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[Center [Size14 [Font "Palatino" [I To every Alpha, there is a Luna, a Beta, a Gamma and lastly an Omega. But what if you could choose to be any at the price of your soul?]]]]

[Center [Size14 [Font "Palatino" [U [#d70927 Muse A]] is the king of beasts and has never been mated, matched nor defeated in battle. He paid a deadly price, he sold his devil in return for his power... without his soul he has no weakness, no emotion. No mate. Enter [U [#f9aeec Muse B]] the only flaw to the devil's ultimate plan; she's not even a wolf, not even a cat. But she's no weak human; and she is going to bring back the soul [U [#d70927 Muse A]] thought he lost oh, so long ago.]]]

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[font "times new roman" The day seemed to be dragging on for the woman. She wanted nothing more than to just go home, take a hot shower and relax. Work was taking it's toll on her as well. It doesn't help that she ended up getting a new manager either. He was a total asshole, and she couldn't wait to tell him off. That's if she ever got the chance too anyway. She sighed as she looked up from the counter she was wiping down. Her manager was watching her closely, and she didn't like the look on his face at all.]

[font "times new roman" [#C4788E "Can I help you?"] she asked him. The male crossed his arms over his chest and looked the woman up and down. [b "I was just watching you work is all. I like watching my employee's, and take mental notes to see what I need them to change, or improve on"] he said with a small shrug of his shoulders. She knew that wasn't the reason. He had been looking towards her chest, and it made her blood boil. He was another one of those sexist pigs she had to deal with. She was getting tired of it.]

[font "times new roman" [#C4788E "Well, is there anything I need to work on? Change? Or whatever you said"] she asked. She was getting more and more uncomfortable with him around. [b "Honestly, yes. I'm going to be changing the uniform's to something more appealing for a place like this"] he said lightly as he walked around the counter and reached for a bag. She watched him with ice blue eyes, and couldn't help but wonder what he was changing the uniform's too. She was a little shocked when he pulled out a skirt, and a really skimpy looking top.]

[font "times new roman" [b "You are welcome to wear whatever under this shirt, or nothing at all. I think it'll make our male customer's come around more often"] he said handing her a shirt and skirt. [b "The skirt is also something the men will love as well. All of the female employee's will be wearing them, and the men will be wearing button down shirts that can be undone, or not at all"] he said with a smirk. Just thinking about that made Blythe's skin crawl. She took the uniform from the male and sighed inwardly. [#C4788E "When is this new change happening?"] she asked him.]

[font "times new roman" [b "Tomorrow"] was all he said. Blythe's heart sank to her stomach. She hated these kinds of changes. That and the uniform wasn't that ideal either. She didn't say anything as she finished the last couple minutes of her shift. She then clocked out and made her way to her car. She unlocked it, threw the clothes onto the passenger seat, started up the car and headed towards home. She was pissed, and needed to talk to her brother about it. Once she was home, she pulled into the garage, shut the car off and headed inside.]

[font "times new roman" Once she was inside she pulled her phone out of her pocket and sent a message to her brother. [#C4788E [i You will never believe what happened right before I left work.]] was all the message said. She hit send, and turned the volume up and started making herself something to eat. That's when her phone dinged letting her know she had a message. She opened it and read the message. [#E67E22 [i I know you were getting a new boss, was it really that bad?]] a small smirk passed over her lips as she replied.]

[font "times new roman" [#C4788E [i Yes it was really that bad. I was cleaning the counters down, and I caught him staring at my bloody chest. He claimed to be watching me to see what I need to change and improve on. THEN he gave me a whole new uniform which I need to start wearing tomorrow.]]]

[font "times new roman" [#E67E22 [i He sounds like a sexist pig. That and you are a beautiful woman Blythe. I don't blame him for wanting to watch you. What's this new uniform consist of?]]]

[font "times new roman" [#C4788E [i It's a really skimpy white blouse, and a black skirt. He told me that I could wear something under the shirt, but he pretty much said not too because it'll make the male customer's want to come back around. This is fucking bullshit Knoxley! I don't know how much more I can handle.]]]

[font "times new roman" [#E67E22 [i You got this Blythe. I know you do. Just make sure you have a lot of under shirts, and when he realizes you won't play his little games he should change the uniforms back. But I gotta go, I have a long night ahead of me. I love you. See you this weekend.]]]

[font "times new roman" [#C4788E [i I love you too, and have a good night. Thanks for letting me bitch for a little while.]] She then shut her phone off and leaned against the counter. She couldn't believe this was happening. She sighed as she opened the fridge and peered inside. She then decided to order pizza instead. She put in her order, and as soon as she hung up there was a knock at her door. What the hell? It couldn't be the pizza guy yet, she had just put in her order. It was just strange how she just hung up, and there was a knock.]

[font "times new roman" She made her way though the house, glad she was still in her work clothes. She peeked out the peep hole and saw a woman standing there. She looked like she was on a mission. She unlocked the door and drew it open. [#C4788E "Can I help you?"] she asked the woman standing on her front step. Something was happening, and yet she still opened the door a little and stood in the doorway. She looked the woman up and down, biting down on her lip waiting for the other to state her business.]
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[Center || Several Thousands of Years Ago ||]

[Font "Didot" [#06cb76 "I beg of you Everett, do not do this. Do not cast me out!"] the goddess slammed her fists against the bulky wooden door, her eyes poured tears of pure crimson liquid - though this substance was not blood. The howling of the wind brought her back to the danger she was in, thrown from the city and away from the pack. Asena felt alone. How had it come to this? How had her most championed warrior lost his way? Turned his back on her? The goddess, the holiest protector of the lands?

She waited days, nights, weeks and months until she found herself weak to the point of death. She had hope that he would open the doors, that someone would come to collect her, to place her back in the temple she had for so long resided within, but no scrap - no thought was given to the forgotten deity. She no longer wept but mourned her people; she could still hear their prayers though to a lesser effect, than from when she resided within the temple. Did they not know of her plight? Had he merely thrown her out and placed the people in an oblivious state of unknowing?

[#2c910d [I I beg of thee, open the gates. I can hear the people they need me. Everett where did I go wrong? I have not betrayed you and I have done as you have always wanted? Did the devil truly win you over?]] perhaps it had been foolish to think that she would be let back into the city. How long has it been? The seasons changed in front of the goddess and yet still she was given nothing, no comfort in the knowledge that she would be returned to her home.

She shut her eyes and she continued to wait; refusing to return to her primal state until the child she loved most returned to her...]

[Center || Present Day ||]

[Right [Pic]]

[Font "Skia" [#f9a9e7 "I found her!"] she stood over the rocks, her hands scrambling to move the rubble and overgrown plants that covered the diety sleeping underneath, she wiped her brow as the others of her hunting team approached and begun to do as she did. It was mere seconds later that they finally revealed the dormant deity [#f9a9e7 "Oh thank god. We found her. Someone get me a wet cloth, another silk to cover her body. We need to take her to the temple. Where she can rest and regain her strength."] [b "What of your brother, high priestess?"] [#f9a9e7 "There are no longer the lands he once ruled. These are mine and he promised to leave my lands out of his torturous games. Now make haste!"]

Electra could not recall how long it has been since her wolf went away, she could no longer shift and make use of the gifts that Asena blessed every person with; the only ones capable of changing with the moons now were those who had traded their souls to the devil himself. Electra and her own people were left with nothing but protective spells and prayers. They still prayed to Asena every night and every day, waiting for her to return. Now they had her, perhaps she would wake up once more... Electra missed the ability to change over to her primal state. But made no verbal complaint, she never spoke ill of the goddess.

[Center ~]

They placed the sleeping female on the stone alter, Electra shooed them away, before bowing down in front of the sleeping form. Shutting her eyes; she concentrated and deepened her breaths, clearing her mind until she felt the pull that she often felt when she attempted to communicate to Asena or to the moon. To those watching, she seemed to be in a trance; but what happened next. Many could only call a miracle.

She felt her bones start to shift and change, as fur replaced skin. As a tail sprouted and after ten-thousand years. Electra was returned to her primal state. It had felt like a train had hit her; as her wolf returned becoming whole once again. Electra wanted so desperately to howl; however, the voice of the goddess stopped her.]

[Font "Didot" [#06cb76 "Find the child whose scent I have shown you. Find her before she becomes a woman. No one shall claim her, and she will be alone in the world without love. Find her, bring her here. We may still have a chance to save your brother. Go now. Go alone, do not come back until you find her... I beg of you make haste. The Devil will be searching for the key too..."]]

[Font "Skia" [#8807c5 [I By the great goddess Asena, praise be. I will not fail you.]] the doors of the temples swung open, as a wave of ice-cold wind blew at her, but she was no longer afraid. She was whole now; she howled once as if to tell her brother that things were about to change, whether he wanted them to or not. She ran.

[Center ~]

She winced as she returned to her human state, her bones ached. Where was she? It looked like an entirely human neighbourhood - and worst of all Electra was entirely underdressed for what she was about to do, her canine senses told her that the key was close, but which of these houses was she in? She itched and sneezed as she rubbed her arms. Why did this quest to find this person, have to take place in the winter? She sneezed again and nearly jumped into the sky at the sound of other lesser canines barking. She had forgotten humans kept dogs as companions. [#8807c5 [I Bloody demons and devils be damned. It is freezing. Now, which house are you in? I will find you before he does and I will take you back to the goddess.]] she approached the first of many houses and knocked.]
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