The Denoshan Expedition

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[h3 Storyline:]
Africa and most the Middle East are being united under one group. Humans are not having it. Another World War is brewing and this could easily mean the end of all life on Earth. This time, the supernatural community, who refer to themselves as Denizens, cannot just watch it unfold from the sidelines. Although they are part of the world, they reside in a different realm called Denosha. Within this society of various creatures, monsters, specters and more, many are divided on what to do about this imminent threat. Two factions in particular uphold the leading solutions for this. One is the Peace Pact Faction, which is create peace and equality through diplomacy among the paranormal and humans to rid this world from the notion of war. The other is the Divine Retribution Faction , which believes the humans are incapable of being anything but destructive on their own and need to be kept in check in order to learn their place.

Ultimately the leaders of the society have decided to send 3 representatives from each faction to go out and investigate the proper course of action. Once they've reached a decision, the rest will move accordingly. Time is of the essence & each representative must keep in mind that the humans have no clue they exist.

[h3 Rules:]
1) Minimum cursing. Honestly just don't let it take away from your character or what you're trying to say
2) Romance is fine, but it's not the main thing in this rp
4) There will be a posting order, and if you don't post within two weeks you are likely to be skipped. If it may be longer, just communicate that & we can work something out with other posts in the meantime. Stuff happens.
5) Site rules apply

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[ Denosha]

[h3 Skelly:]
If you're interested in joining, pm me a filled out version of the skelly below

[b Puppet-master:] Your username

[b Character's Name:]

[b Character's Picture:] Provide url

[b Gender:]

[b Age:]

[b Supernatural Race:]

[b Faction:] Peace Pact or Divine Retribution

[b Personality:]

[b Role in Faction:] This is pretty much why your character was chosen to represent. In other words, what does how does your character stand out from the other faction members? For example, having some connections to the faction leader, being an active force in the cause in a specific way, having a huge following of creatures that support the way you go about spreading your factions cause, etc.

[b Misc:] If there's anything else that needs to be known, put it here.

[h3 Cast:]

[b [size20 Peace Pact Faction: - FULL]]

Puppet-master: [ NorthernWolves]

Character's Name: Andreana

Character's Picture:

Gender: Female

Age: 24

Supernatural Race: Wolf Hybrid

Faction: Peace Pact

Personality: Most of the time she's calm, collected, and very thoughtful. But when she's on her spiritual journeys, don't disturb her or else you might find yourself facing a wrathful priestess.

Role in Faction: Andreana is a priestess, who preaches the path of negotiation and non-violence. She has built up a pretty strong following, especially from those who had participated in previous wars and knew what sort of destruction happened during the wars.

Misc: When she goes on her spirit journey, one of her eyes goes to a lilac color while the other one stays the same light blue. She also grows very sharp claws over her fingers.

Puppetmaster: [ Mikeymickeymike]

Character's Name: Alexander

Character's Picture: [pic]

Gender: Male

Age: 86

Supernatural Race: Skinwalker

Faction: Peace Pact

Personality: Loving to humans and see's the good in them. He is slow to anger unless his loved ones are impacted or he see's an injustice. Alexander disdains a lot of supers because of their impatience and lack of understanding of humans

Role in Faction: One of the members f the supernaturals who decided to live in the human realm. The council uses him to watch over the human realm as the head of the most influential Private military contractor organization in the United States.

Misc: Does not reveal his race to other Supers unless it's absolutely neccessary.

Puppet-master: Phytocanis324

Character's Name: Iltani

Character's Picture: [pic]

Gender: "Male", technically genderless with male features and auditions

Age: 724

Supernatural Race: Crystalhewn

Faction: Peace Pact

Personality: Prefers to express a calm and collected demeanor, which can sometimes come off as cold or indifferent. If pushed hard enough, his race is prone to emotional extremes: where someone would feel irritation or anger at first, Iltani goes straight to unbridled rage - mild sadness or joy are ignored until crippling depression or ecstatic elation respectively.

Role in Faction: Iltani's calm demeanor and logical thinking got him to his position in the Peace Pact, levying that while humans are destructive by nature they are also avid learners and inventors. Such potential would be criminally wasted should they meet and untimely extinction. His temperament is difficult to sway even under pressure or threat, and he can always approach a problem with reasoning before he must begin acting aggressively. His skills with psionic abilities, namely telekinetics and pyrokinesis, also make him a competent combatant should the need arise.

Misc: Once befriended a wayward Goliath who he - begrudgingly - wishes to see again when the humans have been dealt with

[b [size20 Divine Retribution Faction: - FULL]]

Puppet-master: [ YoruNeko]

Character's Name: Alicia Kazeki

Character's Picture:

Gender: Female

Age: 24

Supernatural Race: Tengu

Faction: Divine Retribution Faction (DRF)

Personality: Very protective of the entire supernatural community, proud, willful, finds being carefree as a luxury but enjoys the calming feeling of flying in the air

Role in faction: Her uncle is one of the DRF leaders and she’s been an impactful voice to the people to take their place above the humans. Since the humans can’t ever find harmony among themselves, Alicia truly believes that the best way to save their world is assert their superiority and keep them in check.

Misc: Besides the community, her wings are her pride and joy

Puppet-master: [ Colorful_insanity]

Character's Name: Anathuil and Anethe human names: Riley Silvers and Rulian Blind
Character's Picture:
Gender: male and male
Age: unknown
Supernatural Race: Xirn
Faction: Divine Retribution
Personality: Riley is very refined, calm, collective, and a very silver tongued person. Rulian is very bubbly, out going, but intelligent and very seductive.

Role in Faction: Riley is one of the higher leaders within the Divine retribution where Rulian is his brother and a fellow leader, both have a very high standing of followers both supernatural and human alike. Not many actually have seen the two in person in their true Xirn forms, and may know them to always be together and work as a pair. you won't see one without the other close by and its usually a switch off between the two who is beating the crap out of people and taking names.

Misc: The two don't go by their real names so to not inform those in the field that they are two of the leaders of the group, so Riley goes by Ri(rye) and Rulian goes by Ru (Rue). The only way you can tell the difference between the two is their eye color. Riley has a dark blue while Rulian has an almost white shade of blue eye. Riley's breath power is a very powerful gas that can be used like a knock out gas or if intensified enough a very lethal toxic gas. Rulian's breath is that of sound from a small irritable noise to a brain damaging sound. Both Riley and Rulian have angelic feathery wings; to be exact each one has four pairs, or eight, wings.

a Xirn is a dragon type angel that had been banished from the heavens during the great war between the angels and demons, as they did not pick sides, but chose to stay neutral in the fight. Originally thought to be the guardians to the garden of Edan Xirns are a lot like dragons, they have an elemental breath and have a harden leathery skin instead of the plushy human skin. Their eye colors are based off their elemental powers. Hunted down by their own kind Xirns are a rarity and can be found fighting both angels and demons. Xirns also are believed to have some type of dragon like feature such as horns, tails, scales, etc.

Xirn are not known to keep their actual form as they are to large to go unnoticed, however they can manipulate their body form to take on the aspect and look of other races, their preferred races however are the angels, Nephilim, vampires, and demons. although they are known to also take on the aspects of elves, fae, merfolk and the like as well.

Puppet master: [ Guardian Angel]

Character name: Ylva Grimhildsdottir

Character image:

Gender: Female

Age: 1,250 last she checked

Race: Valkyrie

Faction: Divine Retribution

Personality: Ylva is a wise and caring Valkyrie, though years of dictating the ebb and flow of combat has most certainly left it's mark. Looking down upon those she sees as below her, she can come across as condescending and patronizing. If someone catches her eye, though, she will guide them down the proper path as any mother would. Of course, the only way to save the humans is to enslave them. They are far too dangerous to be left to their own free will.

Role: As someone who has been on the front line near constantly for the past thousand years, she knows how dangerous the humans are, to both themselves and everyone else. The Manhattan Project made a lot of extra work for her. Having been one of the more influential figures of the Divine Retribution, mostly because she was one of the first things the dead would see as they passed, she has been assigned to "enlighten" those at the talks.

[b [size20 Human Organization Members]]

Puppet-master: [ Mikeymickeymike]

Character's Name: Andre (Warlord) Lordes

Character's Picture: [pic]

Gender: Male

Age: 28

Supernatural Race: Human

Faction: United Coalition of Africa (U.C.A)

Personality: Andre is a calculated man. He only truly trusts Will. He is a solitary person by nature due to his upbringing in an orphanage. Brutal on the battlefield and charismatic for his men.

Role in Faction: Serves as the leader of a rogue specialist army. After becoming a warlord and uniting Africa Andre appointed his right hand to run the U.C.A while he kept to the shadows.

Miscellaneous: Andre and Will were formerly a part of an advanced covert Delta Force unit. They were both given experimental super soldier treatments which greatly enhanced their physical and mental capabilities.

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Roleplay Responses


While the presence of the newly summoned caused the monologuing, slightly villainous in relation towards the mission, Andreana had payed attention at the centaur through the speech's entirety. Only after the centaur's voice shut off did she ponder about the others.

With two quick glances, the second one a recount, Andreana ascertained four others aside from herself. The left ear rotated facing forwards, arms cocking more downwards. Eyes narrowed suspiciously, which could be misread as hungrily, a slower third sweep counting four others yet again; as the humans also tended in saying, [i 'third time is the charm']. Andreana knew some complex mathematics, but one only needed the ability in tallying two pairs of three and the knowledge of the number six to come up with a reasonable sum of six. Yet the number she could see was five, a quick subtraction of five from six gave the difference of one; Andreana theorized that one supernatural left right as the centaur ended his speech.

While the slight gap yet retained itself, Andreana utilized the time with looking closer at the other four:
First in her sights was a clothed, red, crystal-like being. Each supernatural race had their unique hidden gems; the side to which the moderately shiny being belonged mattered naught, she'd want a chat.
Second being appeared as if human, even his clothes appeared human-made from their planet. Facial expression radiated rage. Understandable really, since if he had been in the human realm then why go with this back-and-forth hassling? Unless the bland one was occupied with something else. Andreana hoped that she would not have to deal with someone easily losing their shit, no matter the side.
Concerning the third being, Andreana held them in high respect. Valkyries had embedded themselves in the Norse folk's mythology. While humans hypothesized, surprisingly accurately, that Valkyries guided their souls from battle, the humans had no ability to comprehend how much Valkyries fought. No amount of medals or other such rewards would ever be enough in decorating even a single Valkyrie.
The fourth.....

Andreana's eyes glared like a blue sin, arms cinching their criss-cross tighter, ears alerted facing sideways, lightly barred teeth along with a growl contained in the throat. The tail, on a delayed action, stiffened and flew upwards, before just as quickly relaxing downwards; the rest of Andreana relaxed as well. While this quick aggressive reaction could be pointed out as hypocrisy, Andreana only reacted like this for three scenarios: self-defense, someone disturbing her spiritual journeys, and someone with a complicated past; only one being belonged in the third and final category.

Silently biting her lip, Andreana gazed as Alicia Kazeki of the Divine Retribution faction strutted over. Not surprisngly Alicia aggresively initiated the conversation. Andreana silently scoffed, finding the idea of something close to a bird talking about biting. Birds did not bite, but they did bash people with their beaks, slap with their wings, or come snatch you in sharp talons before whisking you away.

Andreana, covered in a pine-green robe, stepped forward to indicate she'd speak next. [+blue "I go by Andreana, and am simply put it a wolf-hybrid."] For one, Andreana did have a last name but ever since becoming a key Peace Pact member she felt more at ease being called by her first name rather than by Ms.[i ]. Secondly, Andreana used the human term for her own kind. It was simple, and explained everything in two petite, easily understood words.
  Andreana / NorthernWolves / 1d 6h 17m 56s
The elder centaur gave a nod to the rest of the leaders, who began to disperse from the space within simplistic, yet enchanting stonehenge. In two hours, they would be sent to walk on among those humans… Alicia had a deep seeded hatred for those creatures. They needed governing as a whole, but some needed eradication. They were such a despicably selfish and violent species.

Another person chosen for this mission had been teleported right in front of her and commented and mentioned her eye color as a question. While growing up, she was always made fun of for her eye color and darker skin. Other tengu had porcelain skin and dark or grey eyes. Apparently, these were traits from her mother, but no one would talk about her or what she was. It was a 'touchy subject" for the family.
The warrior woman also had gold eyes, but still pale skin. [i ‘Interesting…’] Maybe this lady knew more about those with gold eyes. Or she could have just been surprised to see a tengu with them. [#efb639 "Yes… and you look exhausted,"] Alicia replied to the tall warrior woman.

[#24f0d1 "You're wr-... Right. I am tired." Ylva then sighed, and introduced herself. "Ylva Grimmsdottir, Valkyr firstborn."]

[#efb639 "Alicia Kazeki, Tengu. You should take care of yourself more, Ylva."]

[#24f0d1 "You have the eyes of a warrior. Divine Retribution?"]

[#efb639 "Thank you. You as well," she replied commenting on the familiar look in her eyes, not just the matching color. "Of course. I assume the same?"]

[#24f0d1 "A small smile would cross her lips. "Naturally. We warriors are hard pressed to join the ranks of the... Disillusioned."]

[#efb639 "I second that. I don't understand how others could be so easily swayed. Humans have long taken advantage of the free reign we've given them."]

As the hall became a bit more vacant, Alicia peered through the remaining crowd for Renkoku, only to find him already heading her way. Before she responded, Alicia interjected, [#efb639 "If you'll excuse me, Ylva..."]


[#efb639 “Uncle, it is good to see you. I’m sorry things didn’t go as smoothly as we hoped.”]

[#25653e “You as well, Alicia,”] he took a pause before continuing. [#25653e “Yes, but we’re almost there. The rest is up to the six of you."]

When she was 1 years old, her own father was killed in a tragic incident during an expedition in the human realm. Ever since that time, Renkoku became a second father figure where his younger brother physically couldn’t. Hearing him verbally pass the baton as she also headed there meant more than she could ever express. As if she was a young fledgling again, Alicia caught him in a hug. [#efb639 “Thank you, Uncle. You know, I’ll be fine.”]

[#25653e “Never travel blind, Alicia. Always study your surroundings and those within, starting now.”] He added as he turned her towards her companions.

[#efb639 “Of course. I just had to get a hug before I left,”] she said as she began to walk away and silently added [i ‘and make sure you weren’t worrying too much.’]

With her back now turned, Renkoku gave Ardinel a warning glare. This will be twice now that he knowingly watched his family go to a risky situation in the human realm. Last time, his brother Jiyuki did not make it back alive. If anything were to resemble that time, no form could save Ardinel from the wrath he would face.

Looking around at the rest of the group, she noticed a familiar face, one of an old friend. Alicia wasn't amused. Last time they spoke, it didn't end on good terms. That was a few years prior… and of course she'd be representing the Peace Pact. There was also a creature made up of crystals sitting down, a rough looking guy being standoffish in the corner, Ylva from earlier, and the last one disappeared.

Alicia went over to a middle ground between everyone and called out to them. [#efb639 “So, we’re the lucky ones thrown into this assignment. Since we're all going to be dealing with each other for a while, we might as well introduce ourselves. If we could all get introductions of name and race, that'd be a great start. My name is Alicia Kazeki. I'm a Tengu. Everyone, on over here so we can do this properly. I won't bite you.”]
  Alicia Kazeki / Yoruneko / 1d 7h 47m 10s
Andre went to the loadout zone and packed his gear. He was assigned to sniper duty this operation due to the doctor's warning. Usually the sergeant was their sniper but he would be taking Andre’s place in the formation. During loadout Will approached Andre [+darkgreen “This isn’t right. We are about to go destabilize an entire region for money. What are we even fighting for at this point? We signed up to take out terrorists and defend our people. We are going to become terrorists against another nation.”]

He saw the rest of the squad come in and the sarge was joking around with Andre calling him warlord. It was his nickname in the unit. Before they boarded the plane to head to a carrier in the Atlantic, Will gave Andre a separate earpiece so they could talk on their own frequency. Andre put it in his bag and boarded the aircraft.

The phantoms were air dropped from a Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk which was heavily modified for stealth and making it less visible to radar. They were to ambush the President on the way in between his humanitarian visits to rural villages in the nation. Far from modern cities, they set up an ambush point in the only place where they could have cover.

The road had to go through the forest to get to the next village and the shortest route was only two kilometers of forest. The ambush point was to be set one kilometer in. The phantoms quickly got to work. They set ground charges thirty meters apart from each other to disable the lead and trail vehicles. More charges were set on the tree line to block and possibility of an escape. The Phantoms set themselves up on both sides of the road deep in the brush. Their job was simply to draw fire. Andre was posted up in a tree on the side of the road forty meters past the ambush point. The presidential assassination was his responsibility. Sniper duty was usually Will’s job. But because they didn’t know the effects of the drugs, Andre was assigned to it. That was if something happened he wouldn’t be dead and they could always revert to plan B, a full on firefight. Before the caravan was set to arrive Andre and Will were Talking on the spare comms that Will provided.

Will said [+darkgreen “This isn't right Dre. We are purposefully destabilizing an entire nation. Haven’t you ever wondered why? It’s because the president of Nigeria found a massive oil reserve and word is he isn’t going to let anyone come in and help them pull it out and refine it. He’s making the nation self sufficient of the U.S and brass wants a piece of that oil so we are going to kill him and put in our own guy. I know it's treason to say this but I would fight back against this.”]

Andre replied [+darkblue “Will you gotta be careful of what you say. I know this is wrong but what other choice do we have? We are soldiers. We follow orders even if we don’t like them and we don’t speak of treason. You’re my brother so don’t make me have to witness you get court martialed.”]

[+darkgreen “Oh calm down they can’t hear us on this channel.”]

Just then the caravan started approaching and got into position. Johnson detonated the charges and the trees fell in front and behind the caravan then the explosives underground went off and destroyed several vehicles. The Nigerians had no choice but to move the President and they made a defensive formation around him and removed him from the truck. Andre was told to take the shot as soon as he had it. It did not take long for Andre to have a clear shot at his heart. With the squeeze of the trigger it was done. The rest of his unit then took care of the rest of the military guard. While that was happening He heard the Colonel in his ear.

[+red “Lordes I want you to kill Corporal Johnson on the grounds of treason. We heard what he said on your private line.”]

Andre aimed at Will and almost pulled the trigger but he couldn’t. Throughout Andre’s entire life he never had friends growing up in an orphanage then enlisting when he turned 18. He was born to be a soldier but Will was the only family he had. His head was pounding. When he didn’t kill him the Colonel ordered the unit to turn on Will and kill him. Will took cover as they approached him and then everything became clear in Andre’s mind. Without hesitation he began opening fire. He killed them all before they had a chance to react. The effects of the drugs were evident. His reaction and processing speeds were on another level. Andre took out his earpiece and headed to Will.

[+darkblue “You were right. What we did was wrong. Our government can’t be allowed to do this to another country for the sake of it making money.”] He looked around at the carnage.

[+darkblue “We have work to do.”]
Will nodded and said [+darkgreen “We have to stabilize this country before the U.S can capitalize. We have to expose what happened here to the world.”]
They took their knives and cut the U.S flag off of their uniforms.[+darkblue “We no longer belong to that country. Let’s”]

[+darkgreen “You’re right. Let’s go and change this world. First we take over Nigeria next, we unite all of Africa.”]
Ylva Grimhildsdottir, a proud member of the Valkyr firstborn, looked down at the sheer magnitude of the paperwork that had been accumulating on her desk for the last several hours. Several of her sisters had reported that other members of the supernatural community had begun flaking on their tasks as of late. [#24f0d1 “Those damned self proclaimed angels of death. Why in the All Father’s name have we been assigned their work?”] Irritation showed on her face and she dispatched one of her sisters to go and figure out what had caused this to happen. The office began to devolve into a hive of activity, Valkyr taking off to gather information, drop off reports, or deliver messages.

The bigger picture coming into view was that the Council meeting had yet to adjourn, a very troubling matter in and amongst itself. Several hours of closed off conversation, sealed away from the masses with layers of magical protection. No such thing had occurred within Ylva’s considerable lifetime. What did it mean? It seemed like most of the supernatural world was thinking the same thought, creatures who had lived thousands of years showing worry and concern.

There were only a few things that the Council would deliberate on this much. [#ebb923 [i What are those Hel blessed humans up to this time?]] After seeing the aftermath of the so-called “Project Manhattan”, a chill went up Ylva’s spine just thinking about what might be worse. [#ebb923 [i Might they have gotten ahold of the old Majiks? No, surely not. They don’t have the discipline nor the strength. Such things would vaporize them.]]

A figure appearing in her peripheral shook her from her thoughts, and put a small smile on her face. Valna Astridsdottir, her second in command, looked like one of those human females you would see on the cover of a cheap romance novel. Long platinum blonde hair, fair skin, muscular build like all Valkyr, and always wearing her All-Father blessed plate mail. Thinking back on it, Ylva couldn’t remember a time when she wasn’t wearing that armor. That set of armor was more recognizable than Valna herself at this point.

[#24f0d1 “Valna, my dear, I do hope you bring good tidings.”] There was a small pop as the Unity Crest popped into existence. [b “Ylva Grimhildsdottir of the-”] [#24f0d1 “Alright, spit it out.”] Ylva preemptively placed a hand on her forehead, waiting for the report. [#895510 “Milady, i’m afraid not. The Council has not come to an agreement, nor taken a break in many moons. Such an event is unprecedented, and it’s already having an effect on the younger races. We have received reports of skinwalkers prowling the night, forest folk are patrolling the borders of their groves, and dwarves have been spotted above ground.”] [b “-you ready to teleport?”] [#24f0d1 “Of course they are. Next thing you know there will reports of Rag-”]

There was a brief flash of light, then Ylva was gone. Valna looked very confused, a bit shocked, and then took command of the situation as she was trained. Ylva felt her stomach lurch, and drop as she was transported. She appeared in the chamber of the Council, an exasperated expression on her face. She found herself facing a younger woman with jet black wings sprouting from her back, and a darker complexion. One thing certainly caught her eye, funnily enough.

[#24f0d1 “You have… Gold… Eyes..?”]
  Ylva / Sheoldred / 3d 1h 21m 7s
The council of Elders, the long awaited gathering of many of the oldest members of the supernatural beings, many founded leaders of the factions they now represent. It was here however a stalemate was. The air was tense, but it seems far more tense then even the usual gathering of beings. guards were here, and yet no one was allowed a weapon. They had all been disarmed by the guardians. Tension between the factions were arising and no one seemed to be able to diffuse it as arguments went back and forth about what to do about the third world warm humanity would soon be bringing upon itself.

that was why the council had a meeting as it was, Humanity. the Thorn constantly in the side of the supernatural beings. It was because of the supernatural humanity had evolved and educated themselves in the first place. It was because of the supernatural that humanity had survived, and how does humanity repay them? by forgetting them, by driving the creatures into the shadows and those who revealed themselves were taken and experimented upon or worse killed and ripped apart piece by piece jut to study them.

History had taught one thing. that humans couldn't be trusted what so ever. If one was to shift through the grand Library in Alexandria, not the one humans figure was buried under the waters of the Mediterranean Sea, but the one far below the surface only accessible to the supernatural they would find the real story of what had happened in the past written in first hand account by many people all collected within a single volume, whispered about in rumors and dust.

It tells of how the supernatural creatures Ruled the world even before humans appeared. It was the appearance of humanity that had the supernatural curious and flourished humanity in places of culture, human history only taught it as ancient civilizations. Egypt, China, Japan, Mesopotamia, the Americas, even as far advanced as Greece and Rome, even Carthage. It was then the supernatural understood what they had done. They had created a creature that could not be contained, and so a war broke out between the two. The supernatural however lost and so disappeared into the shadows to be long forgotten by humanity and the world.

The part not found that was not written in there however was in memory for those old enough to remember. The supernatural used humans as slaves, cheap labor and a resource. Like they were nothing more then stone or animals meant to be herded to destruction. The humans at first treated the supernatural as Gods, even considered them as such, but that would end eons later with the death of the first Supernatural by human hands. It was the start of a revolution and would go down into the human's history as the separation of the people under Moses from Egypt's ruler. They would find freedom and spread all around the world forcing the supernatural to adapt and quickly.

Some places however considered them still gods and treated them as such, but word got around and those in charge killed humans, only to have humans turn on them. It was then the war started, and it seemed the supernatural would win with their powers and stronger abilities, however humans won by sheer numbers alone.

[Center [pic]]
The Guardians, Sentinels, gatekeepers. The group of guardians for the council that were placed when the supernatural were first forced into the shadows. The creatures were forged from iron, fire, and blessed by all the elements and would forever be tied to the earth. No magic could pass them if they so wished, no matter what damage you did to one it always seemed like nothing more then a scratch to them. The great beings were the reason the barrier stood in place around the council now. In total there were twelve of them like the hour marks of a clock.

They were considered the timeless watchers of the supernatural and would forever protect their makers. They stand twenty feet tall, and weight well over sixty tons each. Their only noticeable difference is each one carries a different weapon upon their back, however they do not draw these weapons ever. Instead they use the magic they are provided by the council to form any weapon themselves that can come into mind. to make matters worse they also shift around the positions so if ever a sentinel is destroyed it would be reformed in but a few moments to keep up the fight in a different spot.

The council setting was not one inside a building, or one of grandeur, but a simple thing. They all sat inside Stonehenge. While to human eyes would seem like nothing more then a gathering of stones in a circle, it was in fact a massive structure tower that was hidden from the human eye. Held in the sky by a bit of magic the tower was made of marble stone, having a with of three hundred and sixty five stones, with every ninety-one row having a single extra stone at the top. from base to top was sixty stones accept for the few extra. The tower was significant to mark the year.

The council seemed to be going back and forth bickering about which idea they should do to solve human's own destructiveness and a potential way to stop humans for doing any more wards upon itself and damage the world even more. A few spoke up about sending humans away from earth, others said to wipe them completely off the face of the planet and commit mass genocide. It was then hand hit the stone desk that was in front of him, however the stone shattered its dust settled around the group. A male stood up and looked around the room stunned looks upon their faces.

The council member that had stood up started to speak was of an unknown origin, he was only known for his reputation as The Oldest of their kind.

[#b78510 "World war three is starting, and yet we sit around and do nothing to end this. We have heard the ideas of all the factions, and yet we can not agree. The two with the best ideas are the Divine Retribution faction and the Peace Pact Faction. Between these two alone however there is a stale mate. If we do not decide this soon we will have a war on our hands and nothing can stop it at that point. The world will die and along with it our own kind. If humanity is not stopped then it will destroy everything."] The male once again sat down to look across the group, but it wasn't long until voices of uproar started.

It was then a Deep growl caused the entire room to fall silent. All eyes fell upon a single figure who sat upon one of the chairs on the side of the Devine Retribution Faction [#b78510 "Decide soon as war is bound to fallow anyway."] still standing he looked around as the vote was casted for the two largest factions decisions.

The council was solidly even, it was the downfall of having an even number on a council there was either a tie or a very over powerful choice. [b "The vote is even."]
the room became even more tense, the factions all look to their left and their right in fear that war would break out even among their own kind, but that had not happened sense they freely walked the surface of the planet without worry about humans going and killing them. It was a very tense moment, but a single chirp of a voice from the sentinels outside came through the room.
[b "So bring forth members of each faction and send them into the human world. Allow them to gaze upon humanity and make their own judgments. They will count as the final vote, but must come to a group consensus. Not a single one of them can vote for the other side."]

The council all stood up and agreed. The first to pick was the peace pact faction. His voice came out as a husk very dark and earthy tone. [b "My first pick shall be Andrenna." the group then turned to the male who had out bursted earlier. A dead blank face upon his face.] He only turned to Renkoku as they spoke out their answer.
[#b78510 "We choose Alicia."]
The look the male received from Renkoku the girl's known uncle was one of stun and accomplishment. The male only put his finger to his lips motioning for silence from Renkoku about something, but only the two of them would know.

It was then again the room's attention turned to the PPF.
[#b78510 "Pick your next person anakir."]
the male took a long moment and called a name. [b "Alexander."] The skinwalker was not well known to the council, but his kind and existence was dually noted and kept a close eye on as he lived in the human world. Nodding The male looked to Renkoku and waved their hand to the man as eyes of the room turned on him. His voice boomed out across the room.
[b "We in the DRF choose Ylva Grimhildsdottir."]
it was a blow to the group.

Ylva Grimhildsdottir the angel of death was believed to be in her own faction, so to side with the DFR was meaning their faction was growing and at a far faster rate then even the council predicted at the start of it. She was a valkyrie and they tended to not side with either faction. They relied upon humans, far and few however kept to the old traditional means of coming to the world and taking the souls to the afterworld of Valhala. The eyes of the group once again turned to Anakir, who only turned to his partner and then back to have a blank face his eyes dead locked on the twins as he spoke. [b "We choose Iltani."] a fellow super natural like Azreal, believed to be a loner it also meant that the peace pact faction was also growing far faster then the council thought.

The room once again turned to the DRF, their eyes were upon the male who boomed out earlier, however he waved his hand again to Renkoku, who looked at the council. Tension was high, and the air seemed to be stifled with both anticipation and a threat itself loomed. One could stand a horseshoe in the air with how tense the room was. The male cleared his throat a few times and finally spoke out. His deep voice bouncing off the stones as his final words hit the members.
[b ”We also choose Ardinel"]

Everyone looked to the twins in astonishment and confusion. It however was Anakir who's voice spoke first over all others. [b "This is an outrage Ardinel is a leader and has influence already within the council."] The male looked just as surprised at Renkoku as he had earlier when they had called out his niece's name. He should have known to not have been surprised though. the man was known for getting even with those who put him into an uncomfortable position.

It was then the booming voice of he Sentinels once again come over the tower.
[b "Summons have gone out to the members that are not already here. Ardinel, step into the center of the room and join the group that shall be presently summoned.] without hesitation Ardinel stepped down the stairs and into the center of the room, but the booming sounds of echos of the voices rejecting their last decision could yet still be heard. It was however not long before Ardinel stood in the center of the room his voice once again out powering everyone. [#b78510 "If you are that threatened by our decision then summon someone from your own councilship to join the group. No? Then be silent, The Devine Retribution faction has made their decision. We obeyed the rules laid before us."]

The decision it seems would stand, because as the room fell silence the other five were summoned. Hearing the explanation of what would happen he left and would prepare.
  Adam Julius / Colorful_insanity / 3d 2h 28m 17s
Alexander walked with his wife through the courtyard and was telling her about how much he looked forward to having their first child. Just then his phone began to ring. He looked at the number and frowned. [+darkred “Hey baby we need to cut this short. This is an urgent work call.”] He answered and it was the Peace Pact. They informed him that he would soon be summoned back to Denosha. He grumbled at the thought. Alexander honestly didn’t want to work for the Denoshans anymore. He felt that his people were as flawed as humanity. Alexander told his wife that he would be leaving for business soon.

Alexander went to the agreed upon spot to be teleported. [b “Alexander of the Peace Pact Faction, you have been summoned to appear before the council. Are you ready for teleport?”] Alexander said, [+darkred “I am.”]

He arrived to hear a centaur tell them that they would be going back to the human realm. He tsk his teeth. [i “There was no point on bringing me here if they were just going to send me back.”] He didn’t care much for the politics of Denoshans. Alexander believed that they were more similar to humans than they cared to admit. He wanted to be with his wife. He lived in the human world as one of the watchers over the humans. He had been able to make a life for himself there. He even married a human woman. Alexander had seen the potential for evil within the humans but he had also seen an even greater potential for love and understanding. Alexander stood off in a corner to himself. He didn’t particularly care to socialize with the people that he’d be working with.
  Alexander / Mikeymickeymike / 3d 5h 25m 2s
How long had it been? Iltani pondered this question as he dusted off the old wooden box he'd hidden away in his home. Crystalhewn weren't really known for their adherence to traditional methods of sentimentality, but in his earlier years Iltani had learned the value of such things. His brethren would likely not see things similarly, and as one of oldest and most respected members of his species he was chosen to sit at the discussion table to represent the Peace Pact Party on the subject of humans. Even with this thought in mind, Iltani opened the box.

Inside rested two items, each cradled in the plush interior of their case. The first object: an orb, 5 inches from one side to the other. Heavy - made from a rare material from days long past, called Living Metal. Not a true metal, but instead a tree whose wood has been infused with magic to a point that while as tough as steel, still lives as an extension of its mother tree. When damaged, it will heal and regrow. On its face: a symbol in a language that Iltani had never learned, but whose translation held more meaning in it than almost any written word he'd ever seen.

The second: a small metal key. While not terribly ornate or unique in its design, anyone able to sense magic would know it was extraordinary. Iltani had never used it, much as he would have wanted to some days. But this item was something he only intended to do in emergencies, especially given his position and status. Using it would likely strip him of both, considering the implications.

Slipping both of these items into his small satchel bag - itself another trinket of his past - Iltani prepared himself for the summons. The Crystalhewn had learned much from humans by watching them from a safe distance. History had proved that humans were as creative and innovative as they were destructive. And while Iltani and the rest of his race were against the notion of the humans destroying themselves, they were also against eradicating or imprisoning them. He was sure that there was a way to instill reason and cooperation among humans, even if it meant showing them that there were [b worse] things than dropping explosives on each other.

He threw on a hooded robe and sat in his home, waiting for the summons. When it finally did come, he stood himself up before the Unity Crest that was now before him. [b “Iltani of the Peace Pact Faction, you have been summoned to appear before the council. Are you ready for teleport?”]

[#e82c7d "Yes."]

A feeling of being whisked away that Iltani had become perhaps too accustomed to in his yesteryears enveloped him, and when the feeling stopped he was stood in a room filled mostly with people he did not know. Those he did know were only by their presence in Peace Pact hearings and discussions. This would not falter his determination, nor his calm, almost-cold expression. He was there to talk, and hoped that those on the other side of the table were willing to listen.

When the elderly Centaur informed him that he would be getting sent to the human's realm in order to assess them, Iltani chose to remain in the room. Socializing was not his strong suit, as he often came off as cold and not compassionate toward others. However, if leaving this room meant he'd be pulled back at the end of two hours, then what point was there in leaving in the first place? He remained quiet and waited for someone else to come to him to talk, moving to the outer parts of the room so that he could sit down and wait. He had all he needed to depart when the time came.
  Iltani / Phytocanis324 / 3d 3h 14m 58s

Progress held an interesting property. Progress meant the creation, but to create first something had to be destroyed. And humans, while not fully understanding this concept, had this internal drive inside them which seemed synchronous with it. Humans, with their higher intelligence, but less than the supernaturals, throughout time increased their perverted destruction-creation cycle.

Reading their history was a story of it own. Everything began simple, small empires here and there rose and fell just as quickly. The craziness first began when those small empires did not fall, growing instead; they would fall eventually, but the impact would left a more noticeable impact.

Quick side note: Andreana's knowledge of human history was learned from the records of the supernaturals, sometimes them being the only reliable source when humans did not or forgot to record events.

As time went on the empires found each other. Either war or peace happened between the two, or sometimes even a confusing horse-ride between war and peace. Eventually empires formed into countries, with events tying several countries of millions of people instead of empires with hundred of thousands of people.

Now, now the time grew most dangerous for both humans and Andreana's own kind. While the supernaturals kept tabs on the progress, they never sought direct involvement as a whole. Humans already reacted with prejudiced violence towards singular occurrences, declaring war over the minuscule of slights, no need in teaching them about an entire race of exploitable creatures.

Another side-note: Humans exploited anything. While some chose the smarter option of mutualism, more oft than not personal greed took control which made humans commit dark decisions. One of the biggest examples would be the civil war which happened in the country of America, humans of the same country dealing death because of a disagreement of slavery or freedom for a group of darker skinned humans.

Before this time humans had created weapons of destruction, but nothing like what existed now. Before it took many a flying, metallic bathtubs in leveling a city. Now, all it took in levelling an entire country could be packed in a small missile with many warheads inside it. These weapons posed a threat not only to humans but to the supernaturals as well.

This became the primary reason why the supernatural council formed, deciding on the course of action. Could they continue as before, none or even surgical intervention? Or would a direct form of intervention needed to be carried out? The past few days no decision had been reached, instead slowly devolving bickering between two primary factions: Divine Retribution and Peace Pact. Each had members which viewed the others as mindless simpletons.

Another side note: Andreana noticed the irony of supernaturals behaving similar to the same humans which they considered below them.

At the current time, Andreana awoke from one of her spiritual journeys. This one was less journey and more meditation, cleaning the insides of nervousness and fear of the unknown. She groaned, eyes shutting tight as a bright light shone seemingly out of no where. A neutral voice, both in tone and gender, wandered out of the source of light, [b “Andreana of the Peace Pact Faction, you have been summoned to appear before the council. Are you ready for teleport?”]. Andreana responded with grumbling, eye rubbing, standing up, and then looking at the light. So the council wanted something from her, the only reason for a Unity Crest appearing while deliberations stilld continued.

[+blue "I am ready."]

A warm teleportation later, and Andreana left her cozy, peaceful abode and popped into an entire room abuzz with tension. A quick glance revealed that others had been summoned, no doubt from both sides.

Silence reigned above the small-scale bickering between small parties, broken only by the striding hoovesteps of an elderly centaur.

Andreana's arms crossed in front of her stomach, ears facing rear. She had grown accustomed to quick in-and-outs of the human realm. But this, spending time continuously for who knew how long. A human phrase came to mind, [i [+blue this will be interesting to say the least]].
  Andreana / NorthernWolves / 6d 12h 10m 4s
News that humans were potentially going to war was nothing new. However, in the last few decades, they have developed weapons that could destroy the world they shared many times over. Ever since word came of a new possible war stirring among the humans, those of mystical origin have been keeping a closer watch on them. [i ‘How selfish and idiotic can a species get? They can’t just kill themselves off anymore. They truly have to bring everyone else down with them. All for what? Some humans want to attempt some form of unity. So, the others must burn that down? So typical of a destructive species.’] Since this war had become increasingly more inevitable, those who dwelled in Denosha started up new factions to discover the best way to deal with this threat.

The one problem was that they had such devastating weapons. Another was that they were foolish enough to actually use it. [i ‘Can’t take your eyes off them for a mere century or two without them causing trouble. It’s time they’ve learned their place.’]

Meanwhile the faction leaders were having another meeting, one of them being her Uncle Renkoku. While they deliberated, no one could enter without a summons and the barrier would block any indication of an outdoor protest. Rather than idly waiting outside the building, Alicia was training her naginata skills in the forest grove. Her blade was an enchanted weapon. Depending on the enchantment, certain ones were hard to come by. Although hers wasn’t extremely rare, it would definitely take humans by surprise. Depending on their decision regarding what’s to come, it may come in handy.

Looking up at the sky, she could tell the number of hours that have passed. If a decision still had not been reached, they would most likely take a brief intermission soon. In preparation to head back, she shrunk down her naginata so that she could place it through the upper part of her ear as a scaffold piercing. Although the volume shrunk, it actually just became more dense.

Right as she unleashed her ebony wings to take flight, the Unity Crest suddenly shone before her. The distinct glowing orb then announced [b [i “Alicia Kazeki of the Divine Retribution Faction, you have been summoned to appear before the council. Are you ready for teleport?”]]

The bronze-skinned tengu folded her wings back behind her and answered, [#efb639 “Yes, I am.”]

A soft shimmer enveloped around her. Her previous surroundings faded as quickly as the Conference Hall formed around her. Once fully materialized, she could see the tension emanating within the eyes of the leadership before her. After giving a respectful greeting, Alicia tried to make sense of whatever she could.

Although the heads of all factions stood before her, there was a clear divide among them. Various sects seemed to congregate around two in particular. The one she belonged to and partially led by her uncle, the Divine Retribution Faction. The other was the Peace Pact Faction, one full of those human coddling idealists. [i ‘The humans merely need to take their place under our guidance and supervision. It’s not like we plan to exterminate them.’]

Closer to where she stood, there were a handful of others that she, for the most part, recognized being either an idealist or one of her own. Apparently, this mass summons was needed to break the standoff. The only question now was how.

Alicia looked toward Uncle Renkoku for hints with her golden eyes, yet found nothing but simmering frustration and concern within his gaze. Although many may misunderstand his stoic nature and fail to see the glimmer of prevalent emotions, Renkoku has mostly been like an open book to his niece. However, he purposely seemed to be keeping any indication of the situation to himself.


Before long, a pathway opening up among the leadership for someone to come through. An elder centaur walked up from the mass of faction leaders in order to address those before him.


[b [#7d5a1c “Thank you for answering our call. These desperate times call for answers. However, we must not make those in haste. Both of your factions have made valid points that have caused a split in opinion. Therefore, we invite you here to be the final voice.

As much as we cannot tolerate such devastation that is on the way, we must take into consideration that humans are sentient beings. In order to distance ourselves, we built our society within the shadows of theirs. However, in regards to the fate of the whole, we shall not pass judgement or attempt formal contact without at least attempting to understand their reasoning.

With this said, three representatives from each of the opposing factions have been selected to go investigate the state of humanity. Report back to us your findings and final decision based on what you’ve witnessed. You all must reach a majority consensus as a whole. You are given two hours to prepare for your travels. If you decide to leave these halls, we shall send another summons once that time has come. During this time, feel free to get to know your travel partners. Finer details shall be given then.”]
  Alicia Kazeki / Yoruneko / 8d 6h 17m 21s
Private first class Andre Lordes sat quietly in the back of the briefing room. He watched as the rest of his unit walked into the room and sat down waiting for the briefing. Command had called them in for a new mission. Corporal Will Johnson sat down next to him. In front of them were the Lieutenant., Sergeant, and two other privates. They together were a covert Delta Force unit tagged the phantoms. They got the nickname because they could infiltrate a nation and take out a high value target and be out before the target was found dead. They were an effective deadly special ops group that left no trace of their involvement.

Corporal Johnson leaned in towards Andre and said, [+darkgreen “I wonder where they will send us to next. We haven’t been let out in six months and I've been bored. So have you found you a lady yet?”]

Lordes simply replied [+blue “You know I’m a lone wolf. Shh the Colonel is walking in.”] The Lieutenant then shouted [+red “Attention.”] They all stood until the Colonel said at ease and began explaining their next assignment. They were going to Nigeria to kill the president. There were murmurs amongst the men. This was the biggest job they would ever take and the most difficult to complete and get out. [+darkgreen “This is insane.”] Johnson said as the Colonel kept explaining.

The Colonel then said [+red “We are also going to begin testing for an experimental drug to enhance your physical and mental capabilities. We need a volunteer and if this goes well then we will administer it to the rest of you.”]

Just then the Lieutenant said [+blue “Lordes will do it. He’s the only one without a family tie. No one will miss him if this experiment fails.”] Andre did not care he did what he was told.

The next day he went to the laboratory and received several injections into his spinal cord, brain stem, and muscles. His body was on fire and he passed out. Andre began to dream of his past. He began to see images from the orphanage that he grew up in, St.Theresa’s home for children. He remembered a time where he watched the other children playing outside but he would rather sit in the shade and watch.The sisters at the orphanage would always try to get him to go play with the other kids but he always felt different from the rest. Andre woke up for a split second to see bright lights and he lost consciousness again. He remembered Being in High school and meeting this kid who was always playing some kind of sport. He was an incredible athlete. One day that kid approached Andre and introduced himself as Will Johnson and they were friends ever since. They could identify with each other as they were both alone. Will lost his family in a shooting so he understood Andres solidarity. After high school they would both enlist in the Army and they both had exceptional scores and merits. They both made Delta at the same time and by that time Will recieved a promotion to corporal. Even though they were the same they were like two sides of a coin. Will was more outgoing and vocal while Andre was quiet and observant. They had each others backs no matter what,

Andre woke up again with his vision and hearing more sharp than before. He asked the nurses how long he had been out. They told him three days. Andre slowly got up and moved around. His senses seemed heightened and he felt stronger. The doctors said they didn’t know what side effects he would experience in the field and recommended a support role for Andre. Will walked into the room [+darkgreen “Let’s see what you little treatment did.”] Will threw two knives at Andre and Andre caught them without even looking. [+darkgreen “That was insane. Come on it’s time to gear up and deploy.”]

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