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[Center [Size20 [Font "Signpainter" [U My Rules]]]]

[Center [Font "Georgia" I refuse to write with anyone under the age of sixteen. I'm twenty people, I am not a kid. I want to write with people who are either my age or older. It's not a huge ask to disclose your age with me, it's all I ask.]]

[Center [Font "Georgia" I try my best to keep to consistent almost daily posts, but if I need a break sometimes, I will disappear; but I promise to let you know if that break becomes longer than a fortnight. I don't want you waiting any longer than you have to for me to write something.]]

[Center [Font "Georgia" Lost motivation to write the story? Let me know, we can work something out or we can drop it. Simples]]

[Center [Font "Georgia" I prefer black/white realistic portrait photography. I will accept tasteful and beautiful illustrated images as well , unless we've rp-ed before and we both agree that anime is the way to go. Please accept my preferences.]]

[Center [Font "Georgia" I can write up to twenty characters at any given time, if I felt like it. Just depends on my mood. Put some work in and you'll get the results essentially. I will do just about any pair - though I have very little experience in MxM and FxF I am willing to work my ass off to make it work. I hope you will do the same.]]

[Center [Font "Georgia" Look I am a multi-paragraph writer, I will write a fucking essay even a thesis if I feel like it, just depends on what you give me to work with. Let's have some fun and write a memorable story together]]

[Center [Font "Georgia" I have discord and you are 1000% more likely to catch my attention there, then here. Check my profile out for my username.]]


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