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[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/GbASs0I.jpg]]

[center [i You know these kinds of girls who look like they're made
Of honey and glass, like sticky-sweet ash
And you can't get the taste off your tongue?
Burnt sugar and a little bit of rum.]]

[center X just got out of a long term relationship with her girlfriend of 3 years when she found her in bed with another woman. After her girlfriend left the apartment, X found herself needing a roommate to keep up with the rent of the nice apartment.]

[center Y is a young girl just out of college, who loves to go out and have loud crazy parties at least a couple nights a week. X has had enough of these crazy parties and goes to confront Y, when she finds the girl crying. She finds out the girl has been dumped, and they are able to finally connect on a different level, finding common ground between them.]

[center [i And she's dancing in the rain with her clothes on
Drenched to the bone, never knows when she´s all gone
But she's the life of the party and deep down I know
That nobody flinches when she takes off her clothes
And I wonder what's it like to be one of those girls
To sit in the sun, and look at the world and never think
"Wow, am I enough”]]

[center X and Y become friends, starting to spend more time together. Y is really the life of the party, lives life like she could die the next day. While X is more reserved, never thinking she was worth much of anything.]

[center [i Cause life is easy when you know you're the main character
And I'm sitting here, thinking this is not fair
But her smile makes it hard to be mad
It's not her fault that I'm so fucking sad]]

[center As X and Y become closer, X realizes she has now developed feelings for the woman. Y is starting to show her how to let go and have fun, that life is worth living that way.]

[center [i So I'll sit here and look at these girls in the sun
Dancing in the rain and just having their fun
And maybe one day I can forget the past
And be one of those girls of honey and glass.]]

[center Does Y feel the same way? What will happen?]

[center ~]

[center Okay, so this roleplay is inspired by the poem Honey and Glass by Peyton Cardoza, which I have added within the plot. This will be a fxf roleplay, in which I will play X. If you are interested, please PM me with a title Honey and Glass, with a small skeleton.

Photo Link:
Name||Age (21+)||Occupation||
Short Bio

Character X: Taken

[pic http://i.imgur.com/cv6VE3A.jpg]
Cora Jae Tucker || 23 || Librarian ||
Cora had always been an introvert but made a point to be kind and pleasant to all people she met. After her long term relationship ended, Cora became more secluded, less pleasant, and even quieter than she had been before. She never wanted to go out anymore, she spent all her time at work or at home. She needed someone to show her how to finally get over this rough patch in her life and see all the things she is missing.

Character Y: Taken

[pic https://i.imgur.com/dmerniU.jpg]
Penelope (Penny) Jean Wilson||24||Bar Tender||
Short Bio: Penny has always liked to have a good time and is easily chipper and outgoing. She has always been that way ever since she was a little girl and ALWAYS had people admire her energy and hype as they called it. Now, being older, she still enjoys partying and is bouncy but she wants it known that there is more to her. She in a way wants someone who can help even her out.

[center [size20 Rules]]

1. PLEASE BE 21+. The characters are that age and I prefer to write with someone my own age. There are mature themes and it is a comfort thing for me as an educator.
2. Real Photos Please. Something that isn't too big, doesn’t have a watermark and fits the personality of your character. I am more than happy to assist in finding a photo and I can edit it for you as well if need be.
3. I can write anywhere from 1000 Characters to 1000 Words. I ask that you stick to AT LEAST 1000-1500 Characters a post.
4. This roleplay is an FxF roleplay, we will both be playing females. This is supposed to be a romance, so that will happen. Do not join if you are going to either try and make this an FxM or refuse the romance. It will not be immediate romance, but don’t refuse it altogether.
5. Please PM me a skeleton and I will accept before requesting access to the roleplay. Otherwise, I will refuse.
6. Please PM me and let me know if you have any twists or turns you want to add. I love and encourage it!
7. Please post at least once a week. I’ll let you know if it will take me longer than that, and I expect the same on your end. If I don’t hear from you and there is no post in 14 days, I will delete the thread and try again.
8. PLEASE do not steal this plot. I've been working on this for a while. The poem is not mine but the plot is, so please accept that and do not steal it.
10. Let’s have fun!


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Her new roommate was nothing like Lexi. She wasn't dark per se, but seemed sad and like there was a cloud that hovered around her. It was like a winter's day to her summer-like and sunny disposition. Something that she was not at all used to. But it only made her all the more determined to get to know Cora. To try and befriend her. To Penny, it was something needed because she loved people and she noticed that the other seemed so drawn into herself, something her momma used to tell her wasn't good for the soul.

[#e944d7 "Thank you! I promise I'll make up the helping unpack thing. And the decorating won't be too crazy. You are good with animals and floral?"] She asked, getting more bouncy and excited by the minute. She loved decorating and she she loved animals and flowers. Actually, she was good with almost anything that people would call "bright", "warm" and the like. Again, it came with her sunny personality and being the "butterfly" like she was.

Yes, she knew that it was maybe a bit on the unnerving side that she seemed so bouncy and positive, but she couldn't help it. And soon, the two were going to her car to get her boxes and the rest of her stuff. It wasn't a lot and didn't take long. And though she was burning to ask questions and to get to know Cora, the two didn't really talk much as they brought her stuff up the stairs. Muttered "thank yous" with help they gave the other was about it. MUCH more quiet and maybe awkward than what she was used to. But she had to make this work. She didn't have anywhere else to go and it was close to the bar she was a tender and dancer at.

Brown eyes and honey blonde hair, a sweetness to her look. Something that could be described as "girl next-door" or innocent was what Cora reminded Penny of. And yet, it drew her in. She was cute and had a beauty all her own. SO much different that the other young women that she had been attracted to in the past and even dated. Actually, a breath of fresh air as ironic as that sounded. And the fact that she was quiet...Maybe it was because they were polar opposites that she felt she was so drawn to her. That and the fact that they were going to be co-existing and roommates.

[#e944d7 "Oh! It's okay! I really can do it later. And besides, you said we could go out. I want the chance to get some sunlight and to get food. I'm starving."] Penelope said with a cute pout as she brushed long honey blonde hair back over her shoulder and turned a sparkling blue gaze upon the other young woman. She had NO intents on letting her back out of what she agreed to.
  Honey / MourningGlory / 9h 39m 14s
This new girl had been here for less than 10 minutes, and yet he seemed happy to be here. Why was she so happy? Cora wasn’t even half as happy as this woman was, even when she was dating Izzy. It felt like there was a permanent smile on the woman’s face, which made her dull and boring apartment feel like life was breathed into it, just the slightest amount. Even her name was peppy and happy, Penny. Well, at least she was pleasant, but Cora could tell her quiet co-existent with her roommate, which is what she wanted, wasn’t going to be a reality.

Penny asked her if she could help her bring her things in, which Cora expected. But then she asked her to join her for lunch, which Cora was not expecting. A confused look crossed Cora’s face, as she looked towards the woman. [i “Yes, I can help you with your things. Feel free to decorate wherever you please, my last roommate was in charge of that.”] she said, her face showing it’s first emotion, which was sad. [i “Oh, and sure. I guess we could do lunch.”] she spoke as well, as she pushed Izzy from her mind once again.

Cora was surprised at the own words that came out of her mouth. She wasn’t one who even liked going out in public, but now she was agreeing to lunch. As much as she wanted to take it back, she couldn’t at this point. She waited so long to get a roommate, and she couldn’t afford to let another one slide through her fingers.

The two girls went down, grabbing boxes of things and bringing them back up to their apartment. The girl was right, it really didn’t take them very long. The whole time they went up and down though, there weren’t many words exchanged. There were a few thank yous, for holding doors and the like, but that was mainly it. Cora really was unsure of what to say, as she knew little to nothing about this woman.

Penny was striking, her blonde hair and blue eyes really stood out. She was beautiful, while Cora blended in a lot with her honey-brown hair, which matched her honey-brown hair. They were opposites, in almost all aspects. Cora wondered really how well they would be able to co-exist. [i “Are you sure you don’t want to unpack instead of going out? I don’t mind.”] Cora spoke. She was half trying to get out of what she agreed too, but also knew that she would have rather unpack if she had just moved.

Cora was worried, knowing that having lunch with this woman would result in talking about their lives. That was the last thing she wanted to do. She had been sucked dry of all her personality, mostly just reading books and going to work. While Penny was probably the life of the party, she was a party killer. She knew her demeanor had the ability to turn people away, but it kept people away from her. She didn’t want to get close to anyone anymore, even if they were living together.
  Cora Jae Tucker / SmileBright / 7d 16h 22m 53s
Bouncing, she was bouncing. Ever since she had been a child, Penny was easily excitable and this was no different. She loved people and getting to know them. It was both her "gift" and her "curse" as her parents often called it. They also often said they wished they shared her same bouncy energy and the fact that she resembled a ball of light even when things seemed dark. It was kind of how she had gotten the nickname of Sunny or Sunshine.

[i "You might want to take it easy there. She's...well you'll see what your new roommate is like when you meet her."] The landlord, Tim said as he took a quick glance at the still bouncing Penelope. And his words did strike the young woman as odd. She was about to ask what the man meant by what he had said, but before she could, another knock sounded. This one being louder than the first and an annoyed voice came from the other side just before the door opened.

Her own cheeks coloured softly as she saw the young woman who seemed taken aback when she opened the door. It was obvious thaf she had not been expecting for Penny to be there. And Penny had not expected for her new roommate to seem like...winter? She was going to think of ice, but winter sounded nicer in her head. [#e944d7 "Hi there! It's nice to meet you, Cora. I'm Penelope...but most people just call me Penny."] The young woman said, refusing to be intimidated by the cooler and stiffer demeanor.

And after the other young woman had moved aside to let her and Tim inside, blue eyes took a glance around. The place did look like someone lived there but it seemed...void and empty? Like there was a gloom that hovered. But she had to shake those thoughts away to pay attenti9n as Tim finished going over last minute details with the two of them.

Seconds of silence seemed to fall when they had been left alone. She wasn't sure what to say or where to start. But then Cora seemed to break the ice with more ice. Quick and simple words of where things were and saying if she needed anything to let her know. [#e944d7 "I was going to ask for help bringing things in..? I promise it's not much and should be quick! Oh maybe after we could get lunch or something? I did see a cute little café on the way here."] And again, Penny offered a warm and bright smile. Summer and winter...that was what crossed her mind as she now stood watching the other young woman, taking her in.
  Honey / MourningGlory / 1d 16h 57m 30s
Cora knew that she should make the place look at least presentable, considering her landlord and new roommate would both be here soon. The woman was in no way messy at all, but the apartment was ‘lived in’, she needed to make sure it looked and smelled nice. She pushed the blanket off of her lower half, folding it and laying it over the back of the grey couch. She found one of her favorite candles that smelled of apples and tea, lighting it, letting the smell fill the apartment. She wiped down window sills and countertops and put all the remaining dishes that were in the sink into the dishwasher. As she wiped off counters in her kitchen, she found a strip of paper. She took in her hands, and when she realized what it was, she bit her lip.

It was a photo strip of her and her ex, Izzie. It had fallen behind after being posted on a cabinet from a past birthday or anniversary. Cora’s hands shook as she held the picture, a tear falling down her cheek. She hadn’t thought about her ex for a few weeks now, but this brought back all the memories, happy and sad. Of course, she still had feelings for her, but she knew she couldn’t let the woman back in her life. It was a part of her that was over now, and she had to forget.

Cora took the photo strip, putting it in the garbage. She thought about keeping it as a memento, considering she gave everything else back but decided against it. It would be harder to keep the woman off her mind if she had the photos. She sighed, closing the lid of the garbage can before continuing her cleaning spree.

After about an hour, she was finally done cleaning everything. Cora had made sure the room was ready for the new roommate. It was already furnished with a bed, and a drawer set. She left it very neutral for the roommate to do whatever they wanted to. Cora knew little to nothing about her new housemate and wasn’t too concerned about them on the slightest. Cora was quiet and wasn’t planning on letting anyone into her life any time soon. She didn’t even know their name, or even what gender this person was. She was betting on a female, hoping walking around in a towel wouldn’t be a problem sometimes. Even though Cora was attracted to women, she wasn’t going to just hit on any woman who lived with her. She was very closed off from everyone right now, and she wasn’t even planning on befriending this person. It was someone to help with rent, and they would most likely live around each other, that’s all.

Cora entered her own room, adjusting the large sweater as it hung from her slim frame. She decided on changing into a dark grey tee-shirt, something that actually clung to her body. The sweater had been getting in her way, and this way she could help if she was needed. She wasn’t planning on being their friend, but she could at least be a decent person. Her hair had fully dried, and she ended up pulling the top half of her hair into a ponytail and left the rest down. Her hair had a small wave to it, but was straight for the most part. She looked at herself in the mirror, a heavy sigh leaving her lips. She knew she had looked like she had been crying from before, but she didn’t care very much at this point. That’s when she heard a knock at her door.

Cora walked slowly to the door, another knock now annoying her. [i “I know, Tim, I’m coming.”] she spoke, a bit agitated now. Tim, her landlord was most likely coming by to let her know about the roommate, and when she would be by. She had no idea she would be there as well. She and Tim had gotten pretty close, and at this point, she didn’t really hold back with him. [i “I this is something stupid, Tim, I swear.”] she spoke, opening the door to the apartment. Her eyes widened a bit when she noticed a woman was with Tim, and he rolled his eyes at Cora. [b “Oh, a nice introduction to your new roommate, Cora.”] he spoke. [i “Sorry. Hello. I’m Cora.”] she spoke, no emotion pulled to her face at all, her body not moving much. She moved her body away from the door, allowing the pair of people to enter, and closed the door behind them.

The girl who entered was very pretty, around the same age as herself. Although, those things shouldn’t really matter.

Tim finalized everything with the two girls, and they stood in silence for a few seconds as Tim left. [i “Well, this is it. Your room is over to the left, mine is to the right. The bathroom is right over there. If you need any help with anything, you can let me know.”] she spoke her words like ice. They weren’t harsh, but just cold. This was Cora’s demeanor, but why did this girl make her feel warmer? The apartment had been cold for months, but now, there was a little bit of sunshine. Cora was ice, this girl was sunshine.
  Cora Jae Tucker / SmileBright / 20d 19h 28m 55s
[center [b The Past]

Ever since she was little, Penelope was known to be the chipper and bouncy sort of girl. She loved people and just loved to have fun. Her family and friends when she was growing up were constantly telling her how they envied her for the energy and spirit that she had. But they also warned her that she would have to try and be more down to earth. The tried to warn her that life wasn't always "sunshine and butterflies".

When getting into college, Penelope's naturally bubbly and chipper dispositi9n didn't change all that much. In fact, a whole new world was opened up to her. There were more people for her to meet and each were unique and special in their own ways. And there were more places she could get into as well, namely clubs and bars. Music and dancing and just the night life. It was thanks to her friends that she made that she was constantly out and about. Yes, she studied and worked. But she lived for the fun. Drinks and dancing as she became a bar tender.

Just to her, the world was magic and life was like a stage. Or it was until she finally graduated.

[center [b Present]]

College had been her life for the last six years. She started out when she was eighteen and had started out as a psychology major but found it wasn't exactly for her. Oh she had loved it and found it fascinating in how the mind worked and deterkined the behaviour of people. But she found she had more of a love for history and teaching and so had switched about a year or two later. She also didn't have the help from her parents and found that since she loved dancing and people working in a club would help her pay for school. Again it helped her to meet some of her very best friends, which now she wouldn't be seeing as often. Was she sad? Of course! But it also meant new doors and opportunities awaited her!

Blue eyes went around the now emptied appartment that she had shared with Alexa during her college adventures. Her best friend had left directly after graduation for a job she had snagged up and had been waiting for the end of semester to start. And that left Penny on her own. At first she didn't really mind as this had been her home. But it began to get lonelier and lonelier and she couldn't keep up with the price of the place on her own. It wasn't like she hadn't been thinking about a new place. She had been, but "the real world" came crashing in and made her HAVE to find something. And something soon. Which she did and which was why she was staring at the empty room as she was.

[#e944d7 "Well looks like this is it. Better go and meet my new landlord and roommate. Don't want to be late! Oh I hope we'll be friends."] The honey blonde said to herself, laughing softly as she was talking to herself. Not an uncommon thing, but it seemed more so without Lexie around. Not even a moment later, the young woman of twenty-four grabbes her mini backpack off the counter and replaced it with the key to the place, no longer needing it and all but pranced down the hall and steps and out to her car which had everything boxed up and in it.

The drive wasn't too long. Maybe fifteen or twenty minutes later, she was parking the car and meeting with the landlord. And soon after, Penny found herself being led upstairs and to the front door of what would be her new home. All the while she was bouncing with both her nervea and her excitement. The door was knocked on and the blonde's bright blue gaze was on it as she now waited to meet who she hoped would be her new best friend. She had NO idea what polar opposites they were or where this road would be taking them.
  Honey / MourningGlory / 25d 17h 43m 24s
[center [b ⬡Four Months Ago⬡]]

Pulling her coat tighter around her slim body, Cora made her way from the garage into her apartment building. As she made her way upstairs, she had a weird feeling about heading home today. She usually got a text from her girlfriend by this point, trying to figure out what they wanted to do for dinner or what time Cora thought she’d be home. Today there wasn’t anything, which was odd. As she opened the door to the apartment, she dropped her shoes off at the door, and saw a scattered pair of heels in the kitchen area she didn’t recognize. There was music playing from the main bedroom, the door cracked open slightly. The lights were dimmed in the whole apartment, everything just felt wrong.

As Cora made her way to the bedroom, there were scattered pieces of clothing, and a lump formed in Cora’s stomach. She pushed the door of the room the couple shared, and covered her mouth when she looked inside. Rose petals had been scattered around the bed, and her girlfriend and another girl were in [i their] bed, her girlfriend on top of the other girl. [i “Izzie?”] Cora spoke, her voice breaking through the tears that had started. The long brunette hair of Cora’s girlfriend, Izzie, fell over her shoulder as she looked to see her girlfriend in the doorway, her expression dropped. [b “Baby! This is not what it looks like! We were just-uh-ya know. Please please, baby.”] Izzie rushed over to Cora, taking her hands.

Cora pushed the tears aside, shaking Izzie’s hands out of her own. [i “Just get out! We’re done. Just go!”] she yelled, Izzie pleading with Cora as she pulled on her clothes. Cora went over to the bed, telling the mystery girl to get out as well, to which the girl scrambled out of the bed and into her dress and was quickly out the door. [b “Cora, baby, listen to me. Really, it didn’t mean anything! Please please, just listen to me babygirl.”] Izzie pleaded with Cora, trying to pull her in from behind by her waist. Cora got Izzie’s arms off of her, turning toward her, [i “Leave Isabelle. Get out. We are over. Give me your key and leave.”] she spoke. The apartment had been Cora’s first anyway, so asking for the key back wasn’t unreasonable. Izzie tried pleading looks but was getting nothing from Cora. She handed the key to her, but said before leaving, [b “You can’t get rid of me that easily, Cora…”].

Cora Jae plopped onto her couch, her head now held in her hands. Her tears had stopped, but she just felt gross all over. Why would Izzie cheat on her? Why would she do it so openly, in their apartment? And what did she mean by saying she couldn’t get rid of her so easily? So many questions swirled in her head, but the main question was... how would she afford rent anymore?

In the next few months, Cora worked extra hours at work just to afford rent. Her days consisted of only work and home, her social life was basically gone. Her demeanor changed drastically, she was less social and less pleasant to be around. Izzie had been texting her so much she needed to change her phone number, to which Izzie had yet to find. Her ex-girlfriend wanted to remind her how awful she was as a girlfriend and even as a person, and Cora started to believe these things as well.

Her life was crumbling around her.

[center [b ⬡Present Day⬡]]

It had taken four months, but Cora had finally found a new roommate to move into the second bedroom she had in her apartment. She had yet to meet the girl who was moving in, but the landlord of the apartment complex had shown her around and had her sign papers a couple of days ago when Cora was at work. Today, she would be moving in. Cora was hoping she was quiet and they wouldn’t have to interact much. Cora wasn’t a huge fan of loud noises or partying, so she was hoping they could co-exist in this space easily.

Cora had taken the day off from work to help her roommate move in, but mostly because her landlord told her she was required to be there when the roommate moved in. She showered quickly after waking up, getting dressed in a pair of leggings and a large grey sweater that hung from her slim frame. She brushed her hair, allowing it to air dry, and put on a light face of makeup. She made a cup of tea and curled up on the couch while drinking her tea.

After her girlfriend had moved out, she threw out her old sheets and got a new set. She couldn’t imagine sleeping in those sheets after what had happened. She had packed her clothes and things and brought them to Izzie’s parent's house, so she wouldn’t have to meet up with the woman at all. She had gotten rid of all the photos of the two, the apartment basically looked like no one lived there. There were couches, and tables, but nothing telling of who Cora was as a person anymore. Her room had small touches of her personality, such as books and some paper lantern lights, but that was about it. This new roommate would be able to do what she pleased if she was interested in decorating, Cora wasn’t too concerned with whatever it ended up looking like.

Cora took a seat on the couch, sipping her tea until her new roommate showed up. She grabbed a blanket and turned the TV on some random documentary, she was barely paying attention to it anyway. All she could think about was her ex-girlfriend, and how angry she would be when she found out she would have a new roommate soon.
  Cora Jae Tucker / SmileBright / 30d 3h 59m 8s

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