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[center [font roman [size12 There are many different monsters from all mythologies to choose from, and these aren't limited to the ones that will be listed above. The only limitation to the monster you choose will be that they have to have been a human at some point in their life, e.g. a vampire.

All monsters must be invited into homes that aren't their own. This does not include establishments and all that.

All monsters are allergic to pure silver. Pure silver is extremely toxic and will burn through the monster's flesh.

Monsters are immune to viruses and diseases and the passing of time. They are considered 'immortal' in that they do not physically age and old age does not kill them, but they can still die by other means

Monsters are considered unholy by nature, but not all are affected by holy effigies and items. Traditionally unholy monsters, such as demons and vampires, are highly affected by holy items such as crucifixes and rosaries and are forbidden from stepping foot on holy ground and entering moving bodies of water, but other monsters such as wendigos and werewolves are not affected at all, but some still find holy things uncomfortable and steer clear.

Most monsters must feed on human flesh and blood in order to sustain themselves and survive. They will starve to death if they don't even if they can consume other foods. Werewolves can feast on all meats, but will constantly crave human flesh no matter what. Once they have transformed, all bets are off and they will brutalize and consume any unfortunate human they see.

As supernatural predators, monsters are physically superior to humans by nature.

[b Superhuman Strength
Superhuman Speed
Superhuman Hearing
Superhuman Smell
Superhuman Agility
Night Vision
Shape-Shifting/True Face:] All monsters have a second form that is considered their true form despite originally being human. They can transform freely, but will forcibly transform under extreme emotions such as stress and anger. They will forcibly transform from starvation and/or in the midst of a feeding frenzy. All humanity is lost once they have transformed and they barely recognize humans around them.
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