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Malia sipped the water and turned a few pages into her notebook to the notes she had on the basic stuff. She began to explain the basic statistic notes. Mid way through teaching, Malia paused "How are you holding up. If it gets overwhelming we can take a break. Or we can call it a day and we can continue next time." She said
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[left [pic]] His hand stilled when she out her hand over his. For a moment he just froze, half worried she’d somehow notice something wasn’t normal about him. But that was ridiculous, and he looked to her with an easy smile, amusement playing over his features,”Oh? And how many rules am I going to have to follow?”

Amelia returned from the kitchen with a whole tray, containing two cups, a pitcher of water, and for good measure a plate of assorted fruits and vegetables. She set the glasses in front of the two and poured them each water,”Do behave, Blayze. I’ll be in the study if you need me.”

“Right, right.” Blayze leaned back in his chair,”Thanks, Amelia.” He turned his attention to Malia while Amelia’s footsteps faded down the hall to his father’s study. “I think I have the basics. But that’s not a bad place to start, I guess.”

He did not particularly care about the tutoring lesson any more than he cared for the class. Both were done at his father’s insistence.
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Malia nodded as she sat down and pulled out her notebook with the lesson. " We can start from the basic or we can go over with this weeks lesson from class." She said. She put her hand over his to stop the tapping. " Rule number one don't tap your pencil. Its annoying." She mentioned as she lifted her hand picked up her own penicl.
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[left [pic]] Blayze made an involuntary laugh that was more of an exhale,”My father would only pick someone else.”

His father was not the type to take no for an answer, and doubtless he was paying her reasonably well. A competitive wage for tutoring, to compensate for his son's attitude. He picked up his pencil and tapped the eraser on the blank page in front of him,”Might as well start. What’s the lesson?”
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"My name is Malia, yes we are in Statistics together, and if you don't want me here I can leave." She said hearing how irritated he sounded. She put her books down on the table and glanced around at the huge dinning room. She never been in such a pretty place before. Her dark red dress complimented the room. She had her dark brown hair down with a braid on the side.
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[left [pic]] “Of course, I’ll be right back.” Amelia nodded, and walked past them both into the kitchen. The only sound for a few moments was the assistant’s high heels clicking on the linoleum floor. Not excessively high, just professional and neat like everything about her. Quite distinct from the young man at the table. It looked as if his dark hair may not have even been brushed that day, and he’d thrown on a t-shirt and jeans. No shoes either. He was perfectly at home in the huge house.

He was staring at the girl who was supposed to be his tutor, trying to place her face. He thought he’d seen her before. While still mulling it over he motioned to the chair next to his,”Have a seat. I guess we better get this over with.”

His tone was polite enough, but it was clear he had no particular interest in this arrangement. After a moment he added,”I don’t need a tutor.” Looking at her again, it finally clicked,”Statistics, right? That’s where I’ve seen you before. I’m sorry, I’ve forgotten your name.”

There were too many names in too many classes for him to keep track of all of them yet, and he had a decently good memory for names and faces.
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Malia stood by the door hesitating to ring the door bell. Just the size of the mansion intimidated her. She was annoyed with her father for setting up this touring session with a gut from one of her classes. Statistics. The class was pretty big so she never really knew this guy though his name sounded familiar. Malia sighed as she ring the door bell and waited but very shortly after a female opened the door who greeted her and let Malia in. Malia nodded as she stepped foot inside the mansion and glanced around. ' This is huge.' She thought as she followed the girl through the house and into a room. Malia saw the guy looking at her with his blue eyes. She got lost in his eyes that she didn't hear what the female said at first but after a few second she comprehended. "Umm I'll take a water please."
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[left [pic]] [i This is ridiculous.] Blayze Summers thought to himself as he sat at the table, waiting. The idea of a tutor had been his father’s, and he had objected vehemently. He didn’t need a tutor. [i Yes], he was failing almost all of his classes. But it wasn’t because he needed help with his studies. It was an entirely different problem, and no one could help him with that issue.

Unable to come clean about what was distracting him, and his father unwilling to back down from getting his son some kind of help had left Blayze with little choice but to agree to a handful of tutoring sessions. The first of which was today. His barely touched textbooks were stacked on the perfectly polished dark wood of the likely antique dining room table. His parents had collected and restored a lot of antique furniture before his mother had died, and his father still bought things like that from time to time. Blayze guessed most of the furniture in the mansion, besides the things in his bedroom, was older than him by a considerable number of years. Not [i too] hard, since he was only twenty-two.

The perfectly laid out working space Amelia had set up was bothering him, so he rolled the pencil out of place, bored. Amelia was his father’s assistant. The house would surely descend into chaos if Amelia ever left. She kept everything neat and ordered, and made sure Blayze and his father were always on schedule. Almost always, in the case of the moody son. And it was Amelia who was waiting near the door for the tutor to arrive.

The girl his father had picked was supposed to be attending the same college. Some daughter of a friend of his, but no one he’d ever heard of. Blayze didn’t think he’d ever met her. Probably. He wondered if she was in one of his classes, and he just didn’t know. The not knowing was frustrating. He rolled the pencil again, back and forth over the blank paper set in front of him. There was another pencil and paper, perfectly set for the seat next to his. Blayze heard footsteps and turned to look behind him. His eyes were a piercing blue, and intensely inquisitive, first watching Amelia enter and then gesture for the person behind her to come in. Amelia had a sweet, calm voice virtually all the time, the sort of voice that sounded clear and pleasant on the phone,”Right this way, Miss. Would you care for anything to eat or drink?”
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