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[center [font roman [size12 concepts and ideas for things completely unrelated to this site. everything listed here will not be used for future plots, but for my own personal use instead. just using this as storage cause i like the layout. will possibly steal some ideas from here though if i think they suit a roleplay.


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[font roman [size12 There’s another cut script for TWD S2 which was about Christa and Clementine surviving on a sort of road trip journey that I sort of want to adapt into either an RP or fanfic. Obviously, the RP would be OCs instead and slightly different, but I’m not sure.

It’s late so I don’t have time to write the script down below, but I will do tomorrow at some point. It might help me wrap my head around what I want to do, we’ll see.
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[font roman [size12 So, I'm really loving the original concept for The Walking Dead Season 2 because I am an absolute nightmare fetishist. I'm super bummed out that they didn't proceed with the original concept, but what can you do, right?

I was thinking about taking the original plot and making fanfic instead. I was thinking about creating an RP set in the zombie apocalypse that follows the TWD S2 concept heavily, but that would've been way too dark to execute on this site. I'd need the right partner who's fine with very dark material and disturbing themes. I'm not about to trigger any flashbacks, if you know what I mean.

I'll be listing what each episode originally entailed to get an idea for myself. If I do end up writing this fanfic then all the original characters will be used in their own respective roles, including *sniffles* evil Kenny.

[b Episode 1:] [i All That Remains]
Everything was supposed to be the same, only some minor changes were made. Winston was supposed to fall to his death whilst fighting Clementine. One of the Scavengers named Ralph was supposed to originally be Mike. Victor accidentally shoots Mike in the ear causing him to be missing a chunk along with a scarred cheek. Clem loses her hat in the stream, but Sam comes and brings it back for her. She would've kept Sam for quite a while. Pete would've still been bit and would've amputated his own leg, but dies no matter what.

[b Episode 2:] [i Don't Look Back]
Kenny was intended to be Carver. Kenny would've shown up at the Cabin and burnt it down, and Clementine's group would run until eventually the 400 days characters would be with Kenny. Alvin would've shot Wyatt if Tavia convinced him to join. Presumably, Alvin would've been killed in this episode.

[b Episode 3:] [i In Cold Blood]
Clementine's group would've been brought to Howe's Hardware store and meet Mike. Clementine would've had flashbacks about Christa and been distrustful of Mike 'cause of his involvement with her disappearance. The walkie-talkies were meant to be used by Rebecca to contact Luke. Rebecca would've given birth to AJ and then die from heavy blood loss immediately after. The group would've escaped Howe's the same way with Carlos dying. Mike would've killed Sam and use him for walker food in this episode. Nick would've shot Becca and Shel would've become a walker and Tavia would've fallen from the roof. Mike would've either been shot or spared, but if spared Mike would've been absent for the rest of the season.

[b Episode 4:] [i Amid the Ruins]
The leftover survivors from Howe's would've been Nick, Sarah, Luke, AJ, and Clem. Eddie would have appeared in this episode, but Troy would've killed him. Kenny would've then killed Nick. After being surrounded and attacked by walkers, Sarah would've run off into the blizzard never to be seen again, presumably dying by unknown means off-screen.

[b Episode 5:] [i Better to Sleep]
Only Clementine, Luke, and AJ are left against Kenny and Troy. They would've wandered around the snowstorm and get separated. Troy would've either raped or attempted to rape Clementine. They would've fought afterward and Clementine would've killed him. She'd then make it to the rest stop where Luke with AJ and Kenny would be. Kenny would try and kill Luke after realizing he was bitten. Both of them would get into a fight and Luke would kill Kenny and Clementine would shoot Luke as he was bit and about to turn. Clementine would then be completely alone with just AJ. The ending then resulted in Clementine walking through a blizzard with AJ in her arms. She would see a light in the distance but, weakened by hypothermia, would find it increasingly difficult to carry AJ. She would eventually have to make a choice whether to abandon AJ to die and continue or sit down in the snow and freeze to death.
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That's what people have speculated about the beta by the leaks and deep-diving through the game files. A whole lot darker than what we originally got. A few details have been left out, but I'll most likely come back to this to fill them out if I really need to.

Still deciding whether or not I actually want to write this into fanfic. I can definitely handle the dark and edginess since I've seen a whole lot worse, but I just need the right motivation. Instead of episodes, these will be chapters and the fanfic will be relatively short.
  | Wolf | / AbsoslutVodka / 5d 23h 26m 33s

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