Tale of Two Packs

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Hey guys, so this is a wolf RP I’m doing and ya.
Please join.

The two packs are Fire and Lightning. Long ago, there was a truce and all the two packs lived happily together, but one day, Nightpack, a pack that formed from wolves of the two packs that wanted the truce to cease formed. They caused terror and destruction and the truce broke. An all out war went on and the two packs fought, while Nightpack watched from a hill with a smile to there faces. Then, the war ceased and Alpha of Fire Pack Max growled, “No truce to be taken.” Alpha of Lightning Pack Shadow growled, “Yes. There will be no truce.” The two packs ran off to there camps with there fallen packmates being carried for burial. Night pack watched in glee as they left, but then realized that this was the end of there pack. They now had to be enemies on the battle field instead of allies. They bid farewells to each other and the Fire Pack Wolves looked sad as they felt the Lightning Pack Wolves that were once NightPack along side them. The Alpha’s son of Fire Pack, Thunder, used to be ruler of Nightpack, but rumor has it that he wants to start it up again and the original NightPack wolves are ready to come back.

Fire Pack: They live deep in the forest and are very sly. Led by Alpha Max, they hate Lightning Pack. They have strong warriors and swift hunters/huntress.

Lightning Pack: They are kind and points. Led by Alpha Shadow, they have very strong and fast warriors And swift and sneaky hunters/huntress. They hate Fire Pack.

Alpha: the king or queen of the Pack, in charge.

Alpha's Mate: basically the alpha of opposite gender, their mate, has influence, but not officially titled an alpha

Beta: the second in the command, can be either gender, future Alpha. Chosen by Alpha in RP

Healer: The Medic

Healer Trainee: Self explanatory

Lead Warrior: They are chosen by Alpha with Beta’s approval to lead Warriors into battle. They are third in command to the Warriors of the Pack.

Warriors: The wolves who fight for and defend the Pack, the fighters.

Lead Hunter: This wolf can appoint who goes on a hunting patrol and they are that semi boss to the Hunters. They are third in command to the Hunters of the pack. Picked by Alpha with Beta’s approval as well.

Hunters: They Hunt for the Pack, oftentimes forming squads to do so, and join in a fight if there is NO other choice.

Mothers: the She-wolves nursing or expecting pups

Elders: Wolves over 9 who have served their time in the Pack well.

Trainees: The wolves between 8 months and 2 years old who are in training to become Warrior, Hunter or Healer

Pups: young ones under 8 months old

Scout: The singular wolf that keeps watch for threats.

Omega: The singular wolf that does the jobs no other wolf wants to do, and is often treated as less than others. This wolf is forbidden from having a mate or young as long as they maintain this rank. Only Fire Pack has this.

2. Please no killing eachother’s characters without permission
3. Before any crush or mate happens or pup thing, ask the other person
4. Please don’t touch my characters unless I say so
5. Be kind and respectful
6. No force mating
7. No sadistic wolves
8. Please if you want to start drama like really high in drama, PM me about it before hand
9. I don’t want to see people fighting with each other about something in the RP, so refrain from that.
10. If your wolf breaks a rule, that wolf must be killed off immediately and you can’t RP them any more.

AGE Chart:
0- 8 months: Pup
8 months to 2 years old: Trainee
2-10 years old: Warrior, Hunter, Huntress
10- till they die: Elder
3yrs old till 7 yrs old: Beta’s can be chosen in this age group.

The sign up link will come so stay tuned.


Fire Pack Wolves:
Alpha: Max- Lucy
Alpha’s Mate: Moon- Lucy
Beta- Striker- Lucy
Beta’s Mate: TBD
Healers (2):
Healer’s trainee’s (2):
Lead Warrior: Arian- Lucy
Erle- Lucy
Storm- Lucy
Lead Hunter: TBD
Fire- Lucy
Thunder- Lucy
Catania- Lucy
Arian - Lucy
Scouts (3):
Mick- Lucy
Scout trainee (full):
Justice- Lucy
Arrow- Lucy

Lightning Pack Wolves:
Alpha: Shadow- Lucy
Alpha’s Mate: TBD
Beta: Cole- Lucy
Beta’s Mate: Cody- Lucy
Healers (2):
Healer Trainees (2):
Lead Warriors: TBD
Karter- Lucy
Lead Hunter:
Lightning- Lucy
Wednesday- Lucy
Leo- Lucy
Sandpiper- Lucy
Patience- Ariel
Cody - Lucy
Aala - Lucy
June - Lucy
Kian- Lucy
Scouts (3):
Fish- Lucy
Scout trainee (1):

Max and Moon
Karter and Aala
Cole and Cody
Arian and Erle

Even thought Karter has a mate, his first love was Storm before she left Lightning Pack to find her sister. Storm has a huge crush on Karter.
Sandpiper has a crush on Leo, but Leo might have feelings, but there realetively new.
Arrow and Striker both of a twinge of something for each other, but they are pretty new. In the future they will become mates.
Fire has a small crush on Thunder
TO be honest, even though Leo has a newly formed feelings for Sandpiper, he is starting to have new feelings for Patience, but relatively new. He wants to make everyone happy, so this boi is open for poly

Please don’t use the names Galaxy, Aru, Lucy, Buddy, Gibson, Maya, or Toby.

Roleplay Reply. Do not chat here. (50 character limit.)

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Roleplay Responses

It's Lightning, just to clarify, since my brain seemingly can't handle longterm info well.
  ArialWasTaken / 24m 56s
Ok, so they both or in Fire correct? Sorry I’m trying to make sure I don’t mess up. There is a way to not do to much confusion. We delete all our posts except for the very first posts and then we can restart that way. What do you think?
  Leo / LucyWiggle / 1h 6m 43s
Oh. Well, I definitely messed up somewhere. Yeah, I guess we should restart this.
  ArialWasTaken / 1d 3h 51m 27s
Oh, Fish was in Lightning and I was tagging PAtience in Lightning.
  Leo / LucyWiggle / 2d 2h 32m 48s
Patience is fine the way she is in the Fire Pack, it's just Justice that needs a change back to training with Fish in the Fire Pack.
  ArialWasTaken / 3d 21h 44m 1s
Well... what about Patience. I mean we have a whole dialogue. Which pack are they in because we can restart and that.
  Leo / LucyWiggle / 4d 6h 50m 34s
The Scout Trainee, you only really kind of messed it up when you changed the trainer from Fish to Mick and basically made Justice switch packs, nothing serious. A simple mix-up, is all.
  ArialWasTaken / 5d 4h 31m 29s
OOFF Which one is Justice supposed to be in because we could restart the RP if it got all wrong
  Leo / LucyWiggle / 5d 4h 40m 37s
OOC: Wait a second. I just noticed something a bit wrong. Justice and Patience are supposed to be in the same pack (Fire), I think you got Justice in the wrong one.
  ArialWasTaken / 5d 6h 15m 37s
[i As far as I would know, Justice is probably getting some kicks out of hunting in the opposing Pack's territory again,] Patience's mind went on, while she replied, "You always have to do it, don't you?" She nodded in agreement to what Cole said, and followed him to the border.

Justice started to slow down a bit as they neared the Lightning border, seemingly becoming more silent and looking slightly more nervous than before. He looked back at his trainer and stopped completely so they could catch up with him. "I really only hunted near here because I was bored and wanted to get out of the same mundane stuff," he mumbled to himself, "But now that we're actually trying to figure out the source of something [i from] there? That's not going to be fun.."
  ArialWasTaken / 5d 7h 15m 35s
Cole/male/Tags: Patience, Leo/Location: Forest/L-Pack Beta
He smiled and said, “Leo does that a lot. I know I look strict and can be, but you don’t need to worry about talking around me and laughing. I like a good joke or two and to hear trainees joking around makes my heart warmer. Carry one you two.” He smiled and continued on. He said with a smile, “Why don’t we check the border with Fire Pack before we train. I want to make sure they haven’t been hunting in our territory.”

Leo/male/Tags: Patience, Cole/Location: Forest/L-Pack Warrior Trainee
He said with a smile, brushing his fluffy white pelt against Patience’s pelt as he talked to her, “Hey I had to say it.” He smiled and laughed at himself.

Mick/male/Tags: Justice/Location: Camp/F-Pack Scout
He sniffed the ground and said and looked up. He followed after his trainee keeping his paw steps light.
  Leo / LucyWiggle / 5d 7h 42m 1s
"Leo here decided to be funny at the wrong time," Patience said, trying her best to keep her composure, but ended up giggling again.

Justice started out into the forests yet again to investigate the sound of the crying from earlier. Nothing was going to stop him from finding out, well, except a lot of things.
  ArialWasTaken / 5d 18h 19m 25s
Leo is just training to be a Warrior which he Wouldn’t mind being Beta, but it doesn’t matter to him.


Leo/male/Tags: Patience, Cole/Location: Forest/L-Pack Warrior Trainee
He smiled as Patience laughed. He followed Cole who turned with an amused expression to talk to the trainees.

Cole/male/Tags: Patience, Leo/Location: Forest/L-Pack Beta
He smiled and said turning around with amusement in his gaze, “What’s so funny you two? Tell me.” He said this in a playful tone.

Mick/male/Tags: Justice/Location: Forest/F-Pack Scout
He said, “It could be a human or cougar. Both are very dangerous. It could be a Lightning Pack wolf or a loner. All of them are dangerous to handle with.”
  Leo / LucyWiggle / 5d 20h 13m 24s
OOC: Just to clarify, Patience and Leo are the only ones training to become Beta, right?

Patience just couldn't keep her "serious" face on when Leo kept going on like that, and started giggling uncontrollably. She almost immediately got herself under control when she thought about how Cole would react to that, which wasn't very nice. "Lead the way," she repeated Leo, trying to keep her voice down.

"Be warned about what?" Justice asked his trainer, flicking his tail back and forth impatiently, "It's just a quick investigation, right?"
  ArialWasTaken / 5d 20h 42m 39s
Oof sorry, I thought I made one, my mistake.

Mick/male/Tags: Justice/Location: Forest/F-Pack Scout
He nodded and said, “Yes. Be warned though young one.”

Leo/male/Tags: Patience/Location: Camp/L-Pack Warrior Trainee
He nodded and said, “Lead the way Beta.”

Sandpiper/female/Tags: Cole, Patience, Leo/Location: Camp/L-Pack Huntress Trainee
She woke up to hear Leo and Patience talking. She raced out and said with a smile, “Hey guys. Where’s everyone?” She looked at Leo and smiled brightly. She walked forward and licked his cheek to put a stray patch of fur down.

Leo/male/Tags: Patience, Sandpiper, Cole/Location: Camp/L-Pack Warrior Trainee
He smiled back at her and was a bit surprised to feel her lick his cheek. He almost started to blush, but kept his composer. He was about to respond when Cole interrupted.

Cole/Beta of L-Pack/Tags: Sandpiper, Patience, Leo/male/Location: Camp
He said with a bit of a stern look, “Alpha Shadow and the rest of the Trainee’s Lightning and Wednesday have already left and are waiting for you. You should have been up earlier.”

Sandpiper/female/Tags: Cole, Patience, Leo/Location: Camp/Huntress Trainee of L-Pack
She yelped and said as she ran off, “Talk to you later Patience and Leo.”

Leo/male/Tags: Patience, Cole/Location: Camp/L-Pack Warrior Trainee
He chuckled and said, “She can move so fast when she is late. Though she was whining most of the night.”
  Leo / LucyWiggle / 5d 22h 4m 4s

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