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[center [size12 [font "times" [b X] has moved from sunny Arizona to the rainy state of Washington after her father announces that he is marrying his finace of three years and wants her to help with the wedding as she is an event planner. While some small part of her hoped her parents would get back together, that dream fizzled out after she graduated highschool. Packing up to stay in town for a couple of months doesn’t seem too bad as she’s recently single and hasn’t been getting much work as an entry level event planner. Maybe a change of scenery will help. Though, [b X] doesn’t plan to meet [b Y], a handsome and mysterious man that works for her father’s Tech company. As a man who seemingly has enough money to own his own business, [b X] is curious as to why he’s working for his father and even more so, why his intense stare both draws her in and also instills fear in her.
What [b X] doesn’t know is that [b Y] is a vampire and his family has been successfully able to maneuver the human world undetected. Though, that begins to change as a relationship builds between [b X] and [b Y].
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So, basically this is a Twilight RP. I have been on and off about doing this, but after watching the movies again I got back into wanting to do this. Ya girl is a romance nut okay? In this setting our characters are both OCs and of course they are older . Most of the plot will follow the original storyline, with some obvious alterations to fit our new narrative. I would love to find someone I can actually build this universe with to write out all of the books ; so I would want someone who can [b commit] to this rp. Also I want something a bit more fast paced, since I have a good flow for my other rps. [b Basic] ES rules apply, but click below for my in depth rules. PM if interested!
[right [http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=411328 [size11 M Y R U L E S


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[b “I know I don’t have to. But my dad says you usually work through lunch.. So. I mean, we were bringing dad lunch anyway.”] she explained.

She nodded softly as he started with [i maybe you were just seeing things]. She had been telling herself for days now. But she couldn’t figured out.. of all people that she would hallucinate.. why [i him]. What was so special about him that she couldn’t get him out of her head. Hell, he was even in her dreams now. Maybe this crash had mad her delusional. She couldn’t help but smirk when he spoke about being her knight in shining armor. Part of her just wanted to scream at him after that. He could be. He... was? She knew somewhere deep in her mind that it was him who stopped her SUV from wrapping around the tree trunk.

[b “Yeah.. Carlisle is great from what I hear. I think Lori is going to make me go see him next.”] she said. [b “Dad said you asked about me Friday... I guess my wreck made the news or something, right?”] [i Lie] She has researched everything on all the news stations that night, and she hadn’t found one article or news clip. She watched as he licked his lips.. her heart started beating faster and she was a tad bit flustered when he spoke again... And them her father came in. She looked up from her seat in the chair and shook her head after her Father asked if he was interrupting anything. [b “Not at all. I was just bugging Bryson about who he was bringing to your wedding. Noticed you listed him as an invite, but I didn’t know if I should expect a plus one.”] she lied, she turned to look at Bryson with a soft smile on her face.

[b “Lori and I better get going too, Dad. Dr. Cullen told Lori he could see me on his lunch.”] she said as she stood up, slightly dizzy, but it wasn’t anything she couldn’t handle. She caught herself on the edge of Brysons desk.
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“You know you don’t have to buy me lunch,” he said with a chuckle. “I appreciate it though.” Raegan wasn’t here to talk about lunch though, despite that being her reason for coming in. this had to do with the car crash and he knew that they both somehow knew that despite them not saying it. [I What was he doing Thursday night?] Bryson was trying to find the words then, just the same as Raegan a bit too nervous to formulate a proper sentence. Though, he was able to appear more composed than her as he had gone centuries having to lie about who he as. About [I what] he was. Bryson stiffened a little, leaning back some as the conversation certainly had changed and things seemed a bit more serious. Though this definitely answered the questions he and his family had; had Ragan seen him? There was no way for him to admit he was there without confessing what he truly was to Raegan and that would put them all at risk. His best option was to go along with her on the latter.

‘Maybe you were just seeing things. I mean it was raining and all.” He chewed on his words carefully. “I was out, with my family. we sometimes go on walks through the forest.” He said, which wasn’t a complete lie. Still, he felt terrible for some reason lying to Raegan’s face. “As much as I’d love to be your knight in shining armor, I think unfortunately it was just a bump to the head that caused the . . . delusions.”

It wasn’t the best way to put it, but at least she seemed to agree that it could have all just been in her head. “Carlisle will definitely do a few tests and make sure you don’t have a concussion or anything. Either way Raegan, I am glad that you’re alright. I knew it would’ve been devastating for your father should things have gone wrong.” Sitting with her for this long Bryson was surprised he was able to tolerate her scent more and more, though it did certainly still call out to him. He licked his lips then, allowing himself to at least imagine what she would taste like. There was no harm in that right?
“Try to take things low these next couple of days. Maybe some rest will do you good.” Though he knew that had to eb hard considering se was planning the wedding and all. Just then her father popped his head in.
“Interrupting?” he asked with a smirk. Bryson chuckled and shook his head.
“I actually need to step out for a bit.” He needed a hunt and even more so, he needed to talk to Alice.
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[b "This is for you.. I'm kind of running out of options for lunch."] she said with a quirky grin. [b "I might have to start cooking again myself to spice it up."] she placed the bag of food on his desk and sat back in the chair. He looked annoyed with her being here, making herself at home in his office. Of course, maybe it was her mind playing tricks on her yet again.

Raegan had a whole speech planned out in her head. She was determined to get the answers of what the hell had happened a few nights ago.. Why was he out in the Forrest? Why had he been able to stop her car only seconds before it slammed into the tree... And then she seen him. Her strong demoner washed away. [b "I--"] She couldn't form words, it was all coming out in giberish. [b "I was in a car accident a few nights ago.. In the Forrest on my way back from Port Angeles.. I, a deer ran out in front of me and I ended up hydroplaning. I should've hit a tree. I shouldn't be walking right now."] she said all at once without taking a breathe. [b "I think I blacked out for a few seconds but when I came too.. I swear I seen you standing in front of my car."] she said, finally making eye contact with him.[b "But then I closed my eyes and opened them, and when they focused.. you were gone. What were you doing Thursday night?"]

Last night, she had dreamt about [i him]. It was like she couldn't get him out of her head. She could've sworn when she had woken up in the middle of the night, she felt a presence outside her bedroom window.. She would've bet money that she had seen his eyes. [b "I've replayed those few moments over and over since that night. I can't figure out if I was having some damsel in distress moment and my mind was telling my eyes that you were there... or if you were actually there."] she said. [b "I think I'm slowly loosing my mind.. But hey. Apparently your Father is a great doctor so I'm sure he can help with that."]
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What had he been thinking? Bryson had finally felt like he had run away far enough and now stood in the woods of Forks, soon joined by the others.
“Are you out of your mind?” Rosalie asked him. Of course by now, many had caught on due to Alice as to what had happened.
“It was an accident! I couldn’t just let her die.” The looked Rosalie gave him said otherwise. “It’s Daniel’s only child, you know how heartbreaking that would have been for him? Especially during this time?” Bryson sneered to which Esme stepped in the center, arms outstretched.
“Now now, this is not the time to be arguing. What is done is done; an innocent life was spared and that’s all that matters. Alright?” The lot of them seemed to calm down then, Rosalie sliding into the arms of Emmet.
“Was she alright?” Carlisle asked. He knew soon enough he’d be asked by Lori more than likely to take a look at her. Bryson leaned against the tree then, nodding.
“She was alive when I left. I heard sirens, so help was on the way. I don’t think she saw me.”
“You don’t think?” Or you know?” Carlisle asked. They had all enjoyed their time in Forks, it was the one place they hadn’t had to move constantly and they had made some good friends as of late. Not to mention, the weather made for a good cover for them when it came to hiding just what they really were.
Bryson’s silence though didn’t instill any confidence in the others that they were sill safe here if they stayed. Still, Carlisle suggested they not jump to conclusions and just go on about things normally.

Bryson spent that night wondering if he had done the wrong thing. By saving Raegan, he had inadvertently put his family and their lives in danger. It was a thought that racked his mind, though soon enough was overrun with thoughts on Raegan. Was she safe? Bryson had left his room then, climbing out of the window and scaling the tree beside it before had made his way, following her scent. He hovered outside of her window then, perched on the tree and watching her. She seemed to be doing fine though he couldn’t tell just how well she was considering he knew Daniel was a worrywart as this was his only child. Losing her would have been devastating. Seeing Raegan, Bryson could only believe that he had made the right decision.

He checked in with Daniel the next day, mentioning some half lie that he knew it had been Raegan after seeing her on the news during the report of the accident. Daniel assured him she was alright, a bit sore and a few cuts, but she would survive. He was glad to hear that and soon made his way this office. He was filtering through a few emails when he heard the knock, though by scent alone he knew who it was. He looked up to find that Raegan handmade herself very much comfortable then, taking a seat. He eyed the bag of food before looking back to her.
“What can I help you with?” He asked. He was a bit nervous then, picking up on the slight increase in her heartbeat. She was nervous too, but why?
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Maybe she was overreacting, maybe she had just slid off the road. Maybe it was nothing major. She opened her eyes instantly met the eyes of Bryson. [b “Wha-“] she spoke. She blinked a few times, surely this was just her mind playing tricks on her after the mild trauma. She opened them, and he had vanished. She looked around the car and realized that most of the cakes and flowers were now all over her car instead of safely in the box were they belonged. Her neck and head was sore, but that was from the impact of ... something. She heard distant sirens in the background.. the accident had just happened? Who in the hell had already called 911?

Twenty minutes later, she was sitting in the back of the ambulance as it was still raining. A Police Officer, who was a friend of her Fathers had already called Daniel who seemed to be in a panic. [b “You really shouldn’t of called him... He worries about me too much.”] she mumbled. She had a blanket wrapped around her, as she had gotten soaked when they got her out of her car. She was lucky, able to walk away from it. Her car on the other hand... It looked like she would be getting a new one soon.

[i “Raegan?!”] Daniel yelled as he had all but shoved his truck into park. [b “Are you okay? Lori, she’s over here!”] He looked her over before turning to look at her car. [b “What in the hell were you even doing out here?”] he asked. Lori looked at Raegan and sighed in relief when she realized she had no major injuries, she would definitely be sore for a few days, and she would have to follow up with Primary Physician, but she could get her in with Dr. Cullen one afternoon. [b “Danny, she’s okay.”]

Raegan was glad that Daniel had brought Lori with him, she seemed to be the calm one in their relationship, though she was sure that was partially because she was a nurse. [b “It started pouring rain... A ... deer ran out in front of me, I think.”] she said. [b “I hydroplaned, but I guess I locked my breaks up in time before I hit the tree...”] Lie. Complete lie. She had froze in the car, she hadn’t been able to stop herself... Someone... Something had stopped her car in a spilt second.

She couldn’t stop replaying those few moments in her head. Bryson had been there.. he was the one that stopped her car from hitting the tree. She stood up and walked down the embankment to look at the front end of her car. Something had stopped it..

Lori kept her promise to the Emergency Room Doctor, she was t to be left alone the first few days as she had a mild concussion. She had talked Daniel into letting her stay home with his daughter, after all she was the nurse. Raegan had to follow up with her Family Physician in a few days; of course she didn’t have one in Forks, so she was going to see Dr. Cullen, whom Lori worked for.

[b “I was thinking we could go take Dad and Bryson lunch again?”] She asked Lori a few days later. [b “I think Dad would like a visit with you, and I wouldn’t mind getting a chance to speak to Bryson. I think Dads trying time set me up with him anyway.”] she told her. She had no idea what she was going to bring up to Bryson. How did one ask [i Are you the one that stopped my car from wrapping around a tree? Yes I have a concussion but I swear I remember your eyes.”] They went to McDonald’s, as it was a different option and headed to Horn Tech.

[b “Knock knock.”] she said as she pushed Brysons office door open slightly. She looked back and made sure Lori was in Daniels office before she stepped in. [b “Do you have a moment?”] She pushed her glasses on up on her nose as she sat down in the seat across from his desk. She wasn’t going anywhere.

[https://pin.it/2FGmKIa outfit]
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Bryson was working on a few files that dealt with their investors. They were hoping to launch the app within the next six months and he had been trying to keep everyone updated. Though it didn’t seem like anyone had any qualms when it came to the success of the app. Daniel had really tapped in on something great and Byson was happy to be a part of it. While this family was wealthy, Carlisle had prided them on being a part of the society and trying their hardest not to just blend in but play a role in the way their world functioned. Of course, as the oldest and more carefree, Bryson had kind of fluttered from one thing to the other, but technology had always called out to him. Though like all things he was good at, he had [i centuries] of practice. Of course one would get bored every now and then and pick up something new. He heard a voice then, a melodic chime that he knew too well and instantly tensed up. though to the human eye it was hard to tell. Bryson knew he couldn’t just sit there like a statue though, not talking or moving. And of course he had to breathe. It was within seconds her scent overflowed the room, he could taste it on his tongue, reawakening the burning as it passed down his throat.

“Hey,” he said, leaning back, trying to appear casual but he was already becoming antsy. Those days the mountains feeding on countless of deer seemed to have not done as good a job as he thought though now at least he was prepared for her scent. Maybe it would be easier the more she came around. Or was that too much to look forward to? Would he be tortured even more as she came to the office. He was sure by now there was practically nothing that didn’t smell of Raegan.

“You didn’t have to do that,” he said with a smile, reaching for the bag then, his hand brushing against hers gently. She was so [I warm] of course, a stark contrast to his cold hands which he had hoped she didn’t notice. “But thank you.” He watched as she walked off, finally letting out a puff of air as if he had really been holding his breath. Bryson depended on his sense of smell greatly for protection of course, around Raegan he was almost blinded. He’d noticed then, how it seemed din that moment all thoughts had turned off. He’d gone years being able to pry into the minds of others when he so pleased, which took some time to learn to control, but with Raegan there was pure silence.

He had brought this up with Alice when he returned home, hoping she could foresee anything. Though she knew what her brother feared, it was a fear she had for her own love Jasper. Alice knew that Bryson feared that he would take Raegan’s life. It had been the reason he had run off, only to return back home and to confess to no one but Carlisle his reasoning for leaving.
“You aren’t like that Bryson,” Alice said as she placed her delicate hand on his shoulder. It was then she had gasped, her grip tightened and as Bryson looked to her, he peered within her mind, sharing the same vision. Her hand rose to her mouth as she stared in shock at what she had seen. Bryson was gone without even a word, running then with a speed that no human could match. His nostrils flare the, leading him to her, hoping he wouldn’t be too late. Through the thick fog, his eyes were easily able to pierce through, though his body intuitively knew direction. He didn’t have to think, he just ran.

Bryson had made it just in time, standing in front of the car then and extending his arm. His hand pressed against the metal of the hood, barely saving Raegan’s car from hitting the tree in front of her. the rain was still coming down then, soaking Bryson’s shirt and as he looked up, he noticed that he had met her eyes for a second. He knew he had to get out of there as there would be no reasoning as to how or why he was in the area without a vehicle. He could hear the sound of sirens in the distance then, Bryson easily escaping and running away.
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For whatever reason, when Raegan pulled into Horn’s Tech that afternoon, she had a thrill of anxiousness spread around her. She looked around and realized not only was her Fathers truck here, but there was also a black Mercedes. [i Bryson]. He was here. Well, it was good to know that she hadn’t bought an extra lunch for nothing. After she took a few deep breathes, she grabbed her purse along with the food bags and drinks from Carver Café. Daniels favorite restaurant in Forks. Not that there was a lot to choose from by any means.

[b “Dad?”] she called as soon as she had entered the building. She had forgotten about the bells that were atop the door that jingled whenever it was opened. [b “Hey..”] she said as she stopped in front of Brysons office. The door was hardly cracked. [b “I brought Dad lunch from Carvers, and I couldn’t just not bring you anything.. I hope you like burgers and fries.”] she told him, holding up a bag and drink. [b “Well. I don’t want to bother you anymore than I already have so... I’ll leave you to it.”] she set his to go box and drink on the corner of his desk before she all but ran down to her Fathers office. [b “Lori said you forgot to pack a lunch again, so I went to Carvers.”] she said. [b “I might’ve swiped a few fries though.”] She looked down at her Apple watch and realized she had about fifteen minutes before she had to get on the road out to Clallam county. [b “I need you guys to get your guest list tonight. Fern Acres has one weekend left in September and if this place is all it says it is, I’m going on to put a deposit down.”]

After engaging in wedding talk with her Father for a little bit it was time to go. [b “I’ll see you tonight. I have a few stops to make after I leave the venue.”] she said. She had a few meetings in Port Angeles with a florist, and a few bakers. She would be getting samples of cakes and taking them back for Lori and Daniel to pick from. [b “Don’t wait up.”]

The drive out to Fern Acres wasn’t bad at all. It was actually really pretty out there and closer to town than she had expected. The overall tour went great. She knew that this was exactly was Lori would like. Even though Lori had all but given her all the reins over planning the wedding, she still wanted to make sure that it was her taste, which it was. She had snuck a few pictures of the ceremony area, with the rustic benches. The waterfall and dry river would make the BEST background for pictures. But the reception area was her favorite. It was a huge white tent, which wasn’t that special, but the plants that they had it decorated with really made it pop.

After viewing the venue she headed to Port Angeles to meet with potential florist and bakers. Daniel had one request, and that was that Carver Cafe catered the food. Which she knew everyone in Forks loved, so it worked out and it was just one less thing for her to do. She had gotten Vanilla, Chocolate Fudge, Lemon, Red Velvet, Vanilla Caramel and Cinnamon Apple Spice sample flavors to take home to Lori and Daniel. And she had gotten a bunch of different pictures of types of flowers and bouquets that Lori could choose from.

It was unusually foggy for this time of the year when she headed back to Forks. It was around eight that night after she had walked around the city for a bit. She was driving on 101 through the Olympic National Forrest when all of sudden it starting pouring rain. She began to slow down just a bit. It hardly rained in Phoenix, so she honestly didn’t have that much experience in driving in it.

Although even her slow speeds couldn’t help her when a large buck ran out in front of her and just stopped. Literally a deer in headlights. She squealed as she slammed on her breaks, which only cause her to hydroplane. She closed her eyes as her car skidded over into a ditch. When she had opened her eyes, she felt impact and realized that her front end had wrapped around a tree.

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When the Cullen family moved to Forks, Bryson had come across Daniel by accident in some sense or at least word of mouth. Daniel was visiting the hospital for a checkup. He and Carlisle had come to know each other pretty well as he was Daniel’s primary physician and when his eyes landed on Lori, of course he had some interest and felt Carlisle could maybe be the middleman. He agreed and the two started dating, a few weeks later Daniel suggested Bryson come work with him, knowing the young man was good with computers and the science behind it. He hadn’t exactly expected that the Cullens were as wealthy as they were and when Bryson offered to invest in the company, he felt it was only right that he give him some rights in the company.

Bryson had soon returned to his des, the sound of Raegan’s voice loud to him despite the door being closed. Maybe it was the fixation he had on her, but even the chiming sound of her speaking didn’t outweigh her pulse, the soft humming of her heartbeat and of course the sweet smell of her. The scent haunted Bryson, even with his mouth closed he could still feel that dry aching in his throat.

[I Are you alright?] The text message from Alice read. He sighed out. Was he okay? Could he stay here? Bryson inhaled deeply, feeling the fiery flame of Raegan’s scent infiltrating his body, racing through his veins, which had been dry and sedated for quite some time and here she was waking them up. Why? Why now? Everything in him wanted to consume her, to follow his instinct and the impulse to turn into the monster he was. She wouldn’t stay for long right? He could handle himself for an hour or two. Though, Bryson knew he had to get out of there and quick, afraid of what he would become – that after just a taste it would undo the years of work he had accomplished.

He quickly came to a stand and gathered his thing, tossing the broken phone in the trash amongst a few papers to hide it from the woman who cleaned their building. He had no words to say, wanting to be out of there quick and simply waved goodbye as he made his way to his car. Bryson didn’t need to breath and yet he felt the need to inhale clean air, to cleanse himself of Raegan’s pungent scent. Everything seemed to settle then. The familiar scent of theine tree air freshener dangling from the rearview mirror. It was bearable. It was familiar than smelling [I her].

When he got home and explained everything to Alice, Bryson had made up his mind to run, despite her telling that he was no threat. Still, Bryson was unsure if he could control himself, but words with his father had changed that. He had shown him that he was capable of being strong and holding back, but should he need to leave, he would understand.

Bryson wasn’t in the office much those couple of days, out in the woods hunting, feeding his desire to sink his fangs into [I something], to cure that appetite. He had finally returned, refreshed and made his way to his desk, hoping he wouldn’t have to worry about Raegan’s presence again. But now he could be ready.
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Daniel was thrilled that his daughter was finally here. He had planned to take a few days off work, but they seemed to be on a good track, and even though he was more than comfortable with Bryson handling things for a couple of days himself, he wanted to give Lori the chance to get to know Raegan and bond with her as well. Raegan needed Lori, she just didn’t know it yet. Hell, she needed Forks, not some big city where she didn’t really have family.

Raegans back was facing the door, but she sensed a presence lingering and her suspicions were correct when she heard her Father spoke, inviting Bryson to step inside. She shivered slightly as she the aroma of his cologne spread through her nostrils. [b “H-Hi Bryson. I’m Raegan.”] she said as she turned to face him with a soft smile. [b “Oh wow. Business Partner? That’s incredible.”] Okay, so it was just her that couldn’t get her life together. Bryson couldn’t have been but a few years older than her, and he was a business partner, meanwhile she was at the bottom of the food chain. [b “It’s really nice to meet you as well. My Father talks about you like you hung the moon and all the stars.”] She nodded as he said he must get back to his meeting, though it seemed like there was a small possibility of there not being an actual meeting, with the way he spoke. [b “Oh yes! Of course. I wouldn’t want to keep you. It was really nice to meet you!”] She felt like she could breathe after he had excited her Fathers office.

[i “He’s single you know”] she heard. Her hands got sweaty as her heart started beating faster. [b “That’s funny. You know, I’ve been in Forks for less than an hour and it already seems like you’re trying to play matchmaker between your daughter and [i business partner]”] she said in a low tone. [b “I thought he was your assistant!”]

After her awkward lunch with her Father, she left Horns Tech so she could get everything unpacked and set up before Lori got off. She was slightly nervous about meeting her Fathers future bride, but he seemed to have good taste, so maybe she wouldn’t be so bad. From what her Father had told her, he had updated the house since he would be proceeding with selling it in the coming months. She still didn’t know how he felt about that. Granted, she hadn’t lived in Forks in about ten years, after she stopped visiting they always vacationed somewhere together. But this is where she spent her childhood.

She drove to the house, directions that she could never forget. It all but sent her into an anxiety attack when she pulled up in the driveway. While it definitely had been landscaped, it really hadn’t changed much from the outside.

Lori was everything she imagined she wouldn’t be. She had some image of a wicked step mother, but that didn’t seem to be the case. Lori reminded her a lot of her Mother actually, but she had made it clear that she wasn’t trying to overstep, after all; she wasn’t a child. They got along well, which pleased Daniel.

Wedding planning was in full swing. Lori wanted simplistic. Which she could totally do. She just had to find the perfect venue. Which she had figured there wouldn’t be a lot of venues in Forks, which could cause a problem. But Daniel had asked that she try to keep the stress off Lori as much as possible, as she had just gotten a new promotion at the Hospital and was trying to get into the new swing. For whatever reason, she thought there was something that Daniel and Lori weren’t telling her, but she would go along with it for now.

She had found the one venue near Forks that looked like it could work and quickly scheduled an appointment to view it. Lori had to work, as well as Daniel, so she appeared to be going solo. She just had to drop lunch off for Daniel again, since he never remembered. Some things never changed. Now that she was aware of Brysons presence in the office, she had picked up an extra lunch.

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[https://fernacresforks.com/portfolio venue
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Bryson was unsure what to feel. This was unusual for him as he had always managed to compose himself around humans since he was a newborn. And yet there was something about the scent of the woman that called out to him, her blood nearly so enveloping that Bryson wasn’t sure where to turn for some kind of relief. He knew he had to get out of there, to allow him some air or else he would break. His movements were quick, coming to a stand so swiftly that the papers of his desk nearly flew to the floor. He left out of his office, briskly walking out until he had reached his car and yet he still smelled her then, not as strong, btu just as powerful. He looked over to the car parked near his own and he knew it had been hers. Bryson got into his car then, sitting behind the wheel and trying to relax. He was trying to figure out exactly what was going on. This had never happened to him before. He figured it best he leave and yet he knew how odd that would be. How could he explain why he had to leave so suddenly? He didn’t appear sick or anything when he entered and he knew how excited Daniel had been to introduced Bryson to his daughter if he ran now, he still would have to face her eventually and he could only come up with so many excuses.

Getting out of the car, Bryson in some sense tried to control his [I breathing]. He walked back in, heading toward Daniel‘s office where he could see the older gentleman was waving him to come in. Bryson placed his hands into his pockets, biting down hard on his cheeks as he entered. He gave a small smile, trying to keep his distance, though it didn’t seem to help as just being beside her intensified that sweet scent.

“Bryson I wanted you to meet my daughter Raegan. Rae, this is Bryson my business partner.” Of course he knew he may have come off a bit younger than her father to be a business partner but if she stuck around long enough, she would soon learn of the Cullen family and their wealthy and successful family members.
“Nice to meet you,” He said to her, his eyes had fell to glance toward her neck, briefly exposed then before golden eyes looked to meet her own gaze.
“I should . . . get back to this meeting,” he lamely excused before leaving. Though he paused and turned toward Raegan. “it was a pleasure to meet you,” he said. Of course with his hearing he picked up on Daniel trying to whisper.
[I ‘He’s single you know’.]
  bryson / kshahidx / 11d 16h 12m 47s
When Daniel had told her that he was starting his own tech company many years ago, she honestly figured that her Father was having a mid life crisis and had just gotten tired of his normal 8-5 phone center job. He was good with people, but he was GREAT with computers and technology. She had no idea that Horns tech would be so successful. On the rare occasion that she spoke with Daniel via FaceTime, he always raved about his employe Bryson; they seemed to have a really good relationship and he was always saying that the young man had a good head in his shoulders. [b “Dad?”] she called as she walked through the sleek office space. It had a normal waiting room and it seemed like there were offices down the hallway that she was facing.

It had a more modern vibe to it, which she was sure helped out when they had their business meetings and such, as first appeal was EVERYTHING when setting up deals. If only she could help with the outside of the building.

[i In here Rae, last office on the left.”] Her father bellowed out; it was obvious that he was smiling. She repositioned her purse over her shoulder before she headed down the hallway. It was really modern with a slick edge, of course when she pulled up in the parking lot she was terrified that it was going to be a scene from a horror movie. Her head whipped around as she heard what sounded like plastic breaking. He seemed like he was obviously upset about something; she realized when she met eye to eye with the dark haired stranger.

[b “H—Hey dad! I missed you”] she admitted as she pushed the slight confusion from her as she walked down the hallway and into her Fathers office. It hadn’t hit her until she stepped don’t in his office; it smelled like him. Like home? In a sense. She had missed that and she hadn’t even known it [b “I was starving when I got into town so I thought we could have lunch?”] she said as she placed the subway bag in front of him. [b “How’s your day been? I didn’t know there was going to be another employee or I would’ve bought another sandwich..”] she said; trying to find out more information on the man she had seen in the other office.

He was... beautiful? That wasn’t the right word. She had never seen someone that looked like him, like he could be a model fresh out of a New York magazine and he was working for a tech company in small town Washington. While she was timid about him, she wanted to find out more information about him. She needed to know more. [b “Is he... your assistant?”] she questioned.
  Raegan Grace / BooBear96 / 12d 20h 50m 28s
Bryson walked into the building after parking in the company parking lot. From the outside it didn’t appear like much, honestly, it seemed kind of dated considering how they were renting out the old sheriff’s office. Though, it did look like more once you entered. There were polished hardwood floors, modern furniture and computers everywhere of course. Daniel had been working on this app which was supposed to be able to connect you with someone from the police station should you ever feel like you were in trouble. There wasn’t much crime in Forks, but Daniel figured that if they got the app to working condition then it could of course become global. Bryson had been investing in the app for the last three years, since his family had moved to Forks. He said his good mornings to the other employees, making his way toward his office before he stopped by Daniel who had a grin on his face as he was on the phone honestly. Honestly, since he had proposed to his now fiancé Lori, Daniel had been in good spirits and he seemed to be extra jovial today.

Once Daniel as off the phone, Bryson peeked into his office. “Good news about that investor?” He asked. Funding was greatly appreciated as Daniel would not allow Bryson to funnel any more money than he already had into their business.
“Better,” he said. “My daughter is coming to stay and help with the wedding.” Bryson had heard stories about Daniel’s daughter, but he had never met her as Daniel explained she moved to live with her mother when she was a teenager. He hadn’t even seen a recent picture of her other than the older picture framed and perched on Daniel’s desk. Daniel had stood then and walked over and presented a picture of who he presumed to be Raegan.

She was gorgeous that was for sure. “Well, you must be excited to see her after so long.” Bryson said to which Daniel agreed. They soon went on to discuss a few more things regarding the app before he left to his own office to work on his own work. Though his thoughts were soon disrupted as a scent seemed to waft through the crack in the door of his office. Bryson’s head snapped up quick then, his eyes searching for the source and that’s when he saw . . .[I her]. It was strong, a burning sweetness that clawed at his throat after invading his nostrils. His grip tightened then on the phone in his hand, the plastic almost cracking with the pressure and would’ve snapped had he not loosened his grip. Bryson was confused as he had never felt this way before, this [I thirst].
  bryson / kshahidx / 12d 23h 53m 36s
Raegan cursed herself as she missed her exit off interstate 5. It was going to add at least another hour to her drive time according to CarPlay and Siri. [b “What’s another hour? You’ve only been on the road fifteen hours at this point.”] she muttered to herself. It was three weeks ago now that Daniel had called her and asked her to basically move to Forks for three months. He was getting re-married. Not to her mother, her name was Lori. [i “nice and caring”] was how Daniel had described her. She hadn’t met her. They had tried to plan trips to meet in between but it never worked out. He had sprung the fact that he was engaged and moving out of her childhood home all in the same day.

[i “Rae, I know you’ll love her if you just give her a chance. She doesn’t have a daughter, not that she could ever replace your Mom, but she wants you here. I want you here. You’re my girl.”] her father had told her. [I Just come for... three months. You’ll get a break from the city, we’ll get to spend time together and you can help Lori plan the wedding. She would really like your involvement in this, Rae. Do it for your old man. You can even bring Shane”] Yeah, except Shane had dumped her less than a week ago for another woman. He was right, no one could ever replace her Mother. Well, what mother she had anyway. Susan had passed away when she was two months shy of turning twenty-two. Daniel had tried everything on the planet to get her to move to Forks, but she was finishing College in Phoenix, with her friends. She was graduating from her home. She graduated with a bachelor in Business, but that seemed to be taking her no where.

She was hesitant at first about going to Forks. She hadn’t been there since she was fourteen. It held a lot of memories, good and bad. Her parents were happy there. They were unhappy there. Susan packed up and moved her to Phoenix there. Even with all the memories, Daniel was all she had now, and Lori was going to be apart of her life, besides it wasn’t like she didn’t need the experience. Her goal was to eventually have her own event-planning company, but that would require actually getting experience and it seemed like she was a dead in.

She packed up her Chevrolet Trax and headed to Forks. It was about a day drive. Daniel had insisted that she fly, but she wanted her car, she wanted to drive as it would give her a chance to think about everything and recent events. She still needed to process her breakup from the man she thought she was going to spend the rest of her life with, at twenty three, having that person was everything.

She passed the [b Welcome To Forks] sign at eleven thirty. Lunch time. She headed off to one of the not so many food joints to get lunch for herself and Daniel before she headed to his office. Lori was working at the hospital so she didn’t have to work about meeting her right now.

[b “One veggie delight with turkey and ham.”] she said as she walked into Horn’s Tech. [b “With a chocolate chip cookie and a diet Mountain Dew.”]

[https://pin.it/7f0tFdt outfit]
  Raegan Grace / BooBear96 / 13d 21h 33m 29s
Bryson’s hands ran through his hair, he was perched on the bed, still made without a wrinkle in sight. Of course it had always been more so a decorative piece in the bedroom, much like most of the furniture in the in Cullen family. You got used to having these things though, as the centuries passed, they did in some way become essential for their family’s comfortability. It was always interesting to see what came next – how television sets evolved, even the modern kitchen had upgraded in the last few centuries. Life was consistently the same in some aspects, nothing wrong with evolution and yet for a man like Byson, that was somewhat true. He had moved with the times, but age didn’t follow. He still looked the same as he had when he was bitten at the age of twenty-five in 1918. Back then he’d almost lost his life to influenzas, had it not been for Carlisle who barely managed to save him. As the venom seeped through his veins he felt an intense bout of pain: one that he never thought he would feel again.

Though loneliness came awful close. He’d never really thought of him not having someone to be with, while his [I brothers and sisters] seemed to have matched well with those Carlisle came across. Of course in this economy it wasn’t unquestioned why a man his age was living with his parents; the questions had always surrounded money and why a family as handsome and wealthy as their own would decide to make a life in Forks of all places. They could get away with a lot out here though: gloomy overcast practically seventy-five percent of the weather in the town and not to mention game readily available for their hunting. It was somewhere they didn’t have to worry about their secret being caught on too quickly.

His alarm went off then alerting that he had to get ready for work. He knew Carlisle still hadn’t returned from his shift at the hospital. But more than likely was on his way in once Bryson was out and the others didn’t have to be up for school for another hour or so, not that it took them desperately long to change. Bryson had went through the everyday tasks, showering and brushing his teeth. You got into the habit of doing these kinds of things, after seeing them done in movies and the likes. He changed into something a bit more business casual”: a white long sleeve shirt, with the sleeves rolled up just a little. He sported a gold watch and also some dark black pants to match. Bryson finished tying up is shoes before grabbing the black coat that paired with the pants and making his way out of the house.

He hopped into the black Mercedes and started to make his way into town where he would be heading to a small but profitable business run by Daniel Grace. He too got the side eye about having a tech company in Forks, but his business was successful and it did look like it would bring promising ventures to Forks, though hopefully none that would steal the charm away from the docile city. True, it was a place that had very little going on and that was what they needed. Everything seemed fine, until he met [I her].
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