-in
Age: 52
Gender: Male
Species: Tortoise
Class: Monk
History: Historically speaking, turtles and tortoises have gone to great lengths to remain neutral and at peace... but even for those who keep to themselves, conflict awaits. It started with the rivers and marshes, severely overfishing and trying to forcibly lay claim to seasonal insects in their lands. Knowing they would have a hard time waging a direct war opposite the turtle villages, birds instead took the starvation route; It has become a serious threat now, with their already meager food stores under siege. Sang-in is a rare turtle, indeed, one who is no stranger to conflict and strife. His village is now apart of a staggered colony comprised of several surviving members of different villages who were forced together by the raids. Rather than waiting for the next raid, Sang-in has traveled to Gravenshire to end his retirement. He was once a Guardian during his quest to see Torgane's downfall, and intends to see the same come true for his successor, Hektor.
Picture URL: [pic https://i.imgur.com/rLBTOTN.jpg]

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[i ]

Matthias was slightly hunched over, hands on his knees as he panted for breath, they had been running for what felt like hours. They, being him and Gideon, his mentor and friend who was helping him train for the Guardian recruitment rally, they were accepting all applicants and those able to wield a weapon-which told exactly how serious they were taking the declaration of war and how desperate they were to fill their ranks. Yet to make a good impression hopeful prospects could demonstrate skills to impress the higher ranked Guardians and prove to the other recruits they deserved to be there.

The young mouse wanted to be a guardian so bad, when he first became an adult he tried to go through the recruiting official but the fox officer just looked at him and laughed. The official waved him off and told Matthias they had no need for those as small as field mice, he was turned away, told to go back to his fields and tend the harvest like the rest of his family. So, every chance he got he would train with Gideon, learning the ways of the sword under the tutelage of the ranger, and constantly improving his attributes as best as he was able. He ran on end to build up endurance and stamina, trained for hours against practice dummies and sparring with Gideon in the forests of emerald green.

Every beat of his heart was thudding in his ears, like the driving rhythm of a war drum it kept pounding, each raising his determination to continue-to push even further beyond his limits. He was more than just farmer's boy, he had the heart of hero if they'd only give him a chance to prove it! Yet the war's imminent crashing on the glade meant the recruiters could no longer be picky, they had the decree from Sir Linus himself. Anyone could join, but all recruits would basically have to sign away their lives to reach the coveted title of being a Glade Guardian.

They were the best of the best, they were the front-lines of defense, protecting the perimeter of Gravenshire against its foes with valor and pride. Matthias wanted to be [i one] of them, was that too much to ask? He wanted to be able to have his father, a revolution survivor, look up from the crowds and see his little mouseling standing among the greats. He'd smile and shout, "that's my boy!", from the sidelines, pointing him out to his mother and all his siblings. To be a mouse Guardian was almost unheard of, if not for the deft archer Mirabelle, who was the first of their kind to join their ranks.

Lady Mirabelle was from Mouselton, the largest mouse city and neighboring kingdom to the Glade, Matthias heard stories of its grandeur, rivaling the Gravenshire in architectural beauty and agricultural growth. Yet Mouselton had felt the grievous wounds of war first, the birds... They ate the King of Mouselton and dropped his severed head at the castle steps. It was horribly gruesome and shook the morale of their troops to the core, the death of the king was the reason Mirabelle went to the Glade in the first place as an envoy requesting aid, but soon she stayed at the guild hall and became a legend.

[#992300 "Oi! What's the hold up, lad?"] Matthias looked up to see Gideon holding onto the side of a large oak, staring down at the young mouse expectantly.

[#006d99 "I just... needed... to catch... my breath..."] Matthias panted in between each few words, the red tuft ears of Gideon twitched slightly with a soft wrinkle of his nose he nearly laughed. The lad had such spirit, but he lacked quite a lot of stature compared to the others looking to protect the Glade.

[#992300 "Ready yourself, mouse."] Without another word Gideon leapt from the side of the tree, drawing his long sword and lunging down upon the exhausted Matthias. The mouse looked up with concern before darting to the side, rolling among the leaves as he unsheathed his own sword. [#992300 "A Guardian must always be at the ready, no matter how tired, how defeated, bruised and beaten-we will fight for the Glade! At the ready!"]

Gideon did not give much time for Matthias to collect his bearings as the two of them began to spar among the softened blades of grass, locking blades with the echoing clang as it echoed to the canopies above. Matthias' lungs were on fire, every breath he drew hurt his chest yet still he deflected and parried as best as he was able. He was so tired, his legs did not want to move and he stumbled frequently from Gideon's refined onslaught.

The squirrel trained Matthias with real weapons, scoffing at the idea of using practice swords like they would at some academy-he was of the belief that to practice with wooden or blunt swords hindered the learning curve, without the risk of injury a trainee would lose out on valuable skills to keep oneself alive. Matthias could barely count how many cuts and slashes have nicked his tawny fur; but he went home plenty of times with ripped clothes and torn cloaks.

His exhaustion took too much from him and his sword was knocked from his hands, disarmed Matthias sunk to his hands and knees, practically planting his face into the sweet-smelling grass. He just wanted to take a much-needed nap, his panting was labored and he closed his brown eyes as he sunk to the ground conceding defeat.

[#006d99 "Gid-Gideon, I can't. I can't do anymore, I'm exhausted."] The red-furred squirrel twitched his overly bushy tail, holding the point of his sword at the ready, pointing at the dejected mouse on his hands and knees.

[#992300 "Do you think the birds will give you quarter? Do you think they will let you catch your breath?"] Matthias shook his head slowly, [#992300 "The Guardians do not need another carcass to throw at the avians! They need warriors! Are you a warrior, mouse?!"]

[#006d99 "I-I'm just tired."]

[#992300 "You will always be tired! When the drums of war thunder in the night and you haven't slept for days, you will be tired. When you slog through rain and mud, forced to fight for your life and the lives of your brethren, you will be tired! When the gates of Gravenshire are besieged by avian forces you will be tired of fighting, of going on, of continuing to live where others have died."] Gideon hadn't even lowered his sword, his voice was filled with such passion it even raised Matthias' head from its bowed position, his brown eyes becoming wide with awe. [#992300 "Do you have what it takes to be a Guardian, Matthias? Are you willing to do whatever it takes to make your dream a reality? Are you going to show the world there is more to you than being [i just] a field mouse?!"]

[#006d99 "I do. I will!"] Matthias raised up to his knees, clenching his fists in determination.

[#992300 "Then you pick up that sword and you [b prove it]!"] So he did, against the ache and pain, against his body screaming for him to stop he would push through. Matthias grabbed his sword and stood tall and at the ready, standing as if he was ten feet tall he engaged with Gideon once more. He was going to prove that he could go beyond what others thought of him, even though his legs were smaller, and he'd have to run twice as far-he would do it. Even though his reach was shorter, he would continue to push himself past the danger to get at the heart of their enemies. To become the hero he [i knew] he could be, he would fight through the pain, the tiredness, the sore and aching muscles. With Gideon's help he would prove that he was worthy to be considered a Guardian and would protect the Glade with every fiber of his being! [right [pic https://imgur.com/EfuQR41.jpg]]
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