All the Dead Lie Down

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A possible zombie apocalypse roleplay based on The Walking Dead Telltale game series.

[center [font roman [size12 So, I’ve been wanting to do something based on The Walking Dead for a while now, mostly the comics and the Telltale game series. I won’t write a very specific plot or anything because zombie apocalypse stories kind of write themselves, but I’ll just drop the setting and a few ideas down below and we can go from there. I’d love to plot something out with you as well instead of being totally linear.

- Locations are slightly important for this as certain places will be settlements, communities, danger zones, etc. I’ll be using real life locations, but not entirely accurate for the sake of fiction.

- Set somewhere in Georgia, but characters can be from anywhere as long as they are in Georgia for one reason or another. [u This is not the permanent location.]

- A sort of road-trip story where our characters travel together searching for somewhere to lie low and wait the outbreak out, but tensions are high and things gradually get more and more stressful as the danger increases and more people join the group.

- Characters will die, but our main characters don’t have to. You decide who you want to kill off, but at least one side character has to die. With that said, we can play as multiple main characters or simply have one each, but there will be multiple side characters at some point. I don’t care about genders, be whoever you want.

- Please be open for a lot of character development and focus on relationships. Romance can happen, but will not be the absolute main focus. Satellite love interests are the worst.

- TWD Zombie logic and terminology. You know the drill. This is set during the very beginning of the outbreak, but time skips, significant or not, will occur throughout the plot. We can decide when they happen or even if they happen.]]]

This will be a pretty dark and disturbing story. Remember, this is humanity at it’s lowest, dark shit is inevitable. There is no limit, just stick to the ES rules and you’re golden.



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