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Couple questions:
How many years has it been since Edvin's death and the disbanding of the team?
Any particular area in the world you want our characters to be, or sort of wherever they decided to be?
Didn't know if you wanted them semi close for the reunion or eventually they meet up at their own pace to tackle the next baddie?

Typing on my phone while the vehicle warms up, so apologies if it's not the most coherent questioning ^.^
  HanyouMokushi / 47d 6h 57m 9s
Greetings and salutations to everyone :]

I'm fairly easy going so whatever idea works for the majority works for me :]
I'll admit I tend to wander into RPs a bit after the overall brainstorming, so immediately I got nothing substantial for plot or character building. I tend to wing it until something sticks, seems to work out overall ^^

Ooh, Cana, those magic words [i multiple roles] x3
I'll certainly get back to that but at the moment I'll stick with the one, until I get a better feel of the RP, if that works for you. Or you know if inspiration strikes could change sooner rather than later x3
I certainly love some villains so if you need some early on you can shoot an idea of the antagonist and I'll go from there.

Percy is overall a calm and relaxed individual; he prefers solitude but doesn't oppose company. However, his internal thought processes aren't as clear cut, sometimes he can be super focused on a task with blinders to everything else, other times he can't focus on anything for the life of him. Scattered is the better choice for his personality. His ability has certainly not helped; often he's gotten information overload, which has led to him showing a more apathetic even pessimistic outlook. Despite those shortcomings, he does try for the best outcome for the majority.

Eh, hopefully a gist of an idea for his personality, I sort of learn their personality along the way.
Take care and can’t wait to see the story unfold!
  HanyouMoKushi / 49d 3h 2m 30s
Oh! Just to let you all know, you can post a starter to your character if you want Idm!!
  Olithir / canadonewithursh-t / 49d 3h 28m 37s
This is Edvin, our dead character. He was [I the] healer of the group and basically sunshine personified. He got along with everyone and was basically the glue that kept them all together.
His weakness was that he wasn't a great fighter and so relied on his team to protect him as he did his healing business.

This is where the blame comes in because they all should have been protecting him, but he died because no one was there to help. He was crushed by falling debris. So, everyone blames each other but they are at fault tbh
  canadonewithursh-t / 49d 10h 45m 59s
Please do communicate with each other and develop. This group were best friends since they were like young kids until they turned about 17!!

Also, romance is allowed, but, I dont want it to become the main focus for your character. Also, dont force romances onto people. Just talk and see how things work out. I myself am I sucker for romance and am happy to have my characters to have been in romantic relationships or to be in a romantic relationship. But if it becomes the focus or is forced then I dont want it. You could even have a side plot for a love triangle as long as it doesn't become the main thing, y'know?
  Olithir / canadonewithursh-t / 49d 18h 31m 5s
Yeah I forgot to say it in my other post but if anyone has any relationship/back sorry ideas involving my character. Just let me know!
  super / SoulDreamer / 49d 18h 43m 54s
Alright, my ad has expired and I like the number of people that we have. I'm feeling pretty inspired for a starter, may get it done today but we shall see!!
  Olithir / canadonewithursh-t / 49d 20h 12m 33s
I'm glad you all like the death concept!! I have an idea in my head of who they were, what they were like, so I will go into all the details of the person and their death in my post.

Okay, so Victor is the explosive type. Easily pissed off. He will either defend you to the death or he'll be the one going at you. Hes a bit cocky, likes sticking to plan. But can be serious when he needs to be

Imani is like a mix of Dr Facilier and Mama Odie from The Princess and the Frog. So, she's a bit prideful yet playful and will most likely play a prank on you. She's a tad motherly but like strict, charismatic and cunning. However, I would advise for characters bot to mess with her Voodoo and Hoodoo, she's quite protective over that stuff
  Olithir / canadonewithursh-t / 49d 20h 31m 36s
Hi all~

I actually really like that concept, it brings a lot of emotion to the table!!

I'd envisioned Sun to be a tiny hermit of sorts, someone who maintains the image/goes through the motions of 'enjoying' solitary life but who also cares for people deeply and would help [i anyone] with [i anything.]
[i [s *tells you to piss off, will come running when you need help*]]
I imagine she's also the type to bicker [b constantly] with some and to be very overprotective of others- I wouldn't think she'd hate anyone in particular, but I'm open to plotting most anything for her.
  Killmonger / 49d 21h 5m 48s
So in my head right now Freya is quite loyal, independent, sometimes can be a bit flirty a.k.a outgoing vibrant type. However she can be a bit maybe stubborn and impulsive. Occasionally sarcastic.

I like the idea of the death. Creates good tension. Reason why they haven't talked in forever.
  super / SoulDreamer / 49d 21h 9m 46s
Aye, I am 100% on board with the death of a friend/hero/keeper idea, maybe people give a lot of blame on each other and themselves over what happened.

I'm making Tristan to be quiet, thoughtful, often eager to help but really soft-spoken, finds more comfort in books than people. You're likely to find him by himself with his nose in a book than at like a party or surrounded by a lot of people. He has an aversion to loud noises/people and will constantly seek to distance himself from any that may give him a dreaded migraine. xD
  Tristan Keane / Osiris / 49d 21h 38m 44s
Also, I was thinking that some of the groups old villains make a comeback so if any of you want to make a villain, go for it!!!
  Olithir / canadonewithursh-t / 49d 21h 39m 57s
I'm really happy to have such a good group of great writers and I have a good feeling about this Rp!!
So, we need to discuss why each individual character doesn't like the other. So, if we could describe characters personalities, we can go from there

But, I was thinking, the thing that ultimately drove the group apart was the death of a hero. Due to how the fight carried out, they all blame each other and it just became too much
  Olithir / canadonewithursh-t / 49d 22h 48m 4s
Hey everyone!! Nice to meet y’all. Can’t wait to chat and get to know y’all
  super / SoulDreamer / 49d 23h 47m 30s
I love the Fairy Godmother meme. Sooo good. x'D I hope you will all like my character as I am certain I will like yours. ^_^
  Tristan Keane / Osiris / 49d 23h 52m 4s

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