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[center [size23 [#137001 [font "Raleway" Mortality [mor-tal-i-ty]: noun- the state or condition of being subject to death]]]]
[center [pic]]
[right [size20 [font "Candara" Twenty-one Years Ago...]]]

[p On a quiet summer night, a cry of a newborn babe was heard throughout a grand Estate tucked away in woodland mountains. William and Laura McAllister had tried for years to have a child of their own; the couple tested many fertility methods with no pregnancy as a result. They had had almost lost hope of making a family together. They were unexpectedly gifted with a handsome baby boy after six years of attempts. The recently proclaimed parents were grateful to finally have a family in their great big house. The feeling of joy overwhelmed them as William and Laura stared down at the healthy brown eyes that never ceased with curiosity. The plans they had made together felt more complete with this child in their life. They gave a suitable name for the curious and active baby. He would be forever known as Caelum McAllister.]
[p However, the new parents were completely oblivious to how special little spunky Caelum was. In fact, Caelum is very extraordinary. The McAllisters notice a peculiar trait about their infant son right away. Caelum had a gift unlike anyone had ever seen: a gift to heal any injury, cure any illness or disease. Not only could Cal reverse wounds, but he could even reverse time by restoring youth in anyone. A priceless gift and a heavy burden for such a young innocent soul. Caelum's newly developed abilities are powerful and, if put into the wrong hands, dangerous. His parents feared that someone would one day take him and use his gifts for selfish reasons. Therefore, William and Laura McAllister decided to hire help. They needed someone with great skills and a sharp mind to protect their son from ne'er-do-wells. They needed a Guardian.]
[p Corbin Langley used to be a killer, a trained assassin. He was the best of the best in his field. Everything about him was mysterious. All information about him was locked away in some vault underground somewhere or blocked by top-secret walls. Corbin had been an expensive mercenary for years before he quit the game. Secret ops just weren't that fun anymore.]
[p When he was invited to a private meeting with the McAllisters, he wanted to decline at first. An elusive billionaire couple like that never got their hands dirty. Most people like them generally wanted someone to disappear. Curiously, it wasn't a hit they were willing to pay so much money for. He was offered a permanent position as Caelum's bodyguard. He was tempted by the new job. Whether the reason was to restart anew or if the money was too much to refuse, he wouldn't say. He just kept thinking: why would anyone want to hurt an innocent child?]
[p After he laid eyes on the small babe for the first time, Corbin felt an immediate connection to this creature. The cold blue eyes that stared down at the boy softened from the years of violence and cruelty. A man thought to be merciless, was struck down by a mere child. He felt a familial-like bond toward little Caelum, and it was apparent that the boy felt a similar connection. Caelum immediately stopped crying whenever Corbin was near. Whatever supernatural force that was at work, it sparked a new motivation in this man's soul. He didn't know how or why, but Corbin would protect this child with every fiber in his being. Corbin Langley turned to William and Laura McAllister who waited with batted breathe for his response.]
[center [p [b "I accept your offer."]]]

[h3 Wards and Guardians]
[font "Merriweather" [b Wards:] These people are basically superhumans. They possess [i one] supernatural gift and only one much like some characters in comic books. One person, out of half a million others, is born with some kind of superior ability. However, Wards have limitations to what they can do, and their powers are weak in the early ages of life. Through maturity and growth, Wards can increase strength and durability. Wards can also sense when other Wards are nearby. They receive visions of each other and can sense whether or not they are hostile.]

[font "Merriweather" [b A Special Bond:] Wards and Guardians hold a very special attachment to each other. This attachment is a supernatural symbiotic relationship and can only be broken when one or both are dead. A lot of these unions become romantic because the two people share one mind. It is also common for platonic familial relationships to happen due to Guardians being sought when the Ward is an infant. If the Ward and the Guardians are opposites then it won't work and one will kill the other. However, the Ward can have like a manipulative hold on the Guardians into doing her/his will. When a Ward dies, the Guardians lose control of their mind. The irreplaceable connection between two minds makes Guardians go crazy and do irrational things. However, when a Guardian dies, the ward will become an easy target for other Guardians.]

[font "Merriweather" [b Deadly Rivalries:] If rival Guardians kill other Wards, then the Guardian gains a boost in strength and speed while the surviving Ward gains maturity in his or her abilities. Killing Wards can make the Guardian and the Ward live longer and feel stronger. This causes a type of addiction, a type of "high", which leaves them wanting more.]

[h3 The Characters]
[center [size20 [font "Candara" The Warrior]]]
[left [pic]]
[font "Dosis" Username: JakefromStateFarm]
[font "Dosis" Full Name: Corbin Langley]
[font "Dosis" Age: Early Fifties ]
[font "Dosis" Role: Guardian]
[font "Dosis" Skills or Abilities: Trained in 3 types of Martial Arts, Expert Marksman, Survival Training, Fluent in 5 languages, Really good at poker]
[font "Dosis" Personality: Calm, Calculating, Stubborn, Reserved, Loyal, Strong]

[h3 《》]
[center [size20 [font "Candara" The Savior]]]
[left [pic] ]
[font "Dosis" Username: canadonewithursh-t]
[font "Dosis" Full Name: Caelum McAllister]
[font "Dosis" Age: 21 years old]
[font "Dosis" Role: Ward]
[font "Dosis" Skills or Abilities: Caelum has the ability to reverse wounds, cure disease, and restore youth. Despite having a guardian, he insisted that he learn to defend himself so he asked for training from Corbin.]
[font "Dosis" Personality: Cocky, arrogant, stubborn, passive-aggressive, ambitious. ]


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